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This is an instruction on the mechanics of meditation as revealed to me during my own meditation today. It was explained that the conscious mind is located in the etheric, but is connected to the brain via an etheric connection. It is the interface between body and soul.

The conscious mind is the ego's domain. From the conscious mind, one enters what is called the “soul station.” An analogy is to the lobby of a large train station. The soul station is the realm of the lower self and has a lot going on. This is where your subconscious mind resides, which is the entry point to the soul station. This is the seat of your personality and emotions. This is also where you find an energetic “phone booth” from where you can communicate with your higher self.

From the “lobby,” you encounter energetic gateways, analogized to the tunnels or corridors one traverses to get on a specific train going to a specific destination. In other words, each gateway goes to a different dimension or place. You can only enter a gateway for which you are vibrationally compatible. None of this has to do with Christ Consciousness. That comes later, but this is the beginning of the route there.

When you first begin meditating, the ego (also called the egoic mind) is constantly chattering. I set a boundary at the beginning of each session, instructing the ego to sit quietly on the side and not interrupt the session. I tell it that if I say “shhh” that means it is to return to sitting quietly on the side and stop interrupting the session.

To reiterate, the conscious mind is the domain of the ego. I was told it takes a lot of time to develop control over it (and time is something we no longer have much of). So, the alternative is to just blow through the chatter and move on. For the first 15-20 minutes of a meditation session, I say shhh! quite a bit. I say it softly and immediately return to the meditation. Eventually, the chatter calms down so there is more quiet than there is chatter, but as long as you are still in the conscious mind, it doesn't go away entirely. One technique that helps is to focus on your breathing. Recurring chatter does not mean you are a failure. What it does mean is that you have to persist.

The random thoughts can be viewed as swarms of gnats. They fly into your consciousness, distracting you, and you swat them. (My swatter is saying “shh!” Your swatter can be that, or whatever works for you.) You don't give up, you just keep returning to the meditation. And your egoic mind doesn't give up, it just keeps throwing thoughts and images at you, but in time the chatter slows down. 

As an analogy, imagine you are walking through a jungle and you're passing a river or a swamp and gnats keep dive bombing your face. You swat them and keep on walking until you reach your destination. You don't give up just because gnats are bedeviling you. You keep going until you are out of their range and they can't bother you any longer.  This is where you leave the conscious mind and enter the soul station through the subconscious mind. 

The soul station is your lower self. As mentioned above, it is an area where a lot of activity occurs. This is where your subconscious mind resides. It is also the realm of your personality. As I was meditating, I noticed images and thoughts floating around, and I was saying “shh” to them, until I was instructed not to. The reason is the egoic mind does not operate in the soul station. What I was perceiving was not ego chatter, it was subconscious thoughts and images. I was told to just let them float on by.

But, I found them distracting. After a few moments, a conversation began with my higher self and after a while I noticed I wasn't perceiving the subconscious artifacts any longer. The reason why was explained in another analogy, this one of a phone booth.

Within the soul station there is an energetic area you enter where you are able to communicate with your higher self. When you are in the soul station, you are not in as high a dimension your higher self is located in, but you are above the ego chatter and able to get a clear line of communication.

The analogy was, again, like being in the lobby of, say, Union Station in Los Angeles calling New York. You are physically in L.A., inside the phone booth in a busy locale, but it is private and quieter, so you are able to talk to and hear your higher self. Translated, this means you are not in the locale where your higher self is (a higher dimension), but you are far enough above the physical chatter that you can meet with your higher self and perceive its communication sent from a higher dimension. You have entered a higher dimension than what you were in, but not as high as your higher self.  More about this in the next update.  You can also view it as the conscious mind being like street level of a city and you are able to rise above it.

Breathing is important in meditating. I use Yogananda's suggestion of breathing in through the nose and out through the nose. I found it to be the most effective way for me. (You can try different methods and see what works for you.) 

