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A Mayan prophecy mentioning the "two suns"..........

I just ran across this on the net.  Since it has to do with PX, I thought I'd leave it here.  I find it interesting.


Mayan member of Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and protégé of Don Alejandro Oxlaj a head of the Mayan Council of Elders, Flordemayo is a highly regarded Mayan “priestess” who will be leading ceremony and lecturing at the 2012 Tipping Point Prophets Conference Vancouver, 23-25 JULY 2010.


Something Monumental Is Going To Happen
By Flordemayo

“Let me tell you what the Maya are saying. I’m not here representing the Maya, but I’m going to say what I know. 2012 is the end of a cycle for the living creatures on this planet. Between 1985 and 2012, there has been and continues to be a transferring of energy in the cosmos that is enormous. People feel that something monumental is going to happen. Humans have practically destroyed everything around us.

“There’s a lot of contamination: air contamination, water contamination, and earth contamination. The high winds and calamities that we’re having are due to the negligence of what we’re doing here. We don’t need four automobiles in a family. Destruction is coming about due to our negligence and greed and the Maya have it written down as a prophecy.

“One of the predictions concerns how we’re going to have seven days of darkness. When this takes place, a lot of people that don’t have a spiritual basis are going to go nuts. I have been assured that this will not be the end of the world. It really means, according to the Maya, that the earth is going to go through a period of gestation and enter into a new period. I saw in a vision that we’re going to have two suns. We need to get ready.

“We all need to cultivate a strong connection with spirit, with God. I’ve explained what I feel my God is, but we all have different opinions and feelings about God. You need to have such passion and devotion to God that you can surrender totally. Without that kind of commitment, you can’t be a healing presence in the world.”

(A side note – During the remote viewing sessions of the date Dec. 21, 2012 during the Cancun conference with former SRI/CIA scientist Russell Targ, a great many delegates could only see the world as grey or dark.)


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You are welcome.

Andrew said:
Thanks for this Kim. Interesting stuff.
Shadow, were they starting the calendar from the last passage of PX?


I recently read a book relating to prophecies about Europe by various prophets, whose prophetic capabilities were rated according to the accuracy of their prophecies. The prophecies in particular of one Alois Irlmaier were highly rated due to his impeccable track record (other prophets mentioned in the book include, among others, the controversial Mother Shipton and two letters written by German soldier, Andreas Rill, to his family from the field (known as the Feldpostbriefe) shortly into the first world war; letters that contained details of prophecies on the first, second and third world wars as uttered by a captured Frenchman).

I'll put a few in here by Alois Irlmaier and others and see what you make of them.

1. In the year where the spring comes early in March (and is more akin to summer) after an abnormally mild winter, and the temperature in the summer months suddenly drops drastically, the third world war will begin. It will last around 3.5 months (end of July/beginning of August - October/Nov).

The war will be preceded by

1. Extreme weather conditions, violent earthquakes and volcanic activity.

2. Massive inflation followed by a worldwide economic crash, beginning in the US and spreading over to Europe. Precious metals will only provide partial security.

3. As a result of the crash there will be civil war and revolution; first in France, then Italy, Germany and England.

4. The civil war in Italy will spread to the Vatican and the Pope will be forced to flee from Rome (surprisingly even Catholic prophecies also forsee this - see Don Bosco, and Pater Pio). He will reappear at the Emperor Dome in Cologne, Germany some time later.

