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We're glad you're here. We have just a few simple rules. The Golden Rule is one: treat others as you want to be treated. In other words, be courteous. We have many different viewpoints and beliefs here so this is a point that will be enforced. If you find someone who is not courteous, notify the owner by email or the “Report an Issue” tab above and the necessary action will be taken. DO NOT RESPOND TO DISCOURTEOUS PEOPLE. This takes the wind out of their sails.  Thankfully they are few and far between.  This group is generally well behaved and respectful, and we intend to keep it that way.

We suggest that you read some of the blogs and discussions to get a feel for the culture of this ning. Then jump in and share your information about earthchanges in your area or your preparedness information or discuss spiritual preparations. We even post poems and songs, and occasionally diversions and jokes to keep the morale up, because we are focused on a heavy topic.  It's inevitable that we go off-topic, but the moderators will give gentle nudges to get back on topic.  Some people have mistaken us for a technical group.  We are not a technical group, just ordinary people with an interest in the topics we discuss. 

A number of people here already accept the existence of Planet X and the coming pole shift. However, if these are not your realities, that's okay. But, you should prepare for disaster no matter what you choose to believe. 

It is our intent that this blog be a safe space for discussion of contactees, UFOs, crop circles, Planet X, earthchanges, end time prophecies, alternative scientific and spiritual views, and such. While recognizing the many different spiritual points of view here and the importance of spiritual preparation for the coming cataclysms, we ask that this site not be used as a platform for proselytizing or debating religion. However, we do allow discussion of religion along the lines of preparation and end time prophecies. 

While we post relevant news articles, if political debate becomes divisive the blog or discussion will be closed with no notice.  No personal marketing outside of these guidelines:  https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/the-marketplace.  Please keep discussions limited to earthchanges and related events and know that your odds of surviving them increase when you prepare for it.  However, just like the rest of life, nothing is guaranteed.

Also, be aware we are not a dating service.  We maintain a family atmosphere on this site.  Your personal picture should not be provocative.  Everyone needs to be wearing adequate clothing in their pictures.  Pictures wherein you are wearing skimpy clothing (or conveys otherwise provocative ways) will result in immediate suspension.  We also do not allow any form of negative images, whether personal or otherwise.  For instance, someone was using a dark version of the Joker from Batman as his personal picture and many people here found it disturbing and offensive.  We will not give notice. Just don't post negative pictures.  If you have a question whether a picture is okay or not, please ask first before posting.

In regards to dating service spam, we act fast because, if we don't, it gives their spam time to circulate.  There will be no appeal of these types of suspensions.  Occasionally, one slips through.  Please, do not respond to any communication from them.  Instead, please use the Report an Issue Link in the top navigational bar.  This will send your report to the owner and all the administrators.  If the issue is in a blog or discussion, please send the link.  On a related note, if you receive private emails from someone asking you to contact them and giving an outside email address, it is likely spam.  We advise you to ignore it.  Sex spammers are after your wallet.  

While it is okay to post personal pictures because we consider ourselves a family, this group is growing, so please limit personal pictures on your profile page.  Videos should only pertain to things related to earthchanges and related things. Also, if you are new to the Ning blog experience, please see the link for Ning instructions.

This site is configured for the Discussion section to be used for posting relevant earthchanges news and the Blog section for everything else.  These sections are intended to be applicable to everyone.  Most groups are open, but a few are members' only.  Groups allow messages to be sent to all group members and, if members only, also provides added security for group discussions.  Groups keep Google from landing your sensitive information into their public cache which can be searched.  

A few final things: if you are new to sun-watching, here is a blog that will help you understand the images and charts occasionally posted here: https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-interpret-nasa-and.  If you don't understand something, just ask. Most knowledgeable people here are always glad to help, so don't be shy. 

We also recommend that you use a fictional screen name because of the Google cache issue, if you need to protect your privacy for various reasons, such as background checks, employment, etc.  If your email changes, update it in the Settings link (in the box below your Inbox link).  If you don't, you can still sign in.  However, you will not receive broadcast messages, which are for members only, so it is in your interest to update your email address when it changes.

If you need to reach a moderator or the owner immediately, look at the chat window to see who is on line.  If you click on a name, a menu opens and you can click on private chat.  This causes the Administrator you select to have a blinking window.  Of course, if we are logged on but away from our computer, it doesn't work, but it's the best thing we have.  If the Admin you select doesn't respond quickly, try another.  Who's an Admin?  KeithH, KimB, and me.

If you change your residence or email address, please let us know via private mail.  Changing your residence changes your IP number and changing your email, while still allowing you to log in, will prevent you from getting broadcast messages.

And, lastly, you are not to ever give out your login or let anyone else use your account.  Your account is for you and you alone.  Should you allow it and it is discovered, it is grounds for instant suspension. 

These rules have been effective in maintaining the peace of this group.  We value free speech and find it works well in this environment.

We hope you have an enlightening and enjoyable experience here at earthchanges.ning.com. 


Cheryl Nelson, Owner

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Prayer Request Blog

Please pray for one of our members who contracted pneumonia and was hospitalized for a week.  ** update They have recovered!

If anyone has any other prayer requests please reply below.

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Wormwood 2028



Here is the image as captured from the SOHO LASCO C2 camera, which NASA cameras captured on 07/05/20...

10958334654?profile=originalPX is passing behind the sun on this leg of its 3,600-year orbit.  The next image, below, is the same image with arrows added, the top one showing the larger orb, the bottom one showing the shadow of a smaller orb...

10958335255?profile=originalThe next image shows a remarkably clear image of a rock (asteroid?) just outside of the shield, at the ~2:45 position.  I used the plaster filter in Photoshop to capture this otherwise indistinguishable object...

10958336452?profile=originalWow!  What a close-up of that PX object, isn't it? 

