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Blossom Goodchild / February 3

So many of us are waiting patiently for it all to begin … even though we know it has. We just feel ready to ‘Get in there … boots and all’ type thing. I say once again … ‘We the ground crew are ready and reporting for duty … Sir!’

"This we know. This is why you were chosen."


Oh, I think we have been doing that for quite a while.

"Indeed. Yet, that which is coming … no one is prepared for. This is not to be taken into a fear mongering perspective. Not at all. Yet, when it happens … there will not be one Soul who will not be shocked to the core."
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I get asked questions regarding Twin flames / Twin Souls ..

Ria Aurora AAsh

Eternal blessings beautiful souls

I get asked questions regarding Twin flames / Twin Souls ..
Soul mates Ect ..
What’s it all about!
And why people get confused as to whether they have encountered their twin flame …
or are mistaken ???? ….

A wonderful Soul sister approached me the other day and said that she made a mistake and realised that the person she thought 💭 was her twin flame isn’t … she said it’s a karmic Soul mate !
and that the person she thought wasn’t her twin flame .. was always her twin flame .. and now she has realise this and she wanted to tell me this .. also she asked for a little explanation as to why she this felt all along …

There is lots of information on the Internet but the only way to get the core truth is going within .. and that’s exactly what I had to do ..

I had to go within deep and connect with my higherself to channel this information to you guys …

To dive deep into this phenomena we have to go all the way back to understanding the complexity of
The Oversoul or The Monad ) ..

Our Soul and Monad is a family of consciousness ( A collective consciousness )
that contains extensions of itsself that are existing simultaneously in other dimensional timelines...( multidimensionality )

The first level of spiritual Awakening is connecting with our soul consciousness and extensions of self… and when it comes to twin souls twin flames we first connect with those extensions of our consciousness through the higher mind ..

The Higherself I Am first …

We tend at this 3D level to connect with the higherself of our counterparts first Through meditation or awareness -
before we meet our counterpart in the physical realm ….

This is where you start to manifest your counterpart into the physical realm through the connection of the higher-selves in the Monad ..

For example: Our soul family from the monad Oversoul is comprised of 12 different individual personalities.

As we integrate our Soul consciousness , we integrate these 12 aspects within our consciousness body, and this unifies the triad of the entire Soul Matrix, so that we experience our emotions and the forces of love in entirely new ways... throughout multiple timelines dimensions and in many physical and nonphysical forms simultaneously at the same time of course… One would say we are sporadic but also singular or one would say we are plural..
it matters not…

But Here comes the maths ..

Complete soul integration leads us to the higher integration of our Monadic matrix or Oversoul Matrix, which contains inside the Soul Matrix .. 12 Oversouls, ..each containing 12 souls within them, for a total of 144 monadic or Oversoul extensions of self …. ( confused yet !

there are six (6) extensions/incarnations of “you” (in different planes or dimensions)… all connected to the same Higher Self.
6 pairs of twins - 6 males (Sun) and 6 females (Moon).

However, your twin is unique only to you, as you have the same “energetic blueprint”…..

Well this is where Many Sacred Unions are co creating them selves into physicality through the Oversoul in the Now .. -

And many DF/DM are also feeling reconnected through these new patterns of heart-SOUL integration connected by a Golden cord from inner heart to inner heart ,between the twin souls that cannot be cut / severed or removed.. .

The next step is to physically experience this Unity Field with our Genetic Equal ( Twin Soul/ Ray/Flame from the Oversoul ) while in human bodies, to create a physical template for Spiritual Marriage in Zero point or Hieros Gamos…:

In Hieros Gamos Twin Ray Couplings, the genetic equal of the Monad also called the Oversoul ..

Unites with its counterpart Twin of the Oversoul Monad here on Earth to embody the sacred marriage of equals, to merge into One spiritual body … thus still exhibiting 2 physical Adam Kadmon bodies ..

REMEMBER… It’s all about..
Soul recognition .. when you discover each other, is because they see themselves in the other twin flame.

And Yes, twin flames/twin Souls share a higherself in ‘5D’, the spiritual realm of the soul - the ‘Oversoul’ but it is basicly their shared soul…. . Not only do they share a higher self (this is the very essence of the twin flame relationship) they are able to communicate and play with each other in the ethereal worlds. …

We as divine beings are omnipresent.

You have your own higher self as well (obviously). …

That is what we call your 5D self.

That is whom you’re speaking to when trying to figure out more about yourself as well as when you are processing and working through your shadow work. …

Your higher self is the purest version of yourself. ….

One of the missions in this lifetime is integrating your 5D self with your 3D self in order to navigate throughout the matrix with the purity and wisdom that tour 5D self encompasses… .

Now !! This is where it’s got confused with many souls Regarding -
“ is that my twin flame or not ?? ..

Let me explain:

Now ! Understanding you have met  your genetic equal of your Monad Oversoul ( Twin ) here on Earth !

Remembering You and your Twin ..
Are one of the other extensions of one of the 12 Monad Oversouls ! ..

There will be no distinction between the latter !! … absolutely none …

It’s when you look into the eye off your twin … Your looking deep into your Soul - it’s staring right back at you … there in that moment you get the instant soul recognition ..

It’s not based on Lust or Attraction!!

NO!! .. it is - felt - seen - undersood - embraced.. soul recognition …

Twins that are destined to meet in the material realm , have specific soul agreements here on Earth which cause them to seek each other out subconsciously , they begin to manifest each other into this physical realm within this particular physical timeline, sometimes over great distance and time… This is why I heard so many stories that some twins do not meet each other until later in life … 

You know this is your equal all the way from the highest point of the
I Am presence
the Oversoul…

You will just know ..
the feeling is boundless..

