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I've read the Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ) twice.  In it, it mentions that the sustainable population is 500 million people.  Interesting number.  Same number on the Georgia Guidestones.  Possibly Agenda 21 is saying the same thing.  Depopulation of 90% puts the world population in that ballpark.  Interestingly, does a PX fly-by.  Okay, that's one thing.
Another thing is sex and children, which I'll get to in a moment.  The TJ (which I posted a free copy of on the Schoolhouse comment wall), appears to be a Matthean prototype, meaning it appears to be what the author of the gospel of Matthew used to compose his version.  The early version of the TJ was investigated by Dr. James Deardorff, a well-educated man, who retired after a successful career as a meteorologist and spent six years examining the TJ, and concluded that it is valid and not a hoax.  (I've now got the 2011 version--finally translated into English just a few months ago--and it is much larger with each page in German and English, so will take time to read.  Thus, I'll be using the earlier version for discussion for now.)
The TJ is, overall, more like rules one would expect from a loving God (like He doesn't expect people to stay in a toxic marriage).   However, it is very strict about sex and children.  Read that chapter to see what I'm talking about.  The point is, the population exploded after WWII, because the church began losing influence because of the war and sex became more common outside of marriage.  The the sixties hit, the age of drugs and free love.  It's funny, but I just did a study about this last semester for my meteorology class, as it related to climate change.  And, yes, I concluded that the spike in population growth was coincident to the spike in climate change.  So, it appears there is truth in the notion that too many people is bad for the planet.
Enter Planet X.  Claimed to be an extinction-level event (ELE) that will wipe out 90% of the population.  That magic number again, leaving alive in the range of 500 million people, the sustainable population for Earth.  As of 2016, the world population clock indicates there is 7.5 billion people, ten percent of which is 750 Million people, so not quite, but much, much closer to the sustainable number.
After you read the chapter on sex (I think it's called marriage & cohabitation), then the problem becomes clear:  how many people living the "free" lifestyle would ever be able to gain control and discipline?  My guess a few, but not near enough.  However, an ELE might make a powerful motivation, plus lower the population numbers closer to sustainable levels at the same time.
So, there might be a Planet X that will depopulate Earth, or perhaps a simulation.  Thinking back to Phoenix Journal #5 on evacuation, where the people of light will be evacuated first, then the children, then others if there is time.  Just the ones necessary to repopulate the planet who can understand (or be taught) God's laws and follow them.  It's my reasoned opinion that there are way too many undisciplined people on Earth to be able to learn and follow God's laws fast enough, which makes for some type of depopulation event either worked by or capitalized upon by ETs an intriguing thought. 
Regarding simulation of a PX-type event, we have seen the power of the spacecraft when they prevented the object known as Hellion-1957 from hitting the sun.  See and scroll down to see the images.  If it were the ET's intention to simulate a poleshift, they certainly have the firepower to tilt this planet and cause one.  And, causing their crafts to make appearances around the world, those that could be mistaken for planets or moons. 

I have long suspected something wasn't quite right with the PX affair.  I don't know if this is it, or just another piece in the puzzle, or just speculation, but the number 500 million keeps popping up.

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