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Looks like Earth is shaking all over.  Joe, is it getting worse?
yes it is. there were tree 6.0's or above on sunday. i feel this is the results from the x-flares. this is just the start. the south pacific is very weak. the deep quakes are weakening the earth's crust which i feel will help the pole shift's. also i feel the new madrid fault is getting ready to pop. the quakes in arkansas is the start. that's why i have been posting only the 6.0 or above and the deep quakes, also i am keeping tabs on the sun, which is getting more stranger everyday.

Hi Joe,

What is happening in California at this time with EQ's?  I don't have time to keep checking all time.  Reason I ask is I will be visiting San Diego this weekend.


i will make a check for you.
i just did a two day check, there is nothing big going on. i will check each day this week for you.
Thanks I really appreciate it.  I would not be flying to San Diego but husband has a business trip he needs to do (last one) and we figure this may be the last time we will go anywhere thanks to the economy so me and daughter will be going too.  I am not real crazy about being so near to the San Andreas, lol.  I did ask my psychic friend how she felt about us going, and she said she feels nothing.  Usually she will feel uneasy, or she would have a premonition dream if something bad were to happen.  And I've been keeping up with the prophetic messages, big earthquakes have been delayed for California for the time being. 
I've been having problems accessing LISS today, don't know if it's because so many other people are trying to access it..or for some other reason...
Thanks, Joe.  I feel around Fiji is a place to watch.  What do you think?
I completely agree with that sentiment Cheryl....Fiji and most of Japan, is what I spend most of my time watching....well when I get a chance to watch at all :)

Cheryl Nelson said:
Thanks, Joe.  I feel around Fiji is a place to watch.  What do you think?
i have been watching fiji for quier a while know. it seems since june of last year  it has been quakes that are very deep, but i feel japan will go first. starting the domino effect. when you consider the quakes at other south pacific area, and i feel that with planet x approching from the south, i sense the pull of it in the far east and south pacific. that is just my opinion.

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