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I have, for the first time ever, been seeing multiple 77's, 88's, and 99's over the past several days.  Numbers in a series is considered a "countdown" and the fact that they are double numbers (instead of single numbers like 7, 8, 9), adds weight to the significance.  The article above provides this information about what it means, and I encourage you to read all of it.  It states when you begin to experience double/triple digits or countdowns that:

You will experience a sudden awakening after which reality is never the same. ... Once you open the Digital Door, there is no going back. Your soul will automatically and quickly move you from level to level of experience until you ‘get it’. Your consciousness is expanding and therefore you will manifest faster and with greater comprehension, becoming more aware of the meaning of synchronicities that will become more and more frequent. They are created by your soul to help you remember that you are a soul spark in a physical program that is about to end, [and] evolve back to higher consciousness.  Once you see your numeric codes, you have activated something in your DNA codes and they will continue to appear until you ‘get the message’ … it is ‘time’ to move on. 

[The article is a compilation of several articles, all of which are worth reading.]

So, during this recent period of seeing 77, 88, and 99, unusual things have been occurring.

It began on 10/23, when I had an optical migraine unlike any others. Instead of zig-zag patterns, I saw shapes. Instead of black and white, I saw colors—very bright, vivid colors, especially electric blue. In meditation, I was told

On 10/27, I had a major meltdown over everything just continually going wrong, the latest being the torque converter on my transmission beginning to fail.

On 10/29, I caught a glimpse of a bear, which caused me to wonder if there had been a meeting last night. [For those that don't know, mammaloids from Tau Ceti attend meetings in regards to the coming earthchanges/ascension of Earth, see link below.]  Went into a 1.75 hour meditation in which I was told plans had to be sped up, and they wanted me to start meditating deeper.  [More things were learned, but am unable to share at this time.]  After the session ended, I felt a pain in a location of my head where I had had an enhancement.  I was told there would be fleeting pains there as the area becomes used. [See for the story on the enhancement and the mammaloid.] 

So, on 10/30, I started working on deeper meditations and got an image of a brilliant white light in the spire of a tall tower, and was told it was the third eye and I am approaching it.  Yes, the imagery was like the "Eye of Sauron" on the tower, except it was bright, white, far more powerful, and with no blind spots.

Today, 10/31, in my second “deeper” meditation, I perceived an image of someone near and dear who lives far away.  It was like a black and white TV image with poor reception, in which the person was moving around, holding what I perceived to be a cup of coffee. I was told eventually our telepathic connection will be just like we are in the same room together. It will improve with practice, so keep doing the deep meditations.

So........ beware double 7's, 8's and 9's!  :D

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What I keep seing are the numbers 1444, 1400 or 1441.  Also numbers that can be read the same way backwards.

Anyone knows what does that means?

This website gives some insight into numbers, but it isn't all the information out there:

Yesterday - 8:33 , 9:11, 11:11, 12:12, 555, 222, 444, 10:10.  Today I was super busy so I did not pick up my smart phone nor was I in the kitchen at all to view a digital clock, lol.  However 11 showed up three times today, and the third time was when my daughter scored the 11th point in the soccer game today.... :D

LOL I went outside a few moments ago, started the truck, and on blinked 6:11 (and a song came on the radio..) there it is again...

LOL... sense of humor, they have.

Kim B said:

LOL I went outside a few moments ago, started the truck, and on blinked 6:11 (and a song came on the radio..) there it is again...


Kim B said:

Yesterday - 8:33 , 9:11, 11:11, 12:12, 555, 222, 444, 10:10.  Today I was super busy so I did not pick up my smart phone nor was I in the kitchen at all to view a digital clock, lol.  However 11 showed up three times today, and the third time was when my daughter scored the 11th point in the soccer game today.... :DCoo

A moment ago, I got done dinner, and picked up my smart phone to charge it.  Time 7:11....

