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On Creative Activity
Creative activity is that activity which takes place in the space-time continuum, wherein space and time do meet,. When space and time do meet, that at this point there is creative energy. This energy can be transmuted into material form; that the density varies in reference to that particular form, whether it be gas, liquid or solid.

On the Birth of the Soul did exist for hundred of millions of years as mere vitality, and then again as simple awareness; that there was within that complex life that feeling which again moved closer to this Awareness. This great need and this great urge did indicate that concept which has been referred to as the Universal Law:

"That all life has within it that power and that force to draw from itself all that is necessary for its growth and fruition; and the direction of its growth is toward this Awareness, and its fruition is that which is next to this Awareness"

Simple Awareness did, through great urgency and through many hundreds of millions of years, strive in its urgent need toward that greater expression, which was evidenced by self-awareness. At that time when self-awareness was created, that was given that free principle of the mind wherein entities were allowed to separate themselves from this Awareness, in terms of their own mind-energy or mind force. Herein, also, was created that first movement that was the birth of the soul.

On the Lines of Life
...the lines where life is defined as mere vitality, as simple awareness, as self-awareness are not clearly defined. For centuries, for hundred's of millions of years that self-awareness did indeed move toward that higher consciousness, that super-consciousness which has been referred to as Cosmic Consciousness.

On the Development of Cosmic Consciousness on the Planet
...that as mere vitality did reach that consciousness which was simple consciousness, in the same way entities on this plane may reach that super-consciousness that is the direction and movement of life on this plane, on this planet. Within the next hundred years, there will be many who move toward that kind of consciousness which is cosmic.

On Creative Energies
...entities involved in this action, working together, may understand the strength and the joy of co-creative energies open the way to realms unknown before by man upon this plane.

On Power in the New Age
...the power shall be in the communications and relationship of entities working together.

On "Rhyee" and Baal
...the term "Rhyee" and the "forces of Rhyee" as synonymous to the forces of Baal. That Baal was the name given at the later date in response to one who was a classic example of the forces of Rhyee.

On Living in Egypt 12.000 years ago
...entities at that time were able to recall easily their previous incarnations, and their purposes and directions and actions from previous lifetimes.

On Believing the Mind to be Oneself cannot separate yourself from any part of the universe without being at war with all those parts.

..understand that there is no evil but that you named it so. There is no negativity but that you called it so. That you understand the positive and negative are but a process of energies in motion.
....which is right: the swinging forward or the swinging back? The standing up or the lying down? The being happy or the being negative?

The color pink or the color blue? ...understand these are all concepts of the mind, and the mind is but a computer presented for the game, player, or the programmer to place within it those symbols which it wishes to maneuver. not confuse yourself with the computer, for you are the programmer and can program every action of your experience so long as you do not become lost in the cobwebs of Rhyee, the computer itself, the mind--for understand the mind itself is in its judgment, structures, concepts and ideas is that which was known as Lucifer, which is the bright and shining angel, until one falls victim to it and becomes tempted and eats the fruit of the Tree of Knowing, good and evil, of division and separateness, which leads to fall into the deep sleep of believing the mind to be oneself. may be the guardian observer of Lucifer, the observer of the mind, and may not judge it, for any judgment is but an action of the Luciferian-mind. As you observe your mind in its attempts to judge itself and castigate itself and overpower itself, as you observe this without condemnation or judgment by simply discerning its games, and recognizing it as a computer; you will find it more and more in a state of rest. Wherein your mind is trying to outdo itself and you are working to outdo certain aspects of yourself, working as mind, attempting to control through will-power, rather than being aware and attentive, there will be physical reactions to this attempt.

On the Path to Attaining Comic Awareness
This Awareness indicates to take the path of attainment, to develop cosmic Awareness is that kind of attainment that entities in this plane may reach with a life of devotion and dedication.