During the “settling in” phase (the first 15-20 minutes of a meditation session), I begin by closing my eyes and taking three deep breaths. Then I announce my intention to have a meditation. I specify whether I am working on “going deep” or want to ask my higher self questions, or whatever. I take a few more deep breaths.

Contrary to all advice, I sit in a rocker recliner, with one leg folded under me. Between fibromyalgia and back problems, there is no way I can sit in a straight chair, or sit still. If you can, more power to you. Yogananda says that is the best way. Be advised though, I'm not your average yogi bear. I've had enhancements, I've already ascended and am back on mission, so what I am able to do, you might not. It is certainly okay to play around until you find what's right for you.

It's been told me, several times, that the techniques of earlier ages were what was needed then, for those times. There are quicker and more effective ways now. When I was encouraged to read Yogananda's work, it was emphasized to read the principles, but not worry about the how-to's. That is being given me by my inner guru (the higher self).

After the preliminary settling-in process, I do what I call the “knocking on the door” phase and begin focusing on the third-eye area, literally turning my closed eyes upward to focus on a point between my eyebrows. The third-eye area is the door to the soul station and beyond.

Once you have reached the soul station, it is no longer necessary to focus your eyes upward, though it was mentioned that doing it occasionally acts like a dynamo and keeps the energy at a high level, so it's good to do, but not essential.

During the “knocking on the door” phase, your eyes will drift away, so just keep returning your eyes upward when you become aware they have drifted. As you enter a deeper state of consciousness, your breathing becomes rhythmic and you will hear a soft sound when you exhale, sort of like a soft snore. You may hear an occasional soft grunt or two as you go deeper. Things are relaxing. Yogananda's technique of inhaling through the nostrils gives one a cool sensation across the roof of the mouth. This is how you know you are inhaling correctly. It is a deeper breathing, coming up from the solar plexus and ribs, not a shallow breathing. It is slow and rhythmic.  

I noticed that my eyes become watery when I start going deeper, like when first waking up. It's not crying, it's just dampness around the eyes, and seems kind of sticky. The state you are entering is the same state of consciousness you are in just before falling asleep, except you don't fall asleep.

I also occasionally yawn, big incomplete yawns, which oxygenates the body to help generate increased energies needed to “go deep.” These are natural occurrences, just let them happen. And, know they are a good sign that you are progressing to your soul station.

Once you reach the “phone booth” stage and begin a conversation with the higher self, everything else that is lower-self based dissipates, and the higher self is now controlling the show. Images and thoughts are not random, they are brought in by the higher self for a reason. So, pay attention!

It is okay to say what you see at this stage. It is okay to ask questions. It is okay to repeat back your understanding of what you've learned. It's good to do all these things, to ensure your complete understanding.

As I am ending a session, I ask if I have asked all the questions I need to.  The higher self will let you know.  My higher self also asks me if I have any further questions.  Always treat your higher self with courtesy and respect. Always express your sincere gratitude for its service and efforts on your behalf.  I do this both before and after the session.

Meditation is an adventure. And, it is the only way to access your inner knowingness. You need no other guru once you master the basics of meditation. I can say from experience, you can read all the books in the universe, you can sit at the knee of every guru, but until you meditate and learn from your own inner guru, all that intellectual knowledge is wasted. So, if you can't, or are unwilling, to learn to meditate and then practice it daily, don't waste your time with any other spiritual practice. It won't be all for naught, but without meditation it will eventually lead to a dead end. 

Update 11/2/15:  Today's meditation elicited the following insights.  The conscious mind, as was said above, is in the etheric.  It is not in the body, but is attached to the body by an etheric connection.  It is not in 4D, either.  You can view it as being in 3.5D.  The soul station is in 4D.  Dimensions are layers and you are right there in them, just not able to access them.  So, your body sitting in a chair is in 3D while your consciousness in the soul station is in 4D, where you are able to communicate with your higher self in 5/6D.  And from your soul station, you can progress to higher dimensions when you are vibrationally able to do so. 