Okay, the next image used the film grain filter.  What became obvious is the amount of smaller objects on the left, as compared to the right of the shield.  Since PX is moving left to right on a northerly incline, this may be a way to track it's progress, as smaller objects become visible on the right side of the shield, climbing toward and above the north pole of the sun....10958336869?profile=originalSo, there you have it.  PX is real.  And it's inbound.  What's next?  From what little information there is (provided the information is good) PX will continue to head up and over the north pole of the sun for a relatively short distance, to the endpoint of its orbit, and then gravitational forces will pull it back to begin its 3,600-year journey back to the other end of its orbit.  The difference is that its homeward-bound journey will be traveling between the sun and the earth.  This means it will be much closer to earth.  Since a member of this complex is said to be a brown dwarf, highly magnetic, and earth has an iron core, we are in for a bumpy ride.  The brown dwarf, being a dead star, has no light of its own and only shows up when it is caught in our sun's light, such as this solar flare.

Well, euphemisms are fine, but it is thought it will be an extinction-level event (at least for those who do not prepare).  As for Marshall Masters' prediction for 2028, I can't judge his intuition.  PX's return voyage will be much faster, possibly due to a slingshot effect, though I think he accounted for that.  But the point being, don't wait until the last minute to prepare.  You should already be preparing for all the other things happening in our world.  Do what you can and don't worry it's not enough.  It won't be.  But the galactics help those who do all they can.  Ask and ye shall receive.  (Ref, http://www.fourwinds10.com/journals/html/J005.html, Chapter 5, starting on p.36.)

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Stand up and take your power back!!

This applies to all facets of life!  As humans we have so many lower vibe templates to change which are abusive.  One of these is the need to control another template (I call it bullying at it's finest).  Both have abusive under tones and it is something we need to be aware of, and step up to eliminate it by standing in your power and not allowing it.  Here are links to the signs of  this behavior.   I am posting because I have seen many suffer due to this nastiness (including some friends).  And it is painful to watch as someone allows themselves to be emasculated.

In relationships 10 signs of this to bring awareness (IMO bleeds out into the collective):


AS a collective things we can do:


As a collective we can take our power back.  And change the world.  And so much more!  (that's another blog.  lol)

"I couldn't stay in the box you built for me.  It was small and dark cluttered with your insecurities" J. Nodarse.  I love this quote and it speaks volumes.  So many allow themselves to be controlled like this within relationships and marriages.  It is sad to see.  Nothing you can do for these people except for pray they open their eyes and take steps to get back into their power.  As I always say, call their bluff.  Break the cycle.  Figure a way AROUND this.

"People will get angry when you won't stay in their box.  Do it anyway (get out of their box)." Marla Kelly

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Mother Mary says, dear heart, I am Mother Mary. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that Gaia and her children and humanity will go through yet another great shift. It is due and can arrive any time now. This one is particularly special and Divine warns you so that you all will be prepared.
Yes dear heart, mass ascension has begun. The ascension energy coming to earth is becoming more and more powerful. In order for you to stay and stay well, you need to heed Divine's advice and do whatever it takes to maintain your cool. This energy is very powerful. Mother designed it this way so that all Gaia's children and humanity will heed the call and go home. This energy will do just that, bring Gaia's children and humanity home.
Yes, some may say, they have had it. I agree with you dear heart. You have been bombarded by strong energies for years if not decades, and your patience is running thin. Just think of it this way dear heart, if it weren't because of these energies, could you be where you are today? Could humanity be where it is now? Far from that, you and humanity most likely would have stayed in the dark, and struggling, and found no way out. That was the case before for eons of time dear heart. We finally made it this far. Gaia and humanity finally have a chance to go home, all because of these energies. So, be patient dear heart. I know it is not easy when you are in form, and experience these strong energies. Sometimes your body may not reach well. But believe me, these energies do wonders if you let them. Just give it a chance, you will see how far these energies will take you. Going home you need these energies dear heart. Nothing else can do it for you, remember that. So, stay put and let energies do the work dear heart. It is in Divine's interest that you work with these energies and not lament it. When you embrace these energies, you go home faster and struggle less. Why not adapt the energies and make your path easier instead of fighting hard dear heart, think about it.
I am Mother Mary, I love you. In next few days, Divine is going to pay tremendous attention to our light workers who are at the verge of ascension. It is Divine's wish that these light workers who are ready to ride this ascension flame and ascend. Yes, we cannot wait. We want you to ascend dear heart so that you don't have to suffer from the dark night of the soul. It is time dear heart, come with us and go home. This is your chance, embrace it.
I love you dear heart. In your ascension journey home, I also want to remind you that regardless how far you have traveled, you still have far to go in terms of full enlightenment. It is the truth that spiritual journey has no end, you always evolve, going home. There is no such thing that once I ascend, I am done. Yes, once you ascend, you will be done for one phase. But next phase will await you. So, be prepared and you won't feel disappointed. Remember your spiritual journey has no end, you always expand. That is the law. I love you, I am Mother Mary. So it is.

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Arcturian Message ~ 04/23/17

APRIL 23, 2017

Dear ones, we greet you in love and with great respect as we witness the struggles taking place both within and without for so many. Increasingly intense levels of Light energy are now flowing to earth for the purpose of assisting Gaia and all who choose, to move forward in their ascension journey.

Never doubt that you are in body now because you chose it. You recognized the value of being on earth during these times of tremendous opportunity to complete any remaining unfinished business with others, clear old cellular memory, experience Gaia's as well as your own ascension, and at the same time be of service to others.

Many awakened ones feel confusion and question because judging by appearances the world doesn't look or seem to be anywhere near what was expected. Be patient dear ones, and do not let yourselves become overwhelmed with discouragement for you are in the midst of intense inner and outer cleansing at this time, much is yet to come as this process unfolds.

Release any concepts of how your life or the world should be, for the human mind is only able to bring forth solutions and ideas already present in consensus consciousness. The "new world" will not simply be a polished version of the "old world" but will be new because it will be formed of the higher energies of Light and unconditional love.

