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  • Please Do not go Bobby.
  • Second part

    Why Grey are not showing emotions when they do medical exam on contacted?. It is because they have change their ability of showing emotion. They do not understand human bonds and human emotion. For them, Human are very war like in attitude. When they care for hybrid children, they do not understand why the hybrid children are so attached to their mothers, even if they do not spend that much time together. You know your self that a nomber of cases of abducties relate situation where abducties are sent into this room to care of hybrid children. Greys are studying human emotion. I suggest that you buy or rent the movie "The Last Minzie.. You will understand better. It is also the reason why Cheryl and Nancy are still communicating. They are star children.

    There is a spiritual aspect to 2012. The astral is also getting ready to accept the influx of souls that will be released from their bodies. Some are on earth for individual Karma as well as group Karma, race karma and Nation karma. Do not forget, that we have agree to be born at this time to evolve in our spiritual quest. There is no loss of life, but just a transition from one level of existance to another.

    By the way. If you do not agree with what is written here, how come I had the urge to write this e-mail to you. I seldom open my e-mail at work. The message is for you.

    I hope that will help.


  • Hello Bobby Dean

    I know that I an not supper at expressing certain things in general, but can I take a bit of your time to give you another look at the situation we are in at the moment.

    I agree with the event where earth will be directly aligned with the central galactic sun. This will bring a total change in the human DNA. This year, a medical journal that published an article about changes that are being seen in our DNA. And this is the truth. What is happening at the moment is a total change in our DNA structure. We are in the process of becoming lighter in bodies where there will be more space between our molecules. We will not be has dense as we are now. I suspect that our outward appreance will be a bit transparent.The galactic sun will have a blue apperance in the sky.Yes we will have two suns. Our children or grans children will have a bleu tinge to their skin. This is the blue ray chilrdren. When they will be born, They will remember there previous lives.

    Now for the Greys. They are a race that are dying at the moment. They only way they can survives is through the hybrid program. What they did is take some of their more advance people and send then to reincarnate into the human life cycle. I suspect that most of the abduction we hear about are from that program. When they abduct people, they are looking for changes that has occur to these star children, if I can call them like this. Most of these star children have already being born with anomalies. The Hybrid progam allows the Grey to actually create an hybrid child that will be able to survive being exposed to the stronger light that will emanate from the Galactic sun.
  • Hello Bobby Dean

    The first step is to give yourself the permission to be who you are. The second step is to tell your spirit guide that you are ready and to show you the next step you must take. You have to tell exactly what you need or want. Not like. Well I would like to see aura.no...no Spirit guide, I want to see aura.
  • Hello Bobby Dean

    I agree with you. Nancy has her own dragons to face. Showing compassion towards her will set every one free-yer. I did not make a spelling mistake here. We are in a path of learning. There is the physical part which has a three dimensional path and there is a karma part which is us. Since I am not sure where you are in your quest, I do not know what to say. There is lots to be done. It is like getting ready for a wedding. Do you have a plan... what do you want to ware... did you buy a ring.... This is what I have been told in the past "If the student is ready, the teacher will appear". The only thing you have to do now is ask.
  • Cheery Elephant
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  • hey Bobby, I've been wanting to ask for a friendship, read your comment on the Invitation blog, uncanny isn't, how things seem to flow as if there is a larger plan at work, I'll catch up more with you later. e
  • I am A-O-K. Suddenly, a Doors song popped into my head....I was doing time in the Universal Mind, I was feeling fine.....LOL!
  • Welcome! Glad to have you here.
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