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When we refer to the discarnate entities, we mean those human beings who have passed through so-called death. If they do not call to God with enough intensity, to draw the attention of an Ascended Master to cut them free from earth and take them to the Octave of Light: or if they have not the knowledge of the “Mighty I AM Presence” to which they can call and bee taken out of the atmosphere of earth; they remain in the homes, localities and atmosphere in which they lived, while in the physical body.

These are known as earth-bound entities, for they do not know how to make a call, that will bring the Assistance of the Ascended Masters, to cut them free from their earthly appetites and conduct them safely through the earth’s atmosphere, to the Octave of Light. In that Octave, they can be taught the Great Truth and Law of the “MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE.” Then, through their own conscious effort, they can reach up for the assistance, that gives them the Eternal Victory of the Ascension.

The atmosphere of earth is loaded with these discarnate entities. They are good, bad and indifferent – some very vicious. They remain in the aura of the earth because their desires, being principally physical appetites, bind them here for further gratification. Why? Because they are Still held within the emotional body, which does not dissolve at so-called physical death, unless cremation takes place. If this is done, they are freed to go through to the Octave of Light for assistance.

Not knowing how to get out of the earth’s atmosphere, they attach themselves to those with whom they associated in the physical life, or to those whom they greatly disliked, many times to gratify their feelings of revenge, and even move about in the same houses or localities.

If they have had vicious desires, while in the physical embodiment, they can still gratify those desires from phychic plane, through the body of anyone who will let them stay in his aura. This is what accounts for all drink, smoke and sex obsessions, insanity, cruelty, viciousness, intense anger, jealousy, suicide, continued discord and destructive activity of every kind.

Mankind and students in general do not understand this condition in the slightest degree and hence, do not make the necessary effort to free themselves, from these destructive and disturbing conditions, that cause all the tragedy on earth.

However, the Great Law of Life will not operate Itself and until individuals get the Ascended Master’s understanding of Its operation, there is very little permanent help for humanity, until people can be taught the Law.

Voice of the I AM, July 4th, 1936
Given by Mr. G. W. Ballard
Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California

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The '666' Day Countdown to 'The Event'


Connecting The Dots – Clue #6

November 28, 2013

Here goes that date again…

November 28, 2013 (11/28/2013) appears to be the date that ‘the people in the know’ used to arrive at The Event date of September 24, 2015 (9/24/2015), having arrived at this particular time in history as an important date to be aware of and watchful for.

Remember from ‘Connecting The Dots – Clue #1 and Clue #2’ that Comet ISON made perihelion around the sun on November 28, 2013, and that the very next day, November 29th just so happens to be ‘The Beginning of The Cycle of Ophiuchus’ in any year. Was ‘Comet ISON: The Winged Messenger of The Cycle,’ and the ‘Cosmic Harbinger’ of what is coming our way?

Why all the focus on ‘November 28, 2013?’ Why this particular date? Well, take a look at the calculations…

The ‘666’ Day Countdown to ‘The Event’

A). November 28, 2013 (11/28/2013) + 666 days = September 25, 2015 (9/25/2015)

B). Do The Math: Divide 666 / 4 = 166.66

1. November 28, 2013 (11/28/2013) + 166 days = May 13, 2014 (5/13/2014)
*(This is the date of French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius Announcement)

2. November 28, 2013 (11/28/2013) + 333 days = October 27, 2014 (10/27/2014)

3. November 28, 2013 (11/28/2013) + 500 days = April 12, 2015 (04/12/2015)

4. November 28, 2013 (11/28/2013) + 666 days = September 25, 2015 (9/25/2015)
*(This is one (1) day after the original projected date of September 24, 2015 for The Event Horizon of Climate Chaos)

So, when we were forewarned on May 13, 2013 by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius that the world has ‘500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos,’ it appears that the date of Comet ISON’s perihelion, and The Beginning of The Cycle of Ophiuchus specific to the year 2013 was used as the basis for the calculation of the dates as they are reflected above.

French Foreign Minister Says, “We Have 500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos

Coincidence? I think not.