As more and more individuals hold and reflect truth and trust, acknowledging the reality of things seen and unseen, the world formed of falsehood and low density consciousness must begin to dissolve. Lower density creations have no law to support or hold them in place because they are made of beliefs of duality and separation.

We wish to speak of forgiveness because most of you are in the process of clearing both old and new cellular memory which causes all remaining lower resonating energies to resurface. Issues and emotions you thought you had long ago resolved may once again present themselves. This is because the clearing of intense experiences takes place in layers as you are spiritually able and ready which is determined by your Higher Self.

Many of you are now spiritually ready to clear all remaining old energy even those things you buried deeply, hoping never again to feel or think about. If you find yourselves experiencing unfamiliar or unpleasant emotions, physical symptoms, or crazy dreams, understand that they are most likely old energies flowing through and out.

Real forgiveness is not possible for human beings living fully in third dimensional consciousness. When one has been hurt, punished unfairly, or made to suffer from the actions of others, the thoughts of revenge that rise within a sense of separation are a normal reactions. The energies necessary for real forgiveness simply are not there.

However as individuals gradually move beyond the false beliefs of duality and separation (evolution) and into a conscious realization of Oneness, the door to forgiveness begins to open allowing the already present energies of unconditional love and forgiveness to flow through, not from , because only God can love.

Forgiveness in its truest sense is a recognition of the impossibility of anything or anyone existing outside of the ONE. As long as there is a belief that someone or self needs forgiveness, there exists the belief in duality and separation. At some point each evolving soul must move beyond concepts of forgiveness and into truth.

Love is the only answer because Love is all that exists. Whether or not an individual believes this is irrelevant and cannot change the reality of what IS. We do not speak of the "wishy /washy" emotional nonsense so many consider to be love. We speak of a consciousness that understands that no one can touch the reality of who you are, unless you believe they can for there is only ONE.

Outer experiences will continue to reflect one's personal consciousness as well as the consensus consciousness of the world until he/she brings themself out from under the bondage of a consciousness conditioned by falsehoods. You are creators, but have not known it and so for eons have been ignorantly creating experiences of duality and separation and then asking why God would allow such things.

These ideas about forgiveness will be confusing for some of you, and you may respond with resistance. Take them into meditation and contemplate asking yourselves; "What am I believing that is making me feel this way? Is it true? How can I possibly forgive and actually love this person, church, family member, business, etc. who did this awful thing to me?"

We do not say you must forget, nor do we say you are to suddenly become the best friend of someone who has hurt you, or that it is fine to take unsafe risks around those who may not have your best interests in mind. Pretending to live out from a state of consciousness not yet attained, is very human but most of you have evolved into a readiness to understand and integrate true forgiveness.

The reality is that you are forever and always have been expressions of the one Divine Consciousness/Source/God. Would, or even could, God do something harmful and painful to Itself? As you learn to recognize the true nature of things, you will discover that nothing real needs forgiveness because the idea of forgiveness indicates that there is someone outside of the ONE.

The pain of betrayal (the reason for most issues requiring forgiveness), remains long after the event, person, or organization is no longer a part of one's life because the intense emotions of the experience are usually solidly stored in cellular memory, ready and able to activate at the smallest provocation.

Try not to resist, for resistance simply gives power and reality to the emotions, beliefs, etc. you seek to move beyond. Instead be patient and loving with yourself when you are hurting. Acknowledge that these painful emotions for now are a part of your energy but that there is no law holding or supporting them. Speak to the cells of your physical body, visualize them filled with Light and tell them it is ok and not to fear the release of old and finished energy.

Know that it is ok to pamper yourselves, there is nothing unspiritual about doing the things you love, and just enjoying life. Teachings that separate the spiritual and the human are false, based in religious doctrine created by un-evolved human minds and not God. There is nothing outside of the ONE, it is only the human mind's false belief system that interprets some things as spiritual, but other things not. The essence of all things is Divine for it is all there is.

Painful and unresolved issues between two people (often dominance/victim) will remain in cellular memory and be carried into each lifetime continuing to manifest between the same people in different roles. This type of connection between people results in the formation of energy cords.

Energy cords are created whenever there are intense experiences of either good or bad between two people and become a facet of ones' energy field until removed or until one of the two evolves beyond the energy that created the cords in the first place (the cord no longer has anything to attach to). The dissolving of energy cords does not remove a person from one's life, but removes the intense and often unhealthy sense of bondage that accompanies them.

Energy cords develop between sexual partners, frequently between a child and a parent, or with anyone with whom there has been shared intense experiences. Energy cords bind those involved to low resonating energy and should be removed which is easily be done by energy healers, or by self through intention. "In the presence of my Higher Self and my Guides, I consciously choose to remove any and all energetic cords attaching me to_____. " Visualize Light dissolving the cords which are usually attached to the solar plexus chakra and fill in the space with soft golden Light. It is the intention, not specific words that is important.

Conscious awareness of self as SELF is the path to freedom, dear ones, and is how you become free from pain and suffering in a world formed of energy that does not even exist in Divine Mind. Once you are able to acknowledge the reality of who and what you are, the outer scene will no longer have power over you because you now recognize it for what it is.

You are evolving beyond concepts of forgiveness, into a realization of oneness. Evolution is a process. First comes an intellectual awareness of some truth followed by a period of time (sometimes years) spent reading, taking classes, and inner contemplation. When ready, the soul integrates the truth and it becomes an attained state of consciousness.

If an individual has already attained the consciousness of some truth in a former lifetime, the intellectual awareness simply becomes "remembering" followed by fast and easy integration. This is why it is not wise to compare your journey with that of others, as everyone has had different lifetimes and experiences before this one. Trust that your Higher Self is putting you right where you need to be for what you need to learn.

