True Confessions of a Contactee

This blog was orginally published in May 2010 on, entitled True Confessions of Two Contactees, in May 2010.  Several weeks later, a certain alleged emissary of the Zetas had a meltdown and a certain contactee got cold feet and backed out of the article, so the title changed and the blog was edited to delete that contactee's information.  However, it was published for several weeks before it was removed.  It was then edited and reposted here on

So, here's the edited version...

* * *

So, what's it like to be a contactee? Well, first of all, understand that I was never into UFO's and have never read "Communion" by Whitley Streiber, so this is not remembering something I read or something I saw in a UFO movie. The Zetas do keep an element of doubt in place as a form of protection, so you go through a period of time where you just aren't sure if you are a contactee or not. You get into thinking it's your imagination gone into overdrive, but eventually you get over it. Anyway, I just learned last year that I am a contactee, with a prebirth agreement and participated in the hybrid program.


When I was around seven years old, the Zetas saved my life when I was drowning. It was summer vacation at Daytona Beach when I was knocked down by a wave and severely dazed, my head was roaring, and water and sand were pouring up my nose and down my throat and in my ears when a voice that came out of the blue sternly said, "GET UP! YOU'RE DROWNING! And the shock of that voice in my head was like a slap in the face, bringing me to my senses and I did as I was told. I never knew where that voice came from and thought it was God. Since I found out I was a contactee, I was offered the Lift. Again, out of the blue, a voice suddenly spoke inside my head, "DO YOU WANT A LIFT?" And it was the same voice! It was then I knew. I had recently learned about the lift but didn't know that 85% of contactees decline the lift, like I did, to be with family and friends and neighbors in their darkest hour. See


I have been on the ships and on missions, and had the "enhancements," which is Zeta DNA placed within the brain to enhance telepathic communications and to act as a homing device when being contacted or "in case of emergency." I was awake during most of the procedure and they talked to me and made sure I was comfortable and even made some jokes. At one point, I felt a stab of pain inside my head and said "Ow" and immediately they said, "We see it" and fixed it instantly. So, later on I went into the Aw, it was just my 'magination mode and a good friend, who is also a contactee, said, "They say to feel the right side of your head, near the top" and I did...and OMG, it was sore!


Their technology is highly advanced so "brain surgery" is accomplished quickly and with no visible signs. For example, they have a tool that heals incisions almost instantaneously.


So, can I now leap tall buildings with a single bound and all that other cool superman stuff? Nope. What it did do was increase my ability to pick up feelings and emotions of others. Why is that important? To minister to those who will be hurting very soon. The procedure was also the start of the "integration" process. It has helped me to be more in touch and has also improved some latent telepathic abilities I have. Also, it improved the ability to communicate with the Zetas telepathically. When I get a loud ringing in one ear, I know they are around and we start talking. Kind of like they "ring the doorbell."

And speaking of missions, I know when I'm going to "be away" at night because of certain feelings and sensations I get just as I'm falling asleep. Search "brain buzz" on and read about it. I have been to different places on missions...South America several times, Russia several times, central Europe, Iceland, and to the ships for meetings and learning. I have gotten some pretty good recall of these places.


Another big clue I "stepped out" is heavy (sound) sleep. I'm usually restless and tend to have insomnia (before all the missions, you used to see me posting here at 3 a.m.), so when I fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly, I know I've been traveling. And, yes, they take you in your pajamas, but they do put one of their dresses or robes over your pj's. They are sensitive to modesty issues. How evil of them! ;-) [See, "If they are in deep paralysis, which is a means of anesthesia often used by ourselves or others concerned with the well-being and comfort of our contactees, ...."]


So, what's it like to go on a mission? So far, I and other contactees have found ourselves in different locations, talking to people about relocating before the really big changes start. I'll tell you the worst one we were on. It was in South America right after the big earthquake, and there was an unexpected occurrence.


Another contactee and I were talking to some people in a small village in the backwoods of Chile or Peru (a high, mountainous plateau) when, suddenly, a massive python leaped out of the nearby jungle and grabbed a child about 3 years old. Everyone froze. The mother started shrieking, then everyone went into panic mode. Several men grabbed big long knives, I guess they were machetes, and started to attack the snake. I felt paralyzed watching as it whipped around and disappeared back into the jungle with its dinner.


The Zetas had to bring me back to the ship and put me back together after that one. Anyway, that was the worst one. Most missions are in exotic locales and meeting with people, talking to them, trying to convince them to get to a safe location. Of course, there was that one in central Europe that we had to go down that dark, spooky alley.......


