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  • Also, Amy,  there is the problem with the elections coming up.  If you can use 3 minutes, watch and listen to the following link:


    This will most likely blow your mind too.


  • most gracious of you and unexpected, well worth getting out of bed for even.!!! as for the attack on your computer, I do have some thoughts, why first would the PTB attack you, who are they, and it does seem like someone has tried to bypass the normal virus protection on your computer, by attacking the boot sector.

    one method of security,  is to partition the machine, allow  one hundred and fifty gigabytes for windows and put Ubuntu on the rest. the linux boot system will contain the windows boot sector and allow you to choose between the two operating systems. just a thought. I have tried windows 7, liked it then found some features so annoying I had to go back to Linux. Another way is to install linux, run VMware virtual machine on it, there is a linux version, then create a virtual machine for windows, or two even, one for backup. it all depends how you use the computer, and what sort of budget you have.

  • Thank you Amy, for all you do! You are appreciated.
  • Sorry if I am starting to sound a little alarmed is because I am having a little trouble getting my wife to take this serious.  I need more proof.

    Thanks again,


  • Amy,  I sent you my email address.  Looking forward to reading your research.


  • Amy,  I am getting very frustrated because I can not find a way to locate, down load, etc. any of the charts and checklists that TERRAL shows and mentions in his broadcast.  Can you help me join the group that has access to all that stuff.



  • Thanks Amy.  I have been keeping up with everything for the past 12 years (1998) and actually made the move from Seattle, WA to the Albuquerque, NM area for some of the same reasons.  Such as being more than 250 miles inland from any large body of water and at least a mile high above sea level.


    Now, looking at the possible events that MAY take place to one degree or another I am wondering which event in the time line YOU consider to be the worst possible event for all of us and whether or not my current location is enough.


    JUst thought a one on one conversation about this stuff would be better rather than having everyone chime in on it.


    Thanks, I look forward to your response.  By the way, does this blog have spell check. :)

  • 2967638935?profile=originalIn much appreciation for your gift & friendship dear heart ! !

    Blessings 2 U


  • Thank you!!
  • Hi Amy, I was banned from accessing this site or posting but they just let me back on, why I don't know, so I am glad to respond to your request now finally. My best to you.
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