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A great place to start is the Saint Germain Foundation

I found a few books free to down load.

Book #1

Book #2 have not found it yet! ebook can be gotten @ the Saint Germain Press

Book #3

Saint Germain  From Book 4 pg 7

 INVOCATION: Thou "Mighty I AM Presence" from the Heart of the Great Central Sun! We face Thy Sunrise!

Warning: If Students use this, they should analyze themselves first and see if they are really sincere in their determination to have and to serve the Light un-conditionally. If they be sincere, let them stand to the Light and then go forth. Awake! Stand to the Light and serve only the One Presence of Right and Justice.

At this point if you do not want to keep going that is ok!

Daily exercise: You may do this at any time during the twenty-four hours. Stand erect, face the east, and say mentally or loud (be guided by you own feelings as to whether you should say it loud or not), but let it be firm: "Mighty God in me! I face Thy Eternal Sunrise and receive Thy Mighty Radiance and Activity visibly manifest in my experience now." The use of this sets into motion certain powerful principles.


The "Mighty I AM Presence" is the Law of Life, and Its application by the individual is his Eternal Freedom, Victory, and Mastery over all outer activity of the world.

"I AM" is the Great Creative Word by which form and activity come into outer expression through the individual.

This Ascended Master Instruction is educational rather than religious and teaches the individual the Ascended Master Control of energy and vibration through his own Call to the "Mighty I AM Presence"

An "I AM" Decree is an Acknowledgment of your Divine Authority  to command substance and energy to produce Perfection for you, and is Mastery expressed by the Power of Divine Love!

Prayer carries a feeling of lack and is the asking, beseeching consciousness.

The Ascended Masters have said that until mankind makes the Call, the Great Law cannot act, because the Call from the Heart of Humanity through the individual is the open door through which the answer come.

The Law of the Ascended Masters' Octave of Life will not permit Them to intrude into the physical activity of mankind unless invited to do so by the individual.

We ask everyone to do this for the protection of America now, and the Victory of "The Light of God That Never Fails."

They stand ready to give Assistance without limit, but mankind must raise itself by the release of its own Life Energy from within its own Heart. This expands the Light and Love and is obedience to the Great Law of the Universe.


Doing Decrees is the work that will free Humanity!

Book #5 has 91 Decrees in it that cover most things that come around, if not then there is the Saint Germain Press with more published booklets with Decrees also!

God Bless You for Helping free Humanity!

The Light will shine on you always.

