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5.3 Magnitude Earthquake SSE of Hasaki, Japan

Earth Watch Report - Earthquakes

M5.3 - 58km SSE of Hasaki, Japan 2012-11-16 08:25:57 UTC


Earthquake location 35.231°N, 141.046°E

Event Time

  1. 2012-11-16 08:25:57 UTC
  2. 2012-11-16 17:25:57 UTC+09:00 at epicenter
  3. 2012-11-16 02:25:57 UTC-06:00 system time


35.231°N 141.046°E depth=34.6km (21.5mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 58km (36mi) SSE of Hasaki, Japan
  2. 60km (37mi) E of Ohara, Japan
  3. 64km (40mi) SSE of Asahi, Japan
  4. 68km (42mi) SE of Yokaichiba, Japan
  5. 132km (82mi) ESE of Tokyo, Japan
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5.7 Magintude Earthquake Papua New Guinea

Earth Watch Report - Earthquakes

M5.7 - 168km SE of Lorengau, Papua New Guinea 2012-11-15 08:21:49 UTC


Earthquake location 3.250°S, 148.176°E


Event Time

  1. 2012-11-15 08:21:49 UTC
  2. 2012-11-15 18:21:49 UTC+10:00 at epicenter
  3. 2012-11-15 02:21:49 UTC-06:00 system time


3.250°S 148.176°E depth=9.9km (6.2mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 168km (104mi) SE of Lorengau, Papua New Guinea
  2. 300km (186mi) WSW of Kavieng, Papua New Guinea
  3. 335km (208mi) NW of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea
  4. 342km (213mi) NE of Madang, Papua New Guinea
  5. 693km (431mi) N of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
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5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Alaska

Earth Watch Report - Earthquake

M5.6 - 41km SSE of Attu Station, Alaska 2012-11-15 11:22:22 UTC


Earthquake location 52.485°N, 173.354°E

Event Time

  1. 2012-11-15 11:22:22 UTC
  2. 2012-11-15 01:22:22 UTC-10:00 at epicenter
  3. 2012-11-15 05:22:22 UTC-06:00 system time


52.485°N 173.354°E depth=30.0km (18.7mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 41km (25mi) SSE of Attu Station, Alaska
  2. 992km (616mi) E of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia
  3. 1009km (627mi) E of Vilyuchinsk, Russia
  4. 1010km (628mi) E of Yelizovo, Russia
  5. 3205km (1991mi) W of Whitehorse, Canada
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I Hate to Say It- PERMANENT Climate Destruction Has Started.

Update with Hurricane- Super Storm -Perfect Storm Sandy

Follow the youtube link below to watch the BBC TV Prime Time Special, featuring Doug Copp predicting these (now common) unprecedented weather events (10 years ago).

Watch this Video and understand the floods ravaging the USA and Canada, were predicted. Doug Copp, in this Award Winning BBC Special, is featured along with 3 of the world’s leading scientists explaining your present and YOUR FUTURE with these ‘soon to be’ normal events. Get used to destructive weather.

This video is a mock-up of the evening news, from 2050. It is a 2050 Evening TV NEWS special/ documentary explaining what happened in the world from 2000 to 2050. This BBC program was the ‘biggest budget special’ when it was produced. In spite of money invested, Political Pressure ‘squashed the program’ for fear of people rioting for reform.

Hurricane Sandy, type of events, will be occurring on a routine basis; as part of, nature’s rebellion to man’s unquenchable greed.

Title Posted on another Doug Copp Blog during September, 2012

I hate to say it but ‘all the doom and gloom’ folks are right.

Latest Fact:

Last night, on Canadian TV they showed a map of the Arctic Ice disappearing. The ice cap shrank 50% this year and is projected to be entirely disappeared in 2 YEARS.

Personally, I went sailing, with a friend,  last week. It was too hot. It felt like the Caribbean. I wore a short sleeve t shirt.


We are experiencing a massively life threatening..permanent heat wave.

The famous ..but historically non existent northwest passage, searched for, by the world’s explorers, as a route to China, for hundreds of NOW OPEN!

Canada is rushing to build naval ships to protect it’s sovereignty . The Prime Minister is going there create Inuit ( old name Eskimo)  police Forces…and much more…like planned ports and cities.

Not only is there NO ICE across the top of the world, from the Atlantic to the Pacific; but Cruise Liners are going thru. Even private sailboats are going thru. It is now a sailing destination.

Cities are planned on the new beaches.

Can you believe that the SAME  Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) who is preparing to protect this OIL RICH AREA ; who comes from a dried up, drought ridden, crop destroyed part of the NEW DESERT Central North America.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mitt Romney are STILL DENYING CLIMATE CHANGE!

 Harper IS A CONSERVATIVE OIL MAN (just like George Bush. OIL COMPANIES  hired HIM, AS THEIR MAN, 15 YEARS AGO when they started paying him as their lobbyist.).. Greed for OIL $$$ at the point of destroying all forms of life, on this planet.


Where do these greedy bastards plan to live? What are they going to drink? What are they going to eat? What are they going to breathe? Where are they going to get their servants?

They might have fortunes but they are among the stupidest, greediest bastards, who ever terrorized the earth,

Palm trees in the ARTIC? Massive and total migration of people’s from most of the USA?

Interdependent species (like us all) are going extinct and have gone extinct..disease from insects is spreading to warmer areas to kill plants, trees and people (West Nile). I have documented hundreds of cases of supporting evidence; since, I was featured in the BBC Network, Prime Time, feature TV program. ( see the previous blog on Hurricane Isaac being predicted 10 years ago, by myself.)

Last week, on local TV, a shocked and stunned tidal fisherman asked: “What will the fishermen do, for lobster bait. ” He was standing in front of his exposed (low tide) 300 ft long net fence. He said that he normally had thousands of herring. Now, he has NONE. NOT A SINGLE FISH! (His herring are sold to Lobstermen, for trap bait).

What he didn’t comprehend is the big picture:

“Lobsters feed on dead fish. They are the vultures of the oceans. They have been thriving.

Now, with no more herring or other fish to die, for their food, then they will die too.”

We are at the point that the vultures are about to starve to death..

I never thought I would think this; but, as I come to an end of my struggling to stay alive with my 911 injuries:

I remember a childhood Quote from Long John Silver, the pirate:

“Them that dies are the lucky ones!”.

All attacks should be directed at: Doug Copp, personally

563 Charlotte St, Sydney, Nova Scotia,Canada (H)

1-902-567-1227 (H) (H)

The stupidity is utterly amazing. It is ONLY surpassed by the level of greed required by someone who would  destroy their own planet, for profit.

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1 mile under the 911 rubble . NYC 2001.

When the Saudi Arabian terrorists smashed the 747′s into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. They started a ‘chain of events’ which has dominated; almost every second, of my life.

On September 12 th, 2001, I ‘sucked in my breath’ and crawled into a pile of rubble  which already contained the corpses of 340 rescuers . I found a little hole and crawled for 1 1/2 miles, most of the time, on my hands and knees. I went 6 levels deep. I went past the area that FEMA refused to enter. They painted a sign on a collapsed beam. “Do not enter unstable” I crawled under that beam into an area of Hell. The air was black from burned jet fuel and the particulate of computers, furniture, carpets, walls, people..everything had been turned into ‘particles in the air.

On September 12th. I was kneeling over the toilet, convulsing, vomiting. I was coughing up blood. My nose was bleeding. I was soaked with fever. Peter Donahue, was with me when a Doctor/ intimate friend of Thompson Lang ( one of the most evil people, in America) told me don’t worry about it.

I got up off the floor and went back to work, as a volunteer. I went back down into the rubble 3 more times. This was the beginning of a battle to survive which continues, to this day. I became poisoned. My skin, eyes, lungs and sinus soaked poison, into my body. The descriptive list of poisons, that the Laboratories have found in my body is 35 pages long. Many of the poisons are at astronomical levels. I have enough lead, in my body, for 492 people to legally qualify for ‘lead poisoning’ compensation, according to the Laws of New York.

Many things happened at 911 which were NOT made public. David Letterman, Jay Leno and many others made much about the American Red Cross stealing the 6 billion dollars that they were supposed to give to victims. They kept they always do.

Few people know about the billions of dollars in ‘things’ ARC kept. BMW SUV’s, computers..many things..but most importantly the 750,000 dollars in respirators that they kept in their New Jersey Whorehouse, for later sale. 3MCorporation donated them, to ARC, for the rescuers.


I was  personally told this, 2 years, later, by the President of 3M.

I became deathly ill. More dead than alive. 47 simultaneous medical diseases and symptoms simultaneously. My IQ went from 164 to less than 70 ( They can’t measure an IQ any lower than 70.) I couldn’t speak; didn’t know my own name; didn’t know how to take a shower etc etc etc..

My enemies, primarily Thompson Lang ( who I had refused to provide a Rescue Badge; so that his newspaper could have exclusive media access to the 911 restricted area; consequently, expanding his $140 million inherited fortune and become the ’cause celebre of the media world’) and the bureaucrats, and insurance companies who opposed ‘the triangle of life’ because it was cheaper, less trouble and more profitable (for shareholder return) to let the school children die ( duck and cover) ; rather than, survive (triangle of life).
I was literally beaten and pulverized into the dirt. My illness made me helpless. Thompson Lang published 702..yes, Seven Hundred and two Documented lies. The analysis and ‘proof’ of these lies exceeded 1,000 pages.

My attorneys,  spent 3 years trying to get Lang to be cross-examined. Lang brags that he ‘controls’ every elected official, in the State of New Mexico. That he (thru his Newspaper and fortune) dominates, bullies, threatens and bribes every elected official. He spent more than 1 million in legal fees; however, he escaped from our $131,000,000.00 lawsuit; never was questioned; never was exposed; never ‘came to justice’. He remains a virtual Dictator of New Mexico. Now, I know that Lang was telling the truth when he bragged about being the ‘most powerful man, in New Mexico.


Nevertheless, Thompson Lang and the Presidents of the Insurance Companies who endanger the lives of schoolchildren and cause their deaths; to increase and maximize profit will burn in Hell. I believe that the truth always comes out, justice is always done, in the afterlife if not on earth.

Anyway, I am sick every day. I struggle, to stay alive. My IQ has risen to 144 and I am blessed to have wonderful people, in my life; including, my incredible wife who took care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself.

By the way, I got compensation from becoming permanently disabled at 911. I got an average of $1.40 per hour for lost income and I got enough money to pay for 1/100th of my actual medical expenses. I moved to Canada to ‘save my life’. Health Care is a basic human right, in Canada. Nobody is allowed to die form lack of medical care. In Canada it is considered murder to allow 911 rescuers to die from lack of medical care or money to pay for it.
and some other UNKNOWN facts.

The Victim’s Compensation Fund (Special Mater Feinberg) gave the least money to the widow of a Mexican cook, killed in the rubble. His widow got $500, to compensate for her husband’s death.

