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WSO Sep 29 - Discussing Root Causes of Mandela Effect (Hint: Singularity)

Early yesterday, I had a look at my compass to see if the magnetic north had moved.  At first glance it did. Being excited, I went to get my digital camera so I could show the change to others. As I was ready to take a picture, I was totally surprised seeing the compass needle in the same usual alignment. I was really disapointed. Then the Mandela Effect came to mind. Could it be... possibly.

While looking at WSO list of video, I came accrossthe following:

It is quite interesting and worth viewing.

We all know that the sun is hollow. The beings who live  there are responsible for numerous interactions one of which is pushing comets back into a trajectory.  I suspect that the inner sun people were responsible for the Carrington Event.

In the video listed above, Steve and Wayne talk about this AI computer that is quite advance. It could be a threat to all of humanity. The only way we can stop this, would be to have another Carrington Event. This time, it will be the energy we need to be released from 3rd density. I agree  It would be quite destructive, but it would be a way to be released from forms of AI control.

Maybe it is far fetch, but in order to ascend we will need an energy push.

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Rosemary when I realized I had morgellons disease in 2007 and found out that it was connected to nanotechnology I was horrified. Now we fast forward to AI which seems to be also part of it. I wonder every day what or who I might become and can only hope I am able to keep my conscious mind in tact. I have studied nanotechnology and become sick of what I have learned.     

   We are heading in the wrong direction and it seems impossible to correct, but maybe God will intervene at some point and change what is happening is our only hope. I have an inner feeling that 2016 is the year we will know the truth. For me time is racing by so fast so it may be 2017.   

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