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Let’s talk

Good Morning, Earthchangers!

The purpose of this thread is to take a consensus as to what you members want from this site going forward.  Changes?  Ideas?  

As an ‘Earthchanger’ , it seems to me that we are working on two fronts… the physical and the

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RIP Jim Haas

Hello Everyone,

  Last night I was contacted by my sister in-law (Jim Haas's girlfriend).  She told us that Jim had passed away.   According to their local Sheriff's department, they believe he passed sometime during the night (in his sleep) on 12/10

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SPAM Update.

Recently Earthchangers has been hit with an unrelenting amount of spam. After personally looking through 100 member pages, the culprits have been identified, suspended, and all of their postings erased. The ratio was roughly 7 of 10 members.

Please r

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Announcement to all members

If anyone notices any spam messages on their profile page (my page) or in their Inbox please let me know right away so I can suspend that member.  I have already suspended one newer member so far.  I am sure there probably are more.

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