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Did anyone feel like there was a lot electricity in the air on Wednesday?  I was running the vacuum cleaner at a house  and I could feel it in the air.  My hair started sticking out and I was being shocked. This never happened before. It did it a little bit at the other house,but not as bad.

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Yes!!!! I was walking around my house this past week and everytime I touched something,shock!!!  My dog was starting to  hate the idea of getting petted!!!

I wonder if this is like the two horses that were electrocuted recently.  Maybe it's coming up from the ground?

This is also the time of year there is a lot of static in the air.  I can't put a sweater on without it crackling and making my hair get static-y.

is that for real? electricity in the air? is that why i get shocked when i open the door of my car?
When that happends, it means that the air is electricly charged and lightning is about to strike!   FOR REAL.  If that happends to you outside, run for indoor cover, not a tree. 
Is anyone still experiencing electricity in the air?  Yesterday all day my hair would not stay down,felt electrified. It has happened several time this week.

pat, you live in Arkansas, don't do? 

Here's a link to an interesting article that is on the Sorcha Faal site.  I don't normally follow that site, but the idea of this relationship between electromagnetic activity and earthquakes seems to be something to give consideration to.

Earthquake Warning From The Russian Institute of Physics of the Earth

Here's a link to the actual Institue

Thanks pat, for staying with us and letting us know what you are experiencing. Anyone else from the area feel electricity in the air?

None here, in Colorado

This is probably not the right spot to post this but one of our cats is acting weird,  he acts like he is scared of something. I said are you trying to tell us something is going to happen soon. There is some electricity in the air here today,but not as bad as yesterday.  The birds are not as chirpy today and it is nice and warm,so they should be singing up a storm.

Thanks for the link Edna....interesting stuff there.

I have been periodically noticing more electricity in the air also - more static shocks etc when I shouldn't be getting anything and no apparent weather justifications....have been noticing this some last few months off and on...more last couple days


Someone else here mentioned electricity in the air, I believe they live in Germany. 

This may be an pattern that we can use to give us a head's up, in our local areas.


yes I am feeling a lot of electricity in the air since nearly 2 weeks now. it is so strong that I almost ever get a shock as soon as I touch some metal... I am living near Munich in Bavaria/Germany...
I was getting shocked bad a couple of weeks ago when using a vacum cleaner. I am sitting here today and I can feel the electricity in my hair.  Thomas sounds like you are not to far from my daughter.


yes from time to time I experienced the same like you, but the last two weeks I am nearly always getting a shock/hazard when I touch metals...

where is your daughter living?

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