True forgiveness is an attained state of consciousness that realizes there is nothing to forgive. At the same time it is important to remember that not everyone is ready to understand this deeper sense of forgiveness, and so there may still be occasions when it is necessary and appropriate to speak the words and take actions that define forgiveness. Words and actions spoken from a conscious realization of oneness, carry a higher vibration than if spoken as a purely three dimensional exercise.

Those living fully in third dimensional consciousness are more subject to accidents and events because they are expressing and creating with energies of duality (pairs of opposites) and separation. However, similar experiences (many seeming to require forgiveness) that occur in the lives of those awake to truth, are not a sign of spiritual failure as some may think, but are instead experiences usually planned pre-birth as being necessary for spiritual growth.

This never means you must remain in abusive or harmful situations waiting for the other person to change. It means taking whatever human footsteps may be necessary, while remembering the Divine nature of those involved. Refusing to allow others to dishonor you physically,emotionally, or mentally is empowering because it is the acknowledgment of self as SELF.

Never go back to old, familiar, and comfortable belief systems once you have awakened to the higher sense of these things. It is tempting to align with the energy of crowds, experts, religious leaders, politicians, families, and friends in order to be accepted and loved. If guided, participate, but do not align with lower resonating states of consciousness.

Reverting to a state of consciousness you have evolved beyond creates physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual discord.

Trust that your Higher Self knows where you need to be, what you need to learn, and how and when to get you there.

We are the Arcturian Group 4/23/17

Donations are welcomed.

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Unusual Cloud and Rainbow

I was at the park with my grandson yesterday and was watching the clouds on a breezy day.  One cloud drew my attention, so I took a picture of it:


I ran it through the Photoshop filters and one showed something (see the line of elliptical circles on the left about 1.25 inch above the swing set bar?) ...

10958065891?profile=originalSo, I zoomed in on it.  Notice the lines are black, like the metal bars on the swing set.  Compare other images of clouds, they don't contain black lines...


UPDATE 5/25/16:

I found a comparison image in my old NASA image files.  It is of one ship by the sun and is similar to the chrome image.  It looks like each elliptical object could be one ship, thus, there may be as many as 5-6 ships in the Chrome image above, not one large one.  Well, whether one or many, who knows, but it's a definite something.  Anyway, here's the NASA image:



Today, I was back at the park.  No clouds drew my attention today, but I snapped a picture of one, just for contrast, same place, about the same time of day, same weather conditions...

10958066872?profile=originalAnd, ran it through the same filter (Chrome)...

10958067698?profile=originalAnd, no black elliptical circles.  I think the first cloud shows something hiding within it.  What do you think?

Another interesting thing that happened yesterday was, after thinking about all the repetitive numbers regarding change that I've been seeing lately, I realized I was interpreting them too narrowly, that the change is going to be the bigger picture of later this year.  After that realization, I looked up and saw a rainbow (it was brighter when I first saw it, by the time I got my camera it was starting to fade).  FYI, it hadn't been raining, and rainbows happen by light shining through raindrops in the air...

10958068453?profile=originalAs an afterthought, I ran the rainbow picture through the Photoshop filters, and look what I found (top center)...

10958069071?profile=originalAnd, in this filter (Chrome), notice the parentheses to the sides of the object, top center...

10958069864?profile=originalParentheses showed up in this image Byron took of a UFO back in April...


And, one I captured above my house (top center) back in April...


The point being that parenthical-like images accompany UFO's.  It may be a shadow of the craft's force fields.

So, was I sent a rainbow?  :D

Another interesting observation is that all the "change" numbers (involving 5's and other numbers) that I've been seeing lately have stopped since yesterday's realization and rainbow.  I've read that the numbers persist until you "get it" (get the message).

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Ways To Celebrate Your Freedom Like A Rebel – Humor


Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

If we’re not laughing, we’re crying, right? It’s hard to find humor when depressing reports constantly assault our psyches by depicting the blatant trampling of our rights.

But being a “rebel” today means different types of battles and fronts than in the days of our founding fathers - although the inspiration is the same. The following are just a few ways you can really live it up this Independence Day.

We want you to add your own in the comments!

Drink raw milk. Better yet, meet your Amish “dealer” at a state line and drink your illegal public health safety risk with one foot in each state.

If you’re self employed and send quarterly taxes to the IRS, use an invisible envelope with invisible money – same difference.

Call a random cell phone number. *Brrriing-Brrriing Hello...NSA? Happy Independence Daaaayyy!

Visit a rebel naturopathic doctor before they’re completely outlawed. Get your nutrition advice from an illegal consultant or a blogger who's on trial, the ones who are not state certified ADA drones.

Dig up a genetically modified crop – it’s the biggest new thing in Europe, very chic these days, and we can’t let those blokes show us up when it comes to revolution.

Get involved in any jury opportunity. Nullify-nullify-nullify! Raise hell - be the 12th Angry Man.

Get arrested for the following: sit on a park bench and eat donuts, hand out juror rights before a trial, record a police shoot out with your cell phone, dance at the Jefferson Memorial, ask a cop a question, or buy bottled water.

Smile for your police profile, then make your mugshot your Facebook profile pic.

Weave some clothing from industrialized hemp.

Go "Robin Hooding." (Google it, then do it - it's fun!)

Grow a front-yard garden - hang a sign that says "NO BUREAUCRATS!"

Might as well get some heritage pigs while you're at it. Are you up in Michigan? Ooooh, you cheeky rebel, You!

Vote third party or for whoever floats your boat - heavens no, what  a waste!

Or don’t vote if you feel you shouldn’t. And when someone tells you, “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain,” express your right to complain even louder!

Go into the average church in America and start talking about Ron Paul, foreign policy, or Austrian economics. Seriously, have you ever tried this? You will need the shoes from the boy in The Sandlot. Start running.

Deliver your freedom baby at home. Refuse vaccination even while told you may not take exemption. "NO" is a complete sentence - the founding fathers said "no," maybe with more words.

Send that kid to school with healthy lunches and Kombucha drinks - they'll call the bomb squad.