To reiterate, the soul station is a busy place.  You enter it through the subconscious mind (which contains all your memories).  You can shut out the subconscious mind in the "phone booth" when communicating with your higher self.  Your this-lifetime personality (conscious thoughts and emotions) also reside there. 

I learned to navigate to a different place in the soul station.  It was the place where there was no chatter, no communication, nothing... except quiet and peace.  The way I accessed it was through modulating my breathing.  After each inhalation and after each exhalation, I was instructed to pause a moment.  This slowed my breathing down.  There are other ways of breathing, which I will learn in the days to come that achieve other results.

As to the "soft snoring" type of breathing, you use the same muscle area as when you are snarking back a congested nose.  Do that, feel what muscles are involved and that will help you find the breathing where you feel coolness going across the roof of your mouth when you inhale, and you make a soft snoring sound when you exhale.

I also received some basic instruction in how consciousness works and its relationship to multi-dimensionality, which will turn up on a consciousness blog in the future.

UPDATE 11/3/15: 

I finally got to “see” Hazbo. For those who don't know, he's been a kind of guardian angel to me. He's about 4.5' tall (comes up to my shoulders), zeta-shaped head but along human proportions (meaning the head is not overly large for the body), large round black eyes with a hint of almond shape on the exterior edges, four fingers/four toes, chameleon/rainbow skin. He was with me in the parallel life scene, and was the one to the right behind me on the ocean floor. (Both were in my first QHHT session.) They said I could draw him. (Coincidentally (not), we just covered how to draw heads in art class yesterday.)

Hazbo is a parallel life of my twin flame, whose task is to watch over me because my TF knew his contractual obligations would prevent him from doing it himself. (Coming to Earth is considered a hazardous occupation by those on the other side.)  Hazbo was the voice I heard when I was drowning at Daytona Beach, and he was the voice I heard asking if I wanted “the lift.” (I discussed these in earlier blogs.)  He sounded like one of my characters, Loss-oh-me, in Wild Blue, especially the eyes. I asked if Hazbo was Loss-oh-me, since I seem to write things that end of manifesting, and was told labels are not used in their world, but that the name was a good one and did represent him (he who dances on stars), and a humorous image of a spacecraft darting from star to star in a dance-like motion was provided).

I was also reminded that many things I write about have some basis in fact.  I was told he, like all rainbow zetas, is a gentle soul and very romantic, but also has a deep sense of mission. Sometimes I feel his energy. His hair is a pale gold (yellowish) color, shoulder length with some waviness to it towards the end. It is thin and the hair shafts contain neural fibers and can be animated, just like fingers. I laughed at this, saying I'm always saying I need a third hand. They volunteered that the story of Medusa is a corrupted version of the truth. It's not snakes, but it can be animated. And, no, it does not hiss. The degraded story was fabricated by those who wanted to scare people away from encounters with the rainbow zetas, who have been healing missionaries on this planet for eons.

Hazbo has good control of his emotions and can intend different parts of his body to have certain colors, when he needs to “blend in.” His hair can change color, as well as his eyes and his skin, but he keeps the base color of his hair pale yellow. His skin's base color is a pale white with grayish tinge (from his Zeta heritage), thus emotional colors show up easily. 

If you remember from my first QHHT session, I had a parallel life as a zeta-type and Hazbo was that “other person” mentioned in both of the scenes (the jungle and the underwater scene). I was allowed to see the end of the jungle scene. Something very large roared. It shook the ground. The fourth member of the team (the one who didn't make it) was recording data and hesitated to leave when told. Hazbo grabbed my arm and we ran to where we were picked up by the ship, as the sounds of our colleague being eaten echoed behind us.  Ugh!

The “Rainbow Zetas” were the first generation of hybrids in this particular Zeta group. Their skin turns various colors representing their various emotional states. Hazbo was concerned that I might not like him when I finally did get to see him. They were going to show me the reality of that “snap shot” of him I had in a prior recall, and he was concerned the color he was manifesting the moment he was allowed to be seen by me then would not be well-received by me. (He was a kind of light orange color, the color of apprehension and nervousness in that scheme of things. A link to a sample is below.)