Address by Beloved Jesus
The Causal Body (represented by the circles of color around the upper figure in the Chart) may be liken unto an enlarged electron. Many of those electrons, swinging around a central core, from one atom. Between each electron there is a great distance (relatively speaking). As the electrons swing within their atom, they are either expanding their light or they are closed in by the discord and substance of the astral and psychic realm, which is like forcing pie-shaped wedges between these points of light. Now, when your thoughts, your feelings and your etheric memories dwell upon imperfection, you slow down the vibratory action of your electrons and then the substance of the psychic and astral realm closes in around them, lowering the entire vibration of your lower bodies. In this way you become an easy prey to depression, poverty, ill-health, to any number of the various negative aspects which mankind at large mirror and out picture today.
Now, in order to quicken the vibratory action of your inner bodies, you must use that Immortal Threefold Flame within your heart and you must make CONSCIOUS EFFORT to accelerate the rate of the electrons as they move around the center of the atom. This is done through your decree work, though your songs, visualizations and applications, individually or in groups. It is done, also, by a constant vigilance over the type of feelings you allow to rest in your emotional world and the type of thoughts you dwell upon. This vigilance is necessary ALL THROUGH THE DAY -not only during the hours while you are in class -at which time you are directed primarily by someone in charge, whose endeavors keep your attention above the consciousness of the mass mind.
The type memories which you have and the type of physical environment, with which you surround yourself, also affects these inner vehicles. As you keep a vigilant watch over the activities of these inner bodies and you keep the vibratory action of each one of them up above vibrations of the psychic and astral realm, then there should be no difficulty in expanding the Chris Flame from within your heart. IF YOU ALLOW THESE BODIES TO DESEND INTO THE REALMS WHERE DISCORD AND NEGATIVE CREATIONS ABIDE (THROUGH DISCORDANT THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS) THEN YOU HAVE AGE, DISEASE, LIMITATIONS AND DISTRESSES OF EVERY KIND AND DESCRIPTION.
Your physical body is interpenetrated by your etheric body. These are enfolded by your mental body and your emotional body. All of these are made up of atoms. Those atoms are composed of a series of electrons in constant motion, spinning around its tiny centripetal heart. Now, the quality of the atoms of every one of your bodies is constantly subject to change, to purification and etherealization, or to becoming more gross and more heavy. That is why individuals are sometimes very beautiful when they are young (around eighteen yrs of age). Their faces then are clear and unlined, their bodies are alive and buoyant, but after they have passed through the discordant experiences of some twenty or thirty yrs, you find that the vital flesh atoms have been lowered in vibration. This makes the flesh form less beautiful than it was before the discord was registered upon it.
Your emotional body is in a constant state of motion, as is even this seemingly inanimate lectern upon which I place my hand. Science has confirmed that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS INERT OR INANIMATE MATTER. Your emotional body is made up of millions of tiny electrons in constant movement. These form the atoms.
Now, if that motion of the electrons is in accord with the rhythm of your God-Flame and is in accord with the constructive radiation of some Master, that is fine! Then your emotional body deflects all destructive feelings projected at you, as well as all the discordant energy which you contact. You are then the Master-control of all energy wherever you are! In other words, your feelings ride upon the surface of life, However, if the vibrations of the emotional bodies are allowed to submerge that body beneath the buoyant poised happiness of the Masters (uninterrupted harmony), the form of atom changes and you have a heavy and uncontrolled vehicle, which is part of the mass psychic and astral realm of mankind. IN ORDER TO REFINE AND PURIFY SUCH AN EMOTIONAL BODY, THE STUDENT HAS TO KEEP USING THE VIOLET FIRE THROUGH IT CONSTANTLY!
Beloved ones, you wear now consecrated garments of flesh, made up of billions of electrons, each and every one of which has known at one time such perfection in the inner realms as the outer mind cannot conceive. These electrons are but awaiting opportunity to be invoked to give forth more of their light, speeding up the rapidity of their revolutions, as they make up each atom and then, with the assistance of beloved Serapis Bey and the Great Ones, I rendered that service in the experience of the Transfiguration.
So shall it be and should be for you TODAY and every day. When those atoms and electrons are so accelerated they should remain in that state.
The "transfiguration" of the physical form follows a scientific law. It merely requires the surrender of the destructive use of one's free-will to the immortal Threefold Flame of God within the heart. At your conscious call, this flame (intelligent and all-powerful) will expand its light through the four lower bodies and, as the impurities of discord (which have been imposed upon the electrons) are sublimated by the use of the Violet Fire, the pure white light of the electron is then allowed to blaze its light freely, then meeting the blazing lighty so released from every other electron, the inner and physical bodies just naturally radiate light!

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Comment by Wm on February 4, 2022 at 10:51am

Morgan Le Fay

Dear friends, this planet is a school, and there are no vacations! Challenges appear every day, even when we don't realize them! Every day we have the opportunity to develop our mastery over energy, substance and vibration as we determine to maintain control over our thoughts and feelings and sustain them in the Perfection of the Ascended Masters. Mother Mary explains to us:
“When you find the center within your heart, when you enter deep within that immortal flame and you can accept the mastery which is there, then in dignity and firmness you can put your house in order. You know, you are afraid of your own bodies! You are afraid of what you will do under stress and strain, of how your thoughts and feelings will act and of how the etheric memories will surge forth. Therefore, you are not fully master in your own home! Can you not give to this Three-fold Flame (this I AM Presence within you), the confidence to control the servants of your household? Can you not release yourself from the tensions which are so evident, and allow the Lord of Life (the very God of heaven!) to assume the mastery of your vehicles? Holding your mind up to your own I AM Presence, use it to receive its divine ideas, use your emotional body to radiate forth whatever constructive quality is required in your homes at any given moment, in your group activities, in your nation or in the world.
The emotional body was created primarily in a very pliable and elastic form. All of the world, beloved ones, is your schoolroom. There will not be a day pass in which you will not meet energy from the consciousness of individuals who have no idea of mastery and control, which will either change your energy into a like turmoil or which you will sublimate and transmute, NOT BY WILL BUT BY LOVE!” Memoirs of Beloved Jesus and Mother Mary, The Bridge to Freedom, AMTF

