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Andromedid Meteor Outburst‏

Space Weather News for Dec. 8, 2013

METEOR OUTBURST:  The Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar is detecting echoes from a meteor outburst in the constellation Andromeda, in progress on Dec. 8th.  It appears to be debris from old Comet Biela, which broke apart in the 19th century.  Observers in the northern hemisphere, especially Europeans, should be alert for Andromedid meteors on the night of Dec. 8-9.  More information may be found at

GEOMAGNETIC STORM:  A solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field on Dec. 7th, sparking an unexpected geomagnetic storm and Northern Lights over numerous US states.  NOAA forecasters estimate a 35% chance of additional storms on Dec. 8th and 9th.  Auroras alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

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2 hurt, thousands lose power due to windstorm

by KING 5 News and Associated Press

Posted on November 2, 2013 at 9:45 AM

Updated today at 1:59 PM



A 48-year-old Granite Falls man was seriously injured when a tree fell on his car on SR 203 and a 2-year-old was hurt when a branch fell from a tree at Roosevelt Way NE and NE 42nd street in Seattle.

2 hurt, thousands lose power due to windstorm

Credit: Martin Tuip

The only road in and out of Ernie's Grove near Snoqualmie was blocked by a tree hanging over live power lines.

The WSDOT closed the SR 520 floating bridge for two hours because of high winds and waves.

Brad Husick lives down the street from the bridge. He said he could hear the bridge creaking.


"I've lived here 12 years, and these are some of the highest waves I've seen,” he said.

Troopers said as many as 50 cars were abandoned on the westbound lanes. Troopers on foot escorted the people back to their cars.

The Department of Transportation said criteria for closing the bridge to traffic and opening the draw span is 50 mph gusts sustained for 15 minutes. When a 40 mph gust is sustained for one minute, a warning alarm calls crews to the bridge for inspection and monitoring.

DOT says they make every attempt to reduce disruption to drivers but in an emergency they have to close the bridge quickly.

The last time the 520 bridge was closed for wind and waves was Dec. 14, 2006.

I-90 remained open on Saturday. Although it had waves crashing over it, it is a much bigger structure. The last time it was closed was the Inauguration Day storm of 1993.

Thousands without power


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     Will they be shooting weather balloons with hollow point rounds ?


Weather agency makes another contract for even more hollow point bullets.

Kit Daniels July 26, 2013

Not satisfied with last year’s purchase of 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently solicited bids for an additional 72,000 rounds.

Credit: Geoffrey Fairchild via Flickr

Credit: Geoffrey Fairchild via Flickr

A solicitation by the scientific agency posted on July 8 on the Federal Business Opportunities web site requested “56,000 rounds of .40 caliber 180 grain jacketed hollow points” and “16,000 rounds of .40 caliber frangible lead free rounds.”

The NOAA appears to have had an immediate need for the rounds as their requested response date was only four days later on July 12.

Jacketed hollow points (JHPs) are not practice rounds.

They are designed to expand (or “mushroom”) on impact and are more expensive than ball ammo used for practice.

As reported last August by Paul Joseph Watson, the National Weather Service, which operates under the NOAA, supposedly purchased 46,000 JHPs and 500 paper targets for various weather stations.

The Washington Times later reported, via a statement from NOAA spokesperson Scott Smullen, that last year’s ammunition request contained a “clerical error” and that the “solicitation for ammunition and targets for the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement mistakenly identified NOAA’s National Weather Service as the requesting office.”

As Watson pointed out, this explanation still doesn’t explain why JHPs are needed for paper targets when they are obviously not practice rounds.

“You should always practice with what you’re going to use in real life,” Steven Howard, a former federal agent said in support of training with JHPs, in an interview with TribLive.

Yet with “defense load” JHPs costing at least one dollar a round for common service calibers, it is hard to imagine concealed handgun license holders and local police departments constantly spending that much money to stay proficient in shooting.

Even if costs are not an issue, local police departments may still have trouble procuring enough ammo for training due to the ammo shortage encouraged by our federal government, as Steve Watson reported back in May.

But in further response to Howard’s comment, bullet designs are not that significant in training as long as shooters use ball ammunition that is just as powerful as their defense load JHP, generating the same recoil and shooter reaction.

An expanding bullet means little to a paper target.