When do we sleep? Before we are picked up and after we are brought back. Are we tired? Sometimes, but there is this wonderful concept called "naps."


Okay, I finally got past the phase of wondering if it was just my imagination. And having a buddy who can confirm your recalls and feelings is the best way to do this. It goes faster and you don't feel too much like you are losing your mind.


So, have we contactees really been in a spaceship? Yep. More than one. We have been picked up and dropped off by the Zetas from the ground when they shuttle us in a smaller ship, and we have also been way above the clouds in the bigger ship, for meetings (from where I saw the giant tsunami heading toward the west coast of South America, as described on the So. American blog).


We also have friends "up there." For a few months, their faces were blurred to me, which was eventually explained to me as a protection because recall (at least mine) comes in bits and pieces, and to have a strange-looking face suddenly pop up in your conscious, without the context, is disconcerting to say the least.


And they are definitely different looking in appearance...but they are intelligent...they are kind...they have senses of what if they aren't all humanoid, and some are three-feet tall and have three eyes and are blue? They have feelings and thoughts too, as well as senses of humor. Okay, some can be kinda grouchy, but isn't that the way it is with humans, too?


Anyway, all these different life forms are STO and they care about us...the Zetas, the Nordics, the Pleiadians, the blue Octopus that walks on the tips of his tentacles (go figure that one out), the brown "blob" that looks like a giant bear*, sort of, the little green man with the pink tentacle-like things on his head (yes, there are little green men out there), the three-eyed blue guys, and on and on. 

*Update 7/4/2012... I recently found out that there are bear-like creatures on Tau Ceti.  See  This being was sitting at a conference table with the others. 

Update 11/1/14... David Higgins reports seeing ETs since childhood.  One of them he called a "hairy guy," which resembles the mammaloid I saw at a meeting.  See


Update 12/4/14...;_ylt=AwrBT9WLioBU_0AA1UFXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTB0czg0dWV1BHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1NNRTYxMl8x?p=ashtar+galactic+federation&tnr=21&vid=948A11FA673C66362BBC948A11FA673C66362BBC&l=130&;

In this video, the region of Cetus (of which Tau Ceti is a part) is described as having two different types of inhabitants -- one is the bear-like beings and another is a race of "galactic humanoids."  The video is also at

I find this interesting since I've seen a large, bear-like being in recall and prior to knowing about Tau Ceti (in the star system Cetus) and it's two types of inhabitants, I wrote a sci fi story all Ahn of C`etas, about an extraterrestrial (Cetean) on mission to Earth (pronounced SEH-teh-ahn and SEH-tas).  Whether this video is true or not is unknown, but it is interesting I keep encountering these synchronicities. 

Many, many races are here to help and to observe the passage (and haven't we been seeing their ships on NASA images as well as naked eye sightings occurring more and more around the world?). The Council of Worlds is in one is going to be hurt by "the aliens." Woo-ooo-oooo! It's time to embrace your fellow beings...we are all in this universe together! There is nothing to fear, but there is a lot to learn...and time is growing short.


UPDATE 05/22/2010

So, lately it has been mostly short, routine missions, and meetings aboard the ships, and more "enhancements," but the most noteworthy thing I wanted to share was being shown living quarters in a domed city, simply huge. As we strolled down what appeared to be busy streets, Zetas were busily moving along, children were in school, life was in full swing. Like humans, the Zetas were in a range of heights and had similar, but different facial features, though with large, hairless heads. Their expressions were distracted, focused, laughing (sensed rather than seen), at ease enjoying conversations as they bustled about, and it looked like any other busy, progressive society.

We were guided down a hallway into the living quarter area. There was a soft, warm, pale gold color present everywhere in our [soon-to-be] living quarters. It was very inviting and relaxing. The temperature was perfect. I saw living and sleeping quarters that had been thoughtfully outfitted with human sensibilities in mind, including colors in our spectrum. It was very nice and very spacious. They are getting ready for those of us who will be joining them soon. I and other contactees participated in the hybrid program and we are really looking forward to being reunited with our hybrid children, whom we see on occasion when we visit the ships.


What will it be like living with them? "We Zetas in the Service-to-Others enjoy ourselves, in all the many ways humans enjoy themselves. Luxuriant baths, silken textured garments and soft beds, sweet tastes and smells, a sense of rhythm and desire to dance - we have all of these." Another example is here (read the Gobi Desert paragraphs, noting the yellowish-white coloring, residences, etc.).


