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Comment by Byron wilkins on May 13, 2018 at 9:33pm

I have an hour and a half drive to get to a semi big city to climb down a ladder that looks like it leads to the under world of the Morelocks who snack on humans. I moved away from big cities for a reason and many other people aware and smart did too. That rusty ladder to the sewage system does not excite me at all.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on May 13, 2018 at 8:44pm

Yeah, Keith, I don't think Roanoke (50 miles from me) qualifies either.

I set my transcription speed at 111%.  I don't know if that and your setting your clock to 445 count.  I think it is when it surprises you that it's a message or a nudge from your guides to get in contact.  Kim said she has started ignoring the numbers, they happen so much.  I did too, for a while.  But when I start getting stalked, it's time to go meditate to see what's up.  I take it (especially 1111) as the phone ringing, someone wants to talk.

Kim, I've been getting 777 a lot lately.  I also get a lot of triple 5's. 

Comment by Kim B on May 13, 2018 at 6:33pm

This is the number that has repeated most for me in the past year 77

Number 77 is made up of the vibrations and energies of the number 7, doubled and amplified. Number 7 relates to inner- wisdom and intuition, contemplation and discernment, understanding of others, inner-strength and tenacity, learning and education, empathic and psychic abilities, endurance and determination, spiritual enlightenmentdevelopmentand spiritual awakening, and your Divine life purpose. Number 7 also relates to good fortune.

Angel Number 77 indicates that you have listened to Divine guidance and are now putting that wisdom to work in your day-to-day life. Your desires and wishes are coming to fruition in your life as a direct result of your actions and positive attitude to life, and the time has come to reap the rewards for your diligence and determined efforts. You are being commended by the angels as your successes are inspiring and uplifting. You are helping and teaching others by being a positive example for others to follow. 

Angel Number 77 indicates that you are being congratulated and your efforts have been well noted by the angelic and spiritual realms. You are on the right life path and are living andserving your Divine life purpose as guided. Due to your efforts, discernment and good choices, your just rewards are on the way into your life. Your angels ask you to ‘keep up the great work!’ 

Angel Number 77 is a very positive sign and tells you to expect miracles to occur in your life. (awesome!)

Number 77 also relates to number 5  (7+7=14, 1+4=5) and Angel Number 5.

Comment by Keith H on May 13, 2018 at 6:05pm

I have my alarm set for 4:45 every weekday, and have for years, for what it’s worth. 

Cobra had said these entrances were in large Cities- I don’t think KC qualifies.  

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on May 13, 2018 at 12:01pm

In the Entry Protocol blog, under Soul Families, is a link, which is an activation meditation for former Atlantis priestesses (1), so I did it. See for the activation procedures. It seems we have a number of folks here that have that background, so I hope you are all doing it, as well.  And, just because you may be male this lifetime doesn't mean you might not have been a priestess in Atlantis back in the day.  Just do it. 

Anyway, nothing much seemed to happen when I did it last night, the first time. I re-read the instructions, picked up something I missed and did it again. Did I feel "activated"? Well, no, not in any conscious sense.

But then, sometime overnight, in that state between wakefulness and sleep (the hypnagogic state), the Atlantis activation started running again, on its own, and I was aware that it was running, yet I was mostly asleep, but engaged (consciously aware) during the process. It went on for quite a long time, because deep memories were surfacing.

This morning it seemed like the activation may have occurred. But, "they" know I believe things better if I get a  confirmation. And, I got one. My first work order for today, which had come in yesterday, had an order number with 7373 in it. It wasn't one of the usual numbers, so I looked it up and, among other things, it read: Your creative energies have been activated...(2)



Comment by Cheryl Nelson on May 12, 2018 at 10:57pm

So, I saw 1010, not once, but twice.

Angel Number 1010 urges you to pay attention to your intuition, thoughts and impressions as these are revealing the answers to your prayers (petitions, which also include questions) and are providing guidance.

Well, my intuition is saying upstairs, and while guidance wouldn't say it directly, here's the answer.  LOL.  They really make me work hard to find out. 

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on May 12, 2018 at 10:05pm

Well, then, Bill, you got the message, too.

Comment by Bill on May 12, 2018 at 9:28pm

The #'s stop here too!

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on May 12, 2018 at 9:12pm

Some more insight into the recent dreams/synchronicities.  When I was sitting on the object on the back of the big rig and it hit the brakes and I slid in the opposite direction, this indicated anti-gravity (and possibly the object beneath the tarp had such equipment).  I have not yet confirmed what was under the tarp, but am wondering if it was a scout ship.  It just occurred to me that if it was a scout ship, and it was placed level (instead of on end) in that garage, and the long skinny end of it was an antenna or docking device, it would fit in that "garage."  (The earth shadow of a docking bay aboard the big ships?)  Anyway, I asked in meditation, should I be called, if I would be going upstairs, instead of down.  Got a big fat: can't say one way or the other.  Uh HUH.  I think I have my answer. 

I got off the rig, which was an indication that if it didn't feel right (symbolized by the guy that jumped on), I am free to use my discernment and not go with the "agent" that will come.  Use my discernment.  Negative entities cannot fake the vibration of love.  Trust my instincts. 

The confusion with not knowing where I was and the 9?9 sign, represented my uncertainties about answering the call.  (Those uncertainties have since been handled.)  Since it was said that most Resistance bases are under large cities, and I used to live in L.A., it could be an indication of where I would end up, should I go downstairs, instead.  My speculation, no confirmation, though going upstairs seems more likely. 

I understand why things come in is to make you think.  Just like Jesus used parables for the masses, knowing they wouldn't understand if he outright told them higher concepts.  He made them think and wrestle with the concepts. 

And, btw, the numbers have stopped stalking me since I "got the message."  They always do.  Until the next message is ready to be delivered. 

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on May 12, 2018 at 9:15am



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