In regards to the quantity of ammo requested by the NOAA, why does the Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement (FOLE) even need 56,000 JHPs, especially if the agency supposedly received 46,000 rounds last year?

Assuming that this latest solicitation is going directly to the FOLE for the agency’s own use and not somehow funneled into the Department of Homeland Security.

The FOLE is tasked primarily with enforcing fishing regulations, supporting scientific studies and protecting endangered marine species.

According to Smullen in a Fox News interview, the ammunition purchased is “standard issue” and will be used by 63 agents during training and qualifications.

That is the key point.

Sixty-three federal agents are armed with .40 caliber sidearms in order to enforce fishing regulations, “protecting the ecosystem” and “promoting marine conservation.”

As more regulations are added every year and more agents are hired for enforcement, more ammo will be purchased compared to the previous years.

This is true with the entire federal government as the cancer of tyranny grows and the roots of liberty decay.

As surreal as it sounds, the NOAA’s massive purchase of over 100,000 rounds of JHPs in the past two years follows the trend of other federal non-military agencies which combined have purchased conservatively 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in little over a year.

In an interview with Breitbart, Jeff Knox, director of The Firearms Collective said that it’s the number of feds with guns that’s important, not necessarily the number of rounds.

“There are currently more than 70 different federal law enforcement agencies employing over 120,000 officers with arrests and firearms authority,” Knox said. “That’s an increase of nearly 30 percent between 2004 and 2008.”

“If the trends have continued upward at a relatively steady rate, that would put the total number of federal law enforcement officers at somewhere between 135,000 and 145,000.”

Knox said that’s a staggering number considering there’s only an estimated 765,000 state and local law enforcement officers.

“That means that about one in seven law enforcement officers in the country works directly for the federal government,” he said. “Not a local jurisdiction.”

The Second Amendment may simply suffocate under the weight of big government as ammunition manufacturers struggle to equip additional federal agents, leaving the ammo cans of the American people empty.

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Crossroads News : Changes In The World Around Us And Our Place In It

Environmental  :  Geo-engineering   / Health &  Medical Research

Published on Aug 25, 2012 by acseipica

Geoengineering Destroying the Atmosphere – Rosalind Peterson

Rosalind Peterson is California President and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition (ADC).  The ADC was formed in 2006, to protect agricultural from a wide variety of experimental weather and atmospheric testing programs.

Ms. Peterson also founded California Skywatch in 2002, when she began researching atmospheric testing and weather modification programs.  The two websites are separate entities but are linked together by issues listed alphabetically in the “Categories” section.  (The California Skywatch Website is merging permanently with the ADC on January 15, 2011.)

Ms. Peterson was a Keynote Speaker at the 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference on Climate Change (New York on September 5-7, 2007.) She spoke about agriculture and the negative impacts of experimental weather modification programs on tree and plant health, along with other important issues. Since then she has presented her United Nations Power Point Presentation to colleges, universities and interested groups. She has also been interviewed on numerous radio and television programs.

In 1995, Rosalind, now retired, became a certified California United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Farm Service Agency Agriculture Crop Loss Adjustor.  She worked in more than ten counties throughout California. Many crop losses throughout the State can be attributed to weather related causes.  She worked for five years for the Mendocino County Department of Agriculture as an Agriculture Technologist before being hired by the USDA Farm Service Agency in California.

Rosalind has a BA degree from Sonoma State University in Environmental Studies & Planning (1991 ENSP), with emphasis on solar power, photosynthesis, agriculture, crop production, and the efficient use of energy in the future. Ms. Peterson has won several awards and recognition for her extensive efforts to protect drinking water supplies in Martinez, California, from toxic chemical contamination. She also writes articles for on many subjects including protection of the environment from ongoing, unregulated, atmospheric geoengineering experiments and weather modification programs.

She was born and rasied on a working farm in Mendocino County, located in Northern California, and from this early farm education feels that she has a working knowledge of agriculture, crop production, weather and other difficulties faced by the agricultural community.




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Topics include weather warfare, Anonymous, propaganda and its effects, December 21st will be the beginning of the end events...

by GLR Wes Annac-

All of the time you are being exposed to the increasingly pure measures of your higher selves which are coming forth in your bodies in increased rapidity, and we can feel that you on Earth are beginning to handle these various changes and energy shifts wonderfully and we encourage you with all of our hearts to continue on in your meditative and spiritual practices whether in a collective or individual manner, as each and every energy and intention that you give out at this time is having a profound effect and making a huge difference.

