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  • Thank you for your last comment. Although I know people are educated about more., than obama, I often wonder why they concentrate on such a low piece of the pyramid.
  • I will consider it an honor brother

  • Thank you Chrys for considering me as a friend. This site is am amazing place to be, especially at these times. I hope that where you are, you have companionship and a safe place to be.
  • thank you, most unexpected, and appreciated.  maybe we should all stay close and keep in touch the way things are going, with the earthchanges and the way the sun is behaving.

  • before finding this site and zeta talk.  I felt pretty strong about the GFL.  The mathmatical

    probabilities a certainty.   I do believe I read somewhere on this site that there is no "Galactic Federation of Light"  I have heard it called The Galactic Federation Of Lies and so  on.  I'm not trying discredit anyone.  only now I don't know what to think.  Thanks

  • Hello, Chrys and Welcome to the group!
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