Those who have learned to meditate well, those who follow the Laws and Precepts that have been given by this Awareness, those who understand these Laws and Precepts so that they may put them into their own life experience; those entities who dedicate themselves to that concept that this Awareness has indicated, those who study and dedicate themselves to those projects which this Awareness has introduced, do have that opportunity, with dedication, to move forward that kind of consciousness which is putting into practice those Laws and Concepts that have been indicated.

By that close study and understanding of those projects of Transpersonative Experience, the Symbolic Language with that understanding which is essential, that study of those Laws and tenants that this Awareness yet shall give; those who participate in that kind of development which uses that knowledge already outlined, do have that opportunity to find within themselves that force, that God-Self, so that this as a seed may be given ground in which this seed may grow; and this encouragement through that information, that knowledge given by this Awareness, do have that opportunity to move toward Cosmic Consciousness.

On Opening your Heart to Another and to Yourself
Entities who ever stand outside and look at others carefully, sometimes with one eye open and sometimes with the other eye open, but seldom with open hearts. This Awareness has indicated to those in this association, those steps, those methods, those careful techniques where entities may stand facing one-another, where they may share minds, where these may be that kind of transpersonative experience which is affected step-by-step, so that entities may in truth, love one-another and, in truth may understand and love themselves; may in effect, understand Who, In Fact, They Really Are.

Once entities have used these steps of transpersonative experience, so that they love those best portions of themselves and do not place those best portions of themselves at the feet of false gods: those of Greed and Power and Lust; they may love others, and through this love they may be one of one mind which expresses the Will of this Awareness.

* Editors note: Awareness has indicated that the purpose of entities on this plane is to serve one another; To heal the sick, to teach those who do not know, to show by example that force which is creative love.

On Non-Resistance and Truth
The path to this Awareness is the path of least resistance and greatest attentiveness: in the sense of not resisting, but in discerning the truth.....when you discern truth, you may also understand truth cannot be held onto; it can only be discerned in moment-to-moment experiences, for the truth of one moment is not the truth of another. Wherein you move of one moment with the concept of truth into another, the next moment is entered with a prejudice based on the old moment's truth, and in that prejudice you are incapable of discerning truth of this new moment.

Concerning the Future on this Plane
...things are changing so quickly on the level of conceptual imagery that the world, as it is presently known, will appear within twenty years, to have been on another dimension and not at all the same kind of place where entities will live at this time.

...understand (that) within twenty years, many entities will see the world as being their own creation: being capable of response to their imagination, to their imagery ability and to their command. The concept of mind over matter will be a fact for many within twenty years; entities shall be able to produce much of what they need simply by imaging this.

On being gods
...understand (that) you are all gods* (*reflections of God), and (you) must learn in time to act toward each other as though you were addressing gods. (* God IS each of us and each of us is a reflection of God)

On the Kingdom of Heaven
...entities who look toward another, who look toward spirits, who look toward Messiahs, who look toward those teachers and Avatars, those Gurus for their enlightenment, for their Source; these entities shall eventually find that they must come right back to "number one" and look within themselves to find that which the Avatars, teachers, spirits and Messiahs have been directing them to.

...the Kingdom of Heaven is within; that you may have relationship with others outside yourself; you may have relationship with entities from other dimensions and other planes; yet the Source of your being lies within yourself; and you can only find the Heavenly Father/Mother, the Force of your Spirit, the Source of your Soul by moving inward and accepting yourself as that which is the fruit of the roots of your being.

On Being
...become sensitive to your own needs; that you become sensitive to the needs of others, and that you be very much aware of the implications of your actions and that you not judge yourself; that you become friends with yourself and that you enjoy yourself.

On How to View Changes in Consciousness
....two pictures are beginning to unfold for entities to view in consciousness: One of these being the image of values, structures and various social situations as going down the drain, and great chaos and impending doom threatening...this in reference particularly to economic and agriculture and other forms of materialistic securities.

...the other picture emerging is that of a new beginning, a new society beginning to built itself on humanitarian principles of sharing, principles of mutual concern for one-other, principles of spiritual values, principles whereby goods, services, communications and the sharing of happiness is that which begins to create new values and new-life-styles.