I suppose  considering the synchronicity of these numbers  is said to be significant, then I would say  that  mine  began 11/11/11.  That was  when my life or at  least the life that  I  had  known  began to  disintegrate around me.  I am sure you will remember  Cheryl.  It started with low grade  fevers ,  I had them for 5 days starting  11/6/11.  On 11/11/11 it was hard for me to  concentrate.  I was  still  running  a low  grade  fever but  could not afford to go to the  doctor.  I was unable to function properly at  work as  my  thoughts  were  scattered.  I called  my  son - in law to  pick me up and ws listening to a  Schumann resonance recording when I started to  cry.  Deep uncontrollable sobs I was  , for the  most part, unaware of my  surroundings.  My son - in law picked me up and took me home.  I remember  nothing of the  trip home.  I  vaguely remember going to my room and  lying down, my  daughters worried expression.  I closed my  eyes and after  that it was nothing but a  series of gray clouds floating through  my  mind's eye.  As if I was  being taken on  a cloud or wave of gray hues.  Light gray to  slate to  pewter.  I  would come in and out  of  consciousness, but  out  for the most  part.  I remember  my  daughters  voice speaking to me  asking me  not to leave  her.  If I  had been  aware  it would have been  quite the  adventure , I  believe  ;). 

I cannot  say  what  happened to me that  day, because  I  truly have no idea.  I have tried  to  research what happened to  me , but have  found  nothing that  would  shed  any light  on the matter.  All I  know is that  my  daughter  told  me  I  had  been  burning  up and I said  very  little.  When I  woke up I  was  weak, as if  I  had been in that  bed for  weeks.  My  muscles  were  weak and  ached.  My  head  was  fuzzy and I  could not  collect  my  thoughts clearly.  My  speech was not impaired , but  I  would have to  think very  carefully   about  what I  wanted to  say , otherwise  it  would  come out  garbled.  The  process was no longer  smooth and  effortless.  I had  forgotten how to use  my computer and  typing  was a grueling  chore.  My arms  and  legs felt if  they were  detached from  my  body.  I  would have to  rub them in order to  feel as if they were indeed  attached.  I would stand  and  felt  as if  I  was  looking  down  on things  from a  greater  height  than  I  had  before  I  fell ill.  It is  a very  odd  sensation.

I have  for  the most  part  come  back  to  being  the  old me.  There  are  things , however,  quirks  if  you  will.  Differences  that  are  so  minuscule that someone  who  was not  close to  me  would  not be able to  detect.  Those  who live  with  me  however, had  noticed that there  was  something off.  Not off in a  bad  way ,  simply  different.  I tried to  get  back the  person that  I  was  before,  I  was unable to .  So, I have made peace  with the  person that was  left  behind  or stepped in  during that  ordeal.  As some  have  said  that  perhaps I was a  walk in.  Not  sure  how that  works or  why so much of  what I was  is still here, not to  mention the fact  that  no major  changes to  my  life path  has  taken place.  Which begs the  question,  why the  big deal , the disruption, the illness, the  searching for myself?  Only to  go back to  life  as it  once  was.  That  confuses me still, lol.

In  either  case  after that  eventful day  of  11/11/11 I experience  multiples  all the  time.......11:11......10:10.......12:12.  I am  still trying to  figure out   what  it  means.

I remember, DR.  I feel it was part of your spiritual path.  We experience things sometimes that we don't understand at the time, but don't give up seeking.  The answer will come in its appointed time and then you will understand. 

Consider getting a QHHT session.  Many people are finding answers and getting help through these sessions.  Check out the blog here:

Hi DR!  Yes I remember when you were really ill.  BTW, so much has happened to me in the past two years. OMG.

As to numbers, I caught 10:10 before I went to bed last night....

BTW today is 11-1 lol

This is really good too:

13 Signs You Are Ready To Go Home To The New Earth

1.  You constantly experience synchronicities.  You see numerical synchronicities such as11:11, 1:11, 3:33, 5:55, etc…  You may notice that when you check the time, it’s the number of your birthday.  This happens a LOT to me! For example, if you were born on November 28th, you may see 11:28 when you check the time, or you may be paying for groceries and it comes to $11.28.  You may fill you gas tank without realizing that you put in 11.28 gallons. These are not coincidences!  When you experience these synchronicities, try to be cognizant of what you were thinking about when the synchronicity occurred.