Feinberg gave the most money to a young woman who was also a member of his Long Island Jewish Community. She was a passerby who had a temporary injury to her leg. She got $6.4 million.

Below is a reprint of a previous post, to my BLOG. It contains many more UNKNOWN 911 FACTS.

Sept 10,2012.

Doug Copp


1 mile under the 911 rubble . NYC 2001.

ARTI and Doug Copp*** Minute by Minute*** Timeline at 911

You will read some amazing things:

1) You will find evidence concerning Eric Wade, one of Thompson Lang’s gang who had already been sanctioned by the New York Stock Exchange, go berserk by screaming at and then repeatedly punching the corpse of a New York City Firefighter ; as he lay, in an ambulance outside of the Roosevelt Island Fire Station, NYC.

2) Members of the Chicago Fire Dept, who Doug Copp took in his van and used Copp’s credentials to allow entry into the 911 security zone; actually caught members of the FBI..RED HANDED..smashing glass jewelry cases, in the underground shopping mall, and stuffing their pockets with gold Rolex watches. Guns were pulled. Lives and jobs were threatened. A  world globe encrusted with jewels was taken and later showed up at FBI Headquarters, in Washington, DC. This became a big news an honest FBI Agent exposed the theft to the media. The Globe was given to a museum. The gold watches stolen by the FBI Agents disappeared.

3) Read about the disgusting behavior of Thompson Lang, owner of the Albuquerque Journal, his unscrupulous assistant Leslie Linthicum and his gang of cutthroats, thieves and liars.

Here it is, Minute by minute:

A Timeline of Doug Copp’s Activities relating to 911 During the fall of 2001. The Timeline starts on Sept 11; continues thru, the second mission to 911, during November and ends when The ARTI search ends in December 2001.

The following are some of the activities of my everyday routine, during September 2001. (It is followed by a specific bullet list of additional activities I undertook on a specific basis for each specific day I worked at 911):

Basic Functions: at 911, time allocated; typically, a total of 5 -6 hours per day:

**Ate food and insured that active ARTI members had food. I never spent more than a total of 20 minutes per day eating food. Always stood up while eating and carried on active work and project evaluation, mitigation and future schedule activities and problem solving while eating.

** I went to use the toilet no more than 5 minutes per day.

** I had a shower every 2nd or third day except when I was very greasy from toxins. This lasted for 10-15 minutes.

** I went to a restaurant only once in 12 days; although, it was free.

** I didn’t sleep for first few days. I slept 3-4 hours per day for a total of 23 hours during my entire NYC Time.

** Transportation: 1-2 hours per day ( Lang had our hotel farther away from the rubble than Peter Donohue (ARTI-NYC) had arranged. This was a big fight but my volunteer driver was getting very upset so I caved-in to Lang and Linthicum’s demand.)

My everyday routine other than basic functions took up to 5-7 hours per 24 hour period.

**Coordinated, arranged driving and operational transportation schedule for all ARTI personnel with ARTI Police Driver to and from Ground Zero on a repetitive basis and any other isolated trip to places; such as, Roosevelt Island NYFD Headquarters or etc.

**Communicated with Bill Reeves, ARTI Manager Daily Report on activities of all ARTI members. Problems, obstacles, goals, achievements, projections, schedules and efforts to get experienced personnel into 911.

**Sent update to Vince, ARTI webmaster to be disseminated to all ARTI members who were anxiously waiting for updates.

**Communicated with ARTI New York City Personnel and supporters.

**Communicated with members of NYFD, NYPD and other relevant organizations who were actually involved in a positive way to mitigate 911

** I kept all equipment serviced, charged, repaired and maintained. My room was completely filled with equipment.

**Contacted Hotel desk for messages left for ARTI Command Center.

** Received and acted upon all messages, dealings, concerns and activities of ARTI and all ARTI members while at 911.

** Trained ARTI personnel and others; such as, NYPD, Chicago FD with relevant information so that they would not be killed, injured or harmed while at 911.

** Attempted to enforce good conduct by reporting on malfeasance of FEMA and others; such as, filing a NYC Police report after we caught the FBI looting watches and jewelry from a damaged jewelry store under the rubble.

** When relevant and necessary: Located and informed ARTI members of logistics, support, caches of food and water, and escape route should we be trapped under the rubble.

** As required, on a daily basis: Met with members of NYFD.

** As required, on a daily basis:  Met with members of NYPD.

** Either met personally with relevant political 911 participants; such as, New York City Police Commissioner Kerrick or arranged for ARTI personnel to meet with them to acquire their assistance with ARTI work; such as, Efrain Huamann meeting with Governor Pataki.

** Attempted to enlist the maximum possible ARTI participation in 911 by either arranging for ARTI members like Efrain Huamann to come to NYC or unsuccessfully attempting to get other members; such as, The National Fire Dept of Peru to participate.

**Worked to stop FEMA from self glorification and preventing rescue, recovery by real rescue and disaster mitigation personnel

**Warned members of NYPD, NYFD and many other organizations that FEMA would try to exclude, prevent or otherwise destroy their efforts to save lives, recover victims and help people.

**Insured that ARTI members were not showing signs of ptsd and if so had proper care given or rest.

**Took active steps to calm or assist the General Population with coping with tragedy.

**Met with ARTI members and supporters who would assist in 2 nd phase of general population ability to cope.

**Assisted the Spanish speaking community to cope.

**Assisted the Chicago FD to help with 911 efforts.

** Planning 911 rescue activities.

** arranging for the casualty locator to be used to locate dead victims, whenever, time permitted from busy schedule of locating survivors and helping the survivors cope.

** I met with Politicians, Police and Fire Chiefs, Community Leaders and media on a constant basis; as required, to gain support to achieve the ARTI mission.

Searching for live or dead victims at 911, took 8 to 12 hours per day.

**Searched the outside of rubble for a possible subterranean entrance where victims may be located.

** Searched inside the rubble when it was warranted to do so.

The Problems created by Lang and his entourage typically wasted 2-3 hours per day:

**** Insured that supporters of ARTI work at 911 were content, problems were mitigated and ARTI ‘s Reputation was not tarnished because of : 1)  Steve Lentz drinking bouts and fights, 2) Miller’s nervous dilemma by having Vietnam flashbacks and his preoccupation with pleasing Lang and getting some of his money, 3) John Grace’s cowardice, 4) Eric Wade’s cowardice and flight from NYC due to malfeasance, 5) Mike Holley’s attempt to sneak into 911, his demands that I help him so that his lover ( we presumed) , T. Lang could paint him as a hero, 6) Thompson Lang’s outrageous and public outbursts and insults against myself, ARTI,  NYFD, NYPD and any and all victims who were witnesses to his contempt, disrespect and lack of empathy for everyone involved with the 911 tragedy. This was an enormous burden to carry on a daily basis and took time away from my efforts to satisfy my duty to my conscience and my responsibilities to ARTI and the 911 victims. This burden started before the plane left New Mexico and never ended until I was finally rid of them after throwing Lang and his gang out of my room and I had incorrectly thought ‘out of my life’. I have come to realize that Lang created a problem, outburst, or a demand every single time I met him.

Sept 11

**The attack on America begins.

**Contacted by Idi Callahan of Fox news and asked when I would be arriving and what I would be doing at 911. I started to prepare for a tidal wave of activity. As Miller described in the video, usually 2 calls simultaneously but at one point I had 3 simultaneous phone calls. I placed the phones in front of me and spoke to everyone at the same time.

** started to pack 3 expedition bags of equipment ( weighing 200 lb.) and the O3 Emergency DeTox System which was composed of 3 trunks of equipment and weighed 150 lbs. a total of 450 lb.

** I made arrangements and detailed my drive to 911 if I had NOT received approval to fly by tomorrow, at the latest.

** Contacted by Miller re traveling to 911 and that he would take care of all arrangements; since, I was newly arrived to area and he claimed to ‘know everyone’. I had many calls from Miller who was arranging for Political support from Congresswoman Heather Wilson, The Director of the FAA, a US Air Force General at the Air Base in ABQ. He told me that he knew the owner of the Albuquerque journal who should be willing to fly me to 911.

**Contacted by Peter Donahue. Gave instructions to peter to arrange for logistics –material support. I gave specific instructions regarding a Van and an Official Driver; who would be at our complete disposal during 911…24 hours per day. Also, I told Peter to get a Hotel donated to the team that would be close to 911, a place to put our gear and setup my room or a room as a Command Center and equipment storage and treatment Center.

**Steve Lentz came to my home.

** Miller faxed or emailed me a doc, for me to sign, which would help him use my ARTI documents to obtain co-operation from Governmental Officials.

** Arranged for liaison with ARTI-Member Rob Verhauf to drive from Wisconsin FD to 911..

**As Mike Miller stated in his video I was receiving phone calls from ARTI members and other rescuers from around the USA and the world who wanted to join with me at 911.

** I spoke with Randy Haverd who was driving with his team from Texas. We arranged to rendezvous at 911. I asked him to contact his friend Dr DuPuy to arrange White House assistance if any only if it was necessary (which I told him I did Not think it would be necessary.) I reminded Randy that FEMA would try to prevent rescue but it would be very difficult for them; since, 911 was a much more difficult area for FEMA to control the media, the local authorities and to squash rescue than OK City was. I told him that NYFD and NYPD would NOT let their friends die. He agreed. (NB.Chief Norman who Linthicum portrays as a NYFD Fire Chief and falsely claimed that he was in charge of ALL 911 rescue and recovery operations actually writes in a FEMA magazine that the NYFD and NYPD Officers nearly rioted when he exercised his authority as a FEMA Officer in excluding the NYFD and NYPD from working at 911 and making it a FEMA only event. ( I have a copy of this article.)

**I packed all the major pieces of equipment need for a 15 member rescue team which I had expected to join me. This included equipment for processing hundreds of Urban Heavy Rescuer Personnel per day with one of my inventions the O3 Emergency DeTox Unit. The fact that I had equipment for 15 personnel and FEMA prevented them from working at 911 created a great problem for me, logistically, to transport the equipment back to ABQ.

** I am NOT sure if Lang called me or whether it was Miller. I do NOT think Lang called; however, I have a vague recollection of speaking with someone concerning the flight.

Sept 12

**Went to local TV Station to talk about NM participation at 911 and to put pressure on Government Officials to arrange for clearance for flight. Mike Miller arranged for this interview.

**** Continued to pack 3 expedition bags of equipment (weighing 200 lb.) and the O3 Emergency DeTox System which was composed of 3 trunks of equipment and weighed 150 lbs. a total of 450 lb.

** I continued to make arrangements and detailed my drive to 911 if I had NOT received approval to fly by tonight. Had made arrangements to pick up Rob Verhauf enroute to 911 if I was driving by car.

