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Hey everyone,

My name is Alex and I recently resigned as a moderator from the Pole Shift ning site after 2 years of working with them. It was a page on the site that prompted me to come here and say what I'm about to say to you. I wish to explain what I went through, the after-effects of leaving, and to utterly apologize to the members here, including those who were suspended and ended up landing on this site; the ones that were hurt and told they were wrong. I want to extend an offer of friendship, the very place that I had so wrongly condemned.

This is the page that blew me away and prompted this, thanks to my brother:

And THIS jewel:

When I first joined the ning, it was much more open - meaning- flexible, tolerant, and more accepting of more off-topic discussions. I had become a moderator at the time of Cheryl's vamoose, amongst the endless discussions regarding her "wrongness" and apparent betrayal. And ended up in the middle of a skirmish of which I had no prior basis of, which led to joining the group mentality of "Us Vs. Them" with little question. I participated in "secret" operations that involved creating false memberships here and attacking the members who spoke differently. How sneaky! "We're doing so good snooping around and Zeta-bombing her followers! We're so fantastic!" To me that was logical at the time (and fun) and I was totally into it. How silly! But now I'm looking back and kicking myself because I understand now how absurdly ridiculous the whole thing was!

I was never one to really hunt down members and suspend them, but I still did it on occasion when I felt the need to. Overtime it escalated quite a bit. I can tell you that clearly -as it's been pointed out so blatantly- that they have become a place of rigid rules and intolerance towards anything not ZetaTalk. I tried to remind them that the Zetas themselves have urged and urged us endlessly via Nancy to use our common sense, to take what they say and view it from many angles to draw our own conclusions. But that is not how they operate on the ning. They'd deny it too!

To those who were suspended for reasons of posting "disinfo" or even spiritual ideals, there was nothing "wrong" with the info of which you offered. I know so many were excited to join, who found a place to share, but once doing so were blasted out and told they were wrong and upon asking for reasoning of suspension, were greeted with with blunt answers. Hell, some were even suspended immediately after they joined without notice! They have their own reasons. The info was only wrong to them by what they have come to understand. Understand this, so that you can understand them. They mean no harm, and did not intend to hurt anybody in their suspensions.

They have every right to act the way they do and there is nothing wrong with them. I want the members here to see them in a more positive light, to see that they are no worse, no better. They are simply operating in a different mindset with more rules. Sadly, they still consider this a place of weakness and lies, and likewise, I am sure there is still much disapproval towards them on this side as well. I will continue to post my experiences through the comments on this blog. There is much to say.

And to end this, I approve of neither side. Nobody is any better than the other, yet they will see this at some point and will slap many labels on my head and some of them will consider me a complete traitor, but it hardly matters now.


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