Kim B commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post Twin Flames
""When two souls call to each other the universe hears the whisper and conspires to bring them together. In the world of spirit, distance is not an issue and time is not a barrier. Two souls who have found each other and hold on to the hand of the…"
Nov 23, 2023
Kim B commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post My Ascension Journey ... So Far ...
Jul 7, 2023
Kim B commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post My Ascension Journey ... So Far ...
"The blues remind me of the blue andorians on Star Trek."
Jul 7, 2023
Kim B commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post WELCOME!
"More info on Cheryl's Golden Rule.
May 22, 2023
Cheryl Nelson created Earthchangers College
Feb 7, 2023

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  • Dear spammers. IF I see any fishing or spam messages left on any profiles of members who have passed, you will be deleted immediately. Don't even bother!
  • Cheryl also has this web page! ( )


  • God speed Cheryl....  I am speechless.

  • When did Yamkins feed disappear?

  • Thank you

  • Hi Cheryl! My copy of The Cancer Answer arrived and I'm really enjoying what I'm reading so far... I tend to lose interest in reading pretty quickly but this has so much valuable information and is written to be easily absorbed.. Thanks again for the suggestion :-)

  • Cheryl, thank you for your Biography and posts related to your Modest Rebuttal.  I too was a paralegal and similarly attacked on a Site I was an Admin on with my name, address, work address, IP address, phone number all published by a site owner and shared as far as his web would reach thru the WWW .  It was horrendous.  I suffered hate through phone calls, site gossip and lies.  People drove by my home and terrorized me with phone calls and death threats. 

    My punishment was for starting a website AT ADMINS SUGGESTION.  He said he wanted a site where people could post their UFO and Christian BS. So I started The Periled Sea.  I was then accused of trying to steal his site and members.  The rantings, the texts.. screaming at me and badgering me while I was at work and unable to respond.. it was insane... he'd lost it.  I think you term "meltdown" could describe it if that means berserk, irrational, insane screaming.

    It was and had been a crazy time on the internet and I'm followed even recently by his Trolls and lies.  Kudos to you for speaking out!


    I'd like to bring info gathered on ThePeriledSea.

    I hope you don't mind, Jen

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  • Cheryl I am listening to Begley and BP on paul begley it is a live show Cern is running wide open 

  • Red Ribbon
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