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Our Wholistic Future
A cool feature of the ECC ning is that we can incorporate a wide range
of perspectives in how we explore what is going on the world, gather
evidence, and piece together the big picture puzzle, all, while we seek
for the Truth, of who we are, where we've come from, and where we are going.

With this in mind, I wanted to share that I've noticed many of us here
at the ECC Ning are spontaneously using a wholistic model in how we choose to live toward
our future
. While we are concerned about the typical "beans, band-aids, and bullets", or the "keeping-our-bodies-alive", style of living, it seems to me that we consistently consider our larger selves, our whole selves, in our living.

Many of the spiritual, and ET sources of counsel that we have been listening to talk about how it is important that we understand that we are multi-dimensional beings rather than just a collection of
minerals that we call bodies, clothed in a personality, with maybe a soul hanging around somewhere.

The PEMS model is the one I have seen most. PEMS, for our four bodies, or layers of being.
P - Physical body/self
E - Emotional body/self
M - Mental body/self
S - Spiritual body/self

In addition to the PEMS model I want to add, our communal self, global self, nature/natural self,
cultural self, creative self, co-creative self. I fully anticipate that this wide range of our whole being will be discussed within our active planning for the future. And I want to welcome this thinking into our discussions here.

With this in mind, I wonder, what do you envision as the highest potential for humanity in our emerging reality?

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