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Cheryl Nelson posted discussions
7 minutes ago
Keith H replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion "Confirmation of DECLAS" by Sierra (NZ) - 5.22.19
"Every action they take against POTUS that produces 0 results, is an open invitation to return upon them; the same treatment. We invite them in. They are guilty. Let them destroy themselves. Let them hunt for the needle…"
4 hours ago
Keith H commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post My Ascension Journey ... So Far ...
"That book, Interview with an Alien is a must read!"
4 hours ago
Byron wilkins replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion "Confirmation of DECLAS" by Sierra (NZ) - 5.22.19
"I think that we have the Trump card to shut down big tech. Do not interfere with your enemies while they are destroying themselves works for me. They are spewing total ignorance from their mouths to elect a dem president like we are the stupidest…"
4 hours ago
Cheryl Nelson replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion "Confirmation of DECLAS" by Sierra (NZ) - 5.22.19
"And that's why Big Tech is trying to shut down the conservative internet."
9 hours ago
Cheryl Nelson commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post My Ascension Journey ... So Far ...
"That's good to know.  I knew they weren't all bad."
9 hours ago
Jim Balister commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post My Ascension Journey ... So Far ...
"There have been reports where blues have saved abductees from bad grays. "
9 hours ago
Jim Balister commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post My Ascension Journey ... So Far ...
"Don't know much about Avians. I mean humanoid type."
9 hours ago
Byron wilkins replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion "Confirmation of DECLAS" by Sierra (NZ) - 5.22.19
"The beliefs systems of many Americans are going to be shattered and they will need medical help to get through it. The democratic cities will have to clean the poop off their sidewalks and the rats in their public buildings. All the money stolen…"
10 hours ago
Byron wilkins replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion • ALIEN INTERVIEW by Mrs. MacElroy & AIRL, the grey •
"However you categorize this story it was entertaining and fun."
10 hours ago
Wm replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion "Confirmation of DECLAS" by Sierra (NZ) - 5.22.19
"Ha Baby lets do it! Declas Declas Declas!!!"
13 hours ago
Cheryl Nelson commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post My Ascension Journey ... So Far ...
"Blues as in Blue Avians, Jim?"
13 hours ago
Cheryl Nelson replied to Cheryl Nelson's discussion • ALIEN INTERVIEW by Mrs. MacElroy & AIRL, the grey •
"On obtaining the PDF, the disclaimer is this is fiction, with truth mixed in.  I was getting hints of $cientology's cosmology here and there, which always sounded like sci-fi to me. "
13 hours ago
Jim Balister commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post My Ascension Journey ... So Far ...
"The blues are the good guys."
Kim B commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post Beware of Tilapia - the Fishy Fish
"Don't trust farmed tilapia especially if it's from China..."
Cheryl Nelson commented on Cheryl Nelson's blog post My Ascension Journey ... So Far ...

Profile Information


Greetings dear reader,

I’ve been on the internet since 2003, and have used my maiden name of Nelson for so long, it’s become my screen name.  However, I’m an author and I publish under my real name.

At the age of fifteen, my family relocated to Los Angeles, California, where I lived for nearly thirty years. I attended Los Angeles City College for two years, got married, and raised two boys, while working in L.A. Law as a legal secretary / paralegal. I was in the top one percent of my game and it was a blast!

Having grown weary of the stresses inherent in big city life, and because y2k was on the horizon, I relocated to rural southwest Virginia, where I still live, somewhere southwest of Roanoke, Virginia, in the Appalachian Mountains.

I started in 2003 (it’s still there), to help people become self-sufficient, since our world had become increasingly uncertain post-911.

In 2010, I built the upgraded website here for the purpose of providing a safe place for like-minded people to discuss and share information about self sufficiency, as well as discuss alternative news and spirituality. 

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and English, as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. 

As to love interests, I'm owned by two male felines.  In the first picture below is Oscar Wildechild, a chocolate chai latte tiger stripe.  (This was taken when he was a kitten, gnawing on the camera strap.)

The next picture is Pretty Boy Floyd (aka Floy-D-Boy), my black and white unit.  They are both Manxes and are half brothers.  Oskie has a stump for a tail that vibrates when he gets his rubbies.  Floydie has a very expressive long tail, which he uses to artistically communicate when he gets his rubbies, or to flip me off when he’s annoyed. 

I'm currently on another educational endeavor seeking the truth about spirituality and religion.  Check out my group, The Little Red Schoolhouse of Metaphysics.

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At 4:23am on October 26, 2018, Trish Stretton said…

Thank you

At 1:41pm on July 16, 2017, Sojourner said…

Hi Cheryl! My copy of The Cancer Answer arrived and I'm really enjoying what I'm reading so far... I tend to lose interest in reading pretty quickly but this has so much valuable information and is written to be easily absorbed.. Thanks again for the suggestion :-)

At 3:23pm on December 30, 2016, Sojourner said…

Cheryl, thank you for your Biography and posts related to your Modest Rebuttal.  I too was a paralegal and similarly attacked on a Site I was an Admin on with my name, address, work address, IP address, phone number all published by a site owner and shared as far as his web would reach thru the WWW .  It was horrendous.  I suffered hate through phone calls, site gossip and lies.  People drove by my home and terrorized me with phone calls and death threats. 