5. With the civil unrest keeping her “enemies” busy, Russia will see her chance. She will mobilise and attack Belgrade from the east and go through to Italy. At the same time Russia will launch a surprise overnight attack on Germany from north of the Donau over the west of Germany in the direction of the Rhine. The German populace in the north will be completely caught off-guard and in panic they will flee to the west. ahhh

6. Elsewhere the mid-east conflict will suddenly flare up (Israel/ Syria) amid peace talks and numerous flotillas (American or EU vs. Russian) will find themselves head to head in the Mediterranean. (Syria happens to be an old friend to Russia since the cold war and their weapons are 100% Russian made. If the situation escalated and war broke out between Israel and Syria, Syria would have to call on her old ally for more weapons – which could be delivered to the Syrian port town Tartus, via a Russian marine base not too far away. Israel would be forced to call on America to cut off the delivery of arms to Syria via a sea-blockade.) The situation will remain strained but it is the revived conflict in the Balkans (Serbia/ Kosovo/ Bosnia) that will be the start of it all.

7. Three political figures (in the Balkans) will be assassinated. The third figure will be killed by two mercenaries (one black and one white), in Yugoslavia/ Czech Republic. The final assassination will take place one day before the Russians attack Germany overnight.

8. The Russians will capture all of North/ North-West Germany(“everything north of the Donau will perish except whoever has a fast car and can save themselves by passing the river...that’s how unexpectedly the war will befall them”), North Italy until Rome, Norway and Sweden from the north and certain areas by the coast but not entirely.

9. Towards the end of the war in October, there will be an eclipse for three days and three nights (72 hours). Before the eclipse there will be a huge rumble like thunder coupled by an earthquake (this is the description of an asteroid/comet that will fall to the earth and the sound of its impact).

10. Due to the power of the impact, an incredible mass of dust and loose rock will be thrown into the atmosphere, causing a three day eclipse.

11. The impact of the asteroid will cause the earth’s axis to shift and “the sun will change its path”.

12. At the same time in October, a bright heavenly body will be seen rising in the east and setting in the west. This body will have a certain mass and begin to mess with the gravitational pull of the earth. This all means that the earth’s poles will be reversed for a time and further, that the sun will appear to rise in the west and set in the east!

You can imagine how this will bode spiritually for e.g. Muslims waking up for morning prayers etc.

(Perhaps not surprisingly there’s a Muslim Hadith that mentions this happening. It says, “There will come a time when the sun will rise in the west and the door of remorse/repentance will close. Then the end is near...Until that day the door of remorse/repentance remains open. When the last days have come, the sun will not rise for three days. Three days it won’t rise, and those who are awake at the time of the Tahadjudd prayer will wait a long time for the sunrise and will ask themselves where the dawn is....When the three days are over, the sun will rise in the west, and the time for repentance is irrevocably over.”)

13. The falling asteroid will be directly responsible for curtailing Russia’s takeover of Germany i.e. it will be seen as a supernatural intervention from above. The asteroid crater will be in the area of South Germany: Nurnberg, Fichtel mountains and the Oberpfalzer forest.

14. During the three days of the eclipse after the impact, people are warned not to leave their houses or open their windows. The wind currents will carry poisonous gases around the the world. In this time people are told to pray, pray, pray – that it will be a time for repentance, a time when everybody’s soul is tried and that it will be a spiritual changing point.

15.There are also prophecies that see the atomic destruction of New York.

16. Large areas of GB will sink into the ocean, including London.

17. Paris will be engulfed in flames due to civil war.

18. All in all, the war and the catastrophes preceding it will claim a third of the world population.

19. After the war, the technological niveau of the world will be set back to that of the time of our great great grand fathers.

20. After the war there will follow a few years of peace and in this time will arise a man who will go against the norm. His followers will be able to form a new order but it will not last, as with it the end/fall of all that is living stands at the door.

21. This man will have a German name but he will come from the east and he will reinstate faith/religion and reunite the people with the Catholic church. "Together with another man he will rule the world in peace. But then the end will be near!"

I think I’ll stop there.

Just to tickle your fancy, here's one of Mother Shipton's prophecies (since I haven't used her prophecies in the above text)
[link to]

Alois Irlmaier 1950
Hepidanus from St. Gallen 1081
Pater Pio 1887-1968
Don Bosco 1815-1888
Feldpostbriefe 1914
Hadith 7th to 9th Century

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