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What are they?  A soul that has divided and incarnated as two different people.  Why should you care?  Because it is an exalted state of consciousness and because it is where we are all headed. 

If you read my qhht transcript, you know I have met up with mine.  I think Jacks did too.  And some others here on this group. 

This video is by GoldRayTwinFlames (Mel and Nicole), whom we've been following for over a year.  It's enlightening.  And for those of us who got the experience before the explanation... here it is...

Related:  It is said to have begun today:

You can follow Mel and Nicole on youtube:

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Comment by Kim B on June 1, 2021 at 7:23am

Another great post by Shell.  She definitely nailed it! -



In all its simplicity, for me personally the understanding that the major sign of a twin flame is in the recognition/ignition of the self in the other. The embodied higher self. This is when the highest expression of Union is being shared.

There is a natural flow of purity in the love in this state of being. You are him, he is you and the recognition of the self is at this time the purest from of love. The natural flow of you completely in alignment with another.

Why do so many get so lost in the other signs? All the other stuff is the ego, it’s the personality, it’s the conditioned self we believe ourselves to be. If you are asking who is my twin flame you are not trusting in the first ignition of rememberance.

Go back, let everything else go. Feel, connect, remember. Your soul knows."

Blessed be
Much love

Comment by Kim B on May 30, 2021 at 3:11am

This is one of the best descriptions of a TF union I have ever read.  It was written by "M" who met her Tf in the physical.  



Been processing to understand myself, my union at a deep intimate level for a decade now. Although I met my twin 30 years ago my awakening from my inner child wounds started in 2011.

When we first met I felt him before I seen him, for him ignition was when our lips met, through physical touch. This merging of our energy seeping down on a physical level created an energy field around us both that was expressed as our higher self. We share the same higher self.

Upon separation we both went back deeply into our wounded state of consciousness, the shared body of light burst. This is when outside sources penetrated the wounds and our union was no longer the expression of our highercself. We were now functioning from conditioning, not our own soul signature.

I have processed and become so aware of how I work that I can go into these systems of conditioning to dismantle the old paradigms. The purpose of our soul being here. He gifted me the key to awareness through our first ignition, to feel via energy, for him, via touch.

As the gap between us grows near, the merging taking place, to being able to identify when not encompassing higher self due to the intense work being done collectively, I am gaining more of an understanding of the importance of the physical connection. It needs to be met on all levels. I struggle with my work when deeply in these systems because completion of the unified field of light has not completely formed.

This is where we build the pillar of light, alignment of chakra centres, that than creates us tobe encompassed by the Holy Spirit, higher self, so we can than gift ourselves from purity and love, the sacred heart.

Blessed be
Much love
Shell "

Comment by Kim B on May 21, 2021 at 10:27am

Twin Flames/Ascension Updates (

"This is hugely affecting the twin flame collective and many divine masculines that are entrapped in third dimensional karmically obliged relationships are now reaching the absolute end of their tether. The universe is working specifically with these relationships, particularly if you are soul contracted to unite with your twin flame in this lifetime.
Many of the karmic partners are becoming more tyrannical, more obsessive and more difficult to be with. And this is highlighting to the masculine twin flames that this truly is a mismatch of vibrational energy.
Divine feminines, you are invited to deeply trust in the process of your twin flame union and understand that everything is happening in perfect timing. You are activating all of the codes of mastery that are required for you to transmit to your twin flame when you come into sacred union.
You promised your twin flame that you would reach a particular level of spiritual evolution, and please understand if you are in separation from your twin flame, that you are working on up-levelling your vibration to stabilize at a point whereby your twin flame is able to stay with you due to the fact that you have completely resolved all of your unconscious shadow projections."
Comment by Kim B on May 12, 2021 at 10:43pm
Comment by Kim B on May 4, 2021 at 1:42pm

Well written by Michelle R:

"Something I don’t see much talk about is the trauma suffered from the energetic split, what is manifested through fate and bloodlines, our lack of control in any of that and what aspect of self is neglected and the cause of physical separation.

For me I have a disabled masculine and through trauma, a car accident and losing the use of my right arm, the rejection to the outer, the physical aspect due to inner conflict and the need to step into my feminine power.

For my twin, he rejects the inner, the feminine aspects, the unseen and dived straight into the outer kingdom. He had a motorbike accident and lost the use of his left arm but regained use a year later.

In how these wounds are manifested is clues to bringing about balance, realisations and transformation to these subconscious blocks that stop you from radiating the field of a set of unified twins.

I see within myself where I come in with so much depth that not many are able to met me there. I see where the lightness, joy, beauty and the explorer in me died with that car accident. But the more I step back into myself I am feeling alive, more comfortable in my skin and have a new found appreciation of the world around me and a new found love for myself and how I fit into the world around me.

  1. How has the split from higher consciousness been for you and how has it manifested itself through trauma and your physicality? Thank you in advance. ❤️"
Comment by Kim B on May 3, 2021 at 7:51pm

Written by Michelle R:

"The pillar of light and the pure waters of the Holy Spirit.  Merging of the Divine masculine and feminine.

When you connect with someone through a magnetized feeling and it becomes a major integral part of your process.  I connected with a female twin I have been friends with for many years but no personal contact.  WE planned on having a chat the next morning as it was late my time.

The next morning, I woke with blurredVision and light headedness.  We talked, and a lot of the connection was around the masculine.  I had been asking for truth on the collective wounded masculine for a few weeks. After all day I could not see, my vision blurred.

When I looked deeper into this vision, I noticed the masculine within myself, my mental body was swaying side to side.  At the time I did not know that is what this was.  I knew something was out of alignment.  The day after my vision was on and off so I thought this was coming to an end.