Wait! Did you catch that? Why would a rebel do that?? UNSCHOOL!

Eat lots of calories, you devil you! Eat potatoes! The latest media diet buzz pushes small portions, potatoes are bad, eat few calories, and NO snacking – who’s hungry?? Eating real food is an act of rebellion today - because thriving is a rarity.

Throw a party and serve grass-fed burgers and raw milk shakes. Treat your vegetarian and vegan friends to your organically grown garden – soon to be illegal. Serve up your organic cucumbers, bean sprouts, and alfalfa – they know there’s no e.coli on them, right?

Make iced tea with non-fluoridated water.

Speaking of which - check into decalcifying that pineal gland. You're gonna need that third eye to stay sane in an insane world.

Let your kids have a lemonade stand . . . until the cops shut them down.

Enjoy some FDA-seized elderberry juice concentrate in sparkling mineral water.

Speaking of elderberry, drive by your local DHS Fusion center, stick your head out the window, make a face and yell out your favorite Monty Python quote.

Visit the TSA wearing a diaper on the outside of your pants. During the search throw the diaper in the air! That might be over the top, but remember when the TSA was really into diapers? Like, literally?

If TSA doesn’t confiscate your diaper, give it to a cow. They won’t be allowed to fart outdoors anymore.

Find a clean cow-free area, start gulping in lots of puffs of air. When someone asks what you're doing, say you are hoarding it before they tax it.

If you feel like celebrating what’s left of your freedom this year, shoot off fireworks a few decibels above the allowable city ordinance sound levels. Don’t use guns, you’d be wasting precious ammo, hard to come by.

Plus, people might mistake you for the blockhead who thinks freedom is a country song about an eagle flying over a faded bellowing American flag backdrop.

Buy some precious metals. You won’t be allowed to purchase gold and silver very soon – you outlaw!

3.gifInvite your friends to a movie night at your house and get them all pumped up. But when they get there, show a movie like America: Freedom to Fascism. They will think that is so considerate and thoughtful of you...

When someone experiences cognitive dissonance and decides to challenge you to a game of wits, only answer in terms of: "So...??" "So what?" or "And...??" They'll come around and get there eventually.

READ THE CONSTITUTION . . . so you can remember it when it’s completely erased. Fahrenheit 451 style.

Read it by the light of an incandescent bulb.

Better yet, out in the bright sun with no sunscreen!

That’s right, choosing not to slather on that toxic white goop is truly radical! Plus, the sun is awesome.

React with kindness. Live a great life. Humor is your strength.

The most rebellious act? 

Know, I mean really know...

That you are free from the inside-out because you exist and you are precious!

~Happy Independence Day from Activist Post.

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Re the 30,000 Guillotines Rumor

Like others, I've been looking for the purchase order to confirm the US government has, indeed, purchased 30,000 guillotines.  No luck yet.  If the government were going to do something this bizarre, it would likely come out of black ops funding.  They wouldn't leave a paper trail. 

It would have been easy enough to dismiss, except that it was a retired FBI agent (Ted Gunderson) who started the rumor.  See, http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2013/06/29/why-does-the-governmen....  So, for many people, the fact that he was an FBI agent adds credibility and, thus, there may be some truth to it, BUT, then again, maybe not. 

One reason not is the fact that Dave Hodges' Common Sense Show doesn't get shut down for all the speculative connecting-the-dots he is doing.  That is suspicious.  Sites with (1) big followings (2) that tell the truth about the government are shut down, journalists are killed.  Disinfo ops aren't. 

Governments always need a cover, or surface purpose, for their covert agendas.  The Georgia legislation could be one such surfpurp.  On the surface, it seems sensical to preserve organs for harvesting.  But when you look more closely, the flaw becomes apparent. 

Compare the amount of U.S. inmates on death row (a little over 3,000 according to http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/death-row-inmates-state-and-size-de...), and then subtract out the (small?) percentage of those that would actually donate their organs.  I say small because those on death row are not exactly known to be altruistic.  So, why would 30,000 guillotines be needed?  More math reveals that 30,000 guillotines works out to 600 guillotines per state, far more than needed for an occasional execution, the epitome of overkill.   

The Georgia legislation, as far as I know, wasn't proposed as part of the 30,000-guillotine deal, though one author suggested it was.  It seems like it was a straw that was later grasped to legitimize the rumor.  Isn't it odd how some obscure legislation was picked up by the guillotine rumor movement?  It seems like it might have had a little help, you know, to help fuel the guillotine fire.  (Where would the Georgia legislator get this idea?   I can see that this type of legislation could possibly have its roots in the State making money off of organ harvesting (big business in China), which could incite more death penalty convictions.)

Another side of the argument can be found at http://www.snopes.com/politics/conspiracy/guillotines.asp.  Snopes, as I have verified for myself, is pro-Obama, so read with discernment. 

And, another log that was thrown on the fire was the use of an international system of coding (in or by Obamacare) that listed death by decapitation-guillotine.  That rumor made the rounds, as you can see here:  http://www.examiner.com/article/relax-obamacare-won-t-bring-beheadings-to-u-s..

Whether any of this is true or not doesn't matter.  What matters is the public perception has been saturated and many will never read any rebuttal.  Thus, another layer of fear porn has been affixed to public perception.

Given the various sides to the story, could the guillotine rumor true?  Or, could it be nothing more than an earlier layer of fear porn being resurrected (given another layer, this one of speculative confirmation) by Dave Hodges, and the "help" of others, that is building an increasing bonfire of anti-Muslim revolt?  

Now, take it a step further.  Could the importation of Muslims into the U.S. be another layer of fuel being added to the fire?  The rogue government in DC has overtly been trying to start race wars, and this new wrinkle looks like a potential religious war is being provoked.  Islam is still a threat, but the DC gang is using it to do their dirty work.