With everything that you have been doing, each lesson that you have been put through has been for the purpose of you finding the Light that you are in less distorted forms than you have been used to and Living within. Such pure encodements of energy are now being sent your way that your bodies and your Earth’s surface alike have not felt, absorbed or benefited from for so very long.

Continue to anchor these energies unto yourself and unto the core of dear Gaia, for She is using these energies to help cleanse much of the effects of many of the natural shifts and perceived disasters that are catalysts to the mass cleansing of the surface of Gaia that such events cause.

Of course, you have heard endlessly that the dark heads on your world have been attempting their own weather warfare in an attempt to keep you all feeling states of despair, but with the pure energies being given by so many of you making the profound effects that they are making, Mother Earth feels free now to begin the bulk of Her cleansing work as the threat of weather warfare from your dark is by now, a near non-threat.

You will notice dear souls, that for the bulk of this current year there have not been many rumblings with the exception of very recently, and this is again because Gaia did not feel free enough to perform the cleansing work that She needs to perform because She and we alike know that each and every time your dark will take any and every opportunity to turn a drizzle into a tornado so to speak, and they will do anything in their power to distort the mass clearing of negative energy from Gaia’s surface by using the opportunities for such clearing to cause a potential feeding of the very darkness and suffering-based energies that such cleaning events are meant to heal and transmute.

Your dark know that with each and every natural disaster that happens especially recently that they are not allowed to interfere in, Mother Gaia is cleansing Her surface and this results in less energetic sustenance for these souls who feed off of the negative energies of despair that their many attempts at any type of warfare have been causing.

It must be understood dear souls what some influential and top figures in your militaries and such do not yet realize but are about to realize so very soon, and that is each and every war and battle that has been perpetrated and fed since the beginning of your twentieth century was fashioned on purpose to feed the energies of despair that the dark souls manifesting and funding such wars and events of mass destruction need to keep their own sustenance.

They feed off of the energies produced by these wars and at the same time they make handsome sums of money selling weapons and such to each side of each and every war. Of course you have not heard or realized for the most part that this is so, and this is because [the account of] your history has been so very distorted.

You have not read in your history books that the acts of the figurehead who was Hitler were funded entirely by entities within the United States, entities who had unfairly and illegally gained control over the US, created a false set of doctrines and turned the US into a corporate entity wherein every citizen feeds and lines the pockets, both financially and energetically, of the perceived elite souls who have placed themselves at the top of the hierarchies that they themselves established.

You will not yet hear how each and every side of every conflict and war was funded or how the United States and many other countries purposefully integrated mass propaganda into nearly all of their outlets of information and entertainment, Creating a perceived enemy in whomever and whichever country that the elite souls wished to wage war in, or rather were led to wage war in by the beliefs and plans established by the oldest order of this existing Illuminati.

One can look at many forms of entertainment in many time periods and decades of your current society and see mass propaganda nearly everywhere. This propaganda has been fed on your internet as well with the creation and appearance of many sites dedicated to stopping or promoting [certain issues].  {Hasn't ZT been stopping people from looking at the sun and going nuts looking for tectonic plates shifting?}

The propaganda techniques that are fed currently and that have been fed for so very long have followed similar sets of rules and guidelines. The propaganda that is created must convince the people whom it is being aimed at that they have an enemy of some kind whom they must direct their anger and negativity at.  {On a microcosm scale, ZT again.  WE are the enemy, don't you know?}

This puts out and promotes a false enemy, in some cases a country or entity that the United States wished to go to war with or didn’t support and wished their people not to support, and a character of heroism is then created to stop the seemingly evil thing that the propaganda is targeting and attempting to get others to believe is bad.

This ‘hero’ character will usually put a stop somehow to the seemingly negative actions being perpetrated by the target in question, and among doing so many false facts and much direct propaganda will be directed at this target. A super hero could perhaps vanquish an enemy that is representative of another country whom the United States wished to make war with; in this scenario, following the defeat of this soul would come an explanation about why this soul and the country they represent is the enemy and should be defeated and hated.

This is only one of so many layers and types of propaganda that have been perpetrated in your current culture, and the concept of propaganda is one that has been localized for the most part to the actions of the souls who have been attempting to control you.

