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  • I want you to stay, no worry, It's all about Love and Light! If you leave I will miss you Dearly.

    From your friend Bill (Jacks)

    The Great Spirit is You! Is in Everybody!

    Love Bill!

  • Thanks :)
  • Thanks Angela, for letting me know how she is doing, and yes, we will continue the prayer and meditation.  I am happy to be your friend, too.  Blessings, e :-)
  • We're glad you're here too. It's a lot of fun learning all these new things and exploring new horizons.
  • Hello, Angela and Welcome to the group!
  • Welcome, Angela! Glad you are here. Make yourself comfortable and check out the Welcome Center tab on the main page to help you get up to speed. We seek the truth here and are open to various theories about the earth changes and Planet X. Feel free to join in the discussions.
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