Message from Our Lady of Zaro di Ischia to Angela, On December 26, 2022

light = CCTV

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  • light = CCTV

  • “Daughter, Jesus is the true light and you must shine with His light.”
    She began speaking again.
    Yes, children, be light! Please do not sin anymore. I have been here among you for a long time and I invite you to conversion, I invite you to prayer, but not all of you listen. Alas, my heart is torn with pain at seeing so much indifference, seeing so much evil. This world is increasingly in the grip of evil and still you stand by and watch? I am here by God’s infinite mercy, I am here to prepare and gather my little army. Please children, do not be caught unprepared. The trials to be overcome will be many, but not all of you are ready to endure them. Beloved children, please return to God. Put God first in your lives and say your “yes.” Children, a “yes” said from the heart.
    Then the Virgin Mary asked me to pray with her. In conclusion, she blessed everyone.
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