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  • Summer Solstice AND Full Moon Brings the Revaluation & Balance ...

    !7 channelings with only two chandlers!

  • I'm in Southern Colorado and away from home. Since around May 9th, I've heard the grinding hum. Some nights it starts around 2 or 3 AM MST and keeps me awake. But most of the time I hear it during the day. Sometimes the hum is constant like a high tension wire, while other times it is choppy. I've posted before about hearing it, and I thought I'd give an update. I've heard it since 2008 at different times of the year. So far 2009 and 2010 were the worst years. However this year is significant.

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  • Rosemary - can we do private chat again?  I need to you to help me figure out some things, I have questions, and I know what you picked up in private chat last time was not just a coincidence.  Please let me know when you will be available.  Thanks, Kim.

  • We are all One
  • thank you for the gift, it seems he software has worked,
    best wishes,

  • Rosemary, it is balisterjames@att.net


  • Thanks for accepting. Always Friends!
  • Thank you Rosemary...it's a pleasure to be your friend!
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