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Do you honestly desire to be such a Comforting Presence to all life?

Do you honestly desire to be such a Comforting Presence to all life?

To the masses which make up the majority of the members of the human race, the elemental kingdom (including birds and the four-footed creatures, who have no words to express either their aspirations nor their desires) the Maha Chohan is a Comforting Presence.

To the “few” who desire to help him in his service, he offers the training, discipline and self-control required to become comforting presence to others. Thus he prepares individuals to be “conductors” of his nature (the expression of the Holy Spirit) to mankind and the attendant evolutions developing in, through and around the planet Earth at this time. These “few” are usually recommended by the Chohan of the ray to which they belong or they may apply personally (through the Holy Christ Self) for such training at the Temple of Comfort (Ceylon). Those so applying are given opportunity for such individual attention of this Great Lord. From the directions and instructions given to them and due to the proximity of their souls to his person, they gradually develop a nature like unto his own. Thus they truly become the Holy Spirit in person, acting as outpost of his divine presence in the environment in which they abide.

Do you honestly desire to be such a comforting presence to all life, irrespective of personal attractions and interests? If so, enter the Temple of Comfort. Stand before its Hierarch and be willing to comply with his directions. Then witness the effect of your endeavors in the world of those around you. You will require no other measure but your own influence upon the life around you to determine how much you have achieved by such aspirations and consequent service in name.

The Bridge to Freedom Journal, Book 3, AMTF

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