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Part 1: Why East Coast Tsunami is Soon-On-Me (New Yorkers)

This is the first of numerous installments of evidence indicating that 
the entire East Coast of the Americas and the West Coast of Europe may  
soon be wiped out by a landslide-driven tsunami, which is typically about 
ten times greater in amplitude than an undersea earthquake-driven tsunami. 
Each of these episodes will contain a different audio drama, plus these two 
articles from the largest newspapers in the United States, which together 
constitute an official declaration by the Federal Government of the United 
States, N.A.S.A., that a massive celestial intruder, a brown dwarf star, is 
being gravitationally sucked in by our Sun's irresistible gravitational force 
field. Judging by the dates of these two newspaper reports, this dwarf 
star's rendezvous with the Sun, in a looping U-turn, should occur in the 
near future. But notice that this dwarf star must first pass by Earth, and 
this explains why its 20-million mile close fly-by will gravitationally and 
electromagnetically molest Earth. Even now, the area surrounding the 
Cumbre Vieja volcano is exhibiting pre-eruption symptoms. Americans 
and Europeans need to monitor this volcano, daily, and prepare to drive 
inland when it begins to erupt, or risk being caught in the death-grip 
of highway gridlock.                     John DiNardo 

The New York Times announces that this brown dwarf star is gravitationally 
plucking at the outer planets of our Solar System, and that it was, even then, 
within the gravitational force field of our Sun. Hence, it is much closer now.

The front page of the Washington Post announces that this dwarf star has 
been sighted, and that it is probably as large as Jupiter and is a member of 
our Solar System; however, since it is not orbiting the Sun, it is intruding 
*across* the orbital paths of all our planets and heading toward the Sun -- 
a celestial loose cannonball.

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Date  Mon, 25 Jul 2011 01:49:12 GMT
Subject  Alert! Signs of East Coast Mega-Tsunami Appearing

Earthquake swarms around a volcano are often precursors to volcanic eruptions.
When this volcano erupts, the scientists tell us that it will create a mega-tsunami 
that will kill millions of people who live within miles of the Atlantic Ocean.

These scientists are testifying to the fact that when this volcano erupts, 
the half-trillion ton western flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcano will surely slide 
into the Atlantic Ocean, creating a mega-tsunami wave that will kill many 
millions of us who live miles away from the Atlantic Ocean.

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Something like this could actually happen......if this western flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcano slides into the ocean.....
Not very good news.
I have read about the Canary Island landslides before, looks as if a very good possibility for it to happen soon with the volcanoes becoming active.

Quoting article referring to when it broke off 50,000 years ago: "creating a tsunami that most likely rose to over 100 meters and probably reached as far as the American coast."

 I would say that the low lying areas of the east coast are vunerable to some sort of tsunami whether it be mild or a little more as the tsunami has a long way to travel till it gets to the Americas.

Hi Kim, 


I'm not sure, but if you're suggesting that the great stretch of the Atlantic Ocean between the

west coast of Africa and the east coast of the Americas would absorb most of the wave energy, 

so that the tsunami's impact upon the east coast would be lessened . . .  the scientific research 

and the many occurrences of tsunamis proves that so little of the wave energy is dissipated 

in its excursion across the Atlantic Ocean, that when it strikes the east coast, its amplitude will 

be at least thirty stories high. I have to do more study on this point, but I suspect that it will be 

more like sixty stories high. 

This would be a huge wave and be many stories high in the hundreds of feet.  The forces of nature when unleased happen on a planetary scale.  The forces of nautre that we are accustomed to are managed.  This is why people are shocked when nature is seen in the raw..

Seems as if someone could 'manage' this one before something happens. If they have the possibilities down to a science (as seen in the youtube of the last link provided in the OP), using todays knowledge and technologies, some'one' could manage the slide by helping smaller portions fall into the ocean. Maybe I'm dreaming a sequel - Deep Impact II.

Sure....hire A-1 construcion company...a couple of barges...and a 100 year open ended contract...with the option for renewal....don't forget to raise taxes to cover the project....just add the cost to the price of gasoline....that should do it.

Or just buy up all that land 100 miles inland west of the east coast for the new beach front property and start building now.

Ha, ha, very funny, Morris... you don't think a couple o'kegs of D*Y*N*A*M*I*T*E.... well, just imagine... "they" have spent $$$$s on more ridiculous projects --- and soon will spend much more IF this happens!

"They" took down the towers without anyone questioning it --- using OUR dollars, before, during and after... ha,ha



If this event happens the whole east coast of the US will be wipped out.  Lost of life would be immense and whent the waters receded would show a barren land like what happpen in Japan.  An eruption would not mean that the land would slide would occur.


To undertake a project to remove the possible of a landslide would be decades in the making...

It would take some time, I agree. And some dumb-clutz would mess it up, somewhat like the fork-lift driver rupturing the berm at the nuclear plant.

We know - we do nothing.

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