Comment by Wm on February 4, 2022 at 10:47am

Morgan Le Fay The Seven Sacred Weeks

The “Three-Fold Flame of Eternal Truth”
This Focus of God-perfection anchored within the physical heart of every “personality”, is composed of Three beautiful Plumes of brilliant, always active Flame – Blue (representing energy, which becomes power through use); Gold – the center Plume (representing Wisdom and Illumination) and the Pink Plume (representing Divine Love) on the right.
It is very beneficial for the student, sometime each day, to picture himself standing within a greatly expanded focus of such a Flame (having called forth Its expansion from the Three-fold Flame within his heart). The entire body should stand within the Gold Plume – visualizing It to have expanded to about twelve feet in height – our bodies in the center of It. That Flame then would, of course, extend out around the physical body for a foot or so. Next, see the lovely Blue Plume to the left of the body and the Pink Plume to the right.
In the average spiritually unawakened individual, this Flame is less than one-sixteenth of an inch in height! One can imagine the tremendous power within this Flame when so tiny a focus can keep a 200 (or more) pound body moving about all day, performing all it living functions, physically, mentally and emotionally! This tiny Flame has within Its heart an “airless cell” in which there abides a small focus of the “Holy Christ Self” – and this holds within the physical form an anchorage of the Flame of full Perfection from the heart of one’s own individualized “I AM” Presence.
When the “outer self” has become sufficiently interested in knowin the Truth of his own being and begins to seek knowledge and wisdom (for Wisdom is the right use of knowledge) – then the Three-fol Flame within the heart begins to expand – slowly at first – but increases more rapidly as the “Holy Christ Self” is released from that “airless cell” at a certain point in the expansion of the Christ consciousness within the seeking life-stream.
Finally, that “Holy Christ Self”, at the sincere loving and constant invitation of the “outer self”, takes complete command of that “personality” and “soul” and the individual then becomes an “Illumined One” - the Christ-in-action here in this physical appearance world (as Beloved Jesus was!).
Now, the reason for the Blue Plume always standing on the left, Gold in the center and Pink on the right, is this:
In the heart, the Blue Flame, representing energy, naturally would receive the life-essence as it flows into that Flame. Then It is passed through the Gold Plume of Wisdom and Illumination (in order to show the personality what the Presence desire done with Its life which It is giving so freely to the “outer self”). Then this energy is dispensed through the Pink Flame on the right side – representing the releasing of the blessings of Divine Love from the Father. This holds the perfect balance of that which is received, qualifying it for its right use (righteousness) and then dispensing it only as God would do so – through Divine Love!
It is perfectly obvious before that Flame (or seeing someone standing within It) the colors of that Flame would seem to be reversed – but such would not be the case. Blue is always on the left and Pink always on the right – with the Gold Plume in the center.
Book: The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak, The Bridge to Freedom, AMTF

Comment by Wm on February 1, 2022 at 5:25pm

Saint Germain Foundation

Dear Ones, there is no use longer giving way to these appearances that have frightened you and held you bound so long. Remember, Dear Hearts—that one phrase bears repeating a million times: “No appearance in the world can limit you or affect you, except if you feed your Life into it by your attention.” Therefore, do you not see why Beloved Saint Germain has pled with the people everywhere to take their attention off their problems and put it upon the “Presence,” where the only solution exists, and let Its Power flow in, sweeping in and through their bodies and out into their worlds and perform Its Perfect Service. That is how, Dear Hearts, your “Presence” can become the Governing Intelligence of your world and release the Power of Its Energy and Activity, and from Its Treasure-house release everything your Precious Hearts require to flood your world with money or with whatever else you require.
Excerpt from Volume 12, Discourse I
The Ascended Master Youth, Beloved Bob