Now this soul recognition can be very very incredibly overwhelming .. intimidating… confusing … you may get palpitations , you may get the shakes … and this feeling within your heart and stomach your solar plexus and your heart chakra …

It is is an unaccountably overwhelming feeling of Twin Soul recognition ….
It’s truth …

You both have the same “energeticSoul blueprint” … You each Carry within you particular universal codes that are necessary for the Ascension of individuated self and also Ascension of the planet when coming into physical union …

As twins - You have a specific important divine mission together …

This dose not mean that having children together or getting married … is a Twin Flame agreement .. I often see this done with primarily soul mates and divine compliment agreements ..

These wonderful soul agreements are with soulmates .. are there to teach and heal past karmic trauma …. 

You may have soul agreements with these ones where your tying up loose karmic ties… past or present…
theses often take the forms of soulmate - agreements ….
And This is necessary for Soul growth …

 If your Twin is in a relationship or marriage , the relationship is just a preparation before the Reunion of you both coming together. …
Often, these other relationships are mainly focussed on the 3D limiting relationship paradigms …. which cause people to feel trapped and their soul growth stunted…..

They are playing out karma that needs to be sorted out before they are ready to unite with their True twin flame. …

They are learning the old relationship paradigms very well so they know exactly what it is they are wanting to transcend.. … to formalise union with their twin after they’ve learned their lessons …

These unhappy relationships are very lonely. …

They force your twin flame to live a double life …. – the masked appearance they adopt in front of their karmic partner / family etc, ….

and the real them beneath that which is aching for release, truth, love and real connection.. back to their Twin …. .

However the twin soul mission is completely different ‘ this is Divinely orchestrated .. A Clarion call mission orchestrated from the highest point of the Oversoul monad …:

You have to be in complete trust …

You cannot have any doubt ..

The connection with your Twin is not lust or unhealthy obsession …
or codependency …
or a familiarity of addiction energy ,
or An existing pattern you feel comfortable with ‘ just because you’re familiar with that person . ..
thus creating karmic patterns and relationships …

NO !! …. Your True Twin .. Is sent from The divine it is a
(divine connection ) 
Your true twin will exhibit the same deep transcendental cosmic soul connection as you do , because you both carry the same Soul blueprint ..

Your true twin raises you up and does not bring you down…

Your true twin will never hurt you ever… not physically not intentionally ..

The intensifying love you will have for each other sometimes so overwhelming it’s hard to be in each other’s presence…

And each of you will have an electric magnetic push pull to each other that is unfathomable … because you are One extension of the same Oversoul the same Monad ( Collective consciousness that exhibits into 2 physical forms at the same time here on Earth .

Your the complete opposites of each other ( Yin Yang )
yet the opposing factors is you are the mirror Foreach other .. ! X

And you just know their you twin in your heart , bypassing Ego and pride in understanding soul recognition and soul awareness in the other .. ..

So if there’s any confusion as to this matter .. Then go deep into complete silence complete meditative state ..
navigate within your inner heart portal  connecting with your Joint higherself deep at the Oversoul matrix level ..

And right there in your inner heart.. connect…

The answers are right there ..
you will feel it - and see the higherself form of your Twin come to you .. even ask your Twin in his/ her Higherself form to come to you for confirmation !!!

And right there you will know in that moment … This is your true twin … xx x

So beloveds

Take what resonates leave what doesn’t ..

Hope this information clarifies for many of you xx

Sending eternal blessings to all that read this coming from my 5D Higherself Aurora xxx
Eternal blessings xxx

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Blossom Goodchild / January 27 / Phase 2/5

"There has to be a Vibrational Frequency reached in order for this to happen and when it does … it will change that Frequency, by all the activation, into a MUCH GREATER ONE.

Imagine as if the connection of all that is ‘programmed’ … when it is time … will lift the veil into a Golden Land."

*Will this be after Phase Five? You said there were five Phases. Dear Lord, at the rate this is all playing out, even those who are being born now will have popped their clogs.

"This is not so, Blossom. We have said and more than happy to say again, that once in Phase Two … the Plan will play out at a pace that will leave Phase One in a trail of dust behind it.


So much is unfolding at a quickened rate. So much that you are unaware of … for it is being accumulated and categorised in a very detailed order. There is much to be presented and it needs to be done so in an order that can be understood … so that sense can be made out of it.

One cannot be thrown to the lions, so to speak in this matter. In this we mean … being told ‘randomly’ everything that has to be told.





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"Blossom … YOU KNOW … so many of you KNOW that what you think you create … what you feel you manifest … what you CHOOSE becomes your reality …

THAT IS ALL IT TAKES for this to take place.


Is it impossible for this world of yours to once again live in Harmony?"

No way Jose!

"There you have it!

This is what you came to do … to change the world. To bring it back into Harmony … with all that is life."
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Twin Flames

What are they?  A soul that has divided and incarnated as two different people.  Why should you care?  Because it is an exalted state of consciousness and because it is where we are all headed. 

If you read my qhht transcript, you know I have met up with mine.  I think Jacks did too.  And some others here on this group. 

This video is by GoldRayTwinFlames (Mel and Nicole), whom we've been following for over a year.  It's enlightening.  And for those of us who got the experience before the explanation... here it is...

Related:  It is said to have begun today:

You can follow Mel and Nicole on youtube:

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