The colors happen because of chemical reactions between Zeta and human chemistry. Remember the elementary chemistry experiment where you added one colorless liquid to another colorless liquid and the reaction created a blue color? If not, check this out:

Each human emotion in a zeta-human hybrid has a different chemical composition, and when added to Zeta chemistry creates the colors. Later generations of zeta-human hybrids had that feature edited out. (A parallel is the crystal used in my book, Infinity… where the crystal is held by a person and turns different colors according to different emotions. I'm beginning to see where I get this stuff from.)

So, if I wanted to see what Hazbo really looked like, I had to blow through the illusion overlay, then the “blue screen” beneath it. This session took quite a while because I was being given the “scenic route” and given time to perceive what was happening and given tutorials of why things were happening. The old (screen) image I had of Hazbo had a cartoon quality to it. He was wearing a kind of sheepish, nervous grin and his eyes didn't look zeta-like, the were round. (The facial expression was explained as a translation of his light orange color, which corresponds to the “melon” color here:, which indicated nervous apprehension.) This image of Hazbo was confirmed to be a “screen memory.” Everything is energy, including screen memories. The illusion screen is thick and is not pierced easily. This took a lot of time to "blow through." Though it took some time, once your attention and intention is on it, you can leave it running in the background and refocus your attention to other things.

Various little pains were turning on, in my shoulder, my left ear, my abdomen several times, and I was taught that anything can be handled with energy. Once something catches your attention, you then use the attention as a conduit to send your intention into, in this case, the pain. The pain then went away quickly. Works for itches, too. They said this was just a basic exercise. It takes more skill to deal with serious things like heart attacks, but once skilled, it's no different. Intention is non-verbal. Visualizing something is not the same thing. You just put your attention and intention into the area, in this case, some minor pain, and the pain ceases. More intense pain took a bit longer, but it still worked.

Under the screen memory is another type of energy that acts as a “blue screen” to mask whatever is underneath or behind. (See for more information.) It is extra protection to prevent “bleed through” of exotic realities into normal every-day consciousness. This took less time to penetrate. In the cases of both the illusion and the blue screen energies, after a while things lying underneath started peeking through as the energies were weakened and dispersed. As the overlay illusion started to shatter, a purpley, sometimes olive green, color started peeking through (which was the underlying “blue” screen). Once that was dispensed with, then I began to get bits and pieces of Hazbo's image, in a light orange (melon) color.

The exercises also demonstrated that consciousness can be on more than one thing at a time --  multi-tasking is the equivalent here below. Yesterday, when I had asked about my soul traveling to visit someone a few years ago, the response I was given was in the first person (I) instead of the usual third person (we), and I asked about it. I was told that the component of my soul that had made the trip was "who" was explaining it. (I think they did that on purpose so I'd ask.) So, this was a basic demonstration of how multi-dimensionality works. You can be sitting in your chair, petting the cat in 3D, while blowing through an illusion in 4D, while soul traveling thousands of miles (or planets) away, while having a lesson with beings in 5/6D. 

I'm convinced this is real. No way I could sit still for three hours and dream this stuff up.

And, to wrap up this session, this occurred within the subconscious area of the soul.  It was pointed out that the dedicated "phone booth" moves wherever it's needed, so it was inside the subconscious area as well. 

UPDATE 11/4/15:

Began meditation at 9:00 a.m. and ended at 10:30 a.m., on purpose because I had to go to school. Went very quickly into the soul station. Was told that while the subconscious mind is the entry into the soul station, it can be traversed quickly (today I didn't even notice it). Signs of being out of the egoic mind are no chatter, peacefulness, and see abstract white lines on a black field when focusing on the third eye. After getting there, focusing on the third eye is no longer needed, except occasionally. I land in “interstellar” space and used the inhale-pause 3 seconds-exhale-pause-three-seconds breathing technique to navigate to the subconscious.