My senses say the rumor is a "true lie."  Meaning it was intentionally released, has significance, is concrete -- not in the sense that 30,000 guillotines physically exist in the US, but in the sense that they exist in people's minds as truth.  A psyop, in other words.  Fear porn.  As useful a tool as the real objects would be if it leads to civil war and depopulation. 


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Greetings ~

This is the About from cicerosghost.com...

Cicero is alive, the spirit of his words echoing across the millenia, begging America to listen in her time of crisis.  He lived in first century B.C. Rome, one of its most famous citizens, and witnessed his beloved Republic degenerate into a despotic empire.  To him, patriotism to the Roman republic was the highest calling.  He was assassinated forty-three years before Christ was born; resolutely standing, to the end, in the path of tyranny that eventually engulfed Rome and wiped out an entire civilization.

His warnings were not in vain.  While he wasn’t able to save Rome, the wisdom and insights contained in his writings offer sustenance to America.  You see, he lived during a similar crossroads in history and has much to say about what is happening here and now. 

Do enough noble citizens remain who will stand tall and push back the rising tide of bad politics and treason?  Cicero calls to those of us who love our country to heed his warnings.  The tide can be turned, if more than a handful care enough, and are brave enough, to take that stand.  And to remain standing when everything else falls.

Cicero’s Ghost (CG) is an American, and lifelong admirer of Cicero, who has escaped the veil of illusion about our world.  The purpose of this site is to help you awaken, too.   CG blogs will offer commentary about the dysfunctional U.S. government’s various machinations, as well as other things of which to be aware.  Together, we can make a change for the better.

CG has a Bachelor of Arts degree, as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree, both from accredited U.S. universities, and is currently working towards an advanced degree in religion.  CG reads extensively and has a broad background with which to evaluate what is being passed around for news.  While not perfect, CG has a good sense of what’s true and what’s not.  So, before you give in to fear and throw your hard-earned money at survival vendors, check here first. Whatever is spooking you may not even be real.

Do not rely on Snopes.com, they are biased in favor of our corrupt government.  And if you stumble upon an issue not addressed here, then say something so it can be looked into.  While similar to snopes.com and the activist post (as far as examining issues), the CG blog is different because it has no advertisers or vested-interest employers paying the bills.  CG presents as many sides to an issue as possible so readers can be as informed as possible.  This is a labor of love for CG and it is offered free as a public service.

After saying that, CG does encourage folks to be prepared for local events for we do live in an increasingly uncertain world.  Trying to plan for an end-of-the-world scenario is futile (learned first-hand).  There are many merchants out there who hope to sell you on the idea that you can prepare for TEOTWAWKI. A six-months’ supply of food and water per-person is the high end of what is possible to buy and manage for the average person.

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In the interview of Pamela Geller (who organized the "Draw the Prophet" contest at the heart of the controversy, and whose interview follows Judge Jeanine's various clips), just the fact that the judge raises the question  -- did Pamela Geller put people at risk by taking a stand against Islamic sharia law -- shows a serious problem exists, far beyond the scope of that particular event. The question also deflects attention from the real problem: sharia law in America, onto the person who is trying to warn of its perils, a common disinformation tactic.  Beware the mainstream media, it likes to shoot modern-day Paul Reveres.

It is unclear whether the judge is raising the question to elicit a response to an already existing accusation or to ask the question to satisfy her own curiosity.  In any event, it shows the absurdity of the notion, because if we don't push back against Islamic vengeance, many more people will be endangered, eventually resulting in the death of freedom of speech. 

Don't think that vanquishing Islamic imperialism from America (or Europe) is going to be without risk.  The founding of this country was fraught with risk.  But Freedom was worth it then, and it is worth it now. 

Make no mistake, Pamela Geller is a hero.  And so is Dutch politician, Geert Wilder. They are both risking their lives to raise America's awareness of the dangers of Sharia law. Pamela's "Draw the Prophet" contest was not a "dumb move," in fact, it was a brilliant strategy. It tackled the problem head on, which exposed the *jihadists' existence in America, their hatred of American values, and their murderous intent to enforce their own.  Now we know.  No more "conspiracy theory" labels to cover up the truth.  It's real.

Many alternative news criers have been sounding the alarm for years.  But this was a wake up call from the enemy itself.  They tipped their hand and demonstrated for all of America to see that if we dare to practice freedom of speech in our own country, speech which Islam does not approve, then free exercise of those rights will result in a near-immediate death penalty.  Our government can no longer cover it up, nor can it protect Americans, even if it wanted to (which, under the current administration, is highly doubtful).

This act was not only hostile to everything we believe and to what America stands for, but demonstrates loud and clear the hidden dangers of Islamic extremism brewing in our country.  Jihadists are an enemy force and they have brought their unholy war** to our shores.  There is nothing holy about war for any reason, especially one that purports to be religious.  In fact, Islam acts more like a rogue political movement than a religion.  A political wolf in religious sheep clothing.

Freedom of speech is no longer free because a very troubling price tag has been attached to it. And it's not just Islamic bullying.  It also includes deaths of journalists who expose government corruption and mainstream media who cover up truth.  You see, freedom of speech and of press and of thought are what keep this country free.  When they go down the chute, the country follows.  Jihadists, in the name of religion, are rabid dogs trying to shut it down because freedom is highly inconsistent with Islam.  And the U.S. government and its lackeys are allowing it, for their own illegal and immoral purposes.

It is being floated around that the correct behavior in all dealings Islamic (no matter how violent or treacherous) is to be "sensitive."  "Sensitivity" is a government-defined, politically correct concept which has the effect of manipulating the people to sacrifice our various freedoms on the altar of sharia law (or whatever program the government is running).  This is part of a government disinformation campaign.

As more people awaken, expect Geller, Geert, and the Ghost, as well as others who speak out to be reviled and made out to be hideous monsters not worthy of New World Order citizenship.  The disinformation has already begun.  According to the interview, Pamela Geller has become the focus of the controversy (which shocked her), not the Islamic doctrine which drives the jihadists to murder.  In other words, exposing the peril is the crime, not the crime of attempted murder itself.

