Seattle, WA

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  • Hey buddy  sorry have been busy, how are you ?  I want to ask you what is going on with your volcanos in your area I heard they are active but I am unable to confirm that. Later bro. 

  • Hello Joe.I notice that you live in Seattle. I am your neighbourg to the north. I like reading your post. It keeps me informed on what is going on elsewhere in the world. I read your post, but I am nerver too sure on what I can comment. My husband my son and my daughter are doing well. We have purchase a safe place and we are trying to start building on it. Well like you I am sure we will move there when the time is right. Kiss Kiss and huggs


    Rosemary Stephen

  • Thank you very much for this gift. I like that you show a closer look at the area affected and that you use another web page to show the earthquakes area in relation to fault lines and volcanoes.
  • Gifts to My Friends!
  • I'm so sorry to hear of your situation. Please feel free to email me if you'd like to talk to someone who'd understand.
  • Thanks Joe and Jeannette! you two are a shining light on this ning...showing us where the trouble is ewvery day is a tough job but you do it so well! Much appreciated Brad
  • Thanks Joe. You are most kind. BTW, they are actually my current colleagues and boss, on one of our excursion trip.
  • Thank you both so very much I thought long and hard before posting this information It was not easy, but had to be done Please start to prepare for rough times ahead
  • Thanks, J&J, for all your hard work. You are appreciated!
  • Thanks for the gift. Yes please share pics of your daughter. :)
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