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You wanna deal with the big boy'sImages by , Karen Owens , William Street , Stephen Whiteley , Phillip Micallef , David Malave and Antonio Serpecolio .
Sep 19
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The final days. 2 planets in orbit around earth. Surreal images. Special word from the Lord. 8-15-23
Aug 15
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We may finally be getting to the bottom of what the real meaning is to the strange celestial objects appearing overhead but are we able to handle the informa...
Aug 2
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Jul 29
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There have been so many so-called images of planet X and many just seem to good to be true. But now for the first time, we may have real images, although not...
Jul 21
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CBD From the Gods, you can get FREE shipping on your order! Use code: RCshipsFREE (not case sensitive) when you check out at ...
Jun 15
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Jun 12
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⭐️ Thanks for watching, be safe out there. ...
Jun 2
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Check Us Out on Leak Project, Live, Uncensored, Free, The Cutting Edge in News & Views You Won't Find Anywhere Else! Shows Da...
May 21
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For copyright contact: stienlemane2379(at)gmail.comWelcome to Futureunity, where we explore the fascinating world of science, technology, and the universe! F...
May 16
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Videos 4, Part 6G, Government is looking for new locations for Cave Shelters. The UN gets involved with preparations for the Cataclysm.Any questions send to ...
May 5
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May 2
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#megatsunami #tsunami #tidalwave #hugewaves #flooding #comet #impact #event #burcklecrater #crater #australia #indonesia #antarctica #india #srilanka #pakis...
Apr 30
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🔴 Stay informed. Stay Free. Join us:🔵 Watch the full episode HERE 👉🔴 Check out 'The Real ...
Apr 29
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Apr 20
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- "Chemically distinct liquid shooting up from the seafloor" has been detected by researchers on a stretch of a 600-mile-long fault line in the Pacific Ocean...
Apr 17

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  • There is a discussion posted where 3 of us are posting pictures of the incoming solar system it is called PX system update # 6

  • It is my honor to be your friend

  • I do not think the Pope is the anti-christ however it is possible he is being coerced by the AC.  I have been keeping a close eye on prophecy regarding the Pope.  Telling signs that the Pope is being coerced will be that the sacraments of the Church will start disappearing and or things will be introduced against the teachings of Christ.  I am following this lightly however I know some fellow Catholics who are watching him like a hawk.  If I can find something to debunk the Pope as being an antichrist I will post.  All I have right now is prophecy.

  • I live in the Rocky Mountains, it's getting colder here, we're moving into winter.
  • Welcome, Paul! Glad you are here. Make yourself comfortable and check out the Welcome Center tab on the main page to help you get up to speed. We seek the truth here and are open to various theories about PX. Feel free to join in the discussions.
  • Hi paul, looking forward to getting to know you, how is it in mandaluyong?
  • Hello,Paul and Welcome to the group!
  • Hi paul, :-) welcome to ECC Ning, hope you enjoy your time here.
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