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World's Astronomers Announce Planet X Has Been Sighted

John DiNardo
Jun 11 at 3:27 PM
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  Folks, astronomers from many nations have now united to announce to  the world their official report of their sighting of what N.A.S.A. has documentably been tracking ever since the 1970s when they launched     their "Pioneer 10" space probe to detect and verify their calculated location of what their gravitational calculations indicated was a brown dwarf star, which, by astrophysical definition, must have a mass equal to a minimum of about three Jupiter-masses. Now, the mass of the planet Jupiter is 318 Earth-masses, so three Jupiter-masses would be nearly one thousand Earth-masses.  Our Sun's mass is scientifically estimated to be about 300,000 Earth- masses; therefore our Sun would -- by the principles of basic Newtonian physics -- gravitationally capture and pull this 1,000+ Earth-mass brown dwarf star INTO itself, the Sun, just as, for example, Earth would capture and pull into itself closely passing comets.  Gravity works, folks!
So, here, in May 2018,  we have a group of astronomers, from many prestigious observatories around the world, announcing to the entire     scientific community of the world that they have confirmed the sighting   which was made back in December 2015 by the astronomers at the world's  largest radio telescope, the Atacama Large-Millimeter Sub-Millimeter Array [A.L.M.A.] in Chile. Both of these historic landmark astronomical sightings, from 2015 and 2018 have now officially confirmed the existence of the object, "Planet X," which was named in The New York Times report of January 1983 [linked below], featuring Dr. Harrington, Dr. Anderson of Cornell University, plus other eminent astronomers and astrophysicists. To my knowledge, my photocopy of that landmark New York Times newspaper report [linked below] which I obtained from the Morris County, New Jersey library, is the only photocopy available on the Internet.
The name "Planet X" was coined in 1910 by astronomer Percival Lowell    of the Lowell  Astronomical Observatory in Arizona. Moreover, Dr. Harrington had published an academic paper in 1988 [linked below] and yet another paper in 1991, reporting on his astronomical observations to be taken at the Black Birch Observatory in New Zealand. Dr. Harrington further wrote that his photographic evidence and his analysis thereof were slated to be published in late 1991.  However, N.A.S.A. has perpetrated scientific fraud by suppressing [burying] Dr. Harrington's body of telescopic photographs, his analysis, and his conclusions.    "Move along, folks! There's nothing to see here."
Naturally, governments of the world will attempt to avert any potential     disruption in both the economic and the social affairs of societies . . . and
reasonably so. The ominous fact that a massive brown dwarf star is being gravitationally drawn into our Solar System, to eventually pass by Planet Earth at a proximity of 12 to 18 Moon-distances -- exerting upon Earth   passing gravitational and electromagnetic force fields  . . . the fact that    this unstoppable baby star will eventually pass by us on its way toward its inexorable rendezvous with our Sun, has now been indisputably confirmed, corroborated, pinned down, by our world's eminent astronomers . . . and it is the corroboration of this ominous fact which now catches our world's stealthy rulers in the act of swallowing the canary.  These two generations of global rulers have been concealing this fact from all the peoples of the world for nearly four decades.
 ~ John DiNardo
__ May 2018: The world's astronomers have officially discovered the notorious [evidently approaching] brown dwarf star, known by N.A.S.A. since the 1970s, as "Planet X."
__ January 1983: The New York Times reports that N.A.S.A.'s "Infrared  Astronomical Satellite" [I.R.A.S.] is about to be launched into orbit     around Earth to detect and identify the location in space of "Planet X,"     based upon the intensive positional computer calculations of Dr. Robert   S. Harrington, the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory.
__ 1988: The subject of "Planet X" is elucidated by Dr. R.S. Harrington and Dr. P.K. Seidelmann
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A lot of math and physics, the kind of proof only science can lay out. The object was discussed not because they were looking for it, but because they found it accidentally during an unrelated intensive survey of dark matter. It has been debated among them ever since. It explains what was repressed since the 80s, A burned out star 3 times the size of Jupiter, 1000 times the size of earth swings around our sun in a high eccentric orbit going well outside the plane of the ecliptic. At one point they explain, every object it swings past in its orbit, gets pushed out of their own orbit a little, and drifts before suddenly resettling into a new orbit. It happens so often they call it harmonic drift. Likewise the brown dwarf shifts, drifts, and fixes a new orbit too. What I could not find on the PDF, is an estimated time for it to cause our own, "harmonic drift".

I certainly hope they don't start dying off like they have in the past for speaking out.

With these published and peer reviewed papers, the cat is totally out of the bag. What that really means is another story.

John DiNardo has a reputation for not publishing his own stuff. 

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