C). The Timeline (Schedule) for The Balance of Days Left

1. November 28, 2013 (11/28/2013) = 666 days - Begin Countdown

Minus -(166) days =

2. May 13, 2014 (5/13/2014) = 500 days left

Minus -(167) days =

3. October 27, 2014 (10/27/2014) = 333 days left

Minus -(167) days =

4. April 12, 2015 (04/12/2015) = 166 days left

Minus -(166) days =

5. September 25, 2015 (9/25/2015) = 0 days left - End Countdown

Date and Time Calculator

Biblical scripture has informed us that the number 666 in in its’ reference is associated with ‘The Mark of The Beast.' Keep this in mind and remember this when you get to,‘Connecting The Dots – Clue #8.’

Connecting The Dots – Clue #7

Having considered the information I have presented thus far, are there any other dates of significance in our history that may be related to, ‘The Bigger Picture’ that I am presenting here?

Well, how about we make a comparison between the expected dates for ‘The Four Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014/2015’ and the dates of ‘The 666 Day Countdown to The Event’

The Four Blood Moons – The Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014/2015
(As compared to: The ‘666’ Day Countdown to ‘The Event’)

1-1). Passover – The First of Four Blood Moons = April 15, 2014 (4/15/2014)
1-2). November 28, 2013 (11/28/2013) + 166 days = May 13, 2014 (5/13/2014)

2-1). Feast of Tabernacles – The Second of Four Blood Moons = October 8, 2014 (10/8/2014)
2-2). November 28, 2013 (11/28/2013) + 333 days = October 27, 2014 (10/27/2014)

3-1). Passover – The Third of Four Blood Moons = April 4, 2015 (4/4/2015)
3-2). November 28, 2013 (11/28/2013) + 500 days = April 12, 2015 (04/12/2015)

4-1). Feast of Tabernacles – The Fourth of Four Blood Moons = September 28, 2015 (09/28/2015)
4-2). November 28, 2013 (11/28/2013) + 666 days = September 25, 2015 (9/25/2015)

Almost similar, huh? It is rather interesting that three (3) of the projected dates occur within the very same month and that one (1) of the four dates occurs within a month of the other.


Okay, what gives? What’s really going on here, and what can we expect in the way of what appears to be an upcoming ‘Event’ of some sort?

Well, another piece of ‘The Puzzle’ appears to be pointing to ‘The Cycle of Seven (7), or The Cycle of 777 possibly related to what is being touted as, ‘The Shemitah Prophecy.’ If this is in fact a relevant piece of ‘The Bigger Picture,’ it appears that we may be entering ‘The Seven (7) Year Cycle of The Great Tribulation,’ and that the years 2013/2014 are a significant turning point or shift of some kind.

Tentatively, I would say that,

The Cycle of Seven (7)

1. Years 1999/2000 *(Y2K) -thru- 2006/2007 = 7 years
2. Years 2006/2007 -thru- 2013/2014 = 7 years
3. Years 2013/2014 -thru- 20202021 = 7 years (The Cycle of The Great Tribulation)

Based upon my awareness of certain information made available to me, I am still conducting research and working on these possibilities in the background, so do not hold me to this.

I will be posting the full article very soon which contains 'Connecting The Dots - Clue #1 -thru- Clue #8.'

Stay tuned.

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Montague Keen - June 1, 2014

zon.jpg Montague Keen - June 1, 2014

So much has happened since we last wrote, my dear. I want you to know that you achieved great success in Ireland. This is why the cabal retaliated as it did; otherwise your visit would have been ignored. [ BLACK PAINT was poured over the Lea Fail after my visit. The Lea Fail is an ancient monument on Tara that is sacred to the Irish people.]

In 2012, on the Hill of Tara by the Lea Fail, when you revoked the control that the Vatican had over you, when you clearly heard the beat of ancient drums under your feet, they attacked it with a hammer. Are they frightened of you, my dear?

Comment from Veronica

Before I went to Ireland, a big blue eye had desended on me as I lay in bed. I felt it had come to warn me that they are watching me. It happened again in the Hotel in Dublin.

The network and I are grateful to all those who took the time to meet and talk with you in Dublin. You met some very special people who will walk this path with you. Ireland is waking up. They are a highly intelligent people who can tap into ancient history and knowledge: it is in their souls.