** Communicated with Miller re traveling to 911 and that he would take care of all arrangements; since, I was newly arrived to area and he claimed to ‘know everyone’. I had many calls from Miller who was arranging for Political support from Congresswoman Heather Wilson, The Director of the FAA, a US Air Force General at the Air Base in ABQ. He told me that he knew the owner of the Albuquerque journal who should be willing to fly me to 911.

**More pre arrival work with Peter Donahue. Gave instructions to Peter to arrange for logistics –material support. I gave specific instructions regarding a Van and an Official Driver; who would be at our complete disposal during 911…24 hours per day. Also, I told Peter to get a Hotel donated to the team that would be close to 911, a place to put our gear and setup my room or a room as a Command Center and equipment storage and treatment Center.

**Steve Lentz came to my home to go to the airport.

**As Mike Miller stated in his video I was receiving phone calls from ARTI members and other rescuers from around the USA and the world who wanted to join with me at 911.

** I continued to communicate with Randy Haverd who was driving with his team from Texas. We arranged to rendezvous at 911. I asked him to contact his friend Dr DuPuy to arrange White House assistance if any only if it was necessary (which I told him I did Not think it would be necessary.) I reminded Randy that FEMA would try to prevent rescue but it would be very difficult for them; since, 911 was a much more difficult area for FEMA to control the media, the local authorities and to squash rescue than OK City was.

** Mike Holley came to my home.

Sept 13

** Paulina drove me to airport in the middle of the night.

** arrived at NM Airport

** I stopped at a mailbox and mailed a postcard to myself. This was a tradition with me. The postcard said: “Dear Doug: Congratulations. You made it back alive.” I got into a habit of doing this because I would come back from disasters, broke, sick and traumatized. It helped to cheer me up and overcome my own ptsd.

**Lang gave me dirty looks and sneers because I was driving an old car and he didn’t like my shorts.

**The plane wasn’t ready to leave. It was necessary to wait for an hour. I waited, on the tarmac outside of the plane with my wife, Paulina Copp. Lang started an argument on the tarmac because he wanted exclusive media control of 911. he refused to permit the TV crew which Miller had arranged on the plane. I was forced to allow Lang to prevent an objective media presence at 911 or walk to NYC.

** Miller informed me that Lang would not speak with me directly because Lang was too important. If I wanted to communicate with Lang then I had to do it through Miller who had taken on the role of working for Lang. He asserts his authority in the video provided by Lang’s attorneys. Miller, also, declares, in the video that Lang was in absolute charge of the flight.

** Miller, also, states that he was going to be in charge of all political matters and that he had made arrangements to go with the New York Police Dept at the Javitz Center. After we arrived he actually went, against my strongest objections, to see FEMA NOT the NYPD.

** I told everyone that someone was working thru the night to get the support of Gov Pataki and the White House, if necessary. This was TRUE. Dr Du Puy, a high ranking member of the Republican Party who had asked me to provide a situation report on the 2001 earthquake in El Salvador for Andrew Card Jr and for Bush was working on these efforts on behalf of myself and ‘HIS GLORY’, for Randy Haverd.

**I used the time in the aircraft to brief everyone on safety and security issues which would be required for their personal protection while at 911. This briefing was interrupted and stopped by Lang’s demands that he be the center of attention and be in charge. I was told by Mike Miller that Lang had told him that Lang didn’t want me to speak to anyone on the plane. I thought this to be very weird and not understandable.

**Lang prohibited ‘fair media’ from observing his misbehavior at 911 by prohibiting them from aircraft. In the video, the film crew had arrived with and were filming Miller and Wade before I ever got to the ABQ Airport.

**arrived at Teaneneck Airport for 911

** Quoting Peter Donahue: “Doug spent time overcoming Lang’s demands that he would not use the donated van which was arranged by ARTI-NYC Liaison Officer Peter Donahue. Lang insisted that someone of his eminence required a limousine and a mere van was not good enough for him. I overcame his objections and delays; in order, to get to work. Now, that I was in NYC and could go to work it was not necessary to cow tail to Lang’s offensive demands.”

** Conflict with Lang and Linthicum in ARTI Van re Lang changing Hotel to 5 star. This was to cost me 15 hours of time in which I could have either slept or did ‘rescue work.’

I quote Peter Donahue’s affidavit: “Originally I had arranged for the team to stay for free in donated rooms at an inexpensive motel in Long Island City. I chose this motel because it was the closest and most convenient for ARTI to have as a command center, located near the Brooklyn Queens Expressway with ready access to Manhattan. The choice of this place would make ARTI’s contribution to the WTC rescue most effective. Doug said: “Let’s get to the motel. Drop off our equipment and get to work.” Upon finding out that the motel was not first class, and was not located near the tourist sites and entertainment center of Manhattan, both Lithicum and Lang said: “Let’s go to the Marriot Marquis.”  At this time, Mike Miller, who I understood to be working with Lang as liaison with ARTI but later found out he was actually working for Lang, agreed with Lang. I responded to Lang, Lithicum and Miller by asking them: “Does it really matter where we stay?” They continued to insist that they wanted to stay in Manhattan. Steve, the volunteer driver, pulled over to the side of the road and said: “Make your minds up!”  Doug was irritated and wanted to get to work.  Doug said: “Fuck it, Let them have what they want, I just want to get to work.”  I agreed with Doug and wanted the same. We drove to the Marriot Marquis. Miller went into the Marriot and arranged for the rooms to be donated while we waited outside. I felt and still feel that Lang’s behavior was inappropriate. I understood that Miller arranged for Lang and his reporters to get their rooms for free too, because they were pretending to be “rescue specialists” so they could gain site access.  The only true “rescue specialist” there was Doug Copp.”

**I checked into the Marriott Hotel at approx 1 pm.

**I set up the command center, checked into the hotel and gave the hotel my credit card as a deposit.

** Notified Hotel of Command Center status

**Contacted ARTI Manager and informed him of location of Command Center

**Set up equipment at Command Center

**Started Charging Batteries at Command Center

** I went down to the Van to leave.

**Lang wasted more of my time by going off and site seeing while I was waiting for everyone to return to the Van and go to Ground Zero. I got very angry and expressed my anger over his wasting my time getting to rescue .


**I quote Peter Donahue: “We drove the van to ground Zero. Lang wasted more of my rescue time by exerting his ‘control’ over everyone present and ordered Miller to go into FEMA headquarters. This was done against my demands and was “another power play by Lang.”. I was ready to go to work inside of ground Zero and I was stopped because I was required to go get Miller out of FEMA Headquarters. I quote peter Donahue’s affidavit: “Once we checked in at the Marriott, around 3 pm, we made our way to the Javitz Convention Center to seek official permission to enter the Ground Zero area and perform rescue and recovery work.  The Javitz Command Center was controlled by officers from the Federal Emergency Management Authority (“FEMA”).  Doug advised us to avoid these people, because they have a personal dislike for him due to his many public criticisms of the agency, criticisms which have proved remarkably prescient in light of FEMA’s disastrous performance at the Katrina disaster in New Orleans.  However, several of the members of Doug’s entourage insisted on seeking FEMA authority because it would benefit them personally in terms of their desire for news coverage and publicity.  Doug never entered the Javitz Center and did not seek FEMA authority; when the others did so, they were rejected.”

**I went to the NYPD Command Center and got immediate entrance and assistance from Officer Kevin Masi. He took me to his Captain and within 5 minutes I was given a police escort, for our van and equipment into Ground Zero. Somebody took video from our van of the Police Car with Lights flashing giving us an escort into ground Zero.

** I quote Peter Donahue’s affidavit: “Doug then resolved to seek credentials from the New York City police, and visited their nearby Command Center.  Almost instantly, the officers recognized Doug because of the news coverage on his rescue work in Turkey where he pulled a young girl from the rubble, and authorized him to enter Ground Zero.  They provided him with a police escort (two officers and their patrol car from the Town of Ossining) for our van and we proceeded immediately to the site.  At the final checkpoint, manned by 94th Precinct officers of my acquaintance, I left the van with my wife and child and returned in the company of the escorting officers to the Javitz Center.”

**I arrived inside of the final 911 checkpoint and at Ground Zero. I told everyone to sit down and wait while I went and spoke with a Chief of the NYFD. He was in charge of a on-site command center composed of a tarp-tent covering a couple of desks. Radios were on the desk and back-up equipment were stored here.

The NYFD Chief who was dispatching ‘teams’ into the rubble was speaking on the FD radio. I introduced myself and said that it would be a pleasure to work with him. He told me that the ‘teams’ were being rotated; since, this immediate search area was ‘confined’. He told me to put my name down on the rotation list and he would send me in on the next rotation. I wrote down my name and ARTI on the rotation list. I told him that I really didn’t want to wait. He suggested that I go to the other side of the rubble which was much more expansive. I thanked him and went on my way. I thought I would return and ‘rotate in’ should the other side of the rubble prove to be not a worthwhile search area. I left for the other side of the rubble after returning to see Lang’s group and tell them that I was going to the other side. I told them that they could follow if they wanted.

**Lang started to complain again. This is when he arranged to have a picture taken of my crotch.

** I rapidly traveled to the other side of the rubble. I never paid much attention to Lang or any of his gang because I was now ‘like a dog on a hot scent’ and thought of nothing except getting to work and finding an entry point under the rubble. I thought to myself that I was glad to be rid of Lang, his gang and the problems and delays they were causing me.

**I approached a NYPD Officer. He was very polite, helpful and he took me to an area where there was the possibility of crawling into the rubble. Without my knowing Grace filmed video this.

** Found subterranean entry point to ramp area. Lentz took a camera with him and came with me. This was filmed and later broadcast on Inside Edition.

**Searched with 2 Police Officers for victims

**Heard noises of rhythmic pattern underground searched to see if noises were human.

**The noises turned out to be heavy equipment working dangerously just above our heads.

** worked through the night. I think that I made contact with Rob Verhauf, at this time.

**I think this is the time that I went to Peter’s home for him to get equipment and we met Ron Hadani enroute. Hadani told me his background as an Israeli Fighter Pilot and an Engineer and asked if I would let him help. I told him that he could.

Sept 14

** Steve (our volunteer driver) got an emergency police pass for our rescue van

** continued to work at 911 from night before

** I telephoned Peter Donahue, briefed him to report ARTI activities to all interested NYC Mitigation participants. I quote peter Donahue’s affidavit: “The next day, Friday September 14th, Doug telephoned me and told me about his initial work at Ground Zero. Doug had told me that he had found a hole in the rubble which allowed him to crawl inside far enough to gain access to the collapsed and flooded Path Station, at the very bottom of the WTC rubble.”