This is what happens to people who tell the truth, and especially who get a large following, to shut them down.  The focus becomes you, not the perilous situation.  The water is muddied so thoroughly no one can tell fact from fiction.  Just know that if a person is doing something to try to save the country, then what you're reading or hearing is likely disinformation at work against him or her.

While our government hasn't legislated Sharia law into existence yet, in a prior blog it was mentioned that the darkening clouds of that movement have become evident in some U.S. courts, as well as seen in the government-assisted expansion of Muslim populations being seeded around the country.

In conjunction with the aforementioned, and among many other illegal acts being perpetrated against The People, the government is trying to sway public opinion through its morally- and patriotically-bankrupt lackeys ~ the mainstream media political correctness machine ~ by using its widespread influence to undermine free speech and free thought with its incessant lies, cover-ups, and other forms of manipulation and brainwashing. 

Just remember when you are being told to be "sensitive" to Islam, that the same government has no problem with a crucifix being put in a container of urine or an image of Mary is surrounded by pornographic images and elephant dung.  What happened to its "sensitivity" toward the feelings of other religions?  Or maybe it doesn't have any feelings at all.  Maybe it sold out to Islam.  That perception is valid given the public favoritism it gives Islam.

Another thought on sharia-sanctioned murder is that it not only represses free speech, it violates US criminal justice laws... the right to face one's accusers, the right to a trial by one's peers, the right to appeals, etc.  It also violates every American's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The government's allowance of jihad groups and radical mosques in this country has violated every American's rights and I dare call it TREASON!

It is imperative to study Islam's past history, because Islamic imperialism is as alive today as it was in the past. Winston Churchill witnessed it first hand.  For a starter, read these pages: http://www.handbookforinfidels.com/Churchill-on-Islam.html and http://allaboutmuhammad.com/.

You can't just say NO! to Islamic imperialism. You have to actively resist it.  And you have to do it NOW!  Tomorrow will be too late.

Are your daily concerns more important than doing something to stop the forward progression of Islam?  Do you really not care enough to act to prevent your sons' minds being put into Islamic boxes and taught to hate, to fight and to die, while your daughters lose their identities under full body veils (body bags), denied education, denied the ability to travel about without a chaperone, to live in fear of violence, unable to make their own life decisions, and endure violence perpetrated against them for "transgressions" or husband edicts (for instance, sodomy is legal under Sharia law, whether the wife consents or not).  The plight of women under sharia law is tragic. 

Further, you don't have to be Muslim to enjoy the "benefits" of Islam.  It has already happened in Australia, where non-Muslim women have been raped by Muslim men for not veiling. Will you wait until jihadists begin attacking non-Muslim American women for not veiling?  Or Americans are killed for exercising free speech? 

If Islam conquers the U.S., the consequences are grim.  History shows conversion or beheading will be your choices.  And if you convert, you could end up a slave.  Which shall you choose?

This is the bleak future for our children and their children, for generations to come, unless we act now.  Stand with Pamela Geller, Geert Wilder, Judge Jeanine, and others who are putting their country, as well as everyone's freedom, before their own lives. This issue is that important.

Remember, Islam was born in the Dark Ages.  It is still a primitive movement and will force another Dark Ages on this world.  Much of what has been gained will be lost, if that is allowed to happen.  It must not be allowed to happen, at all costs.

In closing, I stand in spirit with Pamela Geller, Judge Jeanine and Geert Wilders.  In doing so, I clarify my position that this is not a call to rise up against all Muslims in America.  I can see, just like with the obvious racial divide ops going on, that voicing opinions about Islamic imperialism could be used by Big Brother to create a religious divide to foment martial law.  Let's not play into their hands.

What this blog is about is a call to arms against excessive government favoritism towards Islam, and includes demands that all known jihad camps and radical mosques which violate U.S. laws should be eliminated as soon as possible, there should be an immediate cessation of importing Muslims into this country with the relocation out of this country of those already seeded, legislation should be introduced and passed posthaste banning sharia law in this country, and any other necessary acts to protect the national security against Islam imperialism.

This is not about harming innocent people, on either side of the religious aisle.  It is about returning to Constitutional rule and removing rogue elements from our government.   It is also a reminder to that "government" that it is Americans who are entitled to American liberties.  Not the foreign enemies of America and their religion.

*What they call a jihadist (one who struggles against injustice), we call criminally insane.  Let's remove the romantic labels and call things what they are.

**It  is understood that our government shouldn't have been meddling in their affairs in the first place.  However, most Americans don't agree with our own government on many things and killing innocents is one of them.  Thus, the American people should not be the target, it should be the reprobates in Washington, D.C. that should suffer the consequences of their actions.  In the current case, resisting Islamic imperialism is also an act of resisting our rogue government.  Once the legitimate Constitution and a valid government are restored, wrongs should be righted.  However, in the interim, the seemingly destructive path that is being laid before us calls us to be pro-active before it does go out of control and becomes destructive.

Pamela Geller's website is http://pamelageller.com/.


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Muslim Refugees in America

CG, here.  I will say up front that I have never been a fan of Obama.  The man was unqualified, both experientially and legally.  Six years of his socialist/fascist programs has severely damaged this country.  I think he, and his administration, have an anti-American agenda.  So, related to that sentiment, today’s discussion revolves around a recent article about Muslim refugees being relocated to Idaho.


What would happen if the UN forced Christian refugees to be moved to Muslim countries.  Think those countries would be happy about it?  Of course not, and they wouldn’t allow it.  You know, sovereign countries doing the will of their people, right?

My own observations from meeting Muslims in the stores near the local state college is that, for the most part, they basically ignore everyone.  And, for the most part, they don’t integrate.  It’s not so much that their ways are different, because much can be said about diversity, it’s the segregation and perceived hostility towards Americans and our way of life, which is antithetical to theirs.  So, then, why are they here?

