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  • I will try Dr. ... did you see the note from yesterday?
  • Dr. .... it all depends on wether or not history is repeating itself .... if ... if the thing following Elenin, or if Elenin is the thing the ancient Egyptians called "The Destroyer"   My research came up with 4 ancient texts speaking of something well out of the ordinary happening to the Earth back in 1586-1600BC ... if you send me an e-mail to capricornamy1159@yahoo.com, I will send you the work I have on this.   The Kolbrin describes something massive and redish filling almost the complete sky ... this thing took 9 days to pass our planet, and it left massive damage in its wake .... once you read this acount, you will understand why the Doomsday seed vault was built, and why the billionares in this country paid for it.   3 acounts come from Egypt, and the 4th comes from ancient China ... I am quite sure there have to be more acounts from other places around the globe at this same time period.
  • Thank you very much :)
  • My pleasure and looking forward to it :)
  • Hello, Dr. Johnston and Welcome to  the group!
  • Welcome :)
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