By this we mean that before the establishment of the controlling actions of the souls making up the Illuminati heads on your world, the ‘art’ if one wishes to call it of propaganda was not perpetrated in any ancient society against their perceived enemy.

Rather, what was being said [in such times] was sharply and strictly believed by the souls who were saying them, and while in many instances what would be said about an enemy was indeed incorrect, the souls throwing the allegations forth would not simply make up such false truths in an effort to turn others against their perceived enemy.

You could say rather, that ego brought the false accusations and propaganda forth to the souls in many ancient civilizations and this is how much separation-fed hate and war was started. Indeed, while ego has been needed for you to measure out your experiences on Earth, ego has created many difficult things for humanity, both for your physical world and for your spirit complexes, and the elite souls on your world have long studied each and every method of war, hate and deceit that has been fed by many ancient civilizations and these things that they have studied are what they have based their actions against humanity on.

We know and understand that many of you do not yet wish to hear of the many actions of the dark on your world as they are indeed meeting their final end, but the explanations given by us and so many other ascended and genuine sources in relation to these subjects are introductory explanations of sorts for your entire world is going to be let know what these souls have done, as has been expressed endlessly.

Indeed, one may read this admission repeatedly in many channeled messages and feel that such warnings are getting old and outdated, but trust us dear souls when the revelations begin pouring forth you will not be able to catch up or wish that things were moving at a slower pace. Throughout this entire time you have rightfully been wishing and requesting that the pace of events manifesting on Earth begin to pick up substantially and trust us dear souls, substantially pick up they shall.

You are truly going to be scratching your heads at times and trying to keep up with every fiber of yourselves as so many truths are continually poured into your beautiful minds and spirit complexes through your televisions that such announcements will be coming forth to you on. Once the revelations begin pouring in, there will be no stopping them and this is why we continually remind you that such truths are right around the corner and this is as well why we have begun telling you many of the actions that the dark souls have committed against you and your current society, or rather we tell you many of the actions that you can handle hearing about.

There will be much about these souls that will be a surprise even to the most awakened and opened up of individuals, and the explanations that we have been giving you in relation to these souls and all that they have done are just as measured as the explanations given about many spiritual and scientific things that you would not yet understand and that would have your heads reeling substantially if we even began to attempt to tell you of such things.

Indeed, the most gruesome aspects of the exposure of all that has been done to your world will have to at first only be shown to an ‘audience’ mature enough to handle such truths, but we expect very shortly that as parents view such things and attempt and begin to explain them to their children, the gap of communication between parents and children, between families, will have been shortened as indeed all of humanity is to come together when the true nature of your world is revealed, and this reunion includes individual families as well.

Indeed, there will be souls who will not yet be ready to reunite with their families and we notice that among many of you separation and hate of any kind, form and appearance is still manifested and fed. We recommend you all begin to see not just every person, not just every animal, not just every plant, but every molecule and atom of Creation around you as your dear fellow soul brethren experiencing Life on a different plane of reality, but still experiencing it just as you are.

Oh dear beautiful souls, you feel and perceive separation simply because of differences in skin color, creed and beliefs, but you are United in soul and in spirit with each and every atom around you, with each and every person and seemingly inanimate object that sits before you happily even right now.

You have heard before that you are all giving off energetic impressions and you are all making profound effects on the reality around you. This has always been true, it is simply that at this point this energy is becoming more known to you as the illusory egotistical and physical shells that block your perception from such energetic interactions and happenings are beginning to be transmuted as they fade away, by the very higher dimensional Logos energy coming to your world and through your bodies at this time.

As this physical and societal shell of a structure begins to fade away and be transmuted by the energetic work of each and every one of you, by Gaia, and by many of us angelic souls here in the higher realms, the truths of the energy movements and workings of your world begin to become visible as they naturally should. Of course, this has not yet happened but there are many planned dates along your Cosmic Calendar for these events to happen and trust us dear sous, they are going to be wonderful to view and absorb.

Each and every thing that happens from this point on is to precede the happening of an even greater and more mind-opening as well as mind-boggling event and manifestation.