Like every other religion, they are free to practice their religion here, but like every other religion, they are not free to adversely impact any other religion, or cause stress to those already here.  We have to ask the question whether any religion, while operating in America, has the right to abridge one of their adherent’s personal liberties granted by the US and State constitutions.  Personally, I don’t think so, whether they are citizens or temporary visitors or permanent residents.

Can a religion trump the State when it is the State that grants the liberties to practice one’s religion in the first place?  No, it can’t.  But we are seeing the beginnings of just that.  For instance, allowing Sharia law to be used in tandem with US civil laws would be wrong for just that reason, but amazingly that envelope is being pushed.

American citizens elect politicians to uphold the Constitution and national security is part of that package.  Allowing any hostile force, including a religion, to overtake the government is nothing less than dereliction  of duty, and treason.  The government claiming it can’t doing anything to stop such hostile force because it would insult them and violate their religious freedom is pure bunk.

Returning to the example, Sharia law allows honor killings, which it considers legal, but is illegal under US criminal laws.  Not allowing a Muslim to change religions or face the death penalty would violate an American Muslim’s freedom of religion and would also constitute murder without a trial by jury with evidence.  Imprisoning women in their homes or beneath fabric is false imprisonment based on fear of violence.  (However, civil matters that violate religious law, but would not violate secular law, could be properly addressed in a religious court, such as contract disputes.) The point is…can a religion that violates US law be allowed to operate in this country?

Another point to consider is that when we start dividing our laws to accommodate religions, we start dividing our country.  We have to remain a nation undivided, a nation obedient to the original US Constitution.  That is all Americans’ commonality.  That is what makes us a nation.

What we are seeing the beginnings of today is what was the beginning of the end of the Roman Republic.  And you know how that ended.  Rome began its journey to the dustbin of history nearly two thousand years ago.

On a related but different topic, we are seeing instances of our own laws being used to the advantage of a hostile force to gain a toehold into American society.  The State must protect itself from abuse.  Yea, it is required to protect itself, because it is the will of the majority of the people.  However, when the State allows such offenses to happen for its own illegal purposes, then the State itself needs to be restored to Constitutional law and order.

I can understand people being uncomfortable with this resettlement program.  This sheds light on the underlying agenda of why public schools are teaching Muslim beliefs and practices … because the plan is to populate Muslims all across the country and integrate American schoolchildren, to tear down barriers to our government’s greater agenda.

So, with that said, one has to ask the US Government … why is this required while waging a “war on terrorism,” when the purported enemies are Muslims?  This is simply Orwellian doublespeak where the government says or call things exactly opposite of what they are.  It is camoflauge.  A cover-up.  Our government is not ignorant of the stress they are putting Americans under by doing this.  It is not ignorant of how this violates the will of the majority.  It knows exactly what it is doing.  It is committing treason against the American people.  That’s what it is doing.

While I’m personally not bothered by having a Muslim neighbor (I’ve known a few and they are not all jihadists), the problem resides with our government and its too-cozy relationship with the UN, which are forcing these people and their religion on the American people, without our consent and against our will.  In fact, there is growing evidence that our government favors their religion over others.  What happened to separation of religion and state?  What happened to freedom of religion?  I think the answer may reside in Executive Orders signed by our obviously Muslim president.

Regarding the statement that each country is supposed to be vetting the people resettling, all I can say is, yeah, right.  Like the Ebola countries asking if a traveler had been exposed and trusting them to tell the truth?  There is a high probability jihadists will be a part of the resettlement program, which further undermines national security.  Add it to our open southern border.

To wrap it up, here’s what I see in this refugee resettlement program.  Under the guise of humanitarian intent, a future Muslim country is being seeded.  They will have larger than normal families and in a generation or two will be a force capable of influencing their non-Muslim neighbors, which will then become the voting majority.  The US will go from being a democracy to a theocracy.

Some of the signs we are already seeing are American judges beginning to cave in to Sharia law, Islam 101 being taught to our children, and the use of our laws against us.  Another possible sign is the purchase of 30,000 guillotines.  If true, this could be the reason why.   Compare that to new healthcare codes under IslamObamaCare that allow for death by beheading.  Something is surely stirring in the weeds.  And it’s big.

I don’t have any more thumbs to sit on.  Do you?  Maybe we should start making our voices heard before we have no heads.  Just a suggestion.


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This discussion has to do with fear porn, whether created by incomplete information or by deliberate lies.  This article looks like the former. 

So 500 CEO’s have resigned in the last six months or so.  It sounds like a lot, but is it?  There needs to be some context, like “CEO resignations/retirements are up 50%” or something.

I did some digging around and found this link:  http://www.whenshtf.com/threads/26930-Over-150-CEO-CFO-Execs-Retire….

Back in 2010, there was a “mass exodus.”  In something like three weeks, 150 CEO’s resigned or retired .  I was unable to locate any particular information on “how many CEO’s, on average, retire each year,” which would give a benchmark with which to compare the 500 exodus number.

If you look at the ages of the CEOs, you might find that this is more a sign of baby boomers hitting retirement age, boomers who have been around since a lot of these industries got started perhaps.

Anyway, in my quest for context, I found this site: http://www.statisticbrain.com/ceo-statistics/.  If there are roughly 400,400* Chief Execs in the US, then 500 resigning or retiring is a mere .0013 percent.  So, that is not a mass exodus.  (If General and Operations Managers equate to CEO’s — I don’t think they do — then the percentage would be insanely small.)

However, it is a trend to watch.  Keep track of the numbers and if and when they start to grow exponentially, then that will be some solid information.

Allpipelinenews.com seems to be a spin-off of two people who used to be on beforeitsnews.com.  Kudos that they are trying to get information out, but bad or incomplete information is worse than no information at all, in my opinion.  It creates unnecessary fear, such as this article, which is poorly researched (basically taking other people’s work) and compiling into something that sounds reasonably true, but may not be true at all.


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