You now fully understand why Ireland is the key that will unlock everything. This key is being turned, and with the will of the people using the power of their minds in meditation, they can help you to reveal all that was hidden, and thereby restore the light of love to humanity. Use the photographs of TARA to concentrate your energies as you meditate. Your future depends on this. Please continue the work on the ley lines. All this contributes to the success of this mission. Freedom from the control system is within your grasp: so go for it. You will do this, my dear. I know that you were exhausted after all the walking and climbing of hills and stiles, etc. It was difficult for you but you knew it had to be done. You must return to Ireland as soon as possible to take things further. This exercise must be continued until complete success is achieved. Know that those who walk with you were specially chosen to do so. We, on this side of life, are orchestrating everything, but unfortunately, you have to do the heavy work. We are grateful to all those who have assisted you in this, whether financially, or by offering an arm to help you climb those steep hills, or through their words of encouragement.

Your success on the Hill of Tara is beyond question. You have seen the evidence for yourself. We watched as you read out Andrew's Revocations [Andrew Bartzis] beside the Lea Fail. That, my love, will be remembered in years to come. Those who poured the paint over this ancient monument only showed their ignorance of the importance of Tara. The energies go deep underground where the cabal cannot penetrate them. Only the pure of heart can release them.

The Expedition to Ireland that you and Andrew are planning is of great importance to your planet. It is important that as many different nationalities as possible take part. You must come together as one, without reference to race or creed: just humanity, as one powerful group restoring the light. The Irish people will welcome you and will be happy to explore their most sacred places with you.

I know how much it meant to you to visit UISNEACH, my dear. Yes, it is the most amazing place, full of spirit, druids, ancient kings and queens of Ireland: they never leave it. The climbing was tough on you but there were kind souls on hand to assist you. There is so much to see and experience there. One visit is not enough. Once you connect with it, it never leaves you.

You used the energy of the CAT STONE as you sat on it to read Andrew's Revocations. It is time for humanity to remove the corruption and realise that everyone can live peacefully together on Earth. There is no need for war. You are being asked to kill your own kind. Why would you want to do that? Why are you being asked to do that? The cabal wants to reduce the population and they are using you to do it for them. You are manipulated from cradle to grave, and you are only just waking up to this fact. Action is needed now to remove this manipulation. Otherwise you will not survive. You need to take action as it will not happen without your full cooperation. Do not allow yourselves to be lulled into a false sense of security by believing well-meaning "channelers" who are fed information straight from the ARCHONS, who pretend to be deceased souls or names from the past. You will all have to be active in the removal of the corruption. We can help and advise you, but you need to take responsibility. Equip yourselves with all the necessary information, as knowledge is power.

You will find the Irish everywhere. They were always great travellers, so this information will resonate with them and hopefully bring them together once more, to create a peaceful world for all. The truth can no longer be ignored.

My dear, Marcia's wedding was a splendid affair. We in spirit wish Marcia and Paul a long and happy life together.

May I request assistance by way of love and light for a wonderful soul, HF, who is fighting against corruption in the British Law Courts, single handedly. She stands to lose her livelihood and home, due to the blatant manipulation and lies of law firms, insurance companies, and the negligence of the judiciary. IF SHE IS SUCCESSFUL IN HER ACTIONS IN THE COURTS, HER SUCCESS WILL HAVE A HUGE IMPACT ON THOUSANDS OF OTHERS WHO HAVE BEEN FAILED BY THE COURTS AND WHO HAVE SUFFERED AT THE HANDS OF THE CORRUPT ELEMENTS OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION. Please take a few moments to send her love and light so that the truth may prevail. Also, send love and light to the Royal Courts of Justice so that others who are struggling may also benefit at this time.

You, my dear, went through a similar experience when I passed to spirit. My lawful Last Will and Testament was set aside by my blood family because you were not a Jew. You know that it was my dearest wish to ensure that you were looked after, but as you found out to your cost, the corrupt rule, and people suffer as a consequence. You have survived, my dear, against all the odds. The court system is a den of vipers that I would not wish on anyone. Send love and support to all those who are caught up in it.

Our mission is on its way and more people join it every day. All are welcome. Take it steady, my dear, as you are not as young as you used to be ! Love will light the way.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

A selection of photographs will be displayed tomorrow (Monday)

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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I.R.S. : Lois Lerner invokes Fifth Amendment for targeting Christian Conservatives (May 22, 2013)



Lois Lerner Takes The Fifth, Again

Washington Free Beacon Washington Free Beacon




Obama: Not 'even a smidgen of corruption' in IRS scandal; Blames Fox News & Conservative groups




Trey Gowdy on Obama not a Smidgen of IRS Corruption

Scott Davis Scott Davis



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