You are first going to see the arrest of the many dark souls, both figureheads and the actual souls who have been running things, on your TV sets and on your computers. As hard as this may be for some to believe, through our many mediums who are genuine we have contacted head members and supporters of the Occupy movement and of the group known by many as Anonymous (1). These groups have agreed to assist through their own established [internet-based] outlets to happily begin reporting and showing the events of the arrests. We have set up many live streams for computer and internet viewing for when these initial arrests begin to take place.

You are to see the trials on your televisions and on your computers, as by the time these trials begin we will have gained the cooperation of your media fully once again, for as has been said by many your media has not been used to reporting real news for quite some time and will themselves be quite busy. They will however be reporting on these trials and by the time such trials begin we expect to have gained the support of many more websites and such as well.

We can say with happiness in our hearts that the many perceived liberal news organizations and websites which are not too extreme in their beliefs, will happily begin reporting on these events as they unfold and progress with such speed that it will surprise and shock you.

Once these arrests begin and before the initial trials, we are to begin the initial informing of humanity of all that has been done to your world for so very long. As has been expressed before, there are going to be people on your world who turn on their TV sets and see so many people in suits getting arrested, and the people seeing this are going to ask questions and wonder why.

We say worry not, for we will immediately begin the many explanations that we have and of course, the beginning of these explanations will have to be the informing of all that has been done to your world by the core group of elite souls who have gained control and influence over so very many aspects of your world and current societal constructs.

Each and every action that has been committed in the worst interests of humanity is going to be explained and re-explained upon the trials of these souls. These trials are going to be fair and the actions committed against humanity are going to be presented in an unbiased manner, though by the sheer intensity and negativity of all that you will be told, it will not seem to be unbiased.

While the trials of these souls are going to be very interesting, after such trials are over and these souls begin Living out their karmic payment, most likely by existing in many lower dimensional places and situations where they will experience extreme hardships due to the hardships that so many on your world have had to feel, many more astonishing and eye opening announcements are going to begin that are going to explain the more spiritual and esoteric aspects  of what we have to inform you of; such as our existence and the existence of your Space Family, and the ascension of Earth as well as the ascension of the entire Universe.

As you can see, we have split up the announcements into sections that you will be better able to understand, fathom and feel, and the more physical aspects of this entire announcement phase as a whole will be explained before the trials of your dark, whereas the explanations of ascension and many other things [of a similar nature] will be saved for after the trials.

Of course, there will be rudimentary and introductory announcements in relation to ascension and the existence of us many Angels as well as your Star Family who are themselves Angels, but for the most part the most startling things in relation to these subjects that even many awakening souls do not yet know, will have to be saved for until after you view the trials of the dark heads on your world and after you have collectively began to absorb the truths of all that has been done to you.

We must correct a bit of a false assumption by some; that is that on December 21st your entire world is to change and automatically become the glorious Eden that has been spoken of so very much.

This is not quite so, as while the end of your year 2012 is to be a significant turning point and start-up for the most glorious and awesome aspects of your ascension as a planet into ever purer realms of consciousness, we would rather have you look toward the many Cosmic dates that have been spoken of such as December of your current year as beginnings of the end of the lower dimensions and duality on your world, because this is indeed what these many dates are and have been signifying.

Your Mayans in the spirit realms Created another Calendar that far surpassed your year 2012, and in this Calendar they Created significant and genuine signs and symbols that symbolized perfectly the wonderful, ascended Earth.

Of course you have not seen such Calendars or prophecies because they were not Created in your physical and were rather Created in the ‘underworlds’ as the Mayan souls who Created these etheric calendars that we speak of knew that your Earth as well as they would soon be transcending physicality; your Earth upon ascending into purer states of consciousness starting with the end of your year 2012, and them when either ascending as many of them did, or when leaving their Lives through death as many more did.

Such souls felt it appropriate to continue the Calendar not so that any other Earthly civilizations could see and possibly benefit from it as they Created such things after moving on from physicality, but for their own personal amusement and enjoyment as these souls dearly Loved tracking the cycles of your sun and various planets, and they Loved measuring and studying many things in relation to this as well.

