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911 – 2011 conclusion for doug copp ..from my other is shocking.

911 – 2011 conclusion for doug copp


This is Jon’s response to my previous 911 posting He starts with calling me a fraud..follows with calling my dead mother a $1 whore and concludes by threatening to ‘beat me to death, with some of his friends.


in the middle of this TAZ asked for and got my opinion re the ’cause of the 911 attack’


Jon says:
September 5, 2011 at 2:22 pm (Edit)

Copp……what fucking fraud, why should you celebrate anything except your stealing money from the US govt. Thief.

amerrescue says:
September 5, 2011 at 4:15 pm (Edit)

1) If I had stolen any money from the US Government or was a fraud then I would be in jail.
2) I judge people by the content of their character. You sign your email name VACommand..I expect that this means that you are one of the greedy, stupid bastards that I have referred to or you are just an evil, stupid bastard..wannabe.
In either case….when you finally manage to get your head stuck completely up your ass..take a picture, of it and I will post it with the captain: “Stupid, greedy bastard with head completely up his ass.”

amerrescue says:
September 5, 2011 at 2:59 pm (Edit)

People are surprised when they get my response to ‘what happened at 911′. Considering that the last 10 years have been ‘a journey through hell’ regarding my health struggles

These are my thoughts:
1) At the time I was focused on ensuring that my skills as the most experienced rescuer, on site, were concentrated on saving lives and searching every single place that could be searched…that nobody died because someone did not come to save them. Anything else would be a distraction; in an environment, when “every minute means a life and every mistake a death”.
2) I have no doubt, in my mind that the Bush Administration proved that there was ‘no limit’ to the evil they would perpetrate for their own greedy and selfish interests. The ‘interests’ they represent would destroy every form of life, on earth, for a ‘nickel’. They have no morality and they worship ‘anal gold’ as their God.
3) My life since 911 has been focused on daily battle of ‘staying alive’. I have come from a place where I could not speak, didn’t know my own name, couldn’t walk farther than 3 ft etc etc etc etc to a place where I can save lives by spreading the triangle of life around the world.

In other words it is a distraction to my efforts of saving find out who actually was the initial cause of ‘my health problems’..that would be personal and I have too much positive work to do.

In summation:
Obama made a huge mistake right from his first day in office..He thought he could be reasonable with completely unreasonable people whose sole purpose was to ‘return to power’ and ‘pillaging’, at any cost..even the complete destruction of America. He thought he could stop Bushes ‘ball from rolling’ (see below).

Under the rubble, of 911, while submerged in poison, I made a comment, which holds true today: “No incident is either completely ‘good’ or completely ‘bad’. The amount of ‘good’ should be maximized and the amount of ‘bad’ should be have the most effective disaster mitigation.” Unfortunately, Bush used 911 to reduce democracy, freedom and the general well being of the American People..instead of solving the ’cause of the 911 attack’, bringing humanity together and making the world a better place..Bush used 911 to start ‘phony’ unbudgeted wars against the ‘wrong people’, kill hundreds of thousands, create horrible suffering by millions; INCLUDING EVERY AMERICAN WHO ISN’T WEALTHY.
Bush and the military, industrial and financial interests he represents used 911…. AS A ‘GIANT WINDFALL’…which may lead to the death of America ..before ‘the ball he started rolling’ finally stops.

Bush and his gang benefited the most but whether he actually attacked the same manner as outlined in George Orwell’s masterpiece ’1984″..I don’t know.

Some of my best friends are moslem and the triangle of life is being taught in Islamic Universities, printed in Islamis newspapers and magazines.

I judge people by the content of their hearts;..not by race, religion or any ‘distraction’.

Jon says:
September 5, 2011 at 10:57 pm (Edit)

Ill do that right after Tom Lang is finished riding your mother like an old road whore. Arent you just a chip off the old block! Both screwing for a buck!

amerrescue says:
September 6, 2011 at 12:06 am (Edit)

Regarding my mother and your description of her as a whore and that Tom Lang, one of the most evil people, in America, who tried to destroy our rescue team..was fucking her..for a buck…

My response is that I only lived with my mother, for a year, after my father died when I was 2 years old..You are the first to tell me that she was a $1 whore. I expect that you will probably be the last; since, few people would ever possibly consider stooping that low.
Your comments show you for who you are. I would not be surprised to hear that you did time, in prison, with Tom Lang ..both for child molestation.

I say this not out of anger; rather, I say this because you two are just that ‘bad’.

amerrescue says:
September 6, 2011 at 12:43 am (Edit)

This person ‘Jon’ at
refused to identify himself. His name, address or work position.

amerrescue says:
September 6, 2011 at 1:44 am (Edit)

This ‘jon’ person sent another email of a criminal nature threatening me with physical violence. I have permanently marked him as spam. Although he refused to identify himself and threatened me with physical violence (He would bring along some of his friends..he said); nevertheless, he refused to identify himself. The ‘brave’ individual, that he pretends to be made it clear that he will remain anonymous and that he would bring some of his friends, to help him.

On the other home address is Doug Copp, 563 Charlotte St, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am home most of the time; since, I am permanently disabled. Anyone who would like to come to my home, like ‘Jon’, with some of his friends should know that I am a pacifist. I will not kill you; however, I will protect myself and am not adverse to hurting you as much as is necessary, to defend myself.

Regarding my attending 911, 10th anniversary; I got as far as Boston and couldn’t go any further. I had to return home. ARTI and NYPD member Peter Donahue was arranging, for me to meet the son of Ray Downey, the leader of the NYFD UHR Team, who was killed along with his brother firefighters, at the onset of the tragedy.

I was disappointed , not to meet Ray’s son; since, it would have been a wonderful conclusion, to my friendship, with his father, Ray. Ray and I had collaborated on a UHR training event, with a real collapsed building, as the training area. This was scheduled to occur, 2 weeks after ’911′ intervened.

Chief Ray Downey, a great guy, died before I could get to 911 to join him. How much better the world would have been if Ray hadn’t been killed.
The first 911 ceremony was attended by ARTI member Efrain Huaman, who represented me, This last effort is my 4 th unsuccessful attempt to get to the 911 ceremony. My chest hurts like Hell and I go into convulsions, from the air pollution, before I can get near NYC. I don’t plan to try again.

You might like to read my blog; 911 first responders ‘pissed-on’ again.

thank you

doug copp

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