**I started to get sick from my exposure to 911 poisons. I quote Peter Donahue’s affidavit:” The next day, Friday September 14th,  ….. Doug summoned me to meet him at the Marriott and I arrived there in late afternoon.  Doug was already coughing and slightly disoriented. I did not know what to make of it the, but I later came to understand that Doug was having reactions to being poisoned by hazardous material found under the Ground Zero site.”

**After meeting with Peter Donahue at ARTI’s Command Center we went to Roosevelt Island to co-ordinate with, offer assistance to and provide technology to members of Chief Ray Downey’s Special team who had NOT been killed, with Ray during the Tower Collapse. At Roosevelt Island Lang again started interfering with my co-ordination with the NYFD. Lang’s bad behavior was escalating and getting out of control.  Miller and Grace, also, started displaying their greed, selfishness and lack of empathy for the victims of 911.  I quote Peter Donahue’s affidavit: “At my suggestion, we went to Roosevelt Island, Special Operations Command so that we could let them know about the availability of the device.  We traveled in the ARTI van in the company of most of the members of the New Mexico group. I went inside and saw some of the firefighters who I knew personally, including especially Dave Dangerfield from Rescue Company #3. I told them about the casualty locator. They wanted to see it. I went back to the van. I told Doug to bring the casualty locator inside to show to retired Captain James Ellis, who was a colleague friend of mine and wanted to see it. Doug agreed.  Lang wanted to go inside too, but I refused to allow this. I was fed up with his attitude which looked like obsessive-compulsive disorder because he wanted to be in control of everything and have his own way. He treated everybody in a very verbally abusive manner. He was condescending. I tried to explain to him that the people inside were looking for their brothers whom they loved and did not want to deal with anyone with an attitude. He said:  “Fuck that! I wasted my time here. I’m going to leave.” At this point, he turned to Doug and said: “Are you going to get me my ID to get me in or not?”  Doug saw the firefighters waiting for him and me and said to Tom Lang: “I’ll be right back, we’ll discuss this when I get back.” Doug was trying to keep things together and stay calm.

Doug and I met with the firefighters. Doug took the lid off of a jar with rotten meat inside that he uses to calibrate the casualty locator. The casualty locator started beeping and flashing. The Captain and three firefighters from Rescue 3 were extremely impressed and they wanted to get the machine inside Ground Zero ASAP. Eric Wade, who was going to be involved in the manufacturing of the casualty locator, was appointed to lead the group of firefighters and train them in the use of the casualty locator.  He was invited inside and made arrangements to meet up with the group at Ground Zero.

We returned to the van.  At the van, Lang still whined like a baby, having a temper tantrum and insisted that he wanted Doug to get a badge for him. Then, Mike Miller said that if we could get video of the casualty locator working at Ground Zero, we’d make millions. I don’t remember his exact words, because I was arguing with Tom Lang. Doug never said anything about money or making money. At this point, Mike Miller offered me 10% of all sales of the casualty locator if I worked to facilitate Doug’s cooperation. Like me, Doug got very angry and starting yelling at both Mike Miller and Tom Lang. I left in disgust. All I cared about was finding my friends and colleagues who were missing at this time.  It seemed to me that the others couldn’t have cared less about that. As a result of the disgusting behavior of Lang and his group, I left the van as soon as it reached Manhattan.”

** After Peter left I was very angry with Lang, Miller and Grace. I believe I had our ARTI driver Steve take me to Ground Zero so that I could get away from these people; especially, Lang.

** I went to Ground Zero and started searching for another entry point to the subterranean area.

** During my searching for an entry point under the rubble I met with the NYPD Special UHR Rescue Team. I offered my hand to the Captain, in charge, and was in mid-sentence of introducing myself when the Captain said: “ I know who you are. Thank God, you are here!” I saw you on TV saving the little Turkish girl. He turned to his second in command, a NYPD lt. and he told him to take myself and Rob Verhauf over to Stuyvesant Temporary Command Center to have my Official ID issued. The Captain told the Lt to stay with me, not to come back without me and to make sure that I didn’t wait in line. He told him to tell the Officials there that everyone was waiting for me so please hurry-up and expedite my approval by placing me at the head of the lines. Myself, the Lt and Rob Verhauf went to Stuyvesant School with the Lt. It normally would take 6-8 hours to process. We were done in an hour. We went into the FBI Headquarters. I showed my passport. The FBI did a NPSIC check on me. I passed the test. Then we went to the Head of the Military Line. I was fingerprinted, computer checked, provided a copy of my signature which was entered into the computer laptop which was set-up at the processing table in the middle of the formerly busy main street. After all of this processing by a US Soldier I was issued Emergency badge number 3119.

**We returned to the Captain. I was given some NYPD elbow and knee pads to protect myself while searching. They were an excellent design and very functional. I included them as part of my regular uniform.  The entire NYPD Team which now included myself and Rob Verhauf ( I am NOT sure if Steve Lentz was with us.) loaded into an open NYPD Police truck and we left to go into our deployment area. Once we got to the deployment area we searched open rubble for victim’s remains and an entry point under the rubble. After a while I told the captain that I wanted to go over to another area which was close by. It had many open entry points which where located above ground level. I told him that I would return to get him and the rest of the team if we were lucky to find a good entry area. We made the arrangement that he would do the same. We decided to broaden our joint search area with the understanding that we would join forces if an appropriate entry point was found. I went to this part of the rubble. Rob Verhauf and myself were talking with some NYFD Officers. I thought it would be good for ARTI and the NYFD if Rob was to spend time working with them. This was agreed upon.

I wanted to be able to spread myself around, as I usually do to multi-task as much as possible and to give the maximize the most benefit I could give to the entire 911 effort by providing my experience and expertise to as many people and tasks as possible.

At this point I was approached by Police Commissioner Kerrick. He was wearing a very expensive civilian suit and tie and he was accompanied by the Police Dept Professional Cameraman with a Sony TV Camera which cost in excess of $120,000.00

Kerrick extended his hand to me, introduced himself as NYPD Commissioner Kerrick. He asked me who I was. I told him that my name was Doug Copp, that I was the rescue Chief of the world’s most experienced rescue team and that I had the personal experience of crawling inside of 894 collapsed buildings and having worked at more than 100 major disaster events.

All on film, Kerrick pulled me closer to himself, lifted up his other hand which was free and grabbed my hand with both of his hands. He vigorously shook my hand and said: “Thank you! Thank you very much for coming to help us!”

I thanked him for his kindness in his response and informed him that I was very pleased to be able to help and that I



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Two Big Quakes Strike Baja California

From an email from John DiNardo...

Today, magnitude 6.0 and 6.8 earthquakes struck Baja California, in the wake of fleeing scientists and government officials.

Way back in January we were warned about this secret evacuation, in the face of grave earthquake perils. Now those earthquakes are occurring, just as the fleeing scientists feared. They were careful to keep it a secret from the unknowing imperiled public.

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HAARP Induction Magnetometer Activity

There is HAARP activity in the range of the Japan quake starting 20:00 March 20th and continuing to noon March 21st.  A chart of the Japan quake is included at the bottom for comparison purposes. 

Note the activity started weakly about two hours before the quake in Mexico on 20 March and gained strength 10 hours later, stopping around noon on 21 March.   (My assumption is the bigger the horizontal line the stronger it is.)




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Uploaded by 9Nania on Jan 11, 2012

I made this video specifically for those who are not yet aware of what is happening. For those who are up to date, you can use this video to raise awareness.
If you would like to support this research, please donate. Every little bit helps. Thanks so much.

The liklihood that there will be another megaquake and axis shift on march 22, 2012 is very high. In my opinion, the cause of these shifts is a massive celestial object moving inward from the 9 o'clock orientation of the solar system/ springtime/ constellations Leo-Orion.

The effects on the planet are directly correlated to Earth's orientation relative to the massive object, with shifts of Earth's axis occuring every 377 days, and significant Earthquakes every 188-9 days.

There is a chance the shift could occur later, IF the celestial object makes entry into the inner solar system, thus changing it's orientation relative to Earth. But there is no way to determine this without an infrared telescope and trained astronomers, of which, only the elites have access to, and they have developed a policy of secrecy on the topic. So information is hard to come by.

Better to be prepared now, but at the very least, leave danger zones before March 22nd.

Music: 'Canon in D' Pachebel

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Yesterday, I got an email from Katlyn, in California. She sent me the results of her science project proving that the Triangle of Life saves more lives than ‘duck and Cover’.

Katlyn’s Private School has been using the ‘Triangle of Life’ as their Official Policy; since, 2009. They have shunned ‘duck and cover’.

Katlyn used a Wylie Shake Table and classroom desks to conduct her scientific test. Of course, as in reality; the Triangle of life was vastly more effective.

Many countries, that are not negatively impacted by the excessive greed of the Insurance Companies, support the ‘triangle of life’, as public policy.


Many private schools have been using the triangle of life, for years. Many USA and Canadian Public School Teachers, of conscience, have been teaching the ‘triangle of life, for years.

The noteworthy aspect of Katlyn’s Science project is that she was NOT doing the test to convince her school to adopt the triangle of life.

The purpose of her test was to create more proof so that more public schools who are forced to follow ‘duck and cover’ will change their policy to ‘the triangle of life’. (The insurance companies have actuarial determined that it is more profitable if the children die from ‘duck and cover; rather than, survive and seek compensation for injury or trauma.)

Katlyn felt sorry for the children whose lives are endangered because of greedy insurance companies; Public School Boards that consider it cheaper and less trouble if children die immediately because of duck and cover (school boards who have been told that their insurance policy will be dropped or premium increased if they adopt the triangle of life because more survivors mean more expense and less profit).

I applaud Katlyn for her efforts to help USA public children survive earthquakes; just like the children, in her school will.

Isn’t it always true that the wealthy survive; always get the best, and American Public Schools languish. It is truly sad that humanity and decency have been so diminished that school children’s lives are no more than an item on a risk manager’s actuarial table and their life means nothing compared to maximizing shareholder return.

As the German Philosopher Schopenhauer said, about the path of ALL Truth:” First it is ridiculed, secondly it is violently opposed and thirdly it is accepted as self evident.”

Now, that the elite, rich and well educated are using the ‘triangle of life’; How long will it be before the children of the middle class and poor will be allowed to be safe, protected and survive, too?

Go to other blog articles for a mountain of videos, documents and read about other countries having saved thousands of lives via ‘ the triangle of life’.


Within minutes of posting this article George Quakenbush, an American Engineer living in Chile wrote to me. He said:”
I was in Concepcion, Chile last night and had several good tremors. That, of course, was the topic of conversion at breakfast and a young lady gave me the entire discourse on the triangle of life.

Congratulations, your info is finally getting out to the populaces of the many countries.

Hope this finds you in better health.”

Quake Alarm has been saving lives around the world, for 10 years. It has saved an entire school full of children, in Mexico, for less than $50. Only a few thousand, have been sold in the USA. Why are Americans so backward when it comes to earthquake safety? The School Boards are laying off teachers, risking childrenb’s lives to avoid higher earthquake premium’s for survivors, cutting down in every way. They won’t even spend $50 to give an entire school an advance warning of an earthquake wave approaching.

