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Its been awhile since i started a discussion so here i go...

Has anybody experienced hair loss as a symptom of their ascension path?

I like to follow Denise Le Fay's blog , and in one of her blog posts she wrote she had been experiencing the same exact symptom of severe hair loss as I've been experiencing for some time now.

She said not to panic it's just of the many prisms of god consciousness that we experience as our bodies change cellularly from the inside out and we start to embody more of our soul .  As we begin the slow process from a carbon based biology to a crystalline one. 

Every time i take a shower there are large tufts of hair that come out as I'm washing it , and in the morning i find I've shed alot of hair onto my pillow during the night as i sleep

Anybody else have this or have had it?

I'm lucking i have very thick hair.. enough for 10 people ...or Else Id be practically  bald right now LOLL

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Mine came from thyroid issues.  After mine was removed for Hashimoto's, I was put on synthetic Synthroid.  Apparently, Synthroid gives you one of the hormones (either T3 or T4) and most people make the missing one.  A few don't, like me.  So, I lost a lot until I switched over to Armour Thyroid (natural).  It stabilized then, so no I'm not noticing hair loss these days.  I had really thick hair, too, until thyroid surgery.

Carolyn try the homeopathic Acidum Phosphoricum plex. My integrated m.d. prescribed this for me when my hair started falling out due to thyroid issues relating to auto immune Hashimotos. After two weeks on the homeopathic the hair stopped shedding. I took it for a month to be sure. This was in 2010. Two years after that i started shedding slightly again so i took it and two weeks later it stopped. I keep a bottle handy just in case.
Once i got the auto immune in remission i have not had any shedding...

Kim is the one to ask about homeopathic remedies.

I recently red fish oil and olive oil could stop it (don't know if it will rejuvenate hair loss).  I also read castor oil, though it is a thick, sticky messy oil.  Here is a search for some articles on that:

Carolyn said:

Thanks for sharing Cheryl.

I've been running the gamut of some pretty heavy duty activation symptoms the last few years so i wouldn't be surprised if this was one of them.

Any home remedies  you could recommend that may help with the shedding?

I do an ACV rinse to clarify after shampooing but i haven't really noticed a lessening in the shedding. Its good for preventing dry scalp and gives hair a beautiful shine to it but hasn't stopped the hair loss.  Maybe i need to to take something internally?

Any homeopathic tips would be appreciated

See my reply above....
By Unda is the one I use.

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