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Here are suggestions regarding dealing with Ebola.  This link: covers both the Colloidal Silver remedy, as well as the Vitamin C remedy.  It would be wise to have as many remedies you can gather to combat ebola, should it get loose in your area. 

Here are some suggestions to use in combating the "flu," gleaned over the years. This Blog makes no recommendations one way or the other.  These suggestions are offered for the purposes ofeducation. Talk to your personal health care provider to decide what is right for you.

More Armaments Against The Flu

Swine Flu Cure Used In 1918 Swine Flu Pandemic
Homeopathic remedies had a good success rate.

Dr. John Cannell On Vitamin D

Canada Examines Vitamin D As Flu Protection

Epidemic Influenza and Vitamin D
5,000 I.U.s a day for prevention. If you get sick, then the dose is 2,000 units of Vitamin D per kilogram (1 kg = 2.2046 pounds) of body weight, once per day, for three days. Thus, for an average 150 lb. adult, the dose would be 136,060 I.U.s of Vitamin D a day for three days. (I.U. Equivalence: 50,000 units = 1.25 mg)

Colloidal Silver and Gold

In addition to the above, here is my "battle plan" for combating bird (or any other kind of) flu:

0) Baking soda.

In today’s modern world of medicine the FDA just will not let companies that sell products make medical claims about them unless they have been tested at great expense, and approved as a drug. But this was not always the case.

In a 1924 booklet published by the Arm & Hammer Soda Company, the company starts off saying, “The proven value of Arm & Hammer Bicarbonate of Soda as a therapeutic agent is further evinced by the following evidence of a prominent physician named Dr. Volney S. Cheney, in a letter to the Church & Dwight Company:

“In 1918 and 1919 while fighting the ‘Flu’ with the U. S. Public Health Service it was brought to my attention that rarely any one who had been thoroughly alkalinized with bicarbonate of soda contracted the disease, and those who did contract it, if alkalinized early, would invariably have mild attacks.

Recommended dosages from the Arm and Hammer Company for colds and influenza back in 1925 were:

  • During the first day take six doses of half teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda in glass of cool water, at about two hour intervals
  • During the second day take four doses of half teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda in glass of cool water, at the same intervals
  • During the third day take two doses of half teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda in glass of cool water morning and evening, and thereafter half teaspoonful in glass of cool water each morning until cold is cured

1) Preventative: colon cleanse, liver cleanse, natural diet (at least eliminate white sugar and white flour from your diet). Your immune system cannot fight the flu as well if your body is bogged down with toxic waste.

2) Boost immune system: Take Vitamin C, Garlic, Zinc (no more than 50 mg per day), Echinacea.

3) Essential Oils: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree (melaleuca alternafolia), Oregano, Thieves Oil. You can diffuse these in your house and car to keep the air clean. If you get congestion or have respiratory symptoms rub Eucalyptus mixed with a little olive oil on your chest. You can also add 3-5 drops to a bowl of steaming water. Put a towel over your head and the bowl and inhale while it is steaming.  Obviously, hold the bowl far enough away from you face so you do not get burned. Other oils to use are Young Living's "Thieves Oil" or make a "thieves' vinegar." Many recipes are on the internet.  One recipe is at

4) New Super Silver Solution or ASAP Silver Solution (both patent pending and doctor-tested). ASAP is at and Super Silver Solution info is at

5) 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. 

6) Sambucol--this is virologist tested and found to cure chickens of the bird flu. However, there is an issue in the current flu called the "cytokine storm," which elderberry can induce. Read this warning here:

7) Onions, garlic, beans, things high in Phytoncide. From http://translate. googleuserconten c?hl=en&ie=
UTF-8&sl= uk&tl=en& u=http:// www.unian. net/ukr/news/ news-346503.
html&prev= _t&rurl=translat com&usg=ALkJrhjH
pezHyuWrSyMWvShp vrZOEi4Nrg:

A. Interferon will stop the virus, but you can't always get the liver to produce it. Must be therapeutic dose, and prevention, while not overloading the body's cells.

B. Phytoncide able to "force" your body cells to produce endogenous interferon.

C. To stimulate the body to produce interferon and to strengthen the immunue system eat beans, buckwheat, products that contain Phytoncide, above all garlic and onions. With the onions and garlic, eat it and breathe it. One source said put onions and garlic around the house so it
perfumes the air.

D. If [in] three days high temperatures [do not fall], [and a] wheeze [appears] with exercise, shortness of breath, you should receive
specialized help.

8) Sauerkraut!
Sauerkraut could fight bird flu, say scientists

By Jasper Copping
(Filed: 13 November 2005)

Sauerkraut, the dish adored in Germany but much maligned in Britain, could prove to be a secret weapon against the threat of bird flu, experts revealed yesterday.

Scientists believe that the traditional recipe, which is made from chopped cabbage that is fermented for at least a month, contains a bacteria that may combat the potentially fatal disease.

Their findings follow a study in which kimchi - a spicy cabbage dish popular in South Korea and similar to sauerkraut - was fed to 13 chickens infected with bird flu. Just one week later, 11 of the birds showed signs of recovery from the virus.