Of course, we also are well aware that being in service to others mean that we will work hard. We look forward to that, as well.

Since Nancy was following me around on poleshift.ning, heavily implying that I was lying about my experiences, I decided to remind her of some of HER OWN Zetatalk...

UPDATE 06/26/2010

I thought it would be helpful to provide some ZetaTalk on what is being discussed in this blog, especially to help newcomers understand.

"Modifications are such that the contactee alone senses that something is different." [Thus, it is the contactee's personal reality, not visible to any others, even other contactees.]

Contact Groups:
"Group interactions validate experiences. The individual, finding their night clothes on backwards, knows there has been a visitation, but secretly wonders if perhaps their memory might be failing. In a group of contactees a synergy takes place, first one and then another realizing, as others tell their tales, that they are not alone in their experiences. Within the contact group details are shared that have not appeared in print, could not therefore be faked, and are told with much emotion and conviction. When these details, told by another, match the listener's story - more than sharing takes place, and more than an Awakening takes place. A Transformation takes place." [Hence, the sole reason for this blog! To help contactees get in touch with their status, share their stories, which helps other contactees to validate their own stories, help others to give the call, and provide a safe space for all contactees to "be themselves."]

Shared Visions:
"Increasingly, as contactees work behind the scenes in concert with each other and the alien groups visiting them, they will find their shared visions are more specific and immediate. ... They may even recall seeing each other during a visitation! These shared visions are no more surprising than if they had attended a meeting together, discussed issues, made notes, and agreed upon a course of action. In fact, this is in essence what occurred! Shared visions are one of the most accurate and specific signs that contactees have that their recall is not imagination. Nevertheless, for others outside of the contactee group working together, the recitation of these shared visions is relatively meaningless. The element of doubt, required to reduce anxiety in others who are not contactees and are still to be awakened, is still present."

Life Changes:
"As the Transformation is now, if the awakened contactee has chosen a role they seldom delay. Those in Service-to-Others, of whom we are speaking, want to assist with preparations for the cataclysms or helping mankind understand what is to befall them and its import."

Could these be False Memories?
"The truth of these matters rests with several factors, and can never be conclusively proven. All humans create false memories for themselves, enhancing what makes them feel good about themselves and forgetting the embarrassments. The validity of a contactee's recall should be judged, as with any memory, on the following:

  • The maturity and pragmatic nature of the contactee.
  • Does this person attend responsibly to their duties, tell the truth, and bear a healthy degree of skepticism about matters reported in the news or gossip carried by friends, or does this person indulge in soap operas and novels, fall in love at the drop of a pin, or adamantly argue a point.
  • The influence of those around the contactee during the recall process. Is the contactee allowed to dredge up their own memories, insert their own details, or are these suggested to them.
  • The motive of the contactee, who in most cases is dealing quietly with a personal drama and wants no publicity or attention. Is the contactee relieved to be piecing it all together, or do they dramatize the situation to everyone who will lend them an ear, endlessly, with a clear tendency to embellish the story with whatever might bring them more sympathy.

 "Contactees who tell their story to hasten and help the Awakening are almost always characterized by their quiet demeanor, their serious intent, and an original reluctance to draw attention to themselves.

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  • He does.  Maybe that's who the Sasquatch race are.  Interesting. 

  • The hairy dude looks like Sasquatch
  • Update 12/4/14...;_ylt=AwrBT9WLioBU_0AA1UFX...;

    In this video, the region of Cetus (of which Tau Ceti is a part) is described as having two different types of inhabitants -- one is the bear-like beings and another is a race of "galactic humanoids."  The video is also at

    I find this interesting since I've seen a large, bear-like being in recall and prior to knowing about Tau Ceti (in the star system Cetus) and it's two types of inhabitants, I wrote a sci fi story all Ahn of C`etas, about an extraterrestrial (Cetean) on mission to Earth (pronounced SEH-teh-ahn and SEH-tas).  Whether this video is true or not is unknown, but it is interesting I keep encountering these synchronicities.

  • Update 11/1/14:  Added picture of ET that is similar to a recall I had around the time of this blog.  At the time, a friend suggested it was a future incarnation, but now that I know more about parallel lives, this particular recall could possibly be a parallel life.  Who knows.


  • Update 11/1/14:  Added picture of "hairy guy," as drawn by David Huggins...


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