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"Judge Anna's Advises Extreme Caution Re: Current Scams"

"Judge Anna's Advises Extreme Caution Re: Current Scams" by Suzi - ...

7/13/2017 07:22:00 PM  Emailed, News, Thoughts

People-- You Must Learn From Your Mistakes

By Anna Von Reitz

Suddenly there are all these "offers" -- the so-called M1 "Prosperity Bonds" and now "Treasury Direct Accounts".

Remember the Trojan Horse and Esau's bowl of porridge. By accepting these offers you don't know what you are giving up. You are doing precisely the same thing your parents did-- signing up for things and obligating yourselves without knowing the consequences.

Just STOP.

You have just been set free. Don't run in willy-nilly and entrap yourselves again.

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I did find this link; appears to be a government site.
I don't have time right now to persue this, but will in about 8 hours.

Cool Thanks! Keith

Keith H said:

I did find this link; appears to be a government site.
I don't have time right now to persue this, but will in about 8 hours.
Looking around,This appears to be a vehicle for the government to disburse money owed to you.

Utilizing your Treasury Account

Hello everyone!  Just got word from Tank and Fisher via the Real Truth Call that the authorities have now allowed citizens of the United States of America to access their hidden bank accounts. It seems that people are reporting that the process to pay your bills from your secret Strawman accounts are working.  I am still researching this but apparently they have converted the Strawman account into something called "Treasury Direct Accounts".  These TDA accounts have liquid funds listed under your personal name.  These accounts were established at the time of your birth or when you were issued a Social Security number.  The cabal used this registration and traded your name/Strawman/corporation in financial markets, making millions of dollars on your name.  Your name always appears in capital letters on all government documents which means you are being recognized as a corporation/Strawman.  I recommend you research Strawman on Youtube for more education on this topic.  From the intel provided it seems that they finally figured out how to access your Strawman accounts now known as TDA. People are paying for mortgages, utility bills, vehicles, student loans, credit card bills, and any other type of debt.  Please be aware that you are dealing with your social security number, so please use caution and you are taking personal responsibility for the information being shared here.Please also be aware their are two different "camps" offering conflicting information.  Some say this may be a fraudulent system setup to entrap people in the future and the other side is saying this is relief funds to pay off your debts and is a legal process.  It falls upon you to discern what is best for you.  I have yet to confirm any of this, so this is rumor until proven otherwise. Proven means that you personally can access your funds.  Please join the Real Truth Call  for a Q&A session concerning these topics.  Thank you.

I agree.  Stay away from this.  It sounds like the OPPT scam revisited. 

Bill said:

"Re: Transition vs. Transaction" by Pat - 7.16.17

Entry Submitted by Pat at 8:21 PM EDT on July 16, 2017

"Transition vs. Transaction" by Daughter of Terra - 7.16.17

Finally! A sane response. Thank you, Daughter of Terra!

This Treasury Account thing seems like a good way to snare a bunch of good Lightworkers into something. It's the something that is the unknown. Doesn't seem right to me...fishy. If the account is real, then it will continue to be there in the future when I can confirm rights of access etc. Currency holders are definitely being targeted.

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