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  • Hi Laura, sorry it took so long!  I have been away for quite some time  :)

  • Hello Laura Thanks for your offer of friendship. I am honoured as when you fight for such causes you dont make friends easyly. I am fighting to have Post Glacial Rebound overturned and have earth expansion accepted. Volkmar Muller a colleague of mine evolved a formula which proved the rate of Isostatic Rebound. The rate is exactly the rate of earth expansion. I have congratulated Volkmar on producing a formula that proved earth expansion. It is the mirror image that has kept us fooled for over one hundred years. It is the receding sea See Richard Guy "THE MYSTERIOUS RECEDING SEAS" ON Google and Youtube. Darwin made a simple mistake in interpretation and that ended up being Isostatic Rebound which is totally false. Earth Expansion is the reality. Please support the campaign. Thanks richardguy9@gmail.com Tel: 867-445-8012 Structural Engineer. Author, Lecturer Web Page:  https://xbraille.wix.com/receding-seas 

  • Hello Laura]

    I hope you will add your voice to having Isostasy overturned it is false. The land mass is rising because the earth is expanding and as this occure sea levels fall. That simple point blows a hole in Darwings interpretation which finally gave us Isostasy. Let us change the outdated thinking.

  • Hi Laura! I see you're from Chicago. I live in Las Vegas now but I'm originally from Harvey, but did most of my growing up in Park Forest. I have a son that lives in Homewood with his family now. I'm going to try to get back there this spring with any luck. Thanks for the friend request. There looks like there is an awful lot of info on this site so I've got alot of reading to do.

  • Thanks for the friend request, Laura. Hope to get to know you better.
  • Thank you my friend :)
  • Welcome Laura!  There is a lot of information here and we are an open minded group.

  • I am honored to be your friend Laura and welcome to a great place to hear what is really going on in this screwed up world. Together we all here try to figure out the whole picture so we discuss everything.

  • Hello, Laura and Welcome to the group!
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