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Strange similarities between the events of 1929 depression and the events now

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Frightening similarities between what happened then and what is happening now. Please react to this

I like his reference to original historical texts. 

It's been worse than the Great Depression for a long time now, the media will just never call it (though they called Biden president-elect, all they can do is lie).  It went from recession, to more recession, to a getting-worse recession, etc.  We've all seen the miles-long food lines (which are the visual representation of no jobs or inadequate jobs).  And, back in 1929-30s, they weren't printing helicopter money that have kept citizens and businesses alive, like they do today. 

I'm aware of the gold confiscation of 1933, thus never got into buying gold.  And, raising prices, another form of theft. 

And, the media.  Well.  Thomas had strong feelings about free press:

"Putting money in the hands of people"  DID NOT WORK back in the thirties.

Yes, mental health issues are rising now, just like it did then. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt=Democrat.  He got re-elected despite how things didn't work out his first term. 

New Deal was a sham (said the diaries of the time).

Paid troublemakers bused in to events back then.

Radical socialism rose in the Great Depression.

The Great Depression: A Diary by Benjamin Roth recommended to read.

Small banks are the first to go bankrupt.  Bank with large banks.  (But what about large banks being criminal and the new laws where they can just take your money?)

Bonds and life insurance are not recommended financial vehicle investments.  [I would trust mostly commodities:  beans, bullets, and band-aids., with some silver and valuable barter items.]

Most profound statement the commentator has heard, says it sums up what he's been saying:  "After eight years of pump priming and other trick methods of bringing back prosperity, it is my conclusion is none of them are any good.  In our capitalistic system, we must let forces of competition, as well supply and demands work things out in a natural way.  No man or group of men are smart enough to control prices or the supply and demand curve."

Another recommended reading:  The Tragic Era by Claude Bowers (about the Panic of 1873). 

They are debasing the USD which is the reserve currency. Nobody will trust the USD. The debt is unpayable.

Many rumors are floating around.  The RV (revaluation of currencies) is said to be a fix for the US bankruptcy, as is the Quantum Financial System.  Some say they are letting the old SWIFT currency system to bankrupt out.  Another thing that could save the day is the recovery of trillions from all the bad actors involved in pedophilia and vote rigging.  So, we wait and see. 

paul kawsek said:

They are debasing the USD which is the reserve currency. Nobody will trust the USD. The debt is unpayable.

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