Click here to read about Quake Alarm receiving the ARTI Life Saving Achievement Award.

I was in Mexico, last month. The school playgrounds still have swings, tetter totters, and merry-go-rounds. USA Insurance Companies have forced School Boards to take children’s playgrounds away.

It is not good enough to take away children’s fun; they endanger children’s lives for ‘shareholder’ return, too. It takes a cruel and cold heart like a NAZI Death Camp guard to work for an American Insurance Company. The VP of Underwriting at Muchener-Re told us the same excuse that the death camp guards used:”My job is not to save lives. My job is to maximize shareholder return. If I was to change policy, to allow the ‘triangle of life’ to save children’s lives; then the Board would fire me and replace me with someone else. It would serve no purpose. I would only be replaced.”

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One of the Worst of the 1%, Occupy Decency

A True Story about ! of the worst of the 1%10958007286?profile=original

Read about this NYFD Fire Chief whose dead body, at 911 was attacked, degraded and beaten..and the perpetrators got PRAISE because they worked for the owner of the newspaper !

They were never punished.

Thompson Lang was a disturbed student when he inherited $110 million dollars and a newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal.

Lang, described as a ‘power hungry bully’, by world famous attorney, F. Lee Bailey was quoted in Crosswinds Magazine as boasting that he ‘controls’ the election of every public official, in his state, of New Mexico.

This article will be part of a series outlining some of the excessive and outrageous things that Thompson Lang has done to decent people, as part of his, out-of-control lifestyle of excess, power, greed and hatefulness.

Lang fraudulently misrepresented himself as a ‘humanitarian’ and thereby was able to ‘trick’ the American Rescue Team International, Rescue Chief; into gaining permission to fly his private jet into New York City, during 911. As events, soon disclosed, Lang had no intentions of anything ‘humanitarian’.

Here is one example of many, to follow, concerning Thompson Lang’s ‘explosion’ of outrageous behavior, at 911 and as a lifestyle. It includes details concerning Lang’s entourage of ‘hanger’s on’, body guards, sexual companions and minions; in other words: Lang’s Gang:

(NB. This is an excerpt from a book, to be published, by Doug Copp. Everything , in this book is true, factual, accurate and was prepared to be submitted, to court, under penalty of perjury. Several sworn affidavits give evidence of it’s veracity.)

“Unknown to Copp were Lang’s nefarious and satanic intentions. of abuse, scandal, greed, and disgusting behavior; almost beyond anyone’s imagination.

Among many disgusting acts: LANG’S GANG repeatedly punched, kicked, abused and hurled profanity at the corpse of a dead NYFD officer; believed to be, Chief Ray Downey, of NYFD. This ‘dead hero’ was laying in rest, in a refrigerated ambulance outside of the NYFD Roosevelt Island, NYFD Fire Station. He was resting there; so that, his fellow firefighters could pay their respects, to him. Two members of Lang’s entourage entered the ambulance and attacked the dead hero.

Ironically, Copp had collaborated with Chief Ray Downey to help promote the’ triangle of lif’e, via a ‘test’ in a NYC demolished building, due to take place in October of 2001. Peter Donahue of NYPD had helped to arrange this.

After being witnessed, by Copp, Peter Donahue and the distributor for Hurst Rescue Tools, Eric Wade, who had previously been sanctioned by the NY Stock Exchange, for his part, in a $10 million dollar stock swindle..fled the scene.( Lang had written about Wade’s scandal, with the stock swindle, at the time. But Lang later came to publish adoration and praise about him.)

Wade ran to the freeway, to escape from members of NYFD, stopped a taxi , raced to the airport and hurriedly took the next flight.

Thompson Lang emptied Wade’s Hotel Room and returned Wade’s luggage to Albuquerque. Leslie Linthicum, continued to write a series of articles; describing Lang, as a ‘heroic humanitarian’ and Eric Wade as a “shining example for young business executives”.

When Lithicum was, later, asked how she could write such words about Eric Wade. She replied: “I can write anything I want to write and I will praise anyone; who will help, to destroy, Copp”.

Previously, Copp had told Lang to “behave himself”; because, first responders were emotionally vulnerable and in a state of shock. Lang had been admonished by Copp because he was using the 911 rubble for sexual overtures/games. We were told of Lang’s San Francisco sexual escapades via a confidant of one of Lang’s former bodyguards. Lang’s response was to tell Copp that He (Lang) “could care less, about them (the first responders) . I just want my fucking badge.” Copp bit his tongue. He didn’t want to walk home.

This brutal attack on a dead firefighter, was the ‘last straw for Copp”, who promptly told Lang ‘to go to Hell’. When Lang pushed Copp to provide him with a NYC Emergency Pass; which would provide Lang with unfettered access to media-restricted, areas’; Copp called Lang “an evil bastard” and told Lang that he didn’t care if Lang “was the richest man in the world”. Copp wanted nothing to do with him and Lang should go “fuck himself”. This last confrontation between Copp and Lang was the result of a ‘litany’ of evil and disgusting acts; that Lang had committed, at 911. Copp could stand no more.

Lang’s face grew red with rage; as he took off, swearing revenge against Copp, for depriving Lang of his ‘fun’ at 911. Lang was deprived of his ‘glory’, his newspaper publishing awards and the wealth/money from a ‘world wide media exclusive’ and the ‘scoop’, of all time.

Lang went back to Albuquerque and published many front page articles about Lang’s heroism and humanity, never mentioning Copp’s name till Lang discovered that Copp was sick and near death, from his 911 injuries, till 3 years later, in 2004.

Little did Copp know of the life changing events to follow.”

Thompson Lang and his gang of villains are prominent in Copp’s Book; which includes, the intimate details of 25 years of the hard-core reality of more than 100 major disaster events, around the world.

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Please forward to everyone you care about. So they can be safe.
The Blog Article This article will take a minute to load; since, it has complete and convincing material to save your life. If you study this page then you and your family will survive building collapse…even if everyone else dies…you will survive. Just as the Turks have survived.
"As CNN Reports; according to the Ministry of Civil Defense of Turkey, an unprecedented LARGE number of victims have survived the collapsed buildings and an unprecedented LOW percentage of deaths have occurred.

The Triangle of Life was taught to these victims and is responsible for their survival. Thank God almighty that USA Insurers and the bureaucrats who are insured by them have been unable to stop us from saving these lives. Instead of the usual 2 percent survival rate from ‘duck and cover. The survival rates has been increased to 80 percent ( statistics at 2nd day of earthquake ).


Watch MSNBC TV Coverage of AKUT as they rescue victims who survived in the rubble, using the triangle of life. Look closely and you will notice that these victims are NOT under desks or any other objects. The ceiling came down and rested on big objects on either side of the victim. The victim survived uncrushed. This is the only way to survive building collapse. Notice triangular shapes everywhere, in the rubble. These ‘safe areas’, triangles of life are as natural to building collapse as gravity."

"The “Life goes on, Turkey” (Hayata Devam Türkiye) campaign is hitting the road to raise awareness about the risks of earthquakes, fires and floods through the use of a quake simulator and interactive theatrical skits. It is a partnership between the Search and Rescue Association of Turkey, or AKUT, and Aksigorta, an insurance company.

Standing beside the campaign’s two bright red trailer trucks, Namık Arıkol, the project’s general coordinator, with long hair and dressed in a black t-shirt and leather vest, looks like he could be preparing for an upcoming rock concert. Arıkol, however, is interested in preparing Turkey for something more dangerous.


“Ninety-five percent of Turkey lies in an earthquake region,” Arıkol told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review. “Turks wrongly think earthquakes result from only God’s work or fate, and structurally weak buildings remain in place to kill people.

“The project aims to continue for five years and eventually reach a total of 5 million people in 50 cities and 250 districts in Turkey, according to Burçak Seyis, the representative of Aksigorta for the project.” By Following the links,""

Below is the Triangle of Life Brochure given to 1 million people, in Turkey, to date. It has pictures, images and text instructing people..NOT to get under a desk, It Shows you to Get Next to Your Desk; NOT to get under furniture, Get Next to furniture; and Showing you Triangles of Life, in Rubble, to survive. DO NOT DUCK AND COVER. YOU WILL BE CRUSHED TO DEATH!




Doug Copp was asked by a mother, of an American Student /hiker, to go, to Turkey and locate her son; who had been missing, in a wilderness area of Turkey, for 8 months. The US Military, US Embassy, Turkish Mountain Climbers and locals had searched for him without success. Doug went there planning to spend a couple of weeks searching. Doug found his remains, the first day.

This gave Doug extra free time to spend, in Turkey. Doug asked AKUT. the local mountain club: ” What happens when people are trapped in collapsed buildings? Who rescues them? ( Doug has trained hundreds of rescue teams and had planned to train a Turkish team.)”

The reply was: “Nobody. Nothing happens. People arn’t rescued.”
Doug said: ” No, let me explain. I mean…the people are alive and need to be rescued..’
The response was: “Nothing is done. It is the will of Allah.”
Doug said:” ” I mean..the people are screaming for help..they are alive..and trapped”
The answer was harsh;” Nothing is done..the rubble is taken to the ‘dump’……the people believe it is the will of Allah….they are left to die.”

Doug said to AKUT:” You guys are well educated, athletic, cultured, sophisticated..why don’t you let me train you to rescue people??”

The members of AKUT huddled together, spoke together and then turned to me, saying:” Sure. We can do that.”

Doug trained the mountain club to rescue people..and returned to Turkey many times, to train, lecture to the government and to help AKUT get funding and official recognition from the Turkish Government. The scientific triangle of Life test took place with the Federal Government, City of Istanbul, University of Istanbul and others involved. Movie Stars took part and it was broadcast on National Turkish TV and throughout the world, on Real TV.

AKUT has logged almost 2,000 rescues; since, Doug started the rescue team. The first thing that Doug teaches any rescuer is how to save their life and how to ensure that their family survives. ” A dead rescuer saves..nobody.”

The seed of the “Triangle of Life’ was planted.


doug copp

founder of ARTI ( the world's most experienced rescue and disaster mitigation/management organization) and the Discoverer of the 'triangle of life' to take building collapse survivability from 2% using 'duck and cover' to 90% using the 'triangle of life'
ARTI is composed of All Unpaid Volunteers

prior to 911, I was the most experienced rescue person, in the world. Permanently disabled from 911, I have changed my life-focus towards preventing bureaucracy and vested financial interests from causing the deaths of 200,000 children per year. I am promoting the belief that the lives of children are more important than American Insurance Company Shareholder profits.
see for hundreds of pages of testimonials, videos, docs. Complete information to survive major disaster, learned from doug's searching 896 collapsed buildings and witnessing 1+ million collapsed buildings, at more than 100 major disaster events; throughout the entire
or our eye opening/controversial and mega informative blogs at

Go to youtube and watch MORE THAN 100 youtube videos at amerrescue and amerrescuegmail youtube channels

1-902-567-1227 home

" There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labor of thinking." Above all .......overcome this.
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'Birther' Mentality Supports 'Duck and Cover'

Birther’ Mentality Supports ‘Duck and Cover’

The moral of this story is contained within 2 Questions; 1) Is there any limit to greed? and
2) Is there any limit to ‘dumb’?

