Intel Officer Steve Pieczenik Talks Hillary Coup

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Steve Pieczenik gives you an indepth look at how the military feels and is reacting to Hillary Clinton and her potential presidency. Help us spread the word ...

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  • I'm not the only one wondering what team Dr. P is playing for.  See

  • Dr. P does call for a peaceful transition, but one could ask...for whose benefit?

    Look forward to more pics.  I just posted one I took back in April, with one of those funky trumpet-like artifacts in it.

  • yes, two things we should be aware if, the nemesis dwarf star and its planets and the sun going ballistic, the so called solar sneeze or kill shot, which is meant to happen when Nemesis breaks free of the suns gravitational field..I will be taking more photos, it should be sunny next week, part of the time at least, just look at the temblor  swarms in California, I will do a full posting in a few days all being well..

  • this is one timeline we want to avoid at all costs..........

  • yes, I too noticed he was on the phone...have you seen in on set of polls she is now two points ahead??   the whole election is a rigged as if it was a banana republic, 

  • I also found it curious that Dr. P was videotaped talking on the phone.  Odd.  

    He is calling for a peaceful transition and if Hillary gets in, she will be impeached.  However, it has been abundantly clear that once a president gets in office, it takes an act of God to get them out.  And, with her controlling DC, I don't even think God has a chance at that point.

  • I've been mentioning all along, Nicholas, that this election year has been well-scripted theater, highly probable because of the incoming PX system.  There are multiple large objects passing through, as well as the sun blasting us with magnetic storms.  So, consequently, the earthquakes are escalating.  As the orbitals get closer, the election nonsense gets louder.  They are in lockstep.  

    I also have heard that there are factions in the gov't that want Hillary taken down because she is a national security risk, and Dr. P may well be the voice of those factions.  

    On another note, have you noticed police shootings have stopped.  I think because George Soros was named as a major funder of Black Lives Matter.

    As I always say, keep preparing, because no one knows what will hit first -- civil unrest or earthchanges.

  • people should turn of the box in the corner and begin looking up at the skies, stop looking at the ground..

  • Have you see the l;atets earhquakes Cheryl?? THIS to my mind may be whta is about tk happen, earthchanges.. an all thus stupidity in th US and in the UK more Brexit nonsense, the entire planet seems to be being distracted from what is really happening and about to happen..I have three years supply of food in now, plus propane gas, plenty of, hygiene supplies, twelve months, cat food, twelve months.. plus a water purifier, a big Berkey.. that is taking things seriously and we need to 

  • I have heard a time ot two, Steve Piecznik is forwarding a meme, is not quite as pure as he seems but represents a faction, I think best descibes it, also, he says what some people want us to here..As for the truth of the matter, I am open minded.. but Alex seldom mention the crimes and the patent infiltration of Israel into not only US affairs but world affairs.. that begs so many questions..  yes, psyops may be the case, again, he may be putting forward what one faction wants in the public meme so to speak

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