There are many different scenarios we go through in this world.  The hardest is dealing with karmic and toxic people, and those who are two faced, back stabbers, gas lighters, deceivers, manipulators, etc. who cannot keep their word (or vows) or even be nice.  It would be nice if all could awaken.

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  • Forgive... one cannot change the past, or control another's thoughts or actions. Forgive, so the Father can forgive our transgressions. In time, it becomes easier. Forgive... even if you do not 'feel' the words. The most important word, or one of the most important. 

  • worst is the paedophiles who likes babies and anal rapes....

    • They are in a class by themselves. They will all be swimming together in the Lake of Fire. 

      • Yep.

    • I know.  So many different forms of evil on this planet.  Which as we know will be removed sometime this century.  

      I am still shocked that someone I knew since 1986 would just turn on me and abandon me.  I guess they are right regarding "karmic" relationships (toxic partners/spouses).

    • They are the 'wicked' in the religious books of God.


      • The 'wicked' are evil due to being brain damaged from anal rape as a baby


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