"The feed has been shown to help improve the fight against bird flu or other types of flu viruses," said Prof Kang Sa-ouk, who led the research at Seoul National University, yesterday.

Prof Kang's team claims that lactobacillus, the lactic acid bacteria created during the fermenting process, is the active ingredient that could combat bird flu.

Health experts have already agreed that there may be some truth to kimchi's curative properties, prompting an increase in the consumption of the dish in South Korea.

Sales of sauerkraut in the United States have also soared as a result of the research, and now Britain is starting to catch on. Last night, importers of the dish to Britain said that sales were rising and they were increasing stocks in the expectation that demand could escalate.

Geoff Hale, the commercial manager for Euro Food Brands, said: "Sales are very buoyant at the moment. We bring in about half-a-million jars of sauerkraut to Britain from Germany every year and that number is
definitely going up."

Sales of sauerkraut were up 20 per cent on this time last year at Sainsbury's, according to a spokesman for the supermarket.

Whether or not sauerkraut does cure bird flu, the dish is said to have a number of other health benefits, among them cancer-fighting and detoxifying properties.

It is also a rich source of vitamins.

One serving, which contains only 32 calories and has four grams of fibre, provides 102 per cent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K, 12 per cent of iron and 35 per cent of vitamin C.

Prof Richard Mithen, from the Institute of Food Research, in Norwich, said: "Eating kimchi or sauerkraut may be good for your health and help fight off infections.

"I wouldn't recommend anyone rushing out to stock up on sauerkraut specifically to fight off bird flu, but it may help your immune system."

A further study on sauerkraut, carried out recently by Polish and American scientists, concluded that the meal might be the reason for the lower breast cancer rate observed among Polish immigrants in America.

Home-made sauerkraut recipe;jsessionid=GFM5VUDZSQ
(Filed: 13 November 2005)

To make your own sauerkraut, follow this recipe, which should give you up to 30 servings.

You will need a large pot and a plate that fits inside it, a cloth and large weight (approx 8lb)

• 5lb of cabbage

• 3 tbs salt (use sea salt)

• 3 apples

• 10 cracked juniper berries

For flavour, you can add onions, garlic, seaweed, grated carrots, Brussels sprouts or turnips

Shred the cabbage and mix with the salt - the salt draws water from the cabbage and creates the brine in which it ferments and sours
without rotting.

Next add slices of apple and cracked juniper berries.

Put the mix into the pot, leaving 2in at the top. Cover with a wet linen cloth and place the plate on top. Put the weight on top of the plate. This will force the brine to rise high enough to reach the cloth.

Leave the sauerkraut to ferment, but skim off the scum from the surface every other day. Replace the damp cloth frequently.

At 16C (60F), the fermenting process will take at least a month. A higher temperature will speed up the process, but the flavour will not be as good, so it is best to leave your sauerkraut in a cellar or larder.

Once fermentation is finished, place the sauerkraut in a pan and bring to the boil over a medium heat. Remove from the heat and ladle the hot sauerkraut into jars.

The finished product can be eaten cold, but is more often warmed up. A traditional serving suggestion is to heat sauerkraut with pieces of bacon and a liberal dollop of goose fat.

From: "" <>
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 6:29 PM
Subject: [SurvivePX] Vitamin C Therapy for Bird Flu Plague

  Thanks to Paul Schlegel for offering us his regimen for effectuating   the absorption of high doses of vitamin C when intravenous infusion is impossible. I urge you to save this message and study the videos   linked below on high dosage vitamin C therapy, because the ruling elite have vowed to release bio-weapons such as their lab engineered recombinant of both the deadly bird flu and highly contagious seasonal flu strains. When they unleash that plague, statistically, eight out of every ten persons will die.  Did you know that during the 1918 Spanish flu or swine flu (it was actually bird flu) pandemic, one doctor saved many lives with baking soda? Stock up on baking soda!        JD

  From Paul Schlegel:
Use ORGANIC NATURAL Vit C – Not Corn Starch derived Abscorbic Acid. 
If you can't get IV (and you can't in satanica)…  Blend 1-2 teaspoons 3
times daily with Lechithin and 7 drops of DMSO.  I use Natural Mango Juice…
but anything is fine.  The lecithin penetrates the fat barriers and the DMSO
(solvent) makes the Vit C and Lecithin mix.
Add this to a baking soda 3 times a day and you are going to stay healthy.
Filter your water (no fluoride) and limit sugars and starches (Breads).
I also recommend getting rid of mercury tooth fillings and getting
non-flouride toothpaste.

On 6/28/13 4:39 PM, I wrote:

  MSNBC: Patient Cured of Cancer with Vitamin C Therapy

Dr. Levy:
"Intravenous Vitamin C Cures Cancer and All Chronic
  Degenerative Diseases" . . . . "Proper Food Combinations Assure Gut
  Mobility" . . . . "Dental Root Canals Infect Your Entire Body"

  Miraculous Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C Therapy Cures Leukemia

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Added new information on IV Vitamin C.

Thanks, Peter.  Also, turmeric and oregano oil are good too.

Excellent post.



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