The next morning I woke and I couldn't see at all.  My vision was completely blurred, I couldn't see my facial features in the mirror and I then connected to my friend and said I need to do the etheric work with your twin.  We connected via video.  My thoughts and feelings were around being invaded, controlled and major physical abuse.  The day before I had peaks of higher self connecting saying that there was a purpose but this happening with no choice was of concern to me and I wanted to stop working with other through my own modality, this being a major part of my work but with choice.

During the etheric work, I got a visual of the waters where children get baptized.  I am not religious, I have never read the Bible or I do not research until I have had an experience.  I like to have a clear channel.  I looked into the waters and I knew then it was a portal to the Holy Spirit, to the Holy Mother, to the Divine feminine.  I received downloads how the energy of the two, feminine and masculine were working together to create a pillar of light, to receive to the cup so the Holy waters could flow over.  In this moment my masculine dropped straight down into my womb, it dropped to his knees and wept in the grace of the Divine Mother.  I graciously accepted mission, I fully stepped into my modality and found faith in this journey even in times of questioning, even in times of being blinded.  My knowing was lit up, I knew my path and I embodied that knowing.  So much love and gratitude on this journey.  

When your energy bodies are all in alignment, the pillar, you receive the gift of abundant grace, the portal to the Holy Spirit.  I honestly cannot believe I am talking like this.  Religious belief systems have not been ingrained into me at all but it all has relevance to the Divine feminine and Divine masculine principles.  The Sacred Heart, the Sacred marriage, the Divine union.  The merging of the Twin Flame."

Comment by Kim B on April 3, 2021 at 11:49am

Written by a twin soul who is with her twin soul in the physical:

"I’m with my twin and when you work on the healing and integration together for ascension, you can stay together. Twin flames mirror to each other what needs healing and if you must separate you are only running from yourself...we have separated twice before we could be together for good because we couldn’t handle the intense healing and needed time in solitude to continue our individual healing to attract our union. All things are possible, please never limit yourself or allow your life to be led by others or by those who don’t believe in something you truly believe in. Once you become whole within yourself, your union with your twin will occur. It’s extremely hard work but worth more than anything."

Comment by Kim B on March 31, 2021 at 7:10pm

Comment by Kim B on March 5, 2021 at 7:45am


Dear Beloveds!

I used to call Fridays a Venus day, a day to honor and celebrate Illumined Beloved Love. And so in the Spirit of this tradition, I wish to dedicate today's post to true love. As You know, the Divine plan and goal of the Illumined Ones is inner Illumined Union of ascending individuals, who are ready to embrace physical illumination in this cycle of Life. But it doesn't end there, with just inner Illumined Union. The Illumined plan also includes the coming together of Illumined Beloveds, these Divine couples who are ready to come together and join their Beloved Love in the Essence of Christ.

This is such a beautiful plan full of Mother's Love, and so many have been dreaming about this deep desire in the inner planes of their Heart. However, because the Illumined Love is so pure and powerful, the anti-Christ also works very hard on preventing these blessed Unions from happening through Christ. Because of that, the amplification of the Beloved Love already began to take place. There's a Divine petitioning occurring at the Soul level for many such Beloveds, who wish to be joined together in this ultimate Love and Union. Therefore, God works very diligently on bringing that desire to fulfillment, and hence preventing the "devil's claws" to cut through these sacred vows and agreements. That is why the intensification of dissolution of many hypnotic veils will begin to occur, as the amplification of the Beloved Union plan, through the sacred fire of God and the breath of Holy Spirit as the ultimate/immaculate Life.

Many are still doubting this Union, or perhaps even feel themselves as not worthy of such pure Love, therefore they continue to sabotage it from the inside out. However, these are also workings of the anti-Christ and the many minions (such as astral whisperers) who go on about creating distortion and confusion, so the Truth could not get pierced through. These are later expressed as ego tendencies and responses, when the Being internalizes these external threats, claiming them as their own through the Human personality. Either way, the Heart knows and it shall feel the Truth, eventually.

Please know and feel through your Heart only, because the manipulated Human mind aspect is not the Creation of God through the Christ. It is a manipulation of many fallen Beings who work very hard on preventing this Union and Ascension. Be within yourself and know that when Love is true, it will be unconditional and make You feel alive deep inside. Anything that doesn't make You feel like this, is not Illumined true Love, and is therefore not of Truth. It is not born of God's Love and the Mother's ultimate Life plan and desire for You.

During my transgression years, the anti-Christ worked very hard to convince me otherwise and prevent me from ever feeling the depth of true Beloved Love. However, it was not successful. I feel this Love again Now, after my resurgence, which is happening and blossoming more every day. Every day Life blesses me with new wisdom and Love quotient growing in my ever expanding Heart. I know myself and I know my true Love!

Know that You are loved more than You know, and that You carry within You the seed of this Union!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Comment by Kim B on February 27, 2021 at 12:39pm

Reasons why Twin Flames separate (whether it is due to immaturity or other karmic partners, etc):

1. Psychological and spiritual immaturity

2. Lack of self-love and respect

3. More life lessons need to be learned

4. Healing needs to occur

5. It’s just not the time yet

Sometimes we don’t even know the reason why. The best thing to do in this situation is to surrender. This can be extremely hard, but trust that the experience will help you grow stronger and wiser. Who knows what the future brings?

Losing your twin flame is one of the hardest things you will ever experience.

Whether through death, circumstance or the inability to coexist together, twin flame separation is a nightmare.

The absence you feel is profoundly incapacitating.

The loss you struggle with is like black quicksand.  

You walk through life feeling empty, numb, lost.

There is nothing in life that can quite compare to the deep and intense grief of losing your beloved.

Complete article here:


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