I was seeing a ladder as an analogy to the breathing technique. Climb the ladder-pause at the top-slide-down-run around and climb again. This led into a memory of sliding down my slide at home on wax paper.

Which led to the memory of seeing tall zetas in the den in the house I grew up in. I was shown more of that adventure. They played tag with me for a few minutes, then asked if I wanted to visit their house, and had me close my eyes and count to three.

Then I was at their house. I played with the children, who were intellectually far advanced. We played a game with an anti-gravity ball, jumping and trying to catch it. At one point, I pushed someone down and he turned “fierce yellow.” This was explained as the equivalent of a human turning red with rage. I felt I had done something wrong and felt remorseful. Everyone felt my remorse. I helped him up and things were okay again. He turned back to his normal color. This was where I learned not to touch another being in an aggressive way. It was explained that a color has various tones, just like a voice has various tones. “Fierce” yellow is anger (visually, it has a burning quality), a pale yellow is soothing and the color of love.

Prior to that visit, which was hosted by Semho, my parallel zeta life (the lifetime related in the first qhht session in the jungle and under the sea), a this-lifetime incident where I did something and have had decades of guilt about was explained as necessary for someone else to work out karma and it had to happen, so I can stop feeling guilty about it. 

Semho was brought in to show me around and to learn to communicate with someone who is not of her race. I was told that her voice might sound a bit odd because they work through an organic translation device implanted in my brain. She tripped up in the beginning and confused me about something, which made me wonder. Later, she mentioned she could sense my doubt and hesitancy, and apologized for tripping up, but it's a learning experience for her, too. Her voice had a different quality from the voice I'm used to. She sounded female, her voice being a bit lighter and higher pitched. She said she knows Hazbo, is a little shorter than he is, her hair is a bit thicker than his, shoulder length and a dark blonde, her eyes are big and dark blue (his are black she says). Her body is a later genetic model, and doesn't have the emotional rainbow effect. She said none of the rainbow zetas are robotic. They are all sentient with souls.

She explained that since she is a parallel life of mine, I have her memories in my subconscious. Parallel lives are recorded the same way that past lives are recorded in the subconscious. They record in her subconscious, as well as her parallel life's. I am a parallel life to Semho, and Semho is a parallel life to me. She says that I have begun the process of integrating my past and parallel lives. This is preliminary to merging with my higher self, who has many lower selves. I take it (and they haven't corrected me) this is part of the ascension into 5D.

Since I had to leave for school, we ended the session early.

Update 11/5/15:

Today's session had to do with examining this-lifetime childhood incidents that explained some feelings and attitudes I carried into adulthood.

When I originally agreed to take this body, it was supposed to be a twin. It had been arranged that the soul of Gary (my younger brother) would be the twin. When the twin body died (before a heartbeat could be detected), I backed out. I was very disappointed and that's where this-lifetime's feeling of not being able to have what I want originated, things I really want just seem to get snatched away from me. Another soul took the body at the time.

When Gary's body was being formed (he was four years younger than me), it was worked out that I would take this body, after all. The original occupant of this body had stepped in while things were “in the works” and only wanted a short tour of duty as an infant and young child. This body was under four years of age (3.something years old) when the baseball ball bat accident occurred. That's when the original occupant moved out and I moved in.

My sister has carried guilt all her life because she thought (at the time) that she had killed me. It wasn't her fault. It was an accident. It had to happen to make the soul switch. She went on to become a neonatal intensive care unit nurse, saving babies all her life. Think this incident had anything to do with it? I do. It demonstrates that people can do things they don't mean to do, and can carry a boatload of guilt for a long time, even taking on unnecessary burdens (or a life path, in this case) because of the guilt when it isn't necessary. Another reason why "bad things happen to good people." Either it's karma working itself out, or it's part of a bigger plan.

Gary was left-handed and forced to be right-handed so he'd “fit in.” It messed him up and he became uncoordinated. Uncle Elmo did ruin him, as I suspected. (Uncle Elmo was an evil dude, long suspected of being a Klansman... could not stand him.) Gary died at the age of 45. Since there was no point in continuing his messed up life (it wasn't going to achieve his goals), he left. So, he didn't die of sleep apnea (which is what I had thought, since no cause of death could be found). He just “checked out.”

