Subject:  U.S.G.S. says "Gulf of Mexico Land Masses Will Arise."

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Date   Sunday, August 22, 2010 11:35 am

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  The claim -- that land masses will arise out of the Gulf of Mexico -- was related to me about four years ago by a friend who was told this by his friend, a geologist who works for the United States Geological Survey (USGS). If this government geologist's predictions come true, the resultant tsunamis and methane gas bursts will kill many millions of unsuspecting residents within miles of the coast, all the way around, from Mexico to Florida, Cuba, Haiti, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico. 

    I hope to inspire you to relay this analysis to concerned people everywhere, 

but first study this analysis and pass it on, in order to spark public action movements to save lives, for these seabed upheavals can occur any

day from now. 


        ~~ Why Gulf of Mexico Land Masses Must Arise ~~ 

   Initially, Gulf of Mexico seabed effluents showed a white substance, 

yellow sulphur, and red iron, probably from the Earth's molten iron core, plus 

other substances from Earth's mantle. The mantle surrounds the core, like the 

white of an egg surrounds the yolk.  Why would such effluents ooze up, from 

Earth's core and mantle, onto the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico? Well, when

a pot of stew is heated on a stove, puffs of steam begin plopping up through 

the surface.  

   Recent scientific reports indicate that undersea volcanic eruptions have

been increasing. Other reports indicate that buoys in the Indian Ocean last

year showed a 13-foot decrease in ocean depth, suggesting a bulging action

at the sea floor. Just as a hot stove causes the pudding in a pot to bulge and 

puff out steam, Earth's crust reacts in the same manner when the underlying 

pudding-like molten rock mantle becomes overheated. Well, what would 

cause the underlying mantle to become overheated, but overheating of 

the mostly molten iron core residing within the mantle, as the yolk of a 

soft-boiled egg resides within the gelatinous eggwhite. 

  Taking such a likely assumption to a deeper level, what would cause 

Earth's mostly molten iron core to become overheated? After all, Earth's 

mantle and core have been gradually cooling over many thousands of 

years, so the scientists have taught us in our high school textbooks. 

    Today, we have scientific evidence, though kept obscure, showing that 

comets are intruding into our Solar System from deep space. Why would 

comets intrude into our planetary family, the Solar System? Well, the 

 solution to this mystery is strikingly represented by the principle that

we all experience daily; that of an apple falling from a tree to the ground. 

 Gravity! Clearly, we can visualize any large celestial body from deep space

being just like that apple, and our Sun being just like the ground to which  

that apple is attracted.  Gravity! 

   Now that we understand the concept as to how foreign bodies are pulled 

in by our Sun's colossal gravitational force field, we need to connect the 

two phenomena: 

1) the overheating of Earth's mostly molten iron core, and 

2) the Sun's gravity sucking in celestial passersby from beyond the outer  

bounds of our Solar System.

   Here is the connection between phenomena 1 and 2. 

When these deep space celestial bodies are gripped by the Sun's outlying gravitational reach, and are gradually accelerated in toward the Sun, these 

bodies must first pass through the Heliosphere, an astronomically immense 

glowing red sphere, composed of electrified gases called plasma, and 

surrounding the entire Solar System, like a balloon would surround a 

revolving disc inside of the balloon.  These sucked-in celestial bodies, 

shanghaied by our Sun, become drenched with this electrified plasma 

as they penetrate the Heliosphere from the outside. Now,  these celestial 

captives have become masses of electrical charge in motion. And by 

well known principles of physics, electric charges, when in motion, 

generate a tunnel-like electromagnetic force field surrounding the linear path 

of the electric charge -- in this case, surrounding the electrically charged 

celestial body. So, the electrically charged body generates an electromagnetic 

force field surrounding the linear path of the electrically charged celestial 

body, sort of like chem-trails would billow out and surround the linear path 

of that airplane flying overhead. 

   Now that we have gotten thus far in bringing together the links of chain A 

and chain B, (the connection between overheating of Earth's core and the 

recent phenomenon of deep space intruders), let us make the final snap-lock: 

The celestial bodies' billowing electromagnetic force fields are invisible, just 

as the invisible microwaves that heat up that plate of food in your microwave 

oven are invisible. Like ghosts, these invisible, yet powerful, electromagnetic 

force fields heat up Earth's mostly molten iron core. The electrically charged 

intruding celestial bodies also cause heliospheric electrical discharges into 

our Sun, the Sun being *the* electrical generator that sneezes out the  

electrically positive ionic gases (plasma) in all directions and far out beyond 

the outfield fences and into the bleachers of our Solar System, these 

bleachers being the Heliosphere. So, the Sun becomes quite convulsive 

as these intruding electrified comets soar closer into our inner Solar System, 

and thus, the Sun's intensified electrified plasmatic spewing really batters

Earth's surrounding balloon-like magnetic field, Earth's magnetosphere.

Consequently, these solar slaps to the face of Earth's magnetosphere feed

back, electromagnetically, to the source of Earth's balloon-like magnetic 

 field, that source of magnetism being the swirling molten iron core

deep within the bowels of Earth.  