I got this email, yesterday. I decided to post my reply, on line; since, it has been ‘front and center’, leading the ‘let’s be dumb’ attack against the ‘triangle of life’ This email is from a USA teacher who is ‘under attack’ for supporting the triangle of life.

Here is the email text in italics as I respond to the details:

****Hi Doug,
We spoke about 1 1/2-2 yrs. ago. I have brought your triangle issue up again at my district Health/Safety committee for our school district. The one question that still comes up from the engineer for the district is that this only happens in third world countries, not North America.




****This guy states that he is an engineer.

A Sanitation Engineer?(Garbageman) A janitorial Engineer?(Janitor) The Official Organization for the Structural Engineering Association came out with a Headline Article supporting the ‘triangle of life’. I have a copy. In the next issue, after political and financial issues, came into play..there was a complete reversal. It is a matter of money (contracts) and self -interest not morality or integrity.

Go to my website and you will see pictures/video of myself, inside of the ‘rubble of earthquake collapsed buildings’ in Oakland, San Francisco,Santa Cruz and Northridge.


Inside of explosion caused collapsed buildings in Oklahoma City and New York City.

Other structural failures happen, on a regular basis. I was in the rubble of a silo explosion in Illinois and an Apartment Building in New York City.

There is NO way that you can rationalize with a ‘birther’ mentality. This guy’s job description is to keep costs down, for his employer. It is ‘cheaper and less trouble’ for him to claim that USA buildings don’t collapse. If he admits that the buildings will collapse then people will want his employer’s to spend more money to make the buildings safer. People will complain. People will ask:” Why have you lied to us for so long?”

I want to ask him to guarantee that USA Building s won’t collapse. Why NOT? Your life is at stake if you believe him.

Think Tobacco Companies. The tobacco Companies had no trouble, for years, finding Medical Doctors who would argue that nicotine is NOT addictive and cigarettes don’t cause cancer.
This ‘engineer’ is exactly the same.

Go to my 5 page, 13 picture article that I wrote for American Survival Guide Magazine or the 57 page Copp Compendium Document..starting at page page 57.You will find pictures with analysis of every kind of structure found in California…from collapsed wooden home, apartment buildings, overhead freeway, concrete structures and brick. All collapsed with me..inside of them. This article will conceivably answer every question you might have.

******He states lighting fixtures and things hanging will drop but the roofs will not cave in.

I have pictures of the ceilings down and laying on top of the rows of desks. It is very unusual for fixtures to fall off a ceiling. He would know that if he ever actually saw a collapsed building; however, he claims that USA buildings don’t collapse…so, I gather that means that he has never seen a collapsed building..Unless using his logic that he knows what happens to the roofs, ceilings, light fixtures etc..when buildings collapse..although buildings don’t collapse????

******That is why we are to duck and cover.

People are told to do ‘duck and cover’ because it would be embarassing, humiliating and costly for him to, now, admit that he was just ‘making it all up.’

***** Do you have any pertinent information to support the idea of roofs caving in in North America?


Of course, pictures, video, scientific tests..all the things that don’t matter to ‘duck and cover’/'birther’ reality, proof, evidence, facts.

******* I’m not an engineer (have thought about talking to the engineering program at UBC to see if they have any info) but thought I would ask you first.

I would rather be proactive than reactive after an incident. Do not want to say I told you so. I have a heck of a time doing drills with students…as I’m going against what they state we must do…I crouch beside my desk.

Yes, and there are many private and public schools, in the USA; Japan, China and other countries who are doing ‘triangle of Life’ drills. Understand, that Schools for the ‘elite’, the rich and powerful will NOT allow ‘a-holes’ like this ‘birther’ type to endanger their children’s lives. It is common that the rich, powerful, most educated and most intelligent are the first to progress. The disenfranchised, ‘non-elite’, poor and ‘unimportant’ are always the last, to benefit.

********* I need your help figuring out the roof issue…Thank you, XXX XXXXXX



Some other issues:

1) Many  schools are built directly upon earthquake faults because ‘corporations’ wouldn’t build on it; therefore, it was cheap…so, the Government used it for schools.
2) I have personally crawled inside of 200+ collapsed Kobe, Japan that were equal to or superior to, the very ‘best’ USA Buildings.
3) USA Buildings used to be stronger than most countries. That is no longer true. The USA has been ‘poor’ for too long; while other countries, have prospered greatly.
4) Anything that can be built, by man, is eventually destroyed by nature.
5) All USA buildings are not modern-high tech up to the minute code. USA Buildings are of all types..built to prevalent codes over history. only 2% or less are high tech.
6) When people, in other countries, hear that USA officials tell their people that they do NOT have earthquakes and that USA Building do NOT collapse. They laugh and tell me that I can’t be serious..followed by…incredulous gesticulations. It really is an insult to people’s intelligence.

But try to prove, with facts, to a ‘birther’ that Obama was born, in the USA…they get violent..they go ballistic…it is impossible. They don’t want facts..they want ‘dumb’.

Here is an excerpt of an email that I replied to 2 ‘earthquake Experts’ who attacked me. They are both paid as DM ‘consultants’ for business. One is a landscape architect and the other seems to have been a soldier.

My email:

I am ‘rocking the boat of the status quo” so…. of course there are responses/attacks like this.

But think about this: AS YOU SAY… THAT YOU LEARNED SO MUCH >>>While you were hiding under the BIG OAK DESK ….during the ‘moderate’ Loma Prieta Earthquake (SF 1989) Extremely moderate to me ..but NOT to the people who died when their buildings crushed them.

While, you were hiding, under your big oak desk(as you describe, in an area far away from the earthquake destruction); I was crawling under the Loma Prieta Rubble. Let’s not be foolish….Who do you think knows more about that earthquake. You or me?

Let’s dig deeper: If you were where I was..then you would know that the only ultimate survivor of the Nimitz Freeway Collapse; during this earthquake,was a little boy who was trapped, next to his dead mother, in a car.


It was necessary; for his dead mother, to be cut into pieces, to create, enough room to extract him/pull him out. He survived because he was ‘little’ and only needed a ‘little’ survival space. His mother was ‘bigger’. She needed a larger survivable void ”like a triangle of avoid being crushed.

Loma Prieta..That was one ‘bad thing’ that was not currently present , in my mind. I am sorry that you reminded me of that.

Next to the vehicles were ‘ triangles of life’ or survivable voids. How can I say such a thing?

How can I prove the triangle of life?…………………….because people have eyes, to see for themselves and only a tiny bit of common sense is required.

because I have video and The Inside Edition TV Show ( one of the longest running and most distributed TV Programs, in the world. I have appeared on it many times.) made a TV program of myself under the rubble. Bill O’ Reily, currently of old ‘red meat’ and ‘redneck’ Fox Fame..interviews me in one of the TV Programs. Look in my youtube videos. I have about 600 hours of footage that would blow your mind (only 120 hours online.).



I made it so simple to understand so that little kids good ‘get it’.

email 2)

Doug Copp • As someone who has ACTUALLY crawled inside of 896 collapsed buildings; including, 200 PLUS ultra modern skyscrapers of the most sophisticated technology the USA, Japan, Taiwan and many other places.

I can tell you that this is pure BS, that buildings don’t collapse, in the USA. It is NOT true.

By the way, my background before, rescue was working at Demolition. This included skyscrapers, implosions ..all the stuff you see on TV…in fact I was the California license holder for a Nationwide Contractor. I was asked to take the license holder exam; because, only 1 person out of every hundred passes this very difficult exam. I understand structures as an expert who has instructed, directed and lectured to an entire University of Engineering Stuents and professors. This is one of the reasons why I was able to survive 896 collapsed buildings when OSHA has statistically determined that 60% of rescuers are killed every entry/collapse. You can see, for yourself, at my website…and by the way..the scientific test that we did, in Turkey was in a typical North American solid ( not hollow tile or tilted up) concrete and rebar building.

You can go to my blog, my website , or my 2 youtube channels: amerrescue and amerrescuegmail ans see actual video of me inside of these extremely sophisticated collapsed buildings..all over the world.

Years ago, the ‘triangle of life’ was attacked by stating that the USA doesn’t have earthquakes, then the BS was “buildings in the USA don’t collapse’ then the American Red Cross came out and stated that the ‘triangle of Life’ was appropriate in other countries but NOT the USA ( where they collect their donations and don’t want to rock the boat with USA Insurance Companies who consider it cheaper and less trouble if people die immediately from ‘duck and cover; rather than, survive and seek compensation.)

I encourage everyone to get the facts, determine the truth, think for yourself and of course go to my website and SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES).

I have stood in 3 cities without a single building left standing. There is NOTHING, IN THIS WORLD; THAT CANNOT BE DESTROYED BY NATURE, IN SECONDS. I have seen things that you can barely imagine.

Understand this, unless you have a Quake Alarm device; then you will have no more than 5 to 10 seconds, after you begin to feel an earthquake …to react.

If it turns out to be a giant earthquake, then possibly every building, in your area will collapse. If you ‘duck and cover’ then you will most likely be crushed to 1/4 inch thick.

If it is a moderate earthquake then only a few buildings will collapse
if you ‘duck and cover’ you might survive, if your building doesn’t collapse/

if it is a tiny earthquake then you may get a bruise from a falling book.

The question is; Do you risk being crushed to 1/4 inch thick with a puddle of blood oozing doing ‘duck and cover’? I kept my blood soaked shirts…or do you risk a potential bruise? doing the ‘triangle of life’?

More importantly, How long will these ‘experts’ continue to tell people that earthquakes don’t happen, in the USA and buildings don’t collapse, in the USA?