Another incident was the earliest one I ever remembered. I was left in a crib, with a dripping wet diaper screaming my head off and nobody came. This left me with a fear of being abandoned. I was told emotions are raw and strong at that age (under 2 years old) as there is no understanding as to why things are. It was told that my mother was following the fashionable medical advice of the time (Dr. Spock?) of letting a child scream and ignoring it so it wouldn't learn to use bad behavior to manipulate to get what it wanted. Very poor advice, according to the IG (inner guru). It left me with a fear of abandonment and losing things near and dear to me. We looked at a later time, when my mom tried to leave me in the young children's Sunday school class and I pitched a fit. It was fueled by the earlier incident.

I was informed of an incident of which I never had a conscious memory. A psychic friend had spotted it five years ago (and I was told by the IG that he was correct in what it was, but was mistaken about who the other party was). It was sexual abuse by the boyfriend of a cousin who used to babysit me and Gary when my folks went out. I never liked that cousin, I thought she was mean. She was, but she was also associated with the boyfriend (of whom I had no conscious memory, but it secretly was adding fuel to my dislike of her and not wanting her to babysit--so if your kid is saying, "I don't like her" or "Don't let her come here," you need to listen!  The child may not know the reason, but is acting on feelings based in fact). She was sneaking her boyfriend over and they were getting into my dad's liquor cabinet. The IG said those episodes were erased so it wouldn't mess me up in this life. It explained the early sexual awakening. Children don't sexually awaken early, unless their awareness has been forcibly raised.  It explains my lack of interest, since it had been forced on me before I was ready. Even as an adult, it always seemed "other determined" (meaning not something I wanted to engage in, though as an adult it didn't seem fear based, just disinterested).

So, today some important topics were looked at and healing was done. Onward and upward!

Updates 11/6 and 11/7/15:

We've been working on telepathy the past two days, so nothing to share about that yet.

Update 11/17/15:

On 11/16/15, I had my first lesson in bilocating.  It was so intense, I couldn't wait for it to finish.  Then I crashed for three hours in a deep sleep.  Last night, I was guided to re-read CoEvolution by Alec Newald (link to free copy:  There is information in it about space/time that had been mentioned in the bilocation exercise, but what I'm excited about is the information about what I call the "rainbow zetas."  If you think it's imagination, then read the following... it is very similar to what I was being shown:

p.40 ~ There was gravity, but it was not great. It also appeared to fluctuate. There were times when solid objects, such as the walls and even my body, appeared to be very translucent. They would take on a glow and become transparent. When this happened, they flashed all the colours of the rainbow and were almost entirely lost to view before coming back into what I would call focus!

p. 77 ~ The furniture looked to be made from the now quite familiar glass or plastic substance. Although it was slightly tinted or smoky, all the colours of the rainbow seemed to be deep within it. These colours could be changed by a person's thought patterns, so if you were excited there was no way to keep it a secret as the room's colours would dance about, it was a perfectly natural occurrence that the building should want to accommodate my wishes.

p.80 ~ Evidently, the suits helped align the wearer's frequency or life-pulse to that of the biological portion of the building. The best I can do for an explanation is that the building—a living entity in its own right—considers that the occupant's thoughts are its own thoughts and obeys any commands instinctively. This would also explain the colour variations within the house, for they appeared to respond to different personal moods just as if they were the building's own moods.

Update 11/18/15: 

Several days ago, I accessed my first gateway in the soul station, the space-time portal.  After I passed through the portal, my form changed.  I saw myself as a large being of white light.  After a few moments to get oriented, I tried bilocating.  It was exhausting!  After only thirty minutes, I was ready to stop. 