As always dear souls, our ‘time’ has been fleeting but we have vastly enjoyed inhabiting the mental and emotional channels of each and every one of you who are reading this message and feeling our energies. We ask you with Love in our hearts to call upon us if needed, for we Lovingly and welcomingly travel to and inhabit the channels of any soul who wishes us to be with them. We are with each and every one of you, and so very soon we will be with you in your physical, or rather you will be with us in our Heavenly astral.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

(1) – Some may think that the Ascended Masters would not contact and work with the Anonymous group because they have called the public to bring forth change in less than peaceful means in the past, but just as there are many Earth Allies involved in the changes who still possess seemingly lower or negative attributes or perspectives, Anonymous has as well fallen into the trap so to speak of trying to get change enacted from a more fed-up perspective than a perspective of remembering that Peace is the most important aspect of this entire event.

In my view, such ego constraints should not get in the way of one gaining contact with and acting under the guidance of any ascended soul, in this case the Ascended Masters. Anonymous’ involvement in the initial arrests as stated in this message are that they are to act as a media conduit for the broadcasting of the arrests; nothing more, nothing less. I personally see no violence or negativity in that but if some choose to believe that the Ascended Masters would not contact a group with much influence simply because of their own missteps in calling for action, then that is ok as we are all going to have different opinions and points of view on different minute issues.

Either way, these changes are in effect, and this is something that can be agreed upon by all.

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UPDATED By WeatherBug Meteorologist, Andrew Rosenthal

UPDATED 12:30 AM CST, January 22, 2012

The weather will have a decidedly spring-like feel across the Lower Mississippi Valley, as an outbreak of severe thunderstorms is poised to develop later today. The outbreak will be reminiscent of those seen in 2011, with gusty winds, hail and tornadoes all possible.

Thunderstorms will develop across Arkansas and Louisiana, quickly becoming severe as they cross the Mississippi River into Tennessee and Mississippi. The strongest storms will be found later this evening across the Mid-South where the storms are able to tap into unseasonably humid air.

These storms will strike western Tennessee, eastern Arkansas and northern Mississippi with a fury similar to the storms of 2011. Strong tornadoes, wind gusts of 70 to 80 mph and large hail are all possible today across this region, including Memphis, and Greenville, Miss. Due to the threat of these dangerous storms, the government`s Storm Prediction Center has considered this a Moderate Risk for some of the most dangerous storms.

Beyond this bulls-eye for storm activity, the thunderstorm threat will expand into the Ohio Valley and across the South. Locations from Louisiana to southern Indiana and southwestern Ohio could be at risk for a strong to severe thunderstorm capable of producing 60 mph winds, hail and even a weaker tornado. Cities such as Baton Rouge, La., Jackson, Miss., Birmingham, Ala., Nashville, Tenn., Paducah and Louisville, Ky., Evansville, Ind., and Cincinnati could see a strong thunderstorm this evening or overnight.

Today`s storms won`t come together until late in the day, delaying the storm threat from developing until after sunset. Remember: severe storms and tornadoes at night can be particularly dangerous, as they are harder to see and thus have a reduced warning time. Take the time during the day today to make sure your shelter is ready so that you can quickly act when storms come knocking on your door after dark.

An area of low pressure will surge eastward from the Rockies today, crossing from the Plains into the Mississippi Valley. The low will quickly access warm and humid air building along the Gulf Coast, while also dragging along a pool of cold, Canadian air behind the storm. By this evening, these two air masses will meet and the results will be explosive.

The dynamics for today`s storm threat are much more typical of March or April than mid-to-late January. The low is part of the same storm system that has been responsible for all of the snow in the western U.S., and its exit into the Rockies with all of its energy intact has allowed it to prepare to roar into the central U.S. Fed by multiple jet streams, the same winds that will roar into the Mississippi Valley will force the low pressure responsible for the storms to make a quick turn to the north, scooting across the Great Lakes and into Canada.

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The Year Without A Winter In Midwest, East?

Low Snow Could Foreshadow Spring Drought -- The Biggest Impact On Food Prices

Unusual Jet Stream Patterns Blocking Snow

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Winter Storm Watches and Warnings from North Carolina to Maine, up to 10 inches expected in the Appalachian mountains. More on the atmospheric "bomb" below...

*The Hurricane Irene comparison? On August 26, 2011 Irene reached a central pressure of 942 millibars. Since Tuesday, computer models have shown that this storm will rapidly deepen in the overnight hours. The anticipated drop in central pressure is projected to be over 24 millibars in a 24 hour period. This is the unofficial criteria for an "atmospheric bomb" or "bombogenesis" which is a meteorological slang along the eastern seaboard. The October 2011 Northeast U.S. snowstorm is the most recent example of this phenomena.