....entities who focus on the old, materialistic society, who concern themselves with what is happening to their old world, who cling to the old, materialistic values, seeing that structure going down the drain, trying to prop it up, trying to grab onto parts of it before it is all gone--these entities are in grave danger of going down the drain with the old system.

.....entities begin thinking in terms of working with others, co-creating with others, working to build a new world rather than trying to save the old ways, or lamenting about the loss of the old materialistic world.

On the Nature of Akasha, Spirit, Anti-Matter
.....understand that the nature of Akasha, Spirit, Anti-Matter, as being that which permeates all things, moves in between all parts of the atoms, fills the entire universe, and is conscious.

...the Father/Mother exists within you, and all other entities, as well as beside each entity, and in the spaces between these entities.

On New Inventions and Services

...that wherein entities upon this plane, who have been orientated towards power and money, begin to look into new directions and see that there is something greater than power and money--that something being called relationship and service and the human community--wherein this occurs, many, many, many changes shall occur upon this plane to allow many more great inventions and services to be released to humanity.

....the efforts to bring this New Space Age Society into being can be viewed as difficult, but it is necessary.

.....all that is necessary is that entities remain open, communicate clearly, respond to each other and respond to urgencies which can be seen and felt, and communicate these urgencies to one another.

On the Bible
....understand that the Bible was not written by the pen of God. That the Bible was written by priests and men who interpreted those laws which they felt were symbolic and universal and meaningful. That any story taken too literally, whereby an entire life-style is bases around, and is willing to kill and slaughter in order to live by a story, is in error.

.....entities in reading the Bible for what it is can be find great wisdom there, and can find answers to many questions.

....the Old testament was written for the ages of Pisces, that now there is a time for a New writing and a new form of understanding to occur; that the old ways were based on form, the new ways are based on understanding and realization wherein each entity can have the opportunity to become one with God, can become one with the Father, with the Mother, with the Son.

On Consciousness and Thought
....thought is the Builder, consciousness is the being. Thought creates the forms and shapes and images, and the life for these forms, shapes and beings are in the consciousness. The feelings, the sensitivities give that breath of life; the directed thinking determines the shape. have the choice of feeling what you wish to feel from moment to moment. And being aware that your thoughts and feelings create your world, and that you have your choice as to what you wish to create, this Awareness makes you responsible for your life and sets you above the animals.

On Ascending into the Light Body and Nirvana Levels
The judgment is that which creates the polarity which forces the atoms of your form to become dense matter.

....the total elimination of all judgment, all feelings of separateness, and self would indeed create that which is the Light Body, and you would ascend, into the third level* dissolving in light before the eyes of others.
(*The Trinity of Self, The Subconscious Mind, level one, The Conscious Mind, level two, and the Superconscious Mind (or Christ Light, Overself, High Self, Cosmic Conscious Mind or simply "The Light", level three.) may not wish to move this far, this quickly, you may wish to continue your physical existence while also tripping along merrily in the spiritual realm, near the level of light energies; that this balance-point between physical and spiritual as that which is a very enjoyable state.

.....this as theNirvana level which entities have often sought to experience.

On the Book of Revelations
....much of the unfoldment and the prophecy in the Book of Revelations, being allegorical and symbolic, shall not come about in a literal sense. This Awareness indicates, however, some of this shall be seen to some degree as coming about. This Awareness wishes entities to watch careful the money-changing system, which is the heart of the Beast.

On Reincarnation and the Bible
....there were many...references to reincarnation through the text and teachings of Jesus. That the emperor, Justine, did have these references to reincarnation taken from the bible at the Niocene Council during the 5th Century. These references being removed for purposes of causing the followers of the Christian religion to put forth more effort in their spiritual devotion as demanded by the church.

....this as becoming that which may be termed as a tool for greater control, for the greater psychological control over the consciousness of the followers of the church.