My guide for this training session was Cmdr. Parve.  His energy is so high it is quite a challenge to be near him.  (Also, interesting to note, there's an elder in Alec Newald's book, CoEvolution, by the name of Jarze.  How's that for a "coincidence"?)  Alec says that being around higher vibration folks is tiring, and he needed to rest,  p.237.  I simply crashed after my session, for three hours, dead to the world.

Today, I put what I learned into action and bilocated, and it was actually quite simple.  You visualize where you want to go or who you want to visit.  Once you visualize it, put your intention into it and "be in the now."  In other words, occupy your visualization... imbue it with your energies/consciousness. 

Another confirmation was found in Alec Newald's CoEvolution, p.14.  On the ship, there's an area where it looks like a bowling alley, with lanes leading up to doors.  He could only go in one, the rest had some sort of repulsion force (or maybe it was too high vibrational).  This corresponds to the analogy I was shown of a big train station, having tunnels/ramps that lead off the main corridor, each going to a certain destination, and not being able to access them until I'm ready. 

Update 3/19/16:

See comment regarding meditation breakthrough.

Update 10/04/21:

Another confirmation was found in Robert A. Monroe's Journeys Out of the Body, Chapter 10, Intelligent Animals.  This confirmation is the description of thought forms that populate the area outside of the physical body.  His took various forms of humanoid children and fish, but he realizes they are thought forms.  The thing is, the thought forms he describes are similar to my analogy of gnats attacking a person moving through a certain space. 

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Updated 11/2/15.  See above.

With family it's hard to find time to meditate.  And so many interruptions...

Updated 11/3/15.  See above.  This one's a wild ride.  And, as I post this, the view counter is at 55.  Figures.

Do short sessions in the bathtub.

Kim B said:

With family it's hard to find time to meditate.  And so many interruptions...

Updates 11/4 and 11/5 have been posted above.

Update for 11/6 and 11/7 added in the blog above. 

Update 11/17/15, posted above.

As you know, I usually am led to confirmation of what I see/perceive.  In this update, I was led to re-read Alec Newald's ebook, CoEvolution, and I was astounded at what I found. 

Remember my discussion about the "rainbow" Zeta types?  Well, here's confirmation.  What are the chances that I'd see something so similar to something someone else (whom I don't know) saw decades ago? 

While in his book, the colors manifest in the biological portion of the house, it is influenced by the zeta-type's thoughts and emotions.  I think this may have been a carry-over from the earlier hybrids who reflected the colors in their own skins.  But in any event, whether the colors are reflected in their skin or in the biological structure's walls, their thoughts/emotions are the source of the color manifestation, and the colors vary according to their mood. 

I think this is a confirmation of what I was shown in meditation.  What do you think?

Bilocation, something that I would like to know how to do.  St. Padre Pio could do it.

Hmm if I could do I would be able to freak some people out lol.

Abilities aren't to be used for less than positive purposes.  Though, I understand the sentiment.

Kim B said:

Bilocation, something that I would like to know how to do.  St. Padre Pio could do it.

Hmm if I could do I would be able to freak some people out lol.

Update 11/18/15, posted above, discusses bilocating, and some more confirmations.

"His energy is so high it is quite a challenge to be near him."  I absolutely experienced this while being in the vicinity/presence of a much higher dimensional Being on the evening of 4/13/2000 for approximately 10 minutes.  Certainly not of this world, and not of this dimension.  I will never forget this for as long as i live.

Yes I know.  I was just kidding.

Cheryl Nelson said:

Abilities aren't to be used for less than positive purposes.  Though, I understand the sentiment.

Kim B said:

Bilocation, something that I would like to know how to do.  St. Padre Pio could do it.

Hmm if I could do I would be able to freak some people out lol.

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Is That Winged Object Really Planet X? Maybe Not!

Here's a NASA deconstruction image showing the central personnel area and three force shields:

See for the video it came from (40:23 etc).

Indonesia Plate NOT Collapsing -- The TruEarth Images offered by ZT as "proof" are 11 years old! 

Oh, Buoy! (Misinterpreted buoy charts)

Deconstructing Nancy Lieder and her Zetatalk



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