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Grocery Store Items Really Are Shrinking Before Our Eyes

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Here they get us with vegetable and fruits. They mark the price per pound in bigger letter and the price per kilograms in smaller letter. Since we have most of your brands, I am sure we have the same problem.

I used to go to the store back in the 60s for my mom, and you could get 8 cans of peas for a dollar, or 5 loaves of bread or 6lbs of hamburger. Now in the last few years a Half gallon of ice cream is now a Quart and a half, many things have less and the prices dont go down, just the amounts you get. Aldis prices have risen by over 25% in the last two years? And not many quality brand names are to be found at Aldis. Walmarts after having just about cornered the market, have raised all of their prices over the last few years? So what used to be stores of discounts that poor people could have shopped at are now become, the middle class and better stores. And Publix has become the upper middle class store for grocerys with some wow prices. Of course this doesnt apply to weekly sales, where they make a sale on a few items and jack up the prices on many other  Items. Having been a shopper for my family and others for 50 years, i have noticed a great change in the mindsets of Stores in general. Better were the days of Mom and Pop stores than the so called discounts of the Major Multimarketing Giants that brainwash the gullible public into thinking they are getting a deal. Yep a Raw deal! And it must be much worse in other countries one might think?

Yep, in 2008 a can of tuna was 50 cents at Wal-Mart.  Now, it's 80-something cents.  I should take my geiger counter and make sure that's why they can sell it so low. 

Cheryl, If you show up  in a store with a Geiger counter, and it start to give off the characteristic crackling noise, you sure would empty the store real fast. But you did mentioned a good point. I am sure we are eating radioactive foods.

Well someone needs to take a geiger counter into a grocery store and find out what is radioactive and where it was grown.  I wish I had a geiger counter, I'd do it in a heart beat.

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