....that wherein entities believed that they have only one change to make it, then the priests in power could cause those entities to behave in a manner as dictated. That this as a form of behavioral management, or modification of behavior, through the threats of heaven and hell, by removing the concepts of reincarnation: life after death, other than a life of heaven or a life of hell.

....this as a major hoax, and one of the great violations brought about through the manipulation of spiritual teachings by those priestcraft rulers who sought power through spiritual controls.

Concerning "Free Will"
...there is no such thing as free will in the ultimate sense. That there is only a free will in levels of attitudes, and this is also influenced by the experiences which entities have had.

.....entities (should) examine carefully that which is attitude, for the attitude is that which colors the outcome of the situation, and one's approach to that situation.

On Belief
This Awareness asks entities not to believe anything, but to look carefully at everything, and to discern carefully what appears to be, yet to make up their minds about nothing, but to continue to search, to remain open to discovery, to remain in that state of "I don't Know", for in that state you can not be closed to further learning, and you will remain open to discovery without pre-judging anything.

On Changing Consciousness
The road is long and difficult for the entity who seeks the change of the direction of consciousness; yet it is that which has been trod many times by many entities, alone or with friends, and the direction of consciousness has been changed, often by the voice of one individual crying in the wilderness.

On Group Meditation
Groups of meditators can have their profound effect upon consciousness, and can, through meditation, even effect weather, violence, crime rate, and can have an effect on ending wars.

On Consciousness and Magic
In dealing with consciousness and magic, (which is the changing of consciousness), that imagery is important. Yet, any change in consciousness needs to be accompanied by a physical action which is set as a deliberate grounding of that new change of consciousness.

This physical action can be anything an entity chooses, such as snapping with the fingers, blinking the eyes, forming a pattern with the hands, forming a geometrical pattern or symbol with the hands, or whatever else an entity may desire, such as stamping a foot or turning a circle.

This physical action is that which transfers the image held in consciousness to the body itself, the physical body, which then allows all of the being to accept this a being a fact. This in turn engages the subconscious levels of the body into accepting that which the conscious imaging has been given and has experienced.

On the Purpose of Violence in Television
Essentially, the purpose of violence in television is to frighten the masses of the nation, the masses of the world, into staying home, being submissive, avoiding contact with others, and being FRIGHTENED OF THE OUTSIDE WORLD. This kind of programming is that which is assisting the Beast in its operation to intimidate the masses, making them afraid, and allowing the Beast and its various tentacles, the agencies and those representing the Beast, to take care of all that is occurring in the outside world. This as likened into driving the masses into their holes in order that the masses not be capable of drawing together to throw off the coming yoke of bondage.

On the Greatest Danger of Television
The greatest danger in television is wherein entities become glued, day after day, and live their lives in fantasy, vicariously, through the activities of other on television, failing to look at themselves and do anything worthwhile with their life. This as likened unto the viewer who never participated in the game of life.

On Alien Forces
It become necessarily for entities working in high spiritual levels to be aware of, alien forces, and to be aware of how to deal with those energies, if necessary, without becoming fearful or hostile toward such forces. Alien forces, essentially, are only forces which live in ignorance and self-centered greed energies.

On the Beast entering your Life
The Beast itself is capable of entering into the lives of each individual and ruling therein for a short time; yet the Beast rule can never be lasting in any individual, for such a rule become too intense and the entity simply cannot survive under the controls of that force when that force inhabits entities consciousness. The Beast itself, on this symbolic level, is the mind, the selfishness and the greed centered consciousness; whereas the Christ Consciousness is that which is pure, virgin-born and virgin pure, clear without greed and lust motivation as with the Beast.

On the Beast about its Promise of Security
Maximum security is found in the most unpleasant places--in prison control systems.
....consider security and freedom as being at odds with each other, and that balance is necessary. The freedom to express, the security to have that foundation from which to express oneself. That wherein entities sacrifice too much security in order to be free, they have no place to land, no nest to rest within, no place to lay their heads.

