I had a session with a nearby practitioner, Patty Lake, in South Carolina.  The audio files of my session are available upon request. The transcript is here: and contains lots of verified information.

My second session is at:

Lee's session, conducted by Dolores Cannon herself, is compared with mine at the bottom of this blog, and is available at

I have to say that I think Dolores Cannon's QHHT is a major game changer, the most important thing to impact this planet in a very long time.  It's going to assist in a major way the awakening and ascension of this planet, as well as Disclosure! 


What's so amazing is that these are two people who have never met this lifetime, but yet share similar experiences.  This is what Dolores Cannon has been investigating for over forty-five years.  Over time and space she's been piecing together a bigger picture:  that there is a larger story going on, unseen to most people... that there is a greater Galactic Community and that our souls are immortal and contain the truth and knowledge of what's out there. 

Lee had an abduction related to genetics, and Cheryl had a connection to the hybrid program.

They both were on missions (he was observing and she was measuring tectonic plate stresses).

They both telepathically transmitted their findings back to "HQ".

They both were wearing white-ish colored suits with boots.

Lee said that he looked like a humanoid, his arms were very skinny. Cheryl saw that she had four long, skinny fingers.

They both were walk-ins. His walk-in was due to a drowning of a 3-4 year old child and Cheryl's walk-in was due to a toddler being hit in the forehead with a baseball bat her sister was swinging when she was toddling behind her. 

They both nearly drowned and were saved by unknown forces. Cheryl heard a voice telling her to get up, she was drowning. Lee saw "others" under the water rescuing him.

They both saw an alien yellow sky.

They both saw large UFOs. Lee saw one docked on a large pylon, as big as a city. Cheryl saw one parked on the sea bed, also very large, as well as one hovering above the jungle. (They both expressed it was good to be home when they returned from their explorations.)

They both said there were many others in those UFOs.

They both had instances of feeling like they were floating.

Cheryl went through the wall of the undersea UFO to go inside and Lee said whatever was supporting him, he could go right through.

Lee's purpose is to teach and heal, and observe. Cheryl's purpose is to help earth rise, by teaching and showing the way.

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  • Researching my past life (ref 06/8/19 post), the final clue has finally been found.  According to this site:, Hans-Tendam "initiated the ‘Dutch School’ in Regression Therapy."  (I knew he was part of it, but I didn't know he initiated it and that such a body actually existed.)  

  • Yes, it is!  An amazing find. 

  • Getting a visual is pretty amazing.


    I was listening to the first episode of David Wilcock's "Path to Light" series and a picture was shown that was very similar to something I had seen in a QHHT session.  First, here is the relevant excerpt from that session.  (P is the QHHT practitioner speaking and SC is the superconscious speaking.  [Text in brackets] is my commentary.)

    Start of excerpt:

    P: She was doing a search to confirm an image she had seen of an ET with a ginormous white, bald head. It fit the description in Dolores Cannon's (DC) book "The Custodians" (p.512: "No, there's a taller one. It seems like a "he." He has a very, very bony white head, and different eyes.")

    [My own recollection is seeing him (or one like him) in the "crew pit" of a starship, with his back towards me. I didn't see his eyes, but the size of his head was remarkable.  He was sitting, so I couldn't tell if he was taller than those around him.]

    P:  Since someone else has seen a similar being [as described in DC's book], is Cheryl right to believe he is real, rather than imaginary?

    SC: It's Commander Parve.

    P: Does she know him?

    SC: Yes, she's been a crew member under him.

    P: His race?

    SC: A zeta-type.

    P: Anything else?

    SC: She was a junior commander. He was a senior commander. She trained under him. He was the best of that race. She learned a lot."

    End of excerpt. 

    The following is a screenshot from DW's first module in his Path to Light series.  The furthest one on the front row has a head that looks very similar, except the one I saw was remarkably larger than the ones around him, but it was definitely rounded (unlike typical gray Zetas), the skin was bone-white.  The eyes of the other crew members were different, smaller, more human-sized.  DW says this is a representation of the Roswell ETs that were recovered.  They were six-fingered and used their hands on a control surface to fly the ship. 


    And, their ships were not the typical saucers, they looked like this:


  • Thanks Cheryl my communication with my higher self has gotten rusty.


    These folks have a way to continue developing your relationship to your Higher Self.  It is very affordable and I am certainly going to check it out.  Look at their website and see what you think. 

  • Sorry I missed your last post, Byron.  I'm glad to hear confirmation of the rescue.  It is comforting.  Remember to re-listen to your session.  There is supposed to be more benefits every time you listen to it.  That is a good way to get encouragement out there without creating conflict.

  • We are certainly in a time of chaos and evil goings on around the world with millions if not billions not aware of anything but themselves. I remember all of my session like it was yesterday and although my over soul said he was not suppose to talk about the event yet he said we would be rescued if we were in danger from our sky family.

       Recently I told two neighbors that our world is changing real soon and most people will have their belief systems shattered  but stay strong.

  • Dolores Cannon Compilation Concerning “The Event”

  • Researching my past life (ref 06/8/19 post) has been an extraordinary adventure.  I am halfway through the second of three biographies and I just keep getting hit after hit, more than 150, of attributes the past life and I share.  And, there have been quite a few hits on things I don't think are common, which make it likely this past life is valid. 

    And, BTW, the original clues I was given have all resolved.  While she didn't teach at UVA, she did have the rank of professor at the Baltimore-DC Psychoanlytic Institute. 

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