   Finally, we now know why the Gulf of Mexico seabed is bulging and 

ready to explode with methane gases and a rupturing of the seabed itself. 

   This unprecedented heating of Earth's molten core is being generated by 

the well known phenomenon of "electromagnetic induction" (just described)

originating from plasma-saturated comets which have been observed by

scientists over the past five to ten years.  So now, Earth's overheating 

core/mantle boundary (CMB) has prolific avalanches of loosened magma,

sloughing off from the inner mantle margin into the molten iron outer core,  

and the effect is that this mantle erosion proceeds like a drill bit, boring tunnels

up through the very thick viscous mantle, all the way up until the tunnel

eventually reaches a blockage presented by the lithosphere, which is

the rigid crust of Earth's surface, overlaying the less rigid uppermost

mantle margin.   Understandably, molten iron from the outer core, plus

newly molten magma encircling this hot newly drilled tunnel, flows like

a slow oozing fountain, all the way up to the blockage at the lithospheric

crust, and eventually the super heated liquified column of magma rock

and iron mixture melts the solid lithospheric crust like a gushing hot

spring would melt a surface layer of ice.   This rising hot fountain is

called a "mantle plume," or "thermal plume,"one of which also exists at

the eastern tip of Indonesia, showing that mantle plumes are prevalent

worldwide. A mantle plume is similar to the lava plume that you see

within a common household lava lamp, wherein an electric heating

element at the base of the lamp heats up a puddle of lava, causing the

puddle to rise up toward the surface in a plume of lava.   When this

iron/magma column rises as a mantle plume, from the outer core/lower

mantle boundary (CMB) to the uppermost edge of the upper mantle,

the plume is initially blocked by the thin crustal layer, the "lithosphere,"

at the Gulf of Mexico seabed. Eventually, the molten mantle plume

dissolves or liquifies the thin lithospheric crust, effectively punching a

hole in the seabed. This is the hole in the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico,

which British Petroleum deliberately drilled into! Why deliberately??

I have testified to you that, THREE TO FOUR YEARSAGO, a U.S.G.S. 

(U.S. Geological Survey) informant relayed to me, through Mark, that

they expect land masses to arise out of the Gulf  of Mexico.The reason

why they drilled into the volcano was to TEMPORARILY PREVENT

THE PEOPLE FROM REALIZING that this is actually a burgeoning

catastrophic worldwide oil bursting phenomenon, and the powers-that-be

are now in great fear that inevitable public realization will awaken the

peoples of the World to the evidence that exists (if theyare willing to

examine it) that this is just one of many types of natural disasters which

are now about to break out in a growing drum beat. The powers-that-be

want you to think that BP caused these globally bursting natural oil

gushers, with just a puny seven-inch drill pipe. How gullible do they

think we are? The ruling elite would rather have you believe that man 

 caused this disaster, because when the people find out that they are in

a game of natural disaster dodgeball, they will break free from their

psychological matrix cage of obedience to the tyrannical illegitimate

imposters raping them from the powerstage of central government.

These ruling rapists are afraid that we may no longer be forcibly obedient

to them, and that we may not pay our taxes, because, when people

realize that these are natural disasters, and NOT just one BP disaster,

the people will then fear a greater master than the ruling elite; the people

will then fear the Master in the heavens, because God is the One bringing

in these plasma-saturated comets to generate electromagnetic heating of

Earth's core. These plasma-saturated comets are being drawn into our

Solar System by the immense gravitational pull of our incredibly massive

Sun.   It is strikingly obvious: the apple fell down from the tree, and hit

Sir Isaac Newton on the head, due to the mutual pulling force of gravity,

which universally exists between two or more masses. Likewise, comets

are being drawn in from deep space by the tremendous pulling force of

gravity between these comets and our Sun. 

   Getting back to the subject of Gulf of Mexico land masses arising -- the consequences of a mantle plume punching through the lithosphere, at the

Gulf of Mexico seabed and elsewhere, are two-fold:

1) undersea volcanoes erupt, and indeed, oceanographers and  

volcanologists are now expressing alarm over the drastic increase in  

undersea volcanic eruptions, all over the World;

2) seabeds begin to bulge upward, due to the profusion of gases, such  

 as methane, into newly formed pockets where the uppermost mantle  

margin meets the lithospheric crust, both at surfaces of seabeds and  

at crustal surfaces of land areas. There are now many reports of methane

gas coming out of the ground, in Texas, in Colorado, in  Pennsylvania, etc.

There is a recent report of methane gas shooting  out of a home water

faucet, being fed from a private well.   These newly formed pockets of

rising gases strikingly explain the recent avalanche of reports of seabeds

bulging all over the World, as indicated by drastically diminishing footage

readings transmitted by ocean buoys, worldwide.   Notice, that the

powers-that-be will never tell you what the day-by-day buoy depth

readings are in the Gulf of Mexico. Notice, that Keith Olbermann of

MSNBC-TV reported that the Corexit was promptly laid down to mask

the depths of the entire Gulf of Mexico. If we were permitted to view that

seabed, we would notice bulging and major fissures, from the Texas

coast to the Florida coast. Notice that methane gas has been reported to

be rising to the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. This is an ominous sign,

since any spark from a boat's ignition or such will cause the greatest

surface fire cloud explosion ever witnessed, as well as a catastrophic

coast-gobbling tsunami, if the concentration of methane gas builds to

high enough levels. Such a catastrophic sea surface methane explosion

has already occurred in 1998, and has been reported by Steve Quayle

on his web site, stevequayle.com.  