Comment by Wm on January 28, 2022 at 11:38am

Morgan Le Fay
Dear friends, in dealing with the problems of others so that we can truly help them without taking the risk of accepting the problem or suffering of others in our own world and thus creating undesirable realities for ourselves, we need to protect ourselves. A wonderful way to protect ourselves is to enfold us with the Luminous Presence of the Ascended Masters before and while we offer help. Mother Mary explains to us:
“Today we see on the screen of life, as we measure each dear chela, that more and more among you are those who apply the law yourselves and this is magnificent, for it was not so in our time on this Earth. I say to you who are particularly dealing with the activities of healing, will you constantly remember while you are unascended, TO ENFOLD YOURSELVES IN THE LUMINOUS PRESENCE OF SOME MEMBER OF THE ASCENDED MASTERS REALM, BEFORE YOU EVEN BEGIN TO DEAL WITH THE PROBLEMS AND DISTRESSES THAT WILL COME TO YOUR ATTENTION so that you do not, as the Maha Sahib (our beloved Maha Chohan) said yesterday, draw that distress into you, but rather locked, sealed and insulated in my presence or the beloved Jesus or Lord Michael or the Ascended Master Saint Germain, you may then direct the healing currents into those individuals who need the assistance either from their own I AM Presence or any Ascended Master, calling all of the flames and rays of God’s kingdom with which you have been acquainted into those lifestreams to give the assistance.” Memoirs of Beloved Jesus and Mother Mary, page 270, Bridge to Freedom Teachings, AMTF.

Comment by Wm on January 24, 2022 at 9:20am

The Seven Sacred Weeks
Saint Germain reminds us: “As one by one you come into the Ascended State, you will have many a hearty laugh over the seeming importance of these outer problems of the physical, or outer world, for they are all but the "maya," which means but constant change. Remember, there is only one thing in the Universe that is permanent, real and Eternal. That is the "I AM Presence," God in you, which is the Owner, the Creator, and the Intelligence governing all manifested form. Then to know that you are that "Presence," that "I AM Presence," places you, Beloved Student, independent of all outer manifestation.” Vol. 3 – I AM Discourses, Disc. X, page 120, Saint Germain Press.

Comment by Wm on January 23, 2022 at 6:13pm
Comment by Wm on January 18, 2022 at 6:08pm

The Seven Sacred Weeks
Dear friends, stay in harmony, focus on constructive things and learn to decree as if you were a master presence in full manifestation! That is to say, as if you were and truly are, the Christ manifested in full and perfect action on Earth. Saint Germain explains to us:
“Command as Christ: When you command from the Christ Standpoint, only Christ-like results can follow. Of that you can be absolutely certain, because when you command as the Christ, you immediately cause the Inner Activity to take place. It shuts off the outer, using it only as a vehicle of conveyance. As you continue consciously to fill your thought, mind, and body full to overflowing with God, you will find that you are utilizing an Invincible Armor that will build into a Permanent Guard of your thought and intellect. | Until one has had the experience of seeing One appear from the Invisible, there is always a startled feeling the first time it occurs.” Vol. 4, Ascended Master Instruction, Discourse XV, page 147, Saint Germain Press.
To feel God overflowing in us is to feel this fullness of the Presence in everything we are and in everything that exists! We need to just focus on the Light and be that Light in action! We need to recover the full feeling of our own divinity, here and now manifested and flowing through us. This in addition to bringing faster results in our application, becomes a magnet of attraction for our older brothers and sisters – our dear Ascended Masters, in their tangible and visible forms to us!
May you manifest the gods that you truly are this day!
Humbly, Morgan

Comment by Wm on January 13, 2022 at 2:12pm
Saint Germain tells us: “The Golden Light never affected anyone's brain except in a harmonious manner, and to illumine and perfect it. It is time to take the nonsense out of the human. There cannot be two masters. Always use the Golden Light on the brain; everybody's brain needs a "Light bath" every day.” | Ascended Master Instruction, Discourse XXVIII, page 291, Saint Germain Press.
Dear hearts, this is exactly why the Masters put this part in the SSW protocol, as we need to clean our brains daily, just as we clean and sanitize our bodies and homes. All of you who have done the protocol on a daily basis may not have consciousness, but you have done a great job of clearing and your vibrational frequencies have been greatly accelerated! This will allow you to hear, perceive and understand more clearly the voice of your I AM Presence and Its will for you. And the will of the Presence is always Perfection and points the path that will bring you happiness, health and perfect accomplishments.
The expansion of light in you, caused the light of the planet to also expand immensely in the period! It's up to you, to us now, to sustain this and collaborate so that it continues to grow and expand!
Thank you for being part of this work with me! My I AM Presence, beloved Saint Germain, Jesus and all Ascended Masters thank you immensely!
Humbly, Morgan
Comment by Wm on January 10, 2022 at 3:54pm

