• GMO is bad news, according to this:  Most oils are from GMO plants.  Soybean oil is in canned tuna and most US soybeans are GMO. So much for buying tuna canned in oil (which was supposed to prevent rusting of the can and dehydration of the tuna).

    As for what I've got, it's what I've got, and it sounds like we've all been eating it since at least the mid-1990s when it was first introduced in the US. 

  • I bought several acorn squash from a farmers market and asked the girl selling it, if it was GMO and she did not know!  She was in her late twenties or early thirties and did not even know what was going on at the farm.  If the farmers don't know how are we supose to know what we buy?   That GMO garbage should be marked as franken food.  It is no wonder so maney people have cancer or other strange sicknesses. 

  • How do you know it is organic, Corn is wind pollinated. Unless field your corn is grown on is miles from any other corn fields it will cross pollinate. You just  will not know. Maybe if you get each batch you purchase tested for GMO. LOL.

    We have stop feeding corn to our cows 12 years ago. They are 100% grass fed only. Rotational grassing and cows and man doing well. Cows harvesting there own feed From April till x-mas. For winter we make hay and feed hay only.

    Sorry giving you bed news, but I think it is important that you know.

  • I buy any corn product only if it is organic... popcorn, yellow corn grits; fresh, I buy locally from known sources.

  • Please be happy that they produce ethanol. If they don't all GMO corn will end on your dinner table.

    Just my opinion. You may think differently. 

    I don't like to feed GMO food to my life stock aether, it will end on my dinner table. What do you feed our self's and our animals? Just asking smart people on this forum.

  • Jim, I agree,but they keep on making it.

  •  It's already hitting here. I noticed some things have already doubled in price. I stocked up on canned specials today before they go up more.

  • And still they produce ethanol!   That is so stupid!  Gas prices keep going up and down, so ethanol makes little difference!

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