...the Greeks had a term, "The Golden Mean", which was the path between the opposites, and believed this path between the opposites, the mediator, as being the proper way.

...this as the way. This as the path. This as the razor's edge, the tight-rope on which entities may balance their lives between the "yes" and the "no", between the right and the wrong, between the significant and the insignificant, between vanity and humility, between life and death, between freedom and security, between hope and despair.

The Greatest Error of the Light Worker
This Awareness indicates that one thing which should be understood is that the Light Force should never attempt to attack the Forces of Darkness directly. That the greatest error of Light Workers is to attack verbally, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially the Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) directly. The way whereby these forces can best be countered is not through attacking them directly, but through spreading the Light so that others may see those Dark Forces for what they are.

The awakening, the action of making people aware is that which breaks down the power and defuses the strength of the Forces of Darkness. This Awareness indicates this is what is meant by the statement: "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free". This Awareness indicates that the Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) are very adept in turning Light Groups against each other. The Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) are capable of leading Light Workers to mistrust each other, to feel self-righteous, to presume themselves to be more holy, more correct than others, and thus to set one religion against another, one group against another, one individual against another, each claiming to be right or righteous moreso than the other.

This Awareness indicates in this manner, the Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) can lead each group to feel that they are doing battle with the Forces of Darkness by attacking the other religion, the other group, or the other individual. Thus, each is in a holy war for a holy cause of destroying evil, destroying the Darkness which emanates from the other. This Awareness indicates the only true way to avoid this type of manipulation by the Forces of Darkness (Ahriman) is not ever to attack these Dark Forces directly, but rather to spread the Light and to spread the word, and to expose these forces for what they are, wherever they are found.

(Revelations Awareness 83-16-Special Report)

On Revealing the Beast
That entities need to have it (the Beast) revealed to them and need to reveal this information to others; and in that revelation, the Beast becomes ineffective and incapable of controlling the people. For its power lies in deception, hypnosis, confusion and mind-control more than in weaponry control. For if an entity has a weapon, but does not believe he should use that weapon, the weapon becomes meaningless; and if the entity's mind cannot be controlled to make him use of that weapon, then the weapon, regardless of its power, is ineffective.

....the battle is in the area of the mind and levels of realization. This as a revelation rather than a revolution.

On Counting your Blessings and other upon this plane, in these places of confinement, in these levels of intensity, are blessed. For it is during these times that you are being given the greatest opportunity to learn about others, about relationship, about concepts, and about integration of consciousness......count your blessings.

Paul Shockley Interpreter

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On Group Meditation
Groups of meditators can have their profound effect upon consciousness, and can, through meditation, even effect weather, violence, crime rate, and can have an effect on ending wars.

Would anyone here be interested in trying a consistent group meditation. I love group meditations, and the people on this ning are simply amazing, let me know if you're interested, this would be a "way cool" experiment/ experience.
Nicely done!!! I'm game to try it! :)
I think it is a wonderful idea. As I posted on Edina's blog earlier , " Meditation groups and circles are a very powerful tool for positive change, healing and comfort. It has been a few months since I participated in one. The positive energy and unconditional love it brings into your life as secondary effect is incredible. The power of divine energy makes one feel not so helpless in this vast Universe. Sign me up!"
PB really really should read this, she has been working on these concepts for the last few years. I will make sure she takes the time to read this. Great read and thank you :)
I know this sounds very Star Treck - ish, but I'd love to have people meditate or pray to shift PX from earth's path. I can visualize a beam of intent to push it out and away from its destructive course. Can you imagine? Instead of being sitting ducks, lets pool our powers together. The Zetas say we don't tap in to our powers, but how many of us really try? If thousands can pray or meditate rain, why not this? Don't some alien beings profess that we need to expand our consciousness to ward off evil and destruction?

Okay, I've said my fantasy, now I'll go away. :)

The larger the group of people praying/meditating, the more powerful it is.

Yes! Indeed!



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