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A Russian who lives in Ireland, tells me she has an Aunt in Moscow.  The Aunt works in a playschool and one child's mother has an older son currently serving in the Russian military.

Fortunately he is stationed in the far east of Russia and didn't take part in the invasion of Ukraine.

Apparently, he and others were given orders by superiors to start training to enforce order on civilians, establish medical tents, supply rations and iodine to the local population, in the event that the Russian Federation engages in a nuclear conflict with NATO and the United States.


Again, Russia is making overt plans to deal with a nuclear war.   Why?

They know that we are not going to hit them . . . first.    So . . . WHY?

It's starting to look as though they know we are going to hit them . . . . because THEY INTEND TO HIT US FIRST,and they know we will hit back.

It makes sense to hit the US and to hit first.   

Russia's ENTIRE problem with NATO goes away instantly if the US is hit first.    The US is a full seventy percent of NATO.   Without the US, NATO is literally nothing.  It falls apart instantly.

All of Russia's security problems, boycott problems, economic Sanctions problems disappear in one fell swoop if the US is taken out of the picture ----- first.

Putin once said that growing up on the streets of St. Petersburg, he learned that if a fight is inevitable, if it cannot be avoided, it's always better to punch first.

Men don't ever forget those types of lessons.

Now, some of you will immediately fall back on the notion of "Mutual Assured Destruction. (MAD)"   You'll think to yourself "They wouldn't dare, they'd be destroyed too."  WRONG.

Russia has spent decades building nuclear bomb shelters for its civilian population.

The US has none.

In those Russian  shelters is food, water, medicine, tools, machine tools, books, weapons and ammo, air and water filtration systems, generators for electric and fuel.

The US has none.

Last year, Russia underwent a full rehearsal with its population, scheduled MONTHS in advance, that, on a certain date, the sirens would sound and all the citizens had to have their papers and such ready, and go immediately to their nearest shelter.

On the day of the rehearsal drill, FORTY MILLION Russian citizens were successfully sheltered within minutes of the sirens sounding.

The number of US rehearsal drills:  None

Put simply, if there is a nuclear exchange or, God forbid, a nuclear war, a very large portion of the Russian population will survive.  America and Americans . . . will not.

These facts Kinda take the "mutual" out of Mutual Assured Destruction.

I earnestly hope you have Potassium Iodate pills to take in the event of a nuclear detonation.  THEY CANNOT BE TAKEN UNLESS AND UNTIL THERE IS A DETONATION.   If you take them now, when there is no radiation, your Thyroid gland at the base of your throat/neck, will swell and will NEVER return to its normal size.  So you do not take those pills unless and until there is actual radiation, and then, you only take ONE (1) pill per calendar day.  NOT MORE

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no one wins in a nuclear war, shelter or no shelter! It is madness to use them.


Martin Oliver Cloonan said:

no one wins in a nuclear war, shelter or no shelter! It is madness to use them.

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