Saint Germain Foundation
“Remember always: ‘One becomes that upon which he meditates,’ and since all things have come forth from the Light, Light is the Supreme Perfection and Control of all things.
“Contemplation and adoration of the Light compels illumination to take place in the mind— health, strength, and order to come into the body— and peace, harmony, and success to manifest in the affairs of every individual who will really do it and seeks to maintain it. …
“The time the average person spends in criticizing, condemning, and blaming people, conditions, and things for not being something other than they are, if occupied with this recognition and use of the Light, will make Heaven manifest on earth for the individual who dares to try and has determination enough to maintain it. Nothing is impossible. The Light never fails!
“The Light is God’s Way of creating and maintaining Order, Peace, and Perfection throughout His Creation. Every human being on this earth can have all the time he wants in which to do this when his desire to do it is intense enough. The intensity in the desire itself will reorder the world of people, conditions and things so as to provide that time—if he earnestly wishes to use it for his upward climb. No person in the world is an exception to that Law; for the intense desire to do anything constructive, when it becomes intense enough, is the God Power that releases the energy necessary to create and express the thing desired.
“Everyone has the same supreme privilege of contact with the All-Powerful Presence of God, and It is the Only Power that ever did, does now, or ever will raise the personal self and its world above earthly discord and limitation.
“My Beloved Son, try this with great determination, and know God in You is Your Certain Victory.”
Instruction by Beloved Saint Germain,
Unveiled Mysteries, Chapter 1, Meeting the Master
For any of the Saint Germain Series, visit:

Comment by Wm on January 3, 2022 at 8:14am

Morgan Le Fay Dear hearts,
Our beloved Lady Portia is the sponsor of 2022. The thoughtform she chose is the "the scale with the two plates in perfect balance" and the affirmation we shall use to charge it into our consciousness and human collective consciousness is "I AM the Divine Order and Perfect Balance to this World." Saint Germain spoke last year about what is the thoughtform of the year:
"The whole universe obeys the law of cycles. Life walks through cycles. Nature renews itself through cycles. And man matures through cycles. There are larger cycles and smaller cycles. Larger cycles are usually more related to cosmic events and smaller cycles more focused on human evolution.
A year is a small cycle in human life that carries a quality or challenge to be overcome on a global basis. At the Karmic Board Meetings during the Seven Sacred Weeks, the Ascended Masters, together with the Lord of the World and World Teachers, analyze human conditions and establish a quality that will be poured into all lifestreams in the next annual cycle.
When this quality is chosen, the Council Spokesperson addresses the Cosmic Master or Being, who has within him, sufficient Momentum of Light of that quality to be dispensed over the next twelve months, and asks if he accepts to be the focus or sponsor for this year. Generally, this Master or Cosmic Being accepts the proposal, and then the Karmic Board asks him to establish a statement and thoughtform that contains his keynote to be absorbed by all. At this very moment, from this master's heart center, the affirmation and thought form for the next annual cycle is projected onto the Cosmic Screen of the room.
These words appear on this screen and they light up the whole hall like radiant stars. At the same moment, the Karmic Board calls a group of Devas, who assist in the Council's work, and these radiant beings collect this energy-vibration with image, sound and substance and project it as a great thoughtform, in firstly, over the Royal Teton Retreat, and then a replica of it, over all the nations on Earth.
This thoughtform is sustained throughout the established annual cycle by this illustrious sponsor, with the assistance of the Devas. In this thoughtform, the quality to be absorbed remains constantly vibrating without ever losing color and splendor. From it a constant radiation is expanded to bless all life on Earth. All human beings absorb this quality, including the elementals and the forces of nature. But to students of the Ascended Masters who make conscious contact with this teaching, a greater blessing is always offered."
Let's use it and call this blessing to this world!
Humbly, Morgan


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