I have concluded that they will continue to spout nonsense until people tell them to ‘shut up.’

doug copp

PS The answer to the 2 leading questions is ‘NO’. There is NO limit to ‘greed’ and there is NO limit to ‘dumb’.

be sure to go to other blog articles for supporting videos, pictures, docs and links ( hundreds) I recommend:
1) Triangle of Life. I had a nightmare, last night.
2) San Francisco Earthquake: The Big Lie Anniversary is Celebrated With More Deception.
3) Effective Earthquake Prediction
4) The History of Duck and Cover from a 22nd Century Perspective
5) Triangle of Life, NZ Radio interview with Doug Copp
6) The Triangle of Life Continues Spreading Around the World
7) Doug Copp in Time Magazine. United Nations Sends Triangle to Latin America
8) Desert Star Article Doug Copp Survival Tips Part 2
9) Newspaper Report of Doug Copp’s Survival Tips (part 1)
10) Doug Copp Blog
11) Earthquake Turkey, Oct 2011,The Triangle of Life has Saved Lives Today. More Survivors Using The Triangle of Life Continue To Be Rescued. 1 Million People Trained by Aksigorta Insurance Company / AKUT To Use The Triangle of Life

Read more…

Red Earthquake Alert India


video from news on above link


On 9/18/2011 12:40:47 PM UTC (about 18:33h local time) an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in the moderately populated region of Sikkim in India. The earthquake happened 151km from Thimbu. The nearest populated places are: Lhonak (15km), Dzanak (17km). The closest civilian airport is Taplejung (70km).

Potentially affected critical infrastructure:

  • Nuclear plants: [None]
  • Hydrodams: [None]
  • Airports: Thakurgaon (196km), Jogbani (185km), Biratnagar (169km), Chandragadhi (133km), Baghdogra (121km), Hasimara (166km), Bhojpur (130km), Lamidanda (150km), Tumlingtar (110km), Taplejung (70km), Rumjartar (168km), Ramechap (125km), Paro (129km), Phaplu (158km), Jiri (192km), Lukla (143km)
  • Ports: [None]

Based on an automated impact model, this earthquake, which occurred in a region with medium vulnerability to natural disasters, has potentially a high humanitarian impact.

Whether international humanitarian aid is needed must be decided by an expert.

Event Date Univ. Time:Sun, 9/18/2011 12:40 UTC
European Time of the event:Sun, 9/18/2011 14:40 CEST (Brussels, Paris, Rome)
East America Time of the event:Sun, 9/18/2011 07:40 EST (New York, Washington)
West America Time of the event:Sun, 9/18/2011 04:40 PST (San Francisco, Los Angeles)
East Asia Time of the event:Sun, 9/18/2011 21:40 JTI (Tokyo)
This email report was automatically created by a computer at: 9/18/2011 12:56:15 PM UTC (15 minutes after the event)

See the GDACS website for live news coverage (including OCHA Situation Reports), the full earthquake report .

For information on emergency response, please consult the GDACS Virtual OSOCC.

Earthquake Event


  • Source: World Data Centre for Seismology, Denver (NEIC) M
  • Magnitude: 6.8 M
  • Depth: 10 km
  • Location (Lat/Long): 27.764 | 88.181
  • Country: India
  • Province: Sikkim
  • Region: Sikkim
  • UTC/GMT (Greenwich time): 9/18/2011 12:40:47 PM
  • Estimated local solar time: 9/18/2011 6:33:30 PM

Population Density near epicenter (people/km2). Image area: 6x4 decimal degrees (approx. 650x450km2).

Earthquake Impact Details

Potentially affected People

Population Data

Radius (km)PopulationDensity (people/km?)
5081383 10 
1001626829 51 
20021982110 174 

The population in the area of this earthquake is 10 people/km?.

The earthquake occurred at 18h local time. At this time a day, more people are at work and therefore more vulnerable to collapsing office buildings. During traffic hours, people can be affected by collapsing bridges and other road infrastructure.

level Resilience and Vulnerability

Resilience is the capacity of the population to cope with a hazard. Since much of investments in earthquake preparedness and available funds for quick response is related to household income, the GDP per capita can be used as a rough indicator of resilience.

India has a GDP per capita of 450 PPP$ (Parity Purchasing Power Dollar, about 1 Euro) and is therefore part of the low level income countries. Therefore, the earthquake happened in an area of low resilience.

Based on the combination of 9 indicators, ECHO attributes India a medium vulnerability.

ECHO Intervention Priority Ranking for India
Overall situation
Human Developmenthdi
Human Povertyhpi
Exposure to Major Disasters
Natural Disastersnatdis
Humanitarian effects of population movement
Refugees and IDPsrefugees
Health of children under five
Mortality ratesunder5
Other vulnerability factors
Access to health carephis
Prevalence of HIV, TBC and malariahtm
Gender-specific Human Developmentgdi
Gini Indexgini
Source ECHO
Key: bad Bad - medium Medium - good Good - nodata No data

Secondary effects

Probability of secondary effects:

  • level Landslides: The maximum slope in the area of the earthquake is 103.987% and the maximum altitude is 8280 m. Since this is a unknown slope, the risk of earthquake induced landslides is unknown. Note, however, that the slope data is not reliable on a local scale, while landslides depend very much on local topography, soil and meteorological conditions.
  • level Nuclear power plants: There are no nuclear facilities nearby the epicenter.
  • level Hydrodams: There are no hydrodam facilities nearby the epicenter.


While we try everything to ensure accuracy, this information is purely indicative and should not be used for any decision making without alternate sources of information. The JRC is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of the information presented on this website.

Please refer to the GDACS website for subscribing or unsubscribing from the earthquake alert email or SMS service.

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911 – 2011 conclusion for doug copp



This is Jon’s response to my previous 911 posting He starts with calling me a fraud..follows with calling my dead mother a $1 whore and concludes by threatening to ‘beat me to death, with some of his friends.


in the middle of this TAZ asked for and got my opinion re the ’cause of the 911 attack’


Jon says:
September 5, 2011 at 2:22 pm (Edit)

Copp……what fucking fraud, why should you celebrate anything except your stealing money from the US govt. Thief.

amerrescue says:
September 5, 2011 at 4:15 pm (Edit)

1) If I had stolen any money from the US Government or was a fraud then I would be in jail.
2) I judge people by the content of their character. You sign your email name VACommand..I expect that this means that you are one of the greedy, stupid bastards that I have referred to or you are just an evil, stupid bastard..wannabe.
In either case….when you finally manage to get your head stuck completely up your ass..take a picture, of it and I will post it with the captain: “Stupid, greedy bastard with head completely up his ass.”

amerrescue says:
September 5, 2011 at 2:59 pm (Edit)

People are surprised when they get my response to ‘what happened at 911′. Considering that the last 10 years have been ‘a journey through hell’ regarding my health struggles

These are my thoughts:
1) At the time I was focused on ensuring that my skills as the most experienced rescuer, on site, were concentrated on saving lives and searching every single place that could be searched…that nobody died because someone did not come to save them. Anything else would be a distraction; in an environment, when “every minute means a life and every mistake a death”.
2) I have no doubt, in my mind that the Bush Administration proved that there was ‘no limit’ to the evil they would perpetrate for their own greedy and selfish interests. The ‘interests’ they represent would destroy every form of life, on earth, for a ‘nickel’. They have no morality and they worship ‘anal gold’ as their God.
3) My life since 911 has been focused on daily battle of ‘staying alive’. I have come from a place where I could not speak, didn’t know my own name, couldn’t walk farther than 3 ft etc etc etc etc to a place where I can save lives by spreading the triangle of life around the world.

In other words it is a distraction to my efforts of saving find out who actually was the initial cause of ‘my health problems’..that would be personal and I have too much positive work to do.

In summation:
Obama made a huge mistake right from his first day in office..He thought he could be reasonable with completely unreasonable people whose sole purpose was to ‘return to power’ and ‘pillaging’, at any cost..even the complete destruction of America. He thought he could stop Bushes ‘ball from rolling’ (see below).

Under the rubble, of 911, while submerged in poison, I made a comment, which holds true today: “No incident is either completely ‘good’ or completely ‘bad’. The amount of ‘good’ should be maximized and the amount of ‘bad’ should be have the most effective disaster mitigation.” Unfortunately, Bush used 911 to reduce democracy, freedom and the general well being of the American People..instead of solving the ’cause of the 911 attack’, bringing humanity together and making the world a better place..Bush used 911 to start ‘phony’ unbudgeted wars against the ‘wrong people’, kill hundreds of thousands, create horrible suffering by millions; INCLUDING EVERY AMERICAN WHO ISN’T WEALTHY.
Bush and the military, industrial and financial interests he represents used 911…. AS A ‘GIANT WINDFALL’…which may lead to the death of America ..before ‘the ball he started rolling’ finally stops.

Bush and his gang benefited the most but whether he actually attacked the same manner as outlined in George Orwell’s masterpiece ’1984″..I don’t know.

Some of my best friends are moslem and the triangle of life is being taught in Islamic Universities, printed in Islamis newspapers and magazines.

I judge people by the content of their hearts;..not by race, religion or any ‘distraction’.

Jon says:
September 5, 2011 at 10:57 pm (Edit)

Ill do that right after Tom Lang is finished riding your mother like an old road whore. Arent you just a chip off the old block! Both screwing for a buck!

amerrescue says:
September 6, 2011 at 12:06 am (Edit)

Regarding my mother and your description of her as a whore and that Tom Lang, one of the most evil people, in America, who tried to destroy our rescue team..was fucking her..for a buck…

My response is that I only lived with my mother, for a year, after my father died when I was 2 years old..You are the first to tell me that she was a $1 whore. I expect that you will probably be the last; since, few people would ever possibly consider stooping that low.
Your comments show you for who you are. I would not be surprised to hear that you did time, in prison, with Tom Lang ..both for child molestation.

I say this not out of anger; rather, I say this because you two are just that ‘bad’.

amerrescue says:
September 6, 2011 at 12:43 am (Edit)

This person ‘Jon’ at
refused to identify himself. His name, address or work position.

amerrescue says:
September 6, 2011 at 1:44 am (Edit)

This ‘jon’ person sent another email of a criminal nature threatening me with physical violence. I have permanently marked him as spam. Although he refused to identify himself and threatened me with physical violence (He would bring along some of his friends..he said); nevertheless, he refused to identify himself. The ‘brave’ individual, that he pretends to be made it clear that he will remain anonymous and that he would bring some of his friends, to help him.

On the other home address is Doug Copp, 563 Charlotte St, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am home most of the time; since, I am permanently disabled. Anyone who would like to come to my home, like ‘Jon’, with some of his friends should know that I am a pacifist. I will not kill you; however, I will protect myself and am not adverse to hurting you as much as is necessary, to defend myself.

Regarding my attending 911, 10th anniversary; I got as far as Boston and couldn’t go any further. I had to return home. ARTI and NYPD member Peter Donahue was arranging, for me to meet the son of Ray Downey, the leader of the NYFD UHR Team, who was killed along with his brother firefighters, at the onset of the tragedy.

I was disappointed , not to meet Ray’s son; since, it would have been a wonderful conclusion, to my friendship, with his father, Ray. Ray and I had collaborated on a UHR training event, with a real collapsed building, as the training area. This was scheduled to occur, 2 weeks after ’911′ intervened.