   The ruling elite have been as suppressive of the science community

as of the mass news media. Hence, the people of the World remain

unaware until mega disasters send them suddenly reeling in fearful panic.

You and I, therefore, have a humanitarian responsibility to disseminate

this analysis and to urge others to examine it, and to promote a growing

public study of this and so many other alarming meteorological and

geological events, which have transformed from the unusual to the

commonplace over the past decade.  In a forthcoming message, I will

email you a photocopy of the actual New York Times newspaper report,

from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, stating

that the reason why they launched the Infrared Astronomical Satellite

was to detect the infrared light images emitting from this approaching

brown dwarf star, pulled in by the Sun's gravity, and having a mass

estimated to be at least 1,000 Earth masses. Newton's Universal Law

of Gravitation and his Second Law of Motion, together state that a

gravitationally attracted body accelerates as it nears its attracting body.

Therefore, we have absolute proof that this dwarf star has been

accelerating toward our Sun for at least the past 28 years, as evidenced

by this New York Times report published with facts provided by the best

astrophysicists of 1983, including NASA scientists, who stated in the

report that this celestial body was then within the gravitational influence

of our Sun. So, it must now be (and is) much closer to the Sun, and soon

to be passing by Earth, and it will (by established principles of physics)

both electromagnetically and gravitationally massage Earth's surface,

like some great celestial masseuse.           John DiNardo 


{Photocopy of the actual New York Times report, leading up to the

discovery, eleven months later, of this giant brown dwarf star, on its

cometary orbit into our Solar System.} 



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  • The Baja is separating from Mainland Mexico and this will continue. The bottom of the Gulf of Mexico is volcanically active and that will continue. The sea is the Gulf is getting shallower as the earth expands. The Colorado River has its Estuary at the head of the Gulf. The Colorado is a continuation of the fault line that runs through the Grand Caynon and makes the Grand Canyon the most seismically active fault in the USA after the Mississippi River Fault.  The land in the Gulf will not rise.The Estuary of the Colorado is getting shallow as the sea level in the Gulf of Mexico fall. Fishermen find it difficult to get the1r boats into the Colorado because the water level is now so low. I know owners beach houses on the Gulf who have told me that they have an every increasing beachfront as the sea keeps receding.

  • They will have to come clean about the Rosswell crash first!

  • Oh, just thought of something..... what else is going on while this is happening... 1. resignations of unprecedented numbers of those in the know.... 2.  A Navy map circulating from 1996 showing the madrid fault going nuts and flooding of the mississippi dividing the country in two... 3.  Pole shift both magnetic and geological now occurring and speeding up since 2000..... 4.  NASA data on the shift does not match that of the Kyoto scientists, so who is right?  Nasa says the shift is diminishing while the Kyoto scientists say its rapidly increasing.... 5.  A large circular object is pulling plasma from the sun....What is it?  6.  HAARP going crazy every single night now.... with massive static noise inside and outside... 7.  Chemtrail dumpings to hide horizons at sunset.... 8.  Loud and unexplained booms heard all over the planet.... 9. Bugs coming up from the earth.... 10.  Clementine Satellite the size of a moon, orbiting the sun at the same time as all this is going on,  well, there is more, but you get the idea .   Lots of questions and no answers, and that usually means someone has answers but are not sharing. 

  • I looked into the atlantic conveyou many years ago.  A piece of the gulf stream a mile wide broke off from the stream going to the British Isle and headed straight North to the artic which heated up the water.  However the stream was getting hotter because  the ring of fire was getting wider and becomming complete and getting hotter.  That probably was the start of most of our problems, and that happened many ears ago! 

  • hmmm, so its only in the recent past, say 3,000 years that the sun has begun, with its gravity, in pulling these bodies toward the earth???  Doesn't make any sense.  Why now and not before?  Is there a larger celestial body heading this way that is dislocating these objects from the ort cloud???  Just asking.......

  • It's cool.  There's so much disinfo out there, it's difficult to know what's true.  Here, we have different viewpoints on what's causing the earthchanges.  What do you think might be causing them?  There's the expanding earth theory, global warming (which I think has been defrocked), the BP oil spill damaged the Atlantic conveyor, the sun and solar flares/CMEs, the galactic cloud...  Why not research it any way, minus the DS, and see what you come up with.

  • Wow, I'm not buying this, sorry.

    If you had left out the dwarf star stuff I would research it. 

  • No problem.
  • Thanks for your ongoing help, Cheryl.
  • Hey Jim, 


    Thanks for adding more information to this subject. It is so important that we try to find out 

    about the current Gulf of Mexico seabed rumblings.             John

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