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Still can't figure out who is running the world and just about everything, listen carefully

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Yep, they control everything, with few exceptions.  They consider us as "Goyem" (cattle) and the Muslims consider us as infidels.....go figure.....

Byron wilkins said:

The Zionist will use Islam to topple Christianity 'Albert Pike'... Pharma is killing us and who owns it? Who owns media that is lying to us. Who runs our government who is enslaving us. Why is the protocols the most translated book in the world. Is there a message everyone needs to hear in the whole world. Why do you go to jail if you think the holocaust story is wrong in Germany and Canada even if your a Rabbi and Jewish. Who owns all of Hollywood and programs your mind. Who owns most of the music industry.. Best for last who owns the central banks that control almost every country in the world. Don't confuse Jews and Zionist's they are not the same. ZIONIST'S READ THE SATANIC TALMUD and it is as bad as the KORAN. 

Jim Haas said:

Yep, they control everything, with few exceptions.  They consider us as "Goyem" (cattle) and the Muslims consider us as infidels.....go figure.....

Byron wilkins said:

Yep pretty strange when you read the Talmud it tells you that you are going to be killed.

Carolyn said:

Kind of reminds me of that sermon from the book of Revelation in the Omen The one that priest would chant.

When the Jews return to Zion

And a comet rips the sky

When the holy empire rises..

then you and i must die

Sounds pretty prophetic. 


Carolyn said:

I just saw the the original Omen again the other week. 

That Priest who kept on warning Gregory peck that his son Damian was the Antichrist kept repeating that line over and over from the book of relvelation

He said only through accepting jesus can you ever hope to defeat the son of the devil lol

Or in our cases.... the Sons of Belial or Black Suns Orions.

Now it all makes sense


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