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Dr. Courtney Brown will be on the Orion Talk Radio … Morning Brew Show with Gwen & Neil Friday morning at 9AM PST.

For those of you who are interested, Dr. Courtney Brown will be on the Orion Talk Radio … Morning Brew Show with Gwen & Neil Friday morning at 9AM PST. 


Dr. Brown runs the Farsight Institute  where they have undertaken many Remote-Viewing Studies with the Worlds Best Remote-Viewers.


In 2007, the Dr. led a Remote-Viewing Study for the time period between June 1st, 2008 to June 1st, 2013


Post-2012 Earth Changes
A Global Climate Change Remote-Viewing Study
Multiple Realities, Timelines, and Events

Introduction: We at The Farsight Institute are currently engaged in a fascinating study using remote viewing to study climate and planetary change between the years 2008 and 2013. The initial results appear dramatic on a global scale, and our research does indeed suggest that major global change is a possibility between now and 2013. However, web site visitors are reminded that this is research, not certitude. Remember what Albert Einstein once said, "If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research, would it?" Web site visitors are encouraged to examine all of our results carefully, and learn with us as we complete this experiment in mid-2013. We will not fully understand these remote-viewing data until the experiment is completed at that time. Importantly, this experiment has no connection with the Mayan Calendar hysteria related to 21 December 2012. This is an experiment that ends on 1 June 2013, and the data will be fully evaluated only after that date. Also, note that these analyses are the product of the Chief Investigator for this project, Courtney Brown. Other investigators using other methods of analyses may analyze these data and come to different conclusions. HRVG and CRV methods of analysis in particular tend to be more nuanced than some of the analyses presented below.

How we obtain these results is a bit complicated, but it is worth the effort to understand our methods. The actual types of global change is discussed in the second part of the video presentation below, but the first part of this presentation is absolutely essential to understand how these results were obtained. Web site visitors should watch both parts of the video presentation. This presentation was given during the 29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration in Boulder, Colorado in June 2010.

This is the most carefully collected set of professional-grade remote-viewing data involving this time span that currently exists. This experiment is potentially one of the most significant experiments ever attempted using remote viewing as a data-collection platform. 


Simply put … the findings blew the socks off Dr. Brown and his team!!!!!


I would suggest all members to please read it.



On Friday, October 12th, the Dr. will be talking with Gwen & Neil about a large Base on the planet Mars.   He also might talk about the further enhancement of his Mars Satellite Strip by another Yahell Group I inhabit.   My friends in that group  Found allot more information about this base that the Dr. and his team did not know about :)


The Dr. might also talk about the 2008 to 2013 Study as well.

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Comment by Rosemary S on October 14, 2012 at 1:12am

Yes multiple universe do exist. It appear to be linked to our actual though process. This has been explained before. For every though we have, there is a possible outcome. Each outcome will play itself out in its own universe. That is what has been portrayed in the TV series Star Trek the Next Generation. Since a large number of the population expect many disaster on 21 Dec 2012, in our universe, we are creating a time line where disasters will occur. If we believe that this date will herald a new age, then a new age will occur. Maybe it is what that separate the people of 4D with the people of 3D. The though process differ between the two.

Comment by Amy Evans on October 12, 2012 at 12:35pm

Excellent!   There seems to have been a mixup on the date Dr. Brown would be on the show today :(


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