Chief Ray Downey, a great guy, died before I could get to 911 to join him. How much better the world would have been if Ray hadn’t been killed.
The first 911 ceremony was attended by ARTI member Efrain Huaman, who represented me, This last effort is my 4 th unsuccessful attempt to get to the 911 ceremony. My chest hurts like Hell and I go into convulsions, from the air pollution, before I can get near NYC. I don’t plan to try again.

You might like to read my blog; 911 first responders ‘pissed-on’ again.

thank you

doug copp

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DC Earthquake Really A Nuclear Detonation?

The problem I see is that the animals reacted to the earthquake like they tend to do.  Do animals react to a nuclear bomb before it detonates? 

Then there is this nameless/faceless "confirmation" at

I think this is a cover-up.  How about you?

Another article @ talks about how the CO/VA quakes both occurred near gov' facilities and talks about HAARP.

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Triangle of Life. I had a nightmare, last night.

Triangle of Life. I had a nightmare, last night.

I hardly ever have a nightmare. I had a nightmare, last night. My 25 years as an unpaid volunteer, saving 250,000 lives, at major disasters, around the world, gave me enough 'experience' to have a different throbbing, screaming, 'soaken wet', nightmare every night, for years. Nevertheless, I have one every couple of years. Last night, I had one worth writing about.
I had crawled inside of 896 collapsed buildings, witnessed many of the 650,000 dead, mutilated and decomposed corpses that these 'living nightmares' had caused. I had 3 buildings collapse, on top of me. I stood amongst the rubble of 3 'cities' without a single building left standing. I have witnessed more than 1 million collapsed buildings, with all the 'hell' that came with it. Only a 'series of books' can disclose what I have experienced. My 'life experience' is heavy.
My first 'search' was a school with all the children squashed under their desks; which was soon followed by saving the life of a new born baby, in a collapsed maternity ward...I had no choice other than to crawl over the squashed bodies of 'ripped apart' new born babies..The crawl space was too small to avoid save this 'crying' baby. I will forever remember the feeling of a squashed new born baby; 'rolling' under my stomach, as I crawled over it....!!!
I will forever remember the images of little hands and feet sticking out from under their school desks and my despair that all the school children were crushed under their desks when they could have easily survived by being in the aisle, next to their desks. (In fact 3 children had survived. Their 'testimonials' are on the ARTI website. Two (2) children were untouched. These 2 girls were located completely, in the aisles. Leona was only 'half lucky'. Her torso was in the aisle but her legs were squashed under her desk. Her legs were amputated but she survived.)
I have been permanently disabled, constantly sick and 'in pain' ; since, I was 'poisoned' while crawling 1.5 miles under the 911 rubble. I crawled 1.5 miles, from a little hole, at the bottom of a pit amongst the rubble ...all the way to the flooded subways..6 levels deeper. I did this while the 2nd and 3rd subterranean floors were still smoldering. All the computers, carpet, furniture, paintings and 'people' had been 'particalised'. It was 'all in the air'.
The air was thick with the jet fuel, soot and burnt remains. My lungs, sinus, eyes and skin were conduits for all this poison. The descriptive list of poisons that laboratories have found , in my body, at levels up to 5,000 x maximum 'normal' is 35 pages long. The 3 relevant leading medical experts, in the world, wanted to review my thousands of pages of medical file...simply because I was still alive..and nobody, in history, had survived such an astronomical amount of concentrated poisons. See for yourself, in my 100+ youtube videos which include searching under the 911 rubble.
The nightmare:
My wife usually 'gets up' earlier, than me. She came into , our bedroom, to wake me up. Half asleep, I told her: " Honey, I had a nightmare. Let me tell you about it."
I told her that I went back to crawling inside of collapsed buildings ( I am too sick to actually do this; although, I had searched inside of collapsed building, in Haiti and became hospitalized' because of it) ...that I was being blackmailed. A new campaign of discrediting me with outrageous lies was 'in the works'.
The insurance companies and USA 'emergency services' bureaucrats were using this as an opportunity to murder shut me up. Murdering me would be the last desperate attempt of 'some greedy, evil bastards' to stop the 'triangle of life' from negatively impacting their profits. I reminded her that major disasters are usually used to 'cover-up' murders ( In the midst of complete chaos and bureaucratic breakdown it is extremely easy "to get away with murder".).
The Triangle of Life is spreading around the world, in spite of, USA insurance companies 'unholy lust for profit' and School Board Officials who consider it "cheaper and less trouble" if school children are killed during earthquakes; rather than, survive and demand compensation for psychological or physical trauma.
USA Insurance Executives have warned school boards that the 'triangle of life' will allow school children to survive..that this would directly result in school boards insurance premiums ( all USA school boards are insured) increasing dramatically or possibly the complete refusal of coverage. (School Board Officials and their bureaucratic 'emergency managers' are determined to keep their payments low by maintaining 'duck and cover'.)
These are the same gigantically wealthy insurance companies that deny health coverage to sick children, to keep profits high...making the USA the only developed country that denies health care to any citizen. The USA Insurance companies use actuarial tables to maximize profits.
To Quote the Vice President of Muchener Re (one of the largest insurance companies that insure 'insurance company risk').
He said to me:
" We are in the business of maximizing return for shareholders..we are not in the business of saving lives."
Still half awake, I told her that I had read an article, in Japan , yesterday ( I actually wasn't part of my nightmare.). It described the battle between 'duck and cover' and the 'triangle of life'. The writer mentioned the involvement of USA insurance companies to guarantee maximum 'share holder profit' by continuing with 'duck and cover'. The 'Duck and cover' policy statistically, in every country, has a 2% survival rate ( and these survivors accidentally found themselves in a 'triangle of life'). You have a better chance of being proclaimed the 'King of England' than surviving an earthquake by 'duck and cover'.
*** by the way....Last week, I had a friend visit from Shri Lanka. I showed him the bullet hole, in my wife's car.******

You might think that someone who had the 'life experience" of so much horror would find it impossible to 'bear the burden' of so much ...horror, sickness and vitriolic attacks; however, quite the contrary... I love God and am grateful for having the opportunity to have done so much good, with my life.
'Duck and cover' is murder, for cannot stand..against the monumental force of people's intelligence, self-survival and parent's love of their children.
doug copp

founder of ARTI ( the world's most experienced rescue and disaster mitigation/management organization) and the Discoverer of the 'triangle of life' to take building collapse survivability from 2% using 'duck and cover' to 90% using the 'triangle of life'

ARTI is All Unpaid Volunteers willing to stand up to and fight USA insurance companies and bureaucrats who consider it cheaper and less trouble if victims die rather than survive with possible trauma and sue ( less profit for insurance companies and higher premiums for bureaucrats)

"Now, that my 911 injuries have made it impossible for me, to crawl into collapsed buildings, I thank God for allowing me to continue saving lives. I am willing to sacrifice my life, my health, my reputation and endure any attack, slander, burden or harm to fulfill this life purpose. PERIOD."

see for hundreds of pages of testimonials, videos, docs. Complete information to survive major disaster, learned from doug's searching 896 collapsed buildings and witnessing 1+ million collapsed buildings, at more than 100 major disaster events; throughout the entire
or our eye opening/controversial and mega informative blogs at

Go to youtube and watch MORE THAN 100 youtube videos at amerrescue and amerrescuegmail youtube channels

1-902-567-1227 home

" There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labor of thinking." Above all .......overcome this.

doug copp

founder of ARTI ( the world's most experienced rescue and disaster mitigation/management organization) and the Discoverer of the 'triangle of life' to take building collapse survivability from 2% using 'duck and cover' to 90% using the 'triangle of life'
ARTI is All Unpaid Volunteers willing to stand up to and fight USA insurance companies and bureaucrats who consider it cheaper and less trouble if victims die rather than survive with possible trauma and sue ( less profit for insurance companies and higher premiums for bureaucrats)

"Now, that my 911 injuries have made it impossible for me, to crawl into collapsed buildings, I thank God for allowing me to continue saving lives. I am willing to sacrifice my life, my health, my reputation and endure any attack, slander, burden or harm to fulfill this life purpose. PERIOD."

see for hundreds of pages of testimonials, videos, docs. Complete information to survive major disaster, learned from doug's searching 896 collapsed buildings and witnessing 1+ million collapsed buildings, at more than 100 major disaster events; throughout the entire
or our eye opening/controversial and mega informative blogs at

Go to youtube and watch MORE THAN 100 youtube videos at amerrescue and amerrescuegmail youtube channels

1-902-567-1227 home

" There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labor of thinking." Above all .......overcome this.
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Found some more recent articles on this.  I hope you all don;t mind revisiting this!  :)

Here is the blog that got me booted from poleshift.ning.   Maybe someone can appreciate it as much as I did.  :)


I found these facts to weirdly fascinating! On #8, there was a "comet" was seen for 260 days by the naked eye.  I have never heard of a comet being around that long AND seen by the naked eye for the length of time it was around.  These facts were posted on projectavalon. This just can't be just coincidence.

1) Some type of great flooding or long period of heavy rainfall leading to large river rises occured. Like in 2011, it also occured in 1811 in the month of June, in the same places.
2) 1811 was the 11th session of Congress and 2011 started as the 111th session of Congress

3) An article was published a couple weeks ago where scientist were baffled as to why the sun was going quiet, when it should of been beginning its maximum period. In 1811, it was a unique year for the sun for its quiet period. (Note: They tell us today its a 11 year cycle, the paper quoted a 13 year cycle)
4) Europe has just come off possibly the coldest winter in its history, same article above quoted the cooling of Europe in 1811, due to the suns activity. We are still in facts.
5) In 1811, the new moon occured on Dec 15th, the morning of Dec 16th, the earthquake struck. In 2011, we have a new moon on Oct 11th. I will explain why October shortly (speculation part, but also fact, just head scratching).
6) Most geologist and scientist believe that most earthquakes occur during new and full moons. With new moons the most likely. But when you have new and full moons on days that also equal their apogee or perigee, then you have a "supermoon", this is what some of them, Jim Berkland for example, believe is the window for the most dangerous. It falls in line with women are more apt to give birth on a full moon. 
7) Stay with me here, just facts and honest comparisons, with a little head scratching. Now, in Oct. we have a full moon on the 11th, with the moon apogee on Oct 12th. We have a new moon on Oct 26th, but we also have the moon perigee on, yep, Oct 26th. Now, some say that comet Elenin will make its closest approach on Oct 16th. Right in the middle of the full and new moon and the apogee and perigee, leading up to the 26th that is the new moon, perigee, and passing comet all on the same day. Not saying it means anything but kinda makes you wonder. If that doesnt, I will entice you a bit more.
8) There was what is known as The Great Comet of 1811. Its was seen with the naked eye for 260 days. It was first noticed on March 25th, 1811, and made its closest approach (estimated) but became its most brightest in mid-October. 
9) The date of the strongest and first New Madrid quake was on a 16th and the closest approach of this already famous comet noone has even seen yet is on a 16th. October 16th.


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