2. You begin to manifest your desires with easeDolores Cannon once said, “One of the biggest lessons you came to Earth to learn is how to manipulate energy.  This is how powerful your mind is, you can create anything.”  This includes your ability to manifest!  Now, more than ever, it extremely important to think and FEEL positive thoughts because it’s the emotion behind the intent that creates manifestations.

3. Your eating habits change. You may find yourself eating less meat and more healthy, organic food and beverages.  You may also find that you’re experiencing a specific craving, that you never really had beforehand, for a particular food.

4. Your dreams become more prophetic and less fearful. Once we let go of fear, there is nothing left for the subconscious mind to process at night.  When we sleep, the subconscious mind is constantly trying to resolve these issues through metaphors in our dreams.  If there is no conflict or fear, then you’ll find that your dreams can become quite prophetic!

5. You have a strong desire for truth, even if it contradicts your previous belief systems. For many people, religion falls under this category as more and more people are becoming “spiritual, not religious“.

6. You understand fear and release it much easier than ever before.  The easiest way to do this is to shut off your television or stop reading the newspaper.  Fear is a tool the controllers use to keep us in subservience, control, and conformity.  Break free from these chains by releasing the fear and you’ll find that synchronicities and manifestations will happen much quicker!

7. You sense a thinning of dimensions.  You may begin to see energies out of the corner of your eye.  Some people may see orbs while others may sense a particular energy in the room they’re in.

8. You experience glitches in time or time loops.  For example, you may place your keys in a specific spot every day but one day, they’re no where near where you placed them.  Or, you may drive the same way home every night after work but this time, you find yourself on an unfamiliar road.

9. You begin to drift away from friends and family who don’t understand you.  This is another common these as we align ourselves with those of the same or similar vibrations. As a result, family and friends will seem to fade away from our lives, even though we stay connected with them.  Or, some will literally fade away as we move into higher vibrations.

10. You experience unusual energy shifts.  One week, you may only need a few hours ofsleep every night while the following week, you may feel the need to sleep much longer than usual.

11. You hear high pitched frequencies.  In general, these high pitched frequencies are not associated with tinnitus or a Vitamin D deficiency.  Sometimes, they’re very loud in one particular ear while other times, they’re loud in both ears. These sounds may be associated with the rising frequencies of the Earth along with your body assimilating to these frequencies.

12. You feel a strong desire to go home, wherever that may be. Many people find themselves stargazing and wondering which star system is their planet of origin.  Some may feel an affinity to the PleiadesLyraArcturusOrion, etc.. while others feel home right here on Earth. Regardless of your planet of origin, we are ALL citizens of this amazingly beautiful planet, so be sure to love Mother Earth and show gratitude to her for hosting us during this incarnation.

13. You begin to experience metaphysical abilities that you never thought you could do beforehand. This may be as simple as being able to see your aura or the aura of other people, or it might be an ability such as telepathy, bilocation, or clairaudience.

While some truthers may call this “New Age Bullshit“, it’s hard to argue the same message being sent numerous times while under the deepest form of hypnosis.  Some people will want to argue about the validity of the message or who “they” are that were in contact with Dolores.  To me, it’s more about the message and how it SOUNDS like the truth by the way Dolores describes it.  If this resonates with you as well, please don’t feel the need to substantiate how YOU feel to anyone who questions your beliefs because this is YOUR JOURNEY!

More than ever, it’s important to be cognizant of where we are placing our thoughts. While I highly encourage people to QUESTION EVERYTHING, it’s really not worth the time or energy to rant about what you disagree with.  It’s much simpler to take the high road and to focus on the positive things that life has to offer.  Continue working on your OWN PATH because ALL PATHS lead to the SAME DESTINATION.  Some will simply take longer to get there.

In the meanwhile, find the time to stay grounded and to continue working on raising your vibration.  Try not to get caught up in petty arguments that drain your energy and vibration and follow those who raise yours!

How many of these are YOU experiencing?  Please leave your comment below!

DR, the "Dolores" mentioned in Kim's post is Dolores Cannon, who researched and developed the QHHT technique.  It's an amazing technique that gets to the subconscious mind where the higher self is contacted and can provide information to one's questions, and also give healings if the time is right.

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