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Situation Update, Sep 23, 2021 - RED ALERT: Aerosolized skin-penetrating nanoparticle spike protein attack vector CONFIRMED

7:5+ Biden admin having Taliban hunt Americans in Afghanistan

9:2 Soldiers sent to camps in US to stay until will take the inoculation

11:00 Bio weapons coming in the southern border

12:10 Spike protein research continued since 2020, now has MERS-augumented version of covid. MERS has 30% mortality rate.  ~40% Americans unvaccinated.  The MERS weapon now being smuggled into to US by drug cartels.  Reportedly to happen soon, imminent.  Covid-MERS, superweapon, will kill, especially the vaccinated because immunity compromised, will kill unvaccinated due to its high mortality rate.  Invasion of California in final stages, bringing people in via submarines.  Stockpiling uniforms... still not clear what kind so they could impersonate authorities.  

18:20  We are in final stages of war.  "If you knew what I know you'd be freaking out."  Chinese won't nuke farmlands (they want) but will nuke military bases.  Chinese drones coming in to get info.  Davis Monton AFB (Tuscon) being surveilled by drones.  Also, natural gas company that's near that AFB.  Provide 25% nat gas supplies in US (Heinem? German-sounding name).  

21:01 AZ forensic results coming out tomorrow.  Will invalidate the election results.  The PTB will be in total panic to create a disaster.  Long list of disasters that could be unleashed:  declare war, highway checkpoints for vax papers, the US Gov't could take down the power grid, internet, cell towers, stop all communications, there will be absolute panic in the swamp on Friday afternoon.  Biden regime is puppet to CCP, could take certain actions to help CCP with takedown of US.  

28:07 DARPA leak re Fauci/CCP took MERS virus, virus augmented by Chinese but not originator, it was DARPA, but DARPA didn't want to release it.  

29:40  Virus particles dropped by drone on NYC in 2020.  They were synthesizing spike proteins skin-penetrating nano particles being released at health freedom events.  

32:54 DRASTIC, pdf released publicly:  Key findings Eco Health Alliance (EHA) Peter Dazak planned to inoculate wild bats with aerosols.  EHA tried to bypass frameworks that outlaws research on biological weapons.  

39:45 AIDS immunosuppression components built into the virus.  Coming next.  Vaccines are failing because they were designed to fail as the bioweapon escalated into the more and more developed chimeric virus construction (took components from other virus to cobble together) which contain the immunosuppressive versions.  That's what's coming next.  Specifically engineered to turn the human body against itself and achieve mass murder.  Etc on this leak.

1:39:00 Covid was used to infect the US soldiers at the World Military Games in 2019.  

Lots more details but I think this was the gist of it.  Far worse is coming in terms of bio warfare.  Expect Swamp kickback on the AZ Election results.  At the end, Mike Adams recommends getting your preps done and stay away from people as much as possible.  Apparently, hospitals are not places to go to any more (unless you'll end of dead if you don't go) but you don't know if you'll get injected. 

I don't trust them.  I went in when I fell and got a skin abrasion on my ankle.  I was asked if I wanted a tetanus shot (back in 2014) and I said yes.  They did not inform me they were giving me a full-blown DPT shot, which I would have refused.  A month later, I had diabetes.  

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