‎7:45 AM EST 12/7/11
MID-ATLANTIC STORM UPDATE Overnight, computer models and forecasters alike came to a consensus that the influence of powerful upper level low is going to fire off a rapidly deepening coastal "bomb" at the surface. By tonight, an explosively developing storm along the Virginia Capes will begin to move northeastward. As a result, areas up to 200 miles west of the storm may be impacted by "dynamical cooling" which will be responsible for generating snow in this early season event, even into the major metro areas of Baltimore and Washington as well as much of the Central Appalachians by tonight.

Evidence of the National Weather Service's concern for this potential are the surprisingly widespread Winter Weather Advisories, Watches and now even Warnings from North Carolina to Maine. Current advisories 

TIMING & IMPACTS Precipitation has already entered over most of the region with rain possibly heavy at times today. A change over to snow is expected from west to east across the region tonight, beginning around 3 pm in the central Appalachians. Rain in the I-81 corridor is expected to change over to snow around 8 pm and progressing north and east through the overnight hours. 

The 95 corridor and adjacent counties in Maryland may start to see snowflakes after 1 am then a brief period of snow is possible over I-95 from Wilmington, DE to NYC. Precipitation is expected to depart from southwest to northeast starting near 3 am in central MD, with the back end of precipitation departing the interior Mid-Atlantic by mid morning and coastal areas by noon. 


Influence of heavy rainfall prior and lack of substantially cold air drives our low projections for the I-95 corridor. For the most part, right along I-95 and to the south and east, we expect a coating to an inch. To the north and west of I-95, accumulations will likely remain from 1-2 inches. Once you get north and west of northern VA, Frederick, MD, Westminster, MD, and Lancaster, PA, accumulations are expected to range from 2-4 inches. 


The I-81 corridor and just to the north is expected to receive some accumulating snow, likely 2-4 inches with some isolated spots to 6 inches from northern VA through Hagerstown, MD, Harrisburg, PA. North of Harrisburg, the region may see a general 3-6 inches, but higher elevations could see accumulations of approaching 10 inches. Other than that, highest amounts are expected in the mountains of West Virginia, northern Virginia, and western Maryland with a general 3-6 inches expected in that area along with isolated amounts of up to 8 inches.

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Posted on July 8, 2011 by The Extinction Protocol .....I found this interesting because of the locations of recent earthquakes.
July 8, 2011 – How do we do this? The planet’s internal gradient is increasing and this means more chaotic conditions are in store for our planet. Among the most visible of these will include further deterioration of the planet’s magnetic field, the collapse of climate stability and the occurrence of more adverse weather extremes, hypervolcanism, and increased tectonic related earthquakes. Thermal energy is a driving force behind tectonic plate movements and so is magma plumes as I discussed in my book and as science has only recently concluded this week. If we look at the earthquakes occurring at Etna, the increased seismic and volcanic activity under Iceland’s divergent rift, the earthquakes in Southeast Australia, the rapid formation of storms in the Eastern Pacific north of Galapagos, and the 5.3 magnitude earthquake on the Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge- we find two important common denominators in all these events: They are all happening simultaneously and they are all occurring around magma plumes. Increased activity at the magma plume at Eritrea and the subsequent eruption of the Nabro volcano is another indication this process is accelerating. (See African hotspot below)
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQy7j0i_o7NLEkFoe_cBL3HRNtRYLRftvXdMW2kQ6MvEpbZhXSTsQIncreased activity at magma plumes:If magma levels within the Earth’s crust are precipitously rising due to fluctuations in the thermal gradient- then pressures would be greatest at mantle plumes and the deepest fissures and faults in the earth will become more active. Technically, that’s what we’re beginning to see at agitated seismic fault zones across the planet…shallow plumes of magma are deep fissures in the earth’s surface which would be early flashpoint indicators of expanding uniform magma levels.” -The Extinction Protocol, page 564, 566
Plume activity and magnetic reversal: Some scientists, such as Richard A. Muller, believe that geomagnetic reversals are not spontaneous processes but rather are triggered by external events that directly disrupt the flow in the Earth’s core. Proposals include impact events or internal events such as the arrival of continental slabs carried down into the mantle by the action of plate tectonics at subduction zones or the initiation of new mantle plumes from the core-mantle boundary. –Wikipedia
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