My punishment was for starting a website AT ADMINS SUGGESTION.  He said he wanted a site where people could post their UFO and Christian BS. So I started The Periled Sea.  I was then accused of trying to steal his site and members.  The rantings, the texts.. screaming at me and badgering me while I was at work and unable to respond.. it was insane... he'd lost it.  I think you term "meltdown" could describe it if that means berserk, irrational, insane screaming.

It was and had been a crazy time on the internet and I'm followed even recently by his Trolls and lies.  Kudos to you for speaking out!

I'd like to bring info gathered on ThePeriledSea.

I hope you don't mind, Jen

At 9:24am on December 30, 2016, Sojourner said…

At 12:00pm on April 20, 2016, Byron wilkins said…

Cheryl I am listening to Begley and BP on paul begley it is a live show Cern is running wide open 

At 10:26pm on February 23, 2014, Lee Craciun gave Cheryl Nelson a gift
At 2:44am on October 3, 2013, Dianna Spencer said…
Cheryl, I tried to donate and got a site down message. ~ Dianna
At 2:52pm on April 28, 2013, Byron wilkins said…

Cheryl  The link I am sending has some pretty telling videos of the Boston movie set, page down and you will see a man put the so called half blown off leg back on the man in the wheel chair. also another with fake blood packets all over the ground. both those should be in the first five you run into. One of them is the one with multiple pictures on it.

At 3:06pm on April 7, 2012, landon S larkey said…

No problem, so much of our social and spiritual life can be explained now. For example: Once we understand how fractal thoughts work we can understand how the elites have been controlling us for so long.  Think about 911... This created an energy pocket in the Portal of Justice. Meaning.. Now we have a need to release energy in the form of Justice. We do not have a choice in the matter because if we do not release this energy then it comes out in the form of a neurosis and manifest itself in elevated anger at the macro societal level. So what the power elite do is use this need to their own objectives and they lead us into war. Because we have such a need to release this energy we go blindly to the slaughtered. What do these portal have to do with fractals of thought? It has to do with the nature of fractals. Fractal consciousnesses by nature is expansive and if someone is controlling us that means they are keeping us from our own expansion. This is why we fight for justice because we are fighting for our freedom.  Furthermore the implication on a global level are nothing short of a miracle. You see, once we wake up to the truth on a global level we will start to understand that we are the creators of our own reality, where we are going is into higher forms of energetic beings. Once we get released from the grips of the Cabal we will exponentially elevate our consciousnesses together and it won’t be that hard because love and beauty will be our muse to enlightenment.  Lets take mental illness for example: Most mental illnesses are not an illness at all, they are more like a condition. When we accumulate negative pockets of energy from our environment many times we are not allowed or are able to release the pockets of energy. What energy pocket? Sigmund Freud the father of psychology used the term Catharsis. This is when the therapist was able to get the patient to release subconscious trauma, the problem is that it takes many years to develop a solid therapeutic relationship so that the patient feels comfortable enough to share this information. Not to worry.. Now we know how to release our own negative energy and why it is so important. So how do we do this? Well.. it is happening all the time and we are doing it all the time. This is how most of us stay relativity healthy. We cry, we forgive, we say that we are sorry and we ask  for forgiveness. We are creating balance in the universe and in our selves. With this tool and understanding most people suffering from mental conditions need to sit down and write all the trauma that has happened to them and the trauma that they have caused others and truly learn to forgive themselves and others that have caused them pain. You have to do both. You just can’t forgive yourself, you have to forgive everyone as well.   What does this have to do with fractals?  I am glad you asked! Everything in nature is fractal. Thus, we all need to grow and expand. If a plant lives in darkness it will eventually die and so will we. Ok this is what is going on...What I have discovered is that consciousnesses in not only fractal in nature but exponential as well. This means that when you focus on ONE thought just one... OVER and OVER and OVER you are fractaling that thought. One must focus on just ONE thing over and over. And when we do this, that fractal thoughts become more fundamental and more energetic. It has to do with repeating patterns. A fractal is a repeating pattern that is reduced in size when it is repeated and thus it becomes more energetic and we experience this as more meaningful. Not only that but the thought becomes more energetic and can access higher vibrations and states of consciousnesses. The reason why you are not finding this anywhere and I looked as well is because I just discovered this 6 months ago. remember it took me 20years to find this out. I have a background in electronics and religion  quantum physics psychology sociology  electricity waves particles and on and on.

At 6:08pm on February 3, 2012, MARGARET Herrmann said…

Hi Cheryl,

I always hesitate to ask you anything, because I know how busy you probably are. But I haven't learned the way yet to pull up articles that were recent, but no longer appear on the website window. (Is there a procedure?) A few days ago there was an interview from "Surrounded by Idiots" that I really enjoyed listening to. Is